Does a girl's height matter?

Does a girl's height matter?


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Bottom line is that to some people it can be important but not for most. As long as it isn't a big deal to you then that's the only bit that should matter to you. Go on the date, don't even think about it, if he brings it up in any way then react according to how he behaves. Have fun! Source: Me - I am a relatively short guy and my current partner is a bit shorter, most of my exes have been around my height and i have dated at least two much taller women and it has never been an issue.


​ nope


For some guys maybe, they’d prefer that they are the taller one. Many others don’t seem to care though, so I wouldn’t worry much.


Not too much, but also not without some preferences. I'm (M) only 5'7" (170cm) myself, and while I wouldn't have issue with a taller girl, I'd expect it would not be uncommon for me to be judged for my own height. I probably wouldn't be particularly interested in a girl under 5' though.


My first experience dating in my adult life (I'm 21F) ended because the guy rejected me. I was too short for him. I'm 4"11 and he was 6"0 so I get it. It's a huge difference, but I've also dated guys who were 6"1 so it's just different for every guy, or just every human period. Some people will care and others not so much. I would say that socially there is a greater pressure for guys to be a certain height than girls, unfortunately. I wish it wasn't this way, but mainstream media has turned height (mostly for guys) into some big thing, but that's my opinion.


I mean, I like shorter women, but I think this is more of a thing the other way around. I’ve never dated a woman taller than me but I wouldn’t necessarily be against it, depending on her feelings Family friend is married to woman taller than him. Crazy world we live in


why does your ethnicity matter? but to answer your question, it depends on the guy. Personally I think the face matters the most. As for height, as long as there isn't a huge height different then idc.


If it doesn't matter to her it doesn't matter to me tbh


Your height matters if your using your height as an attribute for your success. Men are intimidated by height in general but there are countless couples i see where the woman is taller. I work in retail and see thousands of people. If the height becomes a barrier outside of preference than you should find a less insecure man who will focus on you instead of constantly processing comparisons.


Why you think we callem shawties


It doesn't matter


We're all the same height when we are horizontal


Most guys don't give a fuck about height and especially now with the whole short guy dating a tall woman meme going on its definitely a crowd for it. Would you date a shorter guy?


I would. Okay to be specific, maybe if like they're just slightly shorter then it's fine to me? Not like I'm 167 and they're 150cm, you know what i mean..


Yeah I mean its nothing wrong with it. You like what you like rather that be you like guys towering over you or you like guys wayyyy shorter. I honestly don't care about height im a short guy im a few centimeters taller than you so it really wouldn't be off putting and id date a girl like 6'3 if give the chance Ultimately I know what you mean and again you like what u like


I'm 6'1" (185cm). I don't really care. I have a slight preference for shorter girls, but I wouldn't rule out any girl based just on her height. Attraction is a holistic review. You aren't that tall to me anyways, you're still on the short end in my eyes because I'm tall.


Oh...hmm yea.. you're tall indeed. But idk, cuz like the population here, currently living in Malaysia...most girls are usually shorter than me that's why I kinda insecure lol. Anyway, thank you for your opinion 😊


Yeah guys are probably shorter on average too. I think as long as your requirements for height are reasonable, it shouldn't be too hard to find a guy with a good height. I mean, if you're okay with his height, there's no need to worry, just go about things like normal, if he makes it a problem, then it wasn't going to work out anyways


Yes, yes it does


No. Just teeth


Wait what?


Nice teeth is what will attract us first ... The rest are add ons