For many of us, SSJ2 Gohan from DBZ is our favorite version of Gohan because he was a fucking BADASS & A BEAST especially at not only how he straight up whipped Perfect Cell’s ass, but especially how dominant he was in squashing all the Cell Jr’s. That was the peak of Gohan in all of Dragonball

For many of us, SSJ2 Gohan from DBZ is our favorite version of Gohan because he was a fucking BADASS & A BEAST especially at not only how he straight up whipped Perfect Cell’s ass, but especially how dominant he was in squashing all the Cell Jr’s. That was the peak of Gohan in all of Dragonball


Gohan at school ark was fun and I still like him a lot in super. It's just that him and Videl are so weird and stucked in some parenting cliches loops for a long while now.


The thing is, that's just who Gohan is now. Gohan doesn't want to fight anymore, he's mostly done with it now. He has a family, he has a career and he wants to spend his days on those things. That's what the character of Gohan has always been like. This was made clear back in the Buu saga. Gohan is not Goku. This whole, "I want this Gohan back!!!" doesn't make sense because that's not who Gohan really was in the first place. He went SS2 because the need was there, that's really it.


It's clearly stated in super Manga that Gohan still trains. He doesn't like fighting but he does like martial arts and he realized in golden freeza arc that he needs to become stronger to protect his family. There are a still a lot of ways how Gohan can become relevant again, the main reason why Gohan is 90% of the time sidelined is because goku and vegeta sell better.


Yeah I don't get why people keep ignoring this thing. It's also a development in the anime.


Yeah, you're right, and he did have a few highlights in Super. He CAN be relevant again, but IMO, Gohan had that "this is my time" moment in the Cell saga. It was an incredible time seeing Gohan train and going absolutely nuts. However, IMO, and this may bring out the torches and pitch forks... but trying to rival what Gohan did in the Cell saga is likely going to fail. They did attempt it with his Ultimate form, but it couldn't even compare. Seeing Gohan's character more settled down and remembering his prime fighting days isn't something I have a problem with.


I think contrary to popular belief that toriyama didn't change his mind 'last minute' about Gohan becoming the main character. It's very likely that he already was planning goku's comeback at the very beginning of the saga when he realized the great saiyaman format wasn't working out. The ultimate form was just a compensation for the fans finally being able to see adult Gohan in his prime but I think that toriyama never planned to do anything with it. Buu saga could have been way more interesting. Gohan slacking off could have been great character devolpment for him with him realizing that he has to accept the responsibility for being the new protector of the earth. It could have been a great coming to age story, where he would have unlocked a new form in a natural way. If Gohan was the main focus of the buu saga he could have had a moment even better than him vs cell.


I thought I remembered hearing at the time that Toriyama was going to be making Gohan the main character of DBZ after killing Goku off for the final time in Cell saga, meaning Gohan would have then become stronger and stronger after Cell saga. And fans found out and got angry, so Gohan "never reaches his potential" and Goku comes back. I could be wrong though. Honestly for me it's that we got teased this powerful character that was more intelligent and emotionally intelligent than Goku with more potential and then he becomes almost completely irrelevant. Even if he doesn't reach maximum potential it would be nice to see him matter more.


Buu saga could've been the time where everyone stepped up after Goku's sacrifice(especially Gohan and Vegeta, though the latter had great character development there), but nope, Goku had to be written back.


Yep, wrong. Gohan's popularity was at its peak after the Cell saga, but Toriyama felt that he wasn't suited to be the main character so he brought Goku back.


I have to agree with that. Nothing in Gohan’s personality lends itself to being an active fighter - and he’s too smart to not realise that someone like Vegeta would constantly train. Goku never wanted to be anything but a fighter, thus him as an MC works. Vegeta is the same. If Gohan had been the MC post-Cell, he’d have just turned into Goku but with the appearance of Gohan. But his badass Cell saga is so nostalgic to everyone, that it seems like no one realises what being the actual MC of dragon ball would really be like. This is just my opinion of course, but I’m actually pretty glad that Gohan wasn’t so present in Super as a big player - it was a bit cliched but I liked the parent dynamic he took on. It means his maturity and humanity lets him be a fighter of necessity, and not a copy of Goku/Vegeta.


I mean he's not a real person, his character can change as much as the author wants. He's seemingly getting back into fighting throughout most of Super too, so it's not like he's the same as he was on the first episode of Super. By the end he's up there with the entire 2nd tier: Gohan, Golden Frieza, Android 17. Hopefully they can bring him back to 1st tier with Vegeta and Goku.


I was hoping my comment made it clear that these aren't real people, but I can see how I seem a little off my rocker... lol Eh, it's just my opinion that Gohan had his time in the sun. He had his "limit breaker" moment and that was that. Gohan reaching the same heights as Vegeta or Goku doesn't seem to fit into the series anymore, but that's just how feel. Wouldn't mind seeing it happen though.


He still fights in Dragon Ball Super, he started retraining after Freeza came back. To say he's "mostly done with it now" is ignoring his development.


I disagree that that's what Gohan was always like. When gohan was a kid, he hated studying. He only studied because his Mom forced him to. He snuck out as much as possible to avoid studying. He wanted to go on adventures. He said he wanted to be a scholar when he was a kid because his Mom pushed him to be that. Honestly, I related a lot with Gohan's character as a kid because I was a lot like him. My Mom would force me to study all the time, even during summer breaks while I saw kids play outside. But as a grew older I realized this wasn't what I wanted to be and rebelled and my Mom eventually accepted that her vision of my future is not what I wanted. I definitely think Toriyama could have gone down that kinda route with Gohan's character.


Like in real life kids shouldn’t be carbon copy little me’s of their parents.


Yeah, that's basically what I'm saying. DBS actually did a great thing with Gohan literally telling Goku that he's not using his Super Saiyan form and he's going with his own Ultimate form. That was really cool, just one more way how Gohan is different from Goku. It'd be incredibly boring having Gohan with the same "I wanna become stronger all day everyday!!!!!" attitude. That's why we have Goku.


The parenting stuff is barely shown so I don't know why people bring it up so much. Gohan spends far more time as a fighter in DBS.


He could barely hold Super Saiyan form at the start of Super. The parenting stuff isn't shown cuz it'd be boring as fuuuuccckkkk, we're just supposed to assume that he's busy with his family and work, therefore he's so weak. Of course they'd show him more as a fighter in DBS...that's what the show is about my man!


Y’all sleeping on the G R E A T S A I Y A M A N


I belive in GREAT SAIYAMAN supremacy


Nah, you sleeping on Bojack Gohan


Bojack Gohan is a gift that almost could've been relegated to being just fan art. Honestly, Gohan's drip would've continued if they'd stuck with the Cell/Buu-era Z art style. There's some good fan art of Gohan even in the track suit.


Yeah, I just like how his story was set up with him being just as awesome while showing he's ready to protects the earth. If Z had to end before the Buu Saga, I woulda chose that movie to conclude. (Not that others Gohans aren't cool too)


My favorite is Future Gohan, but this one is great too. I'm not saying Gohan has to be a Goku 2.0, but I wanted him to have a balance, do training on his spare time after he's done studying or being a dad, something that he failed to be in Buu and Super(my god). If Vegeta can do it, why can't he? Looking back, he could've reached SSJ3 if he wanted to by training, he had that much power after he killed Cell.


I’m fine with Gohan the way he is now. Something everyone here forgets is that in the timeline where he continued on training and fighting (AKA the main timeline) is the same timeline where almost everyone he knows and cares about dies and can’t be brought back because of either natural death (Goku’s heart virus), or because the dragon balls were rendered useless which eventually leads to his own death. At least in this timeline, he actually is able to enjoy his life as what he actually wants to be. So for me, I’m actually happy for what he is right now. He got to be what he wanted to be, good for him!


I really like the way Gohan is in Super because he's showing that even in an anime world about big muscle guys grunting at each other and wanting to fight all day it's still alright to want to live a peaceful life and focus on your family and career in science. I like that he's just allowed to be happy and not everything has to be about conflict. His character adds a whole new dimension of yin and yang to the series. Now that I think about it this was a theme in the start of DBZ too. Gohan always had his saiyan angry side and human peaceful side in conflict with each other. Piccolo only took a year to turn Gohan into an absolute fighting machine as a kid to prepare for the Saiyan attack but when push came to shove Gohan wasn't able to fight Nappa and Piccolo died. Later Chi Chi tried to suppress Gohans Saiayan side and made him study all day and this made Gohan unhappy as well because suppressing his Saiyan side completely was not giving him inner peace. When Goku saw Gohan turn SSJ2 in the time chamber and came up with the plan to beat Cell he failed to take into account Gohans human side stopping him from turning into SSJ2 again during the actual Cell fight. It wasn't until No16s speech and death that Gohan finally stopped letting his dual nature be in conflict and was able to fully unleash Saiyan power. His human side stopped fearing his saiyan nature, and his saiyan side stopped fearing his human nature. This peace and acceptance between his two sides also let him be fully happy as a scholar and father as an adult.


> This peace and acceptance between his two sides also let him be fully happy as a scholar and father as an adult. to me this reads as "This peace and acceptance between his two sides also let him be fully human with no saiyan traits as an adult." Cus that's what it feels like we've gotten. We never get to see that anger that he always had boiling under the surface. Not like anger issues, but righteous outrage that pushed him to nearly hulk out and massively boost himself. Even if he's at peace with the two sides that doesn't mean they disappear.


He's an adult, why would he still have angry kid issues. He still fights and he's able to be serious as a fighter which is in fact better because he's smart about it now.


Because it was never "kid issues"?


I'd rather him die trying, I can just imagine him being more on the path of Future Gohan, taking on Dabura or Buu on in an alternate timeline where he did train more after Cell, but I see your point. I just wish that they show way less of him in the series if he's not going to fight anymore.


Gimme ultimate gohan all day every day


Agreed, I love that ssj2 gohan was so ruthless and unforgiving, plus his transformation is amazing, but there’s just something about the mystic sayain form that resonates differently


its not "mystic" and its not a "saiyan" form.


Thanks cheech https://www.google.com/search?q=ultimate+gohan+form+name&rlz=1CDGOYI_enCA821CA821&hl=en-US&sxsrf=AOaemvJP7sc7mLzHbkYFu_AveSLd6m3KKQ%3A1633854805501&ei=VaViYbKEHsGuytMPzsGSyAQ&oq=ultimate+gohan+form+name&gs_lcp=ChNtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1zZXJwEAMyBQghEKABOgcIIxDqAhAnOgQIIxAnOgUIABCRAjoICAAQgAQQsQM6EQguEIAEELEDEIMBEMcBENEDOggILhCABBCxAzoFCAAQgAQ6BAgAEEM6CwgAEIAEELEDEIMBOg4ILhCABBCxAxDHARCjAjoLCAAQgAQQsQMQyQM6BQgAEJIDOgUILhCxAzoFCAAQsQM6CwguEIAEEMcBEK8BOgUILhCABDoECAAQCjoKCAAQgAQQhwIQFDoGCAAQFhAeOggIIRAWEB0QHlDrghNY8-ATYKLiE2gHcAB4AIAB-gGIAb4akgEHMTIuMTUuMpgBAKABAbABD8ABAQ&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-serp He manipulates ssj ki to unlock a different form, Just like how goku uses god ki to unlock blue, sit down


good god the url is awful. also dont trust info from random wikis. "ssj ki" isnt a thing.


Gohan's Mystic form isn't a a transformation. It's simply him using all of his full potential


I’m not going to sit here and explain to you, do some research


Wtf do you mean not explain it. Have you not watched the show? The whole elder Kai ritual simply unleashed all of Gohans potential. It never was a transformation


https://youtu.be/YAdRv5bAODY Hmm…..


The biggest betrayal in anime is when the viewers found out gohan didn't live up to his potential in later episodes


The next biggest betrayal was when they had a second chance with Goten and screwed that up too


That was toriyama not the fandom


Future Gohan all day


smh everyone really sleeps on Dadhan. unironically probably one of the best written characters in Dragon Ball imo, but he's often disregarded in favor of Teen Gohan because he isn't "BADASS & A BEAST".


He will be back soon just wait


I loved Mystic Gohan, his sheer confidence at the fact he was going to kill Super Buu, and says it to his face was really badass.


Only to hold a fat L and never have that exact overconfidence be a driving force for a full revival of the character


Just to screw up and get absorbed in the end, that confidence didn't last long.


I mean yeah its great for him being a dad and all but I really wish he didn't fight at all in Super. The disrespect he received in the early sagas, man. Hell I don't even like the way he looks as a father, at least have his Resurrection F hairstyle, that would've matched with his attire.


He gets plenty of respect in the Universe Survival arc that takes up half the show.


How to end a character arc in style and then the Buu saga happened pain.


He also just has a bomb ass design the other gohans lack tbh


i like ultimate gohan more


Poor li’l Cell Jrs :P That said, the buildup and emotional payoff to this form remains some of the best in the series.


I love SSJ2 Gohan, but I love Mystic Gohan more. When he comes back to fight Buu and he flat out tells him, “I’m going to KILL you.” Chills.


Then we got the Great Saiyaman and I completely forgot he was ever cool. Crazy how lame he became after being so metal.


It was the only point in the series where we thought he could actually take over as the main character


Easily my fav form of a character. That made me sweat when I was a kid lol.


Rightly said.


He surpasses all anime verse


Streets need SS blue Gohan


10/10 design too


I feel like I'm the 1% that prefers Frieza arc Gohan as best Gohan. This is a Gohan who, after his cowardice results in the death of his teacher and teammates, resolves to bring him back by traveling into space, standing his ground and defying even his mother when she objects. He shows where his heart his by refusing to hesitate when someone is in danger, actively picking fights with Dodoria and Freeza (twice). By this point, he's cast aside his fear of fighting and plays an active role in the story, even managing to steal a Dragon Ball from Vegeta. Gohan at this point often brings up that he owes it to his fallen comrades to stay and fight to the end, and to never give up. The anime even gives him a scene where he tries to sacrifice himself by stalling Freeza until Namek explodes. It makes it all the more strange when Gohan in the next arc hesitates so much to fight Cell, when he had no issues with fighting on Namek. He reverts to how he was in the Saiyan arc, then once he goes SSJ2, him being so bloodthirsty is technically out of character. Gohan feels thrust too far in one direction, though I understand this may not be a popular opinion. TLDR: Freeza arc Gohan was running fades, he would've tried to run Cell's too.


The ending of Cell saga made all characters arc to be completed, after that the characters entered in a limbo and cycling trough the same arcs because character wise there was nowhere left to go. Goku became the brainless strong guy that would risk anything to have fun while people are screamming for their lives. Vegeta entered in the endless cycle of "I will be stronger, you are stronger, i have a new technique, useless against the vilain. Gohan came back to the eternal not strong enough but can be a strong support character, piccolo is the uncle who understand the boy and the humans are background character that cannot do much. By the end of cell saga: Vegeta understood his place as part of the team and father and not needing to be the strongest (heping Gohan with Cell). Piccolo made piece with his demon/god side and became compleete. Goku became a master instead of the strongest figher, the same way as Kame, he was happy to have trained the strongest instead of being the strongest. Even the human fighters had their last struggle and accept they were not able to do anything (The Kienzan in the neck with no effect for example). But even that Tien showed some power usint his Ki-ko-ex-machina (that was repeated in Boo saga). Gohan learned that he has the power, he has the responsibility and he needed to assume his place. He is naturally strongest and has more brains than the pure sayans and as half human he is the natural protector of the planet.


oh hey it's the bi-weekly teen gohan circle jerk post


Pretty sure this exact thread was posted last week or so.


it's literally just an easy karma farm because shallow people like shallow things


Yeah, easy to spot people who haven't watched past a certain movie too...


Ultimate gohan everyday


Go play dragon ball tenkaichi 3 and pick teen gohan, and transform and look at his walk animation.


I hope Mystic Gohan gets a major power up some time soon, cause I honestly think it’s more interesting than SSJ2. Maybe anime could adapt next arcs differently and have Gohan help out a bit


In the Moro arc he’s really no help at all, the granolah arc isn’t over so he might get some time in the spotlight


Let’s hope, wanna see Gohan get some time again


I loved Kefla vs Gohan in the manga ToP. Wish it would have happened in the anime. I also like how he wears the Piccolo gi again.




I find it really ironic that the character who's whole thing is "I'm a pacifist" is only known by the fanbase as "the dude who flipped out and rage-killed a bunch of people".


The most overrated version of Gohan. The most boring version of Gohan. The most out of character for Gohan. Gohan at his worst. As a kid it looked cool and I was like "haha big powah", but looking back on it now in my 30s its honestly one of my least favorite moments in the series. Hell thanks to Super we now know he didnt even kill the Cell Jrs, they survived. Not a fan. Give me more Saiyaman or nerdy Dad Gohan please, leave edgy kid in the past where it belongs.


IDK bruh, that one time Gohan was on drugs was sick.


His mom cucked him the fuck out


Personally i like his current self in Super, he didn’t want to fight so for him to peak and than live his life is fine


As a fan I feel betrayed by the treatment of Gohan. It’s he creators property to do with what they like. DBZ had so many moments that laid a bread trail to Gohans ultimate power being unleashed. When the narrator comments on this, is felt very vindicating as a fan to see him finally master this power. I was very satisfied as a fan by the Android and cell saga. Gohan further developed as a character by allowing his power to decline during a time of peace. To me he wasn’t a fighter but understood that threat mitigation through power can keep peace and protect lives ones. As such him learning his lesson from letting his power reduce and then going on to unlock his ultimate form was good character development. In super they repeated this trope and it was unnecessary. Though I understand that the pure blood saiyans are the story focus I think you don’t have to embarrass Gohan to show the fans this. Gohan is a protector of earth, not the universe and it’s Inhabitants. His father can carry that.


Well dbz was originally supposed to end there so it makes sense that they fucked it up after that imo


Us dragon ball legends players hate him to death ( only inthe game of course)


And still today, he doesn't even know who he is


The gohan ark was great. They should have kept going. Goku is great but i wish we had more characters to focus on in super.


I agree, but sadly Super is never going to be anything other than Goku/Vegeta show. I'm actually looking forward to Super Hero, since it looks like more slice of life that focuses on other characters, so that'll be better.


🎶I will remember youuu🎶


I actually prefer older Gohan. He's happy and a good father, and doing what he loves.


I personally don't like SSJ2 Teen Gohan all that much. Yeah, he's a "badass" and all, but it goes against Gohan's entire character up to and past that point. Plus, he got so annoyingly cocky he was almost responsible for the Earth's destruction had Goku not SACRIFICED himself and King Kai for this not to happen.


It's the least likeable version of Gohan. People do seem to like him though, but I prefer Dad Gohan even. At least he acts like... Well, Gohan.


Oh boy another one of these threads where a bunch of people don't understand the character and seemingly forget that he's a better fighter than ever in *Dragon Ball Super*. He also doesn't hate fighting, so let's just stop repeating that misconception while we're at it.


Dbl players hate this guy, if u know u know


This form can not be beat idc….


Just got done re-watching The Cell Games Saga and it was absolutely amazing seeing him tear shit up! The energy radiating from him, holy shit that SSJ2 transformation is cool, really cool! Follow it up with him taking care of Cell Jr's like OP has mentioned and completely decimating Cell in the battle after. Absolutely loved every minute of it on first viewing and the most recent one, with the experience so fresh in my mind... this post was made at the perfect time!


See, this is where people tend to lose me (and this isn't just a Dragon Ball thing). I don't get the fixation on characters being "BADASS". How is that in and of itself narratively satisfying?


Why I, if not most fans, love "this" Gohan is because that moment he puts his inhibitions aside is when Gohan grows up. He was always faced with life or death battles but either shied away or someone else stepped or both. Yeah, he was the kid who was keeping up with the grown-ups (which is what endeared him to me as a kid) but when push came to shove he never had to take the responsibility of beating the villain; Goku, or Piccolo, or Vegeta typically did. When Goku forfeits against Cell and he calls upon Gohan to take his place, that's when Gohan could not shy away any longer, and could not leave Cell for someone else to defeat (there was no one else). And when Gohan finally realizes he has to step up and understands the consequences if he doesn't, thanks in part to Android 16, he has a breakthrough and achieves a power the rest of the cast could not fathom. It's so satisfying because it was such a great moment for Gohan, and an explosive moment at that, which was fitting for anything occurring in Z. What was so disappointing about Gohan in the next arc was that he seemed to have discarded that understanding he reached against Cell and "lost his edge" as it were.


Ultimate gohan in the buu saga was pretty good tok


there we go buddy


I wanna point out the cell jrs have piccolo cells. They regenerated after the fight and live with Android 17 now.


Alright who gets to worship ssj2 Gohan next? Can't wait to see a post similar to this in about a week.