Arizona GOP chair calls for new audit after Biden confirmed winner again. So let’s Audit the Audit.

Arizona GOP chair calls for new audit after Biden confirmed winner again. So let’s Audit the Audit.


Can we investigate her? Probably more evidence she's connected to something shady than this nonsense


Great idea, be nice if a investigative Journalist would dig to see what or who’s pulling her strings, we know Trump is, she’s a BIG Trumper.


Mark these words. The only reason they didn't "find" Democrats cheating is because they did find Republicans doing it, and it'd be discovered in a lawsuit.


Let's put her on the next rocket to space


The "investigation culture" in the GOP doesn't care what turns up, they only care so they can use "they're being investigated" as proof that someone they don't like must be wrong, since in their supporters' mind the investigation itself proves guilt.


"there are still unanswered questions regarding the 2020 Election" or more BS ​ Still an effort to undermine the legitimacy and effectiveness of the current Administration (the actual Election winners)


Plenty of unanswered questions about the January 6th insurrection. Let's investigate and audit that. Fucking crickets chirping on that one.


Yep. Like...who at the white house received calls about the national guard? Why did pence need to be the one to call them in?


Yes, this right here.


Just put her down like a sick dog. No need for people like her to exist


And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit. And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit. And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit. And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit. And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit. And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit. And if we lose? We will audit *that* audit.


They handing out audits like Oprah.


And from our fathers. And from our father's fathers... And from our father's father's fathers... Alright, Loretta, don't belabor the point.


Are you tired yet Arizonans, just more wasting of tax dollars, They brought in their own team to do the audit , they had dark money help with the audit, they defended the Cyber Ninjas and now it seems it’s not what they wanted to hear. Confirmation Bias run deep with these people.


I'm tired of literally everything here, get me off this crazy planet


I live in Arizona and it's embarrassing. I think this [tweet ](https://twitter.com/WendyRogersAZ/status/1441538293800357890?s=19)embodies so many morons in AZ. She's a state senator who also is calling for every red state to audit the election. The audit proved Trump lost even biglier. This state needs to turn blue and get these idiots out.


Of course we’re tired of this but it’s really Arizonans who should be tired of this shit. It’s THEIR tax dollars that are being wasted. If AZ Dems don’t hammer this point home in the midterms, they’re absolutely stupid.


I mean, look how many civil rights lawsuits Joe Arpaio lost using their tax dollars. They kept re-electing him anyway. Arizonans can be a special kind of bitter and foolish. They chose to live in that sun-baked litter box, and it often fries the part of their brain that predicts consequences of actions.


I don’t disagree with you there but I think there’s the beginning of a sea change as evidenced with Biden and Mark Kelly both winning. Dems need to capitalize and further build on their gains by continuing to tie AZ GOP to Trump, this bogus election audit, the big lie, wasting of tax dollars, etc. This can work for Dems if they hammer home these points. AZ could easily become CA light with the demographic changes and sane Republicans potentially eschewing the GOP by becoming independent but not necessarily voting for GOP cuz they’re too radical. That’s what happened here in CA after CA GOP tried to pass a shit immigration law. Now CA GOP is essentially a third party here that has no real power whatsoever.


That's what I'm wondering. I guess they like having their money thrown away.


Why is the money a concern? Tax dollars are pretty much shoveled into a furnace the minute they're collected anyway.....in my town of half a million people the parks are a wreck since we can't afford to water or maintain them, I've been driving by a mashed up guard rail that was destroyed during the first snow from LAST winter (its blocking the sidewalk to boot) our roads suck anymore here BUT.....the main drag going through the fancy old part of town (think of a tree lined boulevard with old school craftsman homes on either side for two miles) is kept up nicely and the street sweeper is run through two times a week. So, yea. There's that. Ugh.


You're confusing underfunded maintenance programs due to not enough tax revenue with some sort of waste.


I hear you but,no, they go hand in hand. If you're burning the cash before it hits the city coffers that's a problem, not underfunded but misdirected funds. I'm in a military city, there's tons of money here and I'm not just talking soldiers paychecks. I have no idea where the money goes but it damn sure isn't going towards improvement and maintenance. Used to be a beautiful city, now it just sucks to look around. Probably need to move....


But you have no evidence of wasting mine. That’s just a lazy take people give when they don’t want to spend money on something.




Well the answer to having your tax dollars wasted and the result being there isn’t enough to maintain services like parks and such isn’t to just throw your hands up and say it’s just all the same. The answer is to get involved and vote the people who are making these wasteful decisions out hopefully replacing them with people who maybe can do a better job.


"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - you now who said that, Albert fucking Einstein


"Yeah, but he was part of the Jewish conspiracy controlling the government so obviously he's wrong about that." -Someone probably




If an infinite number of monkeys count the ballots an infinite number of times, Donald Trump still won’t win.


It was the best of times it was the *blurst* of times?!


The dickens you say!


You stupid monkey!!


Clowns. Gop is a joke


What is wrong with these fucking people.


Let's see how much tax payer money we can waste before my constituents catch on... should be good for a few more audits


Follow the money!


they are turning this into the benghazi investigation where they investigate 50+ times and still turn up the same results.


Called it. This whole process has been all about presuming guilt. Maybe it's time we presume these people are guilty of the fraud, and go up their asses with a microscope. How long would it take for them to get that people shouldn't be endlessly investigated without cause...


We’re so fiscally conservative that we’ll waste money on an audit twice!


Is there is just such a surplus of tax dollars floating around in AZ that they can do this like six more times? How many times do they need to prove to themselves that Trump lost? At what point do we acknowledge that this is just an attempt to find a loop hole or cheat?


Arizona can't even pay their teachers a living wage. The state imports teachers from the Philippines and helps them get housing with four to six in a two bedroom. (Sixty Minutes story about six years ago.) The pandemic has made it worse. Teacher shortage or pay issue? Pay issue. https://kvoa.com/news/2021/02/24/pandemic-magnifies-arizona-teacher-shortage/


The Republican Legislature froze teachers pay and work experience for 6 years which was a devastating blow to teachers, funny how they come up with a balanced budget and $600 million surplus at the end of 6 years, all done on the backs of education, note charter schools and for profit charter schools weren’t affected. There’s money just not for Arizonans.


Win win, right? Because an uneducated populace votes GOP and thinks that one day, the money will surely trickle down, and willingly ignores information that doesn't benefit the GOP and it's owner/donors.


The Republican Motto - Keep 'em poor, pregnant, and stupid.


Kelli Ward. This is the lunatic piece of shit who thinks airplane chemtrails control the weather and cause autism in dogs. She isn’t fit to weave baskets in a mental hospital, let alone demand anything of the rest of us.


Mother fucking audit Inception going on.


This is the new game plan when they lose.


These people are awful


"We'll keep auditing until we get the results we want!"


And who is supposed to cyber monitor the auditors of the audit? Cyber ninjas can’t do it again since they are now deep state, so maybe they change their name to “digital samurais” /s


In their final form they ask for Donald Trump to come and personally count each ballot himself.


She's an idiot. a pathetic excuse for a human being.


Do these election deniers not know the definition of insanity?


Fine knock yourselves out but YOU pay for everything.


Now the people begging for more audits need to be investigated for trying to interfere with an election. They should also be held accountable the same way someone that falsely claims a Rape charge. What they have done, what they did in 2000 was grounds for election fraud. STOP LETTING THESE REPUBLICANS BULLY YOU. They scream and holler if you challenge them at all. But call you soft for being a Democrat. They have tried to hijack our flag, making it seem they are suddenly the only party that cares about America. We have guns, our kids and fathers went to war, we actually send our kids to college and sacrifice our party time to take care of them. Lead by example, be proud! Be a good person. And whip someone’s ass and get a little dirty.


Cyber Ninja's offer was to AZ, buy two Audits get the 3rd one free.


Isn't it, like, reaching a criminal level yet? I mean, Republicans aren't above the law, right?


How about you focus on 2021 and not on last year?


What a bunch of idiots!!!!


That is one ugly woman.


Did you ever go into the grocery store, grab a cart and start going up and down the aisles? Did you ever start to go down the candy aisle and there was a lady standing there and a little kid laying in the middle of the aisle screaming about how they wanted candy? Screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming,,, and no matter how much you wanted that bag of chocolates, you turned and walked away. This is the trump gop. When they scream long enough and loud enough, they’re betting you will walk away. You have two choices, you can turn and walk away, or you can go up to that gop lady and bitch slap her into next week and kick that gop kid to the end of the aisle. Figuratively speaking.


i'd just go and reach over the kid, take the bag they're screaming for, put it in my cart, and walk away. even if i didn't want the damn candy.


Can the NSA, CIA, and FBI ***fucking please*** do something about this blatant, sustained attack on our democracy!? For fuck's sake.......


Foolproof legal plan: if you lose your case, sue your lawyer for malpractice. If you lose that case, she that lawyer for malpractice! Continue until you get the result you want.


How long will this go on and is it just for the attention??? SMFH


It's obviously a joke told in poor taste. Why are Democrats permitting Republicans to keep wasting tax payer money on this obvious attempt at under minding election validity? They'll keep ordering audit after audit until they can orchestrate one declaring Trump winner and then point to that as the only "fair" audit. We should demand they stop wasting tax payer money on these, ask them why they are unwilling to acknowledge a fair and open election, ask them why they are sore losers and unable to acknowledge reality, and expose them just as they incessantly attack Democrats as "weak" and "wimpy" for believing in science.


Republicans control the AZ state houses and governorship. Dems just need a few seats in each to take them though so maybe next cycle they can take over.


So for now, it's conspiracy nonsense and "tough guy" posturing.


At what point does this just become a criminal fraud case against the GOP?


This will never end with these people. They are sore losers who can't accept reality.


What's with all the 20k something votes of ghost voters on conservative pages I keep seeing in AZ? Can I get a real answer and not sarcastic keyboard warrior rhetoric? Why are they pushing that? Can it be proven false?


The snow glows white on the mountain tonight Not a footprint to be seen A kingdom of isolation And it looks like I'm the queen The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I've tried Don't let them in, don't let them see Be the good girl you always have to be Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know Well, now they know


Of course they were always going to do this. "The partisan audit didn't lead to the partisan result we wanted, so we need a partisan audit of the partisan audit to achieve the partisan result we want."


We literally have people homeless and starving in this country and these craven assholes want to throw away millions on all fuckery.


Sorest losers in history


She is a prime Griftian in a church of the Grift


How is it that the chair person of a political party can call for anything other than a pizza order in AZ right now? They keep losing and losing and losing.


She’s a BIG Trumper, and of course Trump probably spoken to her.


They're doing exactly the same thing they did with Obamacare. Republican knew they had ZERO chance of repealing the ACA, but voted on it 40+ times anyways.....They just want to keep this at the forefront of every one of their cultist followers' minds until the next presidential election.


Ol' "Crazy Eyes" Kelly thinks this will propel her to the US Senate.


What a bunch of snowflakes, this is what snowflakes do, very bad look really; she should talk to her manager...but the only thing she can say before he rams his orange mcdonalds flavored dick down the back of her throat is "more salt please daddy trump"


This is to stop investigations of themselves, and directly involve the January 6th attempt to overthrow the federal government. We need to start digging deeper for the seditionists and those who funded it.


We must keep recounting until we get the desired outcome.




Yup she’s a BIG Trumper.


They love losing


Reminds me of all those HOR votes to overturn the ACA, even though the GOP didn’t have the votes. Your party of fiscal responsibility, America


Were these people never disciplined as children?


What happens if Trump wins 2024 and enough audits from 2020 were to show that Trump had won in 2020? Would Trump be disqualified from becoming president in 2024 due to term limits?


Can't wait to see the next election.........


Did they release the servers or not?? I can’t remember


Let’s give ArIzOnA back to mex