First time playing DQ11, never met a character I love more than this bro.

First time playing DQ11, never met a character I love more than this bro.


The way he handles the situation in Phnom Nonh with the greedy boss is one of my favorite moments in DQ history.


I absolutely love his *(possible mild spoilers??)* reunion with the hero. His reaction to seeing him just filled my heart up to the top.


It was wonderful when I played it on the PS4. Then when I played the definitive edition on Switch and got to see how he dealt with events it made it that much sweeter.


I hated him at first, but you see getting to know someone is the secret to great friendships then of course love, honey!


This. I’m not ashamed to admit that I initially disliked him. I thought he was just a cliche, an easy flamboyant stereotype whom the devs were exploiting. But his story developed his character way beyond the cliche, and I was pleasantly surprised how I grew to really like him (it helps that his voice acting, at least in English, was just perfection).


Same, I loved the way they built his story and the reason why he chose to change his lifestyle. Imagine characters with real depth


I'm glad his entire character just wasn't a flamboyant stereotype.


same i hated him at first too


They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.


I had the same exact experience


I thought I would hate him, but no, he's the best. ❤


Sylvando my beloved


I normally find those over the top characters hard to deal with. But, I love Sylvando! He is my favorite!


Same here. I usually hate those but man did I love Sylvando!


I just got his backstory yesterday! I knew there was more to him than meets the eye. It was so darling! 10/10, would enjoy again.


To be fair, he loves you too! Not the Luminary, or at least not specifically, but you. Because he loves everyone.


He loves you, you and all you guys


I love his backstory and his papi


Sylvando is one of my favorite video game characters ever. My wife doesn’t play games but she’ll start watching when sylv is on the screen.


Same, I thought "hey what a gay character" (I know, shitty way to think) but I was amazed how quickly I fell in absolute love 💘. Such a good story and character development. Soldier of Smile for life!!!!!!!


I actually didn't initially even though he's gay, I just thought the game is extremely.... Japanese. XD Then as the game went on I was like "oh.... that makes sense". But unlike a lot of people here, I actually kinda liked him from the get go because of how ridiculous he was. The whole game is just so ridiculously charming, but Sylvando is something else. The parade scene had me laughing out loud. 😂


Yup yup yup


I love Sylvando so much~ Just his character and voice acting is superb. He's my #1 fave, with Erik coming in close 2nd ❤️


Sylvando is the best! My close second is the Eighth party member (I’m on mobile and can be bothered to figure out how to hide spoilers so I’ll just call them Eight). I really appreciate Eight’s story arc and how the writers approached it, I feel like we don’t get enough of that in games (or any other media). Plus they’re an absolute dork.


Ohh, yeah. That one's got some decent character development for sure. I remember really disliking it but near the end, it was a pretty cool one, and had it on my battle party all the time xD


As a gay man, I was kinda afraid to see this overly flamboyant dude (especially after Sugiyama’s terrible take on Japanese suicides in gay youth). But in fact his story and character arc resonated with me. It’s also my favorite character (just in front of Erik)


TBH I found the entire cast of this game to be extremely charming. It was a breath of fresh air coming from other JRPGs with characters that just bored me.


A type of character that I would usually find really annoying... but I like so much!


When you think about it he has all the potential for being a really annoying and almost offensive stereotyped character, especially when given to a sub-standard writer or team. However they did such a phenomenal job giving him personality, personal conflict and character growth that coupled with his amazing voice acting from Shai Matheson, that it pretty much elevates him to the best character in the game. That said however the voice acting from pretty much everyone in DQ11 is on bloody point, and some of the best in a jrpg. So big props to everyone involved.


Originally I was like, "Oh my god, I'm going to hate this guy aren't I?" Then suddenly, the character quickly became amazing and I was like, I DONT CARE IF HES GOOD OR BAD, I WANT HIM.


Sylvando is the best in terms of backstory and character development! I’ve also found him to be one of the most well rounded party members in terms of abilities/“usefulness” so overall he’s probably the character I use the most.


I got news for you, darling! He only gets more and more better as the game progresses


He is perfect in every way.




Yangus is an absolute unit. That was my first DQ so that game is very high on my list of games I'm fond of.


His story is awesome!


“You rang, honey?!” Sylvando is fantastic!


“Oh, Darling!” He is the absolute best! I also love teasing him by saying I won’t help him during his character arcs in Acts 2&3.


Sylvando puts all other characters like him to shame! He was one of my favorite characters! (Though I really never figured out how to play him well)


Sylv is best boi


I couldn't help myself, but to blush and smile warmly when he called me darling. Ooooh, I love him so much! He continue to get better through the game! I really want a figure of him!


Gotta love Sylvando. Very fun character, also one of the more useful members of the party. Entire cast is pretty great in my opinion


Except for Veronica, Sylvando is my favorite character in the game. Maybe not to use in battle, but God I love every minute this dude is on screen.


I didn't use him much until I discovered that putting a team of Sylvando and Jade together gives you a triple team move with a high chance of summoning metal slime types.


As a gay dude, I both love and hate him. He's so aggressively queer coded that they might as well just say it outright, but then he would just be a confirmed flamboyantly gay stereotype. But he's a legitimately good person, with relatable trauma, doing his best. I don't think 11 would feel complete without him.


Damn this game has been on my backlog forever but I really need to get round to it


If you have a huge backlog too, I find this game is quite backlog friendly. If you take breaks to play other games, there is a "the story so far" recap that you can view to get a quick reminder of what you were doing. Plus I find the gameplay is generally timeless so there aren't a lot of systems you'll forget when coming back from a break. Long story short, yes play this game. 🙂


That’s cool. I did the same thing with persona 5- probably took about 2 years to complete it in bursts.


Sylvando is my second favorite after Rab


Sylv and his dad real ones!Respect


Sylvando is the light.


Bros before Dragos


I love Sylvando!


he's easily in the top 10 RPGs characters of all time, Sylvando is my favorite Dragon Quest character by miles


I would die for this big ole Gayzilla <3


Good character, bad combat abilities


Awful gay stereotype cringe, why do Japanese games do this so often?


I honestly don't get why people like him. This character alone as actually made me quit playing the game and take a break from it on more than one occasion. I've made it to just past the mermaid town and I have yet to find anything redeeming about him... What am I missing?


If this character alone made you stop playing the game on more than one occasion, maybe the character isn’t the issue.


He's the best!


the perfect example on how great character development works.


Am currently playing through right now, and he’s my fav. I’ve just gotten to the point where it’s just him and Dave. (No spoilers, please)


He's one of my favorite characters ! He's not just the funny character, he's also caring and his childhood story... i might have cried a little !! I think he's one of the best written characters in DQ


Currently playing the game and I would have to say he’s one of the most exotic characters I’ve seen in a video game. I would say I though, without the pristine voice acting, idk if Sylvando is nearly as good.


Sylvando is my number 1 character in this game. He is always one of the most important members of my team.


Don't worry, darlings. sylv's here.


Welcome to the fold


Sylv has so much personality, he is real to me. A true inspiration and friend!


I didn’t like him for about 10 minutes, and then we became besties. I absolutely adore this man. His spirit is beautiful. His kindness is overwhelming.


I believe DQ11 is the most in-depth DQ game ever thanks to this dude and his story. Getting to know the characters in a JRPG was never this much fun!


Sylvando was honestly my least favorite companion for a good while, but darn if he didn't grow on me.


Erik and Hendrik are the best imo


Sylvando is my #1 fave from DQXI, hands down. He seemed like he’d be annoying at first, but he’s actually such a kind and caring character that you can’t help loving him. And he’s unrelentingly positive. I love this guy. The English voice actor they got did a wonderful job with the role.


Every time I met a character I was unsure if I'd like them and then I fell in love with them


He's the epitome of positivity. Syl's the best.


He could suck a dick and it not be gay


Honestly Dragon Quest treasure would've been more interesting if it was a prequel to DQXI with Sylvando instead of Eric


Do some of you people just exclusively play Japanese titles? I can think of over a dozen characters more interesting AND outgoing.


I despise him.