What is this person doing? Help me understand.

What is this person doing? Help me understand.


The [#1](https://imgur.com/a/kPynrGn) spot in my league already has more than 12,000 XP. But their stats are so odd. What's the point of: - 689 day streak; - Close to 700,000 XP; -but only 330 crowns?; - and only 2,000 words learned! They have been in the Diamond league over 90 straight weeks and 96 top 3 finishes. How are they doing this? This isn't just to learn, right? For comparison, my stats without premium.


They are likely just redoing the legendary crowns with a 2x boost. Their goal is to win the league, unlikely to learn the language.


This makes sense to me re-doing the same levels over and over again. But, really, it jacks it up for others who really are interested in learning and values their place in the league by fair means.


Duolingo is a game, and some people play it to win. Whether learning or not, that's how they have fun. The league is irrelevant after you place #1 in Diamond once to get the achievement. From then on, IMO it's best to focus on learning, not on ranking. Wanting to do both is just not a healthy or productive approach.


Problem is, people like this make it hard to get to #1 in the first place, even if you're just doing it for the one time achievement get.


That's a fair point, but I'd say that crazy overachievers like that are the minority. It's annoying for sure, can't deny it.


I disabled the notifications about the leagues because it was stressing me out to keep getting notified that I was falling lower in the rankings or dropping out of leagues. I had stopped progressing with learning new words because I was trying to just keep in the obsidian league by doing legendary lessons. Forget about diamond! Now I'm ignoring the leagues and I'm doing much better and learning more. The leagues were fun before people started going crazy with getting insane xp totals.


I have to admit that leagues were intriguing when I first starting learning Yiddish after being away for several years. Watching others in the league creep upwards, there were times when I would do another lesson or two to get in ahead of them. I'm now almost finished with my Yiddish tree. I WENT PRIVATE AND TURNED OFF THE LEAGUES, and I'm much happier now. I go at my own pace, sometimes only doing one lesson a day, and I work at keeping up my streak, but there is no unnecessary competition with others.


Oh, I didn't even think about going private and didn't realize you could turn off the leagues entirely! Good to know. It used to drive me crazy to get pinged all the time with "you dropped out of first!" "You dropped out of second!" "You dropped out of the top three!". Shut up Duo, I'm at work. Lol. After turning off the notifications I still liked trying to advance in the leagues (I did get into diamond a few times) but then when they rolled out the 40XP "Legendary" lessons i noticed players suddenly getting thousands of XP a day! I don't need that sort of competition in my life! So far I'm still in the leagues but I only check on Sunday nights (I'm in US eastern time zone) and let my league and ranking be a surprise. Congrats on your Yiddish progress!


They would have more crowns if it was the strategy.


Could they be doing/redoing audio lessons all day or joining tons of events? Those give XP without crowns IIRC.


What is this 2x boost? Never heard of it.


You get 2x XP for 15min after each crown you earn.


No I don't. (I tried).


I think it only works in the app.


I tried in the app 🤷🏽‍♀️


That's weird.


I agree. I got it my first (and only) time gathering #1 place in Diamond league thanks to X2 exp boost with all golden stats before legendary ( 6th crown) update. I was studying and trying to learn French at the same time. What did I do was, while i studying French from English, I did reverse and acted like a guy new to English language. From that night till league finished, didn't jump to another level on any lessons, farmed X2 buff and doubled my expreince. I did epilogue with over 4000 exp with close call. Edit: I just made what I need for exp, that (French to English) course is not what I marked on **pride** for what I did, rather than, marked on **price** for the wanting first place in diamond league because some racer users. Yep. They did what I told you for over my hardworked only English to French course. From the previos league, I was first but one of them passed me in the last 1 hour. For the next league, I saw these same persons, AGAIN! They fallen quickly but I continued to forward and everyone was doing like that this time. There, happy? That was long time ago, don't know what are these odds. I don't care what you said, that course (French to English) is still there, not touched, still in mid position of Obsidian league ever since. Can focuse on language, Duolingo will do the opposite of fixing this league system. Just call it.


On the third day of my league a dude had *exactly* 10000 XP and has stayed there since. These people are wasting their time. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ignore them and keep on studying.


Maybe we can suggest that Duo implement some logic that looks at this disparity and seeds these folks in to a league group of their own. I have "only" 42k xp, but I have 862 crowns and over 4300 words learned. It's just annoying being in a league and the winner has over 11k xp... What these people do it for I have no idea...


Just ignore and learn what you language want to learn. I call it Duolingo will make it worse when they try to make an update for league. I am just ... hopeless in league. That's all.


If your goal is to get first, here is my advice: plan to stay in diamond league for a few weeks, and only once you are entered in a pool without power gamers, do you dump in a bunch of effort. I remember fruitlessly trying to compete with a guy who could get over 7k a day, but shortly after, I won diamond with a mere 2100 while 2nd place had 1400.


I finally got #1 a few weeks ago with only around 1500 xp, with second place around 800, then the person next week got first with like 6000.


Yep! Not surprising. Definitely makes our legendary achievements not so legendary lol.


I dropped 2 leagues because I was busy those weeks, and now in the sapphire league I'm first with 300xp after 4 days, in my last league was Hard to see the first not winning like 2000xp each day


Ya the competition varies so much, and many users are earning points for the sake of points, not language acquisition.


Ignore the stats, learn at your own pace every day and you'll get good results!


Agree completely!




Thanks for this perspective.


I don't think they finished a tree with 2000 words


There's LOTS of languages that have less than 2,000 words on duo, Navajo, Latin, Hindi. It could also be a mixture of multiple difficult but short trees. It's be useful if OP could also tell us their XP distribution


Just worry about your own progress, not theirs


Agree. I'm not worried per se, just curious about the process.


I think the first person is probably taking more than one or two courses. With multiple courses, duolingo only shows the highest word count amongst the languages. Where as the other person is probably taking one course and not doing lessons to the level 5.


I’m honestly not a fan of the whole league thing. It makes it more of a competitive game rather than a language learning program. You rush through the lessons to get XP and end up forgetting a lot of the things you learn.


My new words count stuck at the same number and i dont know why. But yea, since i won the diamond league, i finally can do the lessons properly. IDGAS anymore about league. Such a freedom!


Duolingo shows only the highest amount of words learned in a single language


Ohhh.. didn't know that. That something wrong with mine


I got yeeted out of the obsidian after 49 weeks, when I was on holidays and managed to keep track until the last day. Went from 13th spot to 26th.. Now I am not caring about leagues anymore and use this app what it is meant for: learning and having fun.


A lot.


still, they only have 2100 words learned while op has more than 3000


Haha, right? I just don't understand the endgame.


People get addicted to bing bong bing bong and flashing lights, and don’t actually care about learning the language. They just want to see a number get bigger


I've never made it to Diamond and Obsidian is too much for me. I just want to live happily in Pearl village. I should probably set to private to avoid leagues, but it's fun when it's, erm, fun.


I see you living your best life in Pearl Village! ☺


I also live in pearl village!


Here is my progress, I just average one or two lessons a day, not going nuts or anything. [https://i.imgur.com/hGxkSJU.png](https://i.imgur.com/hGxkSJU.png)


Thanks for sharing and your streak is impressive!


I join the leagues on Wednesdays, there's less crazy people


i wish i could do that. my streak! im so far away from 365 days for the achievement.. i guess i could use streak repair to skip monday..


You can stockpile 2 steak freezes, enough for Monday & Tuesday


They're beginning to believe.


Never mind leagues. The only game you’re really playing is learning your shit and learning it well. Learn at your own pace and method and you’ll be the real winner :)


What the hell, since when did it tell you how many words you learned? Is that only on andriod?


Not sure, but I do have an Android.


Dang yeah, it must be android only for now, lol hate when that happens. I’m on iOS


Oh man, I have almost as many days and almost as many crowns as them - but I have a fraction of that XP 😜 That's so much!!! Now I don't usually do all of the stories. Could they be doing the stories multiple times?


Some people want to be famous on Duome.


How do you have 447 crowns and only 3314 words learned???


I think maybe because I finished completely to 5 crowns each units/chapters 1 and 2 and I'm up to chapter 5 now and try to complete first 3 levels? I'm in the Spanish course, not sure how much that factors into it. Are you saying my learned words are low? I try to shoot for completing two levels a day Monday through Friday and some stories as well. Interested to hear your take.


Very interesting, I have 149 crowns but 4321 words learned. Im honestly not sure if its normal or not, I just picked up doing duo again after having abandoned Portuguese over a year ago. I completely finished chapter 1, half way done with chapter 2 and have 1 crown on everything else 🤷🏼‍♀️


Very interesting! Could be the courses. I promise I'm not milking anything - haha. I'm just plodding along.


Interesting. I've got 967 crowns and only 3600 words


Wow that’s a lot. I wonder how it determines learned words.


I use duolingo as a supplement to other apps, you tube, and games. I don't get worked up if people like this are in my league because my end goal is to actually speak the language. For about a month I've only used it for a few lessons a day. I did the progress test the other day and without using duolingo hardly at all I tested at around 4.5 out of 5. I'm only half way through duolingo and most all of the test is words I've yet to encounter in duolingo. If people like this pop up just go back and work on things you know you need to work on. And above all, don't stress. Your retention will be better if you are actually enjoying yourself.


Yeah I don't really understand why people (not saying OP, but lots of people in general) get so frustrated by the people who are getting hypercompetitive about leagues. People will try to act snobby about NOT doing so well in the leagues (because they don't care about it, they only care about learning, and that apparently makes them better) but at the same time complain about these people making it so difficult to win the leagues... but like, if you don't care about leagues then why does it bother you other people are winning them? Competition is motivating for some people. Good for them if they're enjoying that and learning/maintaining a language that day.