It’s not just a theory, it’s a fact.

It’s not just a theory, it’s a fact.


because it is.


Wait until you see the other theory.


But hey, that’s just a fact, A GAME FA- SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Theory: existed almost as long as the internet Matt Patt: My OwN oRiGiNaL ThOuGhT!!!


Litrrally that. Half of his vids is just stating what games are about, clearly made for ppl who didnt play the games


We need more!!!! MOOORE!!!!! Also I think Porky could be Sans.


Mother 3 is actually a pretty messed up game


Not to mention that’s surface level too. It’s not like you’re _not_ gonna notice what happens in a lot of the game.


I think that's probably the main reason it didn't and hasn't come to the states. Japanese culture is much more accepting with exploring serious topics like death and family issues in media than the U.S., a lot of manga, anime, and games over there are dark, which makes for really great stories


I cant wrap my mind around how Earthbound 64 was going to be even darker.


From my understanding EB64 was the same plot as Mother 3, but maybe they would have added more with it being on a home console


\[SPOILERS\] If I recall correctly, Porkey was supposed to die, TaneTane island would be a lot worse, Giygas was supposed to be involved, and the final battle was to be a lot more surreal (Check the unused Mother 3 battle sprites).


Yeah, in one of the interviews after Mother 3 released Itoi mentioned how the initial storyline for Mother 64 was much darker than the final version on the GBA, partially due to an intense depression he had fallen into as the development process dragged on and switched systems before being cancelled for a few years. When it came time to adapt their concepts from the N64/DD to the GBA, Itoi was in a better place mentally and so decided to tone things down and offer a few more hopeful, optimistic moments such as the The End? screen epilogue instead of his original plans which he said at one point would have “betrayed the player” in an unspecified way.


Damn and here I felt betrayed during the final boss battle


Now that's podracing


Itoi debunked it


almost as good as his Sans = Ness video


That was a great video, I saw it a long time ago but it stuck with me. I had played EarthBound long before but learned some things from the vid I didn't know about the game. I thought it was well scripted too, especially the ending about how it's symbolically a coming-of-age story, not so much a story of an alien invasion.


Dudes been clawing for content ever since FNAF died


video is 9 years old...


Sure is. Still true too.


That video did not age well


At all. And to be honest don't really agree with the premise? What is "dark"? And is being "dark" a mature or sophisticated thing? Seems like a totally pointless conversation.


Cant believe that video is already 9 years old.


Its really more of a "did you know?" video


People who think earthbound is 100% light-hearted jauntiness never made it past Onett lmao