Even worse when you have arthritis of the chest wall


Oh my god it’s so unbearable. Combined with my constant muscle spasms and I feel like I’m having a heart attack constantly for years...


Ughhhhhhhh it sounds like it ;-;


I sometimes wonder if I arthritis of the chest wall. My ribs and sternum get so painful I cry if anyone touches me. I have rheumatoid arthritis, but I'm not sure if it can affect the ribs?


I’ve got no idea. Sounds awful tho ;-;


What is that feeling?? I've only been getting it for the last several months. It's shown up at the same time as me developing chest joint pain (costochondritis).


Does precordial catch syndrome fit what you're experiencing? If so you can stop it by inhaling really hard


I get that all the time it is the worrrssstt.


That's not the pain I was referring to, but I have had this throughout my life! Thanks for giving a name to that random pain


Idk my friend told me it might be something to do with fybromyalgia since I have that too. Sorry probably spelled that wrong


My doctor told me it's like pleurisy. Pleurisy sounds scary but it's just inflammation of the tissues that separate the lungs from the chest wall. Now, I don't trust this old white doctor who's never concerned about anything very much, so take it with a grain of salt, but to know that such a sharp pain in the area of the heart is even possibly benign is a huge relief.


Hmm. I've had this sometimes but had gotten more concerned because its added like a numb pain to my upper arm and may be thoracic outlet syndrome? The pain had me nervous at first because I'm a great age for a heart attack and have routinely had CRP tests in the 14-15 range. But it's like a weird dull upper arm fell asleep pain that is fairly constant for weeks so probably not a heart attack.


Costochondritis can cause arm numbness! It mimics the symptoms of a heart attack: arm numbness, shooting arm pain/tingling, chest pain. It's inflammation of the joints between the sternum and ribs. I have it and I believe it's caused by EDS, and made worse by POTS symptoms and anxiety attacks. The intense heartbeat I get from POTS and from anxiety increases this pain. You may also have pain and swelling where the rib meets the sternum. Getting my anxiety under control and beginning to manage my POTS symptoms is reducing the costo symptoms for me. It's still something to get checked out though, especially if you don't have the other symptoms of costochondritis. It could be indicative of nerve damage or another nerve-related disorder.


You should have that checked. Pleurisy does NOT involve arm numbness, but heart attacks do. I'm not a doctor and can't tell you for sure if it's a problem or not, but that's why you should see one.


There is a condition that is rare, but is more common in people with POTS or Ehlers-Danlos (but still rare). It’s called coronary artery spasms, AKA Prinzmetal’s angina. It’s difficult to diagnose, because it rarely shows on an ekg, and doesn’t show on an echo or stress test. Many cardiologists miss it, and you may need a cardiologist who specializes in non-invasive cardiology (and women’s heart disease). Prinzmetal’s is characterized by angina at rest. For me, I get angina in my chest (mine feels like a fist is squeezing my heart, although cardiac pain can really vary), frequently radiating down my left arm. Sometimes, I feel the pain in my left jaw or between my shoulder blades. In this condition, the coronary artery is usually clear (unlike arteries with plaque buildup that you can see on traditional tests). However, the artery will periodically spasm shut, cutting off the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart, which can cause the heart muscle to die (just like when plaque blocks the artery). In the worst case scenario, it can lead to a heart attack or cardiac arrest. However, it most often does not, but it really does need to be medicated and watched. I am not saying you have this, especially because there are many causes of chest pain. However, I wanted to add this because some of your symptoms sounded concerning, and it can be hard to get info on this (even from some docs). The condition is much more common in people who also have migraines and Reynaud’s (same mechanism: blood vessels in either head or hands/feet spasm shut). If you are experiencing this chest pain and you have these two things, I’d personally want to talk to a cardiologist who sees a lot of patients with this. When my spasms were not under control, my CRP was also very high. In the meantime, if you read this and think it’s a possibility, you’ll want to avoid the triggers. Triggers vary by person, but avoid vasoconstrictors (Sudafed like decongestants, visine eye drops, cocaine), smoke, exertion in the cold (like shoveling snow).


Thank you! I just quit smoking but do take adderall daily. I will take everyone's comments to heart and schedule a time with my GP.


Mine was diagnosed as esophageal spasm. Edit: To be more clear, the esophageal spasm exacerbates my pots, so when my esophagus spasms, I get the pinchy feeling and then it feels like the wind is knocked out of me and things sometimes go dark.


Oh shit I didn't know other people had this. I didn't want to talk to a doctor about because I'm fat


I know like 99.9% of this sub and eds spaces in general center and are mostly about those with hEDS and even op has hEDS, but this is so real with vEDS. Like is my heart stopping? Is it skipping a beat? Is it dissecting itself? Who knows!


I recently had a stomach bug and so my meds got messed up (cause they didn't stay down). I also have thyroid issues and take synthroid to manage them. When my thyroid levels deviate, i get AFIB / heart palpitations. I know how to get things back in sync (and have done it under doctor guidance previously) but it takes time. It really throws me off when I just offhandedly tell my husband, "It's ok, it's just a little AFIB, it'll convert soon". Like this isn't normal! What the hell?! ​ :-) LoL


Lol ikr, yeah even though I don’t have the vascular eds, I can relate on a certain level to this meme heh


Every time I get a new chest pain I have to go the er in case its a dissection or pneumothorax :( last time it was costochondritis and the time before that it was an arrhythmia with palpitations


;-; I hope things work out for you soon....


Oh my gods, seriously...


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