Are those images the final production body style? because i would 100% trade in my Stinger for that if so




No pricing yet? Instabuy in the US


Between inflation and the (apparent) trend of manufacturer's increasing MSRP to screw consumers out of tax credits, I'll be shocked if it starts at less than $49,900 (or whatever nearly $50k number keeps them under $50k starting). Although, depending on how the tax credits shake out, they *might* position it to come in under $40k after credits so they can advertise it as $39,900 or something.


It probably depends on whether they’ll sell the battery version equivalent to the ID.4 in the US, or only the version with the larger 100kWh battery.


The rumor is that it starts at 40k €. That includes tax, so 33k € base price, which is $37.500. Before tax credits and taxes. Of course with RWD, small battery and rudimentary features. You can add 5k for features, 5k for the big battery and 2k for AWD.


That’s earlier than anticipated, right? I remember they were talking about launching it in Q3-Q4 2022 for the EU and in 2023 for the US


Sales before end of June implies deliveries in Q3.


I still think they should have given it round headlights. Round headlights are the key to making it look vintage.


It looks good on the official pictures, please let the production version have that front


if it were that front I would give serious consideration in trading out my TM3 for one or twisting my parent's arms into buying one then I could go to their house and drive it. No, seriously, I grew up being driven around in a late sixties bus complete with failing clutch and all. I joke with my mom that she again can experience driving a VW bus without a clutch. Now just give in VW and give us the Beetle Convertible in EV form


I think the Beetle had surprisingly bad aerodynamics unfortunately.


The other poster got downvoted for saying it won't...but I agree with them. Haven't we seen the "wrapped" version out and about recently? It simply doesn't look like what's pictured in the article. Don't get me wrong, I would *love* for it to look like the images in the article!


The top picture in the article is the wrapped production vehicle that was only presented a few weeks back. The lower picture looks like an unofficial render.


Yeah, the lower pic is bullshit, the hood looks like the old concept, not the final one.


It won't, it's turned into a small bread van not unlike the existing VW vans. Yawn.


Source for your claims? Ah I see, a /r/evproblems poster with a hate boner for all EVs that aren't Tesla.


Can we call him paid poster chill?


VW released a few new photos. It doesn't look like the concept version. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a38160384/volkswagen-id-buzz-preview/


Coming from the realTesla poster who hates all that aren't VWs.... LOL


Yes, that's why i advised my grandma in getting an Dacia Spring lol. Blocked, bye. Don't need people like you.


You're such a clown lol


I happen to agree with you; haven't we seen recent "wrapped" shots of it that are different from the images in the article (which seem to look a lot more like the prototype/concept)? I guess it's unpopular to say that VW took something cool and made it bland, though.


Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Seriously, 6+ seat EV options are trash at the moment, and pickup trucks aren't going to fix that.


Never pre-order anything.


That works great if there is supply just around the corner. If I want to buy say, a ford lightning, how long will I have to wait after the preorders get theirs? This isn’t the next call of duty digital download.


>If I want to buy say, a ford lightning, how long will I have to wait after the preorders get theirs? My wife knows someone who preordered a Ford Lightning, and is being told 2023 for delivery.


Ford definitely bit off a little more than they could chew with the lighting preorders. There's a lot of demand for an electric pickup, especially one from an established truck maker.


Normally I'd agree, but I'm making exception for this one. Perfect fit for my family, home, and commuting needs.