Kadarius Toney scored more pts on the bench in about 2 minutes of action than my starting flex Myles Gaskin did who played the whole game


Beat my Gaskin, Higgins, Lockett, and Claypool. Luckily that’s across a few different FF teams.


I had gaskin Sunday morning, Elliot and evans on Thursday Felt weird knowing my week was over at 10 am Sunday. But wait, somehow I’ll win if Cole Beasley gets under 8.5 pts in half ppr tonight, I have no idea how. Edit: oh no


Needed that last week and he only scored 1pt. Under 8.5 is very possible. If it was full ppr I'd be more worried.


Here’s to hoping I come back to this comment later and we can celebrate being in the exclusive “Cole Beasley sucked enough to win my week” club lol I was in the same spot with claypool last night, and he didn’t do much so I feel Ike I already used up all my luck lol


>But wait, somehow I’ll win if Cole Beasley gets under 8.5 pts in half ppr tonight, I have no idea how. Put the vaccine in the ball.




I watched the last Bills game and he was totally not a part of the gameplan, even Gabriel Davis and Kumerow were in more than he was. Good luck tonight though!


What the hell happened to Claypool.


Higgins killed me, especially since I benched Sutton.


Benched Sutton two weeks in a row feels bad. This week benched him for Toney (sobs)


Sutton was sitting on 1 Rec for 14 yards forever. I thought it was going to be another one of those.


I feel your pain. He did better than my Gaskin, Gibson, Boyd, and Scary Terry. This weekend was painful


Oh shoot, forgot to list my Gibson and Scare-Terr also. Somehow squeaked out wins in 2 of my 3 matchups.


Are you me?


Beat Devonta Smith. RIP Eagles oline.


Shit. Gaskin was my RB1.


Yeah, what's the play on Gaskin moving forward? I'm currently in a bye position where I HAVE to play him next week in flex. Unless I cut bait and just drop for WW.


Gaskin is not a factor as a rusher as he’s sharing the backfield with 2 other RBs. He will only have value as a pass catcher when his team is getting blown out (see last week vs TB he had 10 receptions with 2 receiving TDs)


He nearly scored as many as Scary Terry


He outscored my WR1, McLaurin


Gaskin was like my hero waiver pickup last year and on my must draft list this year. Someone else grabbed him one pick ahead of me and I was so mad. Things have not gone as expected.


I started Devonta Smith, and Toney still outscored him in 3 plays.


This hype train still running without wheels!


Without ankles*


I think most trains don't require ankles


Train biologist here! It’s true! Trains have no ankles, as that would imply that they have both feet, and legs to connect them to!


thank you bar code train biologist


Please, bar code was my father who never even had a PhD. It’s Dr. bar code train biologist to you.


Please just be healthy by the KC game. It will be gloriousssss.


Is there any chance he plays next week? Would love to be able to use him to cover Diggs bye, and maybe even be an upgrade!


I mean there's always a chance.


If he plays he starts at this point. You're a fool to leave him on the bench


Assuming there’s confidence with his injury report


Idk about starting him next week even if he starts to practice. 1 week after a reaggravated ankle injury? Not good, would end up the same as this week and be out by mid game or earlier


That's just fine because where we're going we don't need roads. TO THE MOON!!! 🚀🚀🚀


[Kadarius Toney ran four routes yesterday and was targeted on three of them. He was going to have a massive game.](https://twitter.com/roto_frank/status/1450147450564620290?s=21)


He ran 4 routes and got 6+ points in PPR. That’s pretty insane, he was definitely going to have a huge game. ARob barely gets that many points in an entire game lol.


I benched A Rob for him. He got hurt after the first drive with his 6 points in PPR, and I was pretty sure he was *still* going to outscore ARob. I don't even regret the decision.


I threw A Rob on waivers to pick up Josh Gordon. If I'm lucky, some other schmuck in my league picks him up and plays him, so that he can achieve 60% of his projected points every week and tank their team. At least Flash has upside later in the season. Better than a guaranteed 2-10 pt WR taking up space on my bench.


I'm hanging on for 2 weeks just to see if he gets traded in real life. If nothing by then, I'm done.


So if my math is correct if the giants play say 70 plays he is on track for just over 100 points per game. Somewhat lower than I would expect out of him but it’s a small sample size so it’s forgivable.


You forget the ~10 touchdowns. The 100 pts are purely yardage and catches




I think we should only compare him to fantasy relevant players.


In many years of fantasy, I have to say this is the most bummed I’ve been at a derailed train. They were gonna feed him.


They still might. I mean we don’t have updates yet but if it keeps him out 1-2 weeks… there’s still half a season left


Good point, would love to see it.


That’s right, always be optimistic


I’m actually still happy. It shows that they do want to feed him and that the guy is legit. Hopefully the injury isn’t too bad, he’s already earned a spot every week he’s healthy imo


I have the bluest of balls


I still scored 2nd most points in my league this week and I started him in flex. Rest up king.


1-5 baby less goooooo


Everyone I put in Flex dies!


put Cook in there for us Mattison boyz


*softly* Don’t


Stop putting my players in your flex! Or let me know in advance so I can bench them. Which, in turn, would allow them to go for 40pts on my bench.


I drafted him. Dropped him. Added him. Dropped him. Didn’t bid enough to re-add him. Yes. I am disabled. And am also 1-5.


Same. Mattison and Toney gonna be on my bench all season long lol


Hell yea brotha. Got my QB(Heinicke), WR(Godwin), Flex(Toney), and Defense(MIA) outscored by my opponent's Fournette. This is my disasterpiece.


Are you me????


Please be short injury timeline.


Hey, if a bum like Wentz can sprain both of his ankles and get out there the next week, I'm sure Toney will be set.


But playing QB doesn’t require you to run, cut, and change directions as frequently. If two people have the same ankle injury, you’d probably get the clear to go as a QB before a WR.


Unless you’re Toney. The man is superhuman with superhuman healing capabilities and I won’t accept arguments to the contrary.


They are currently doing a blood transfusion between Toney and Saquon to gift Toney his healing factor.


Giants know what they have here. Everything non-health related looks good for Toney, he's just gotta get back on the field.


Yeah you have to be excited as a Toney owner


In my keeper League i have Swift as a 10th round keeper and potentially Toney as a 15th. You bet I'm excited!!


Beyond hyped to have picked him up off waivers on Friday lol


I'm as excited as a CMC owner can be


I'm so excited to be a Toney owner, of all the potential breakouts, he feels the most likely to be a league winner


That would be nice since I'm currently 0-6


8-6 or 7-7 here we come, baby!


1-5 gang here. Most points against is fun. I swear I get dunked on every week


I picked up Jefferson last year and he saved my season, I had the same hopes for toney


Chase will remember this when the championship game will be played against KC. He's rank 4 in std and 5 in ppr. They rested their starters last game too.


Even though my top 3 WRs are on bye next week, I'd rather Toney sit a week or two so he can be fully healthy going forward and have a true break out.


The thought of the giants putting their whole gameplan and season hopes on a dude with a bum ankle who got ejected last week… it cracks me up to no end.


I traded for him in dynasty and in one redraft league, and I was able to get him off waivers in my other redraft leagues. Very excited. Hopefully, the ankle injury is a short term thing.


He had 3 targets within like the first 5 plays of the game so yeah, Toney was definitely involved in the game plan. The hype is real folks.


Well is he coming back or not?!


How has there not been a single update yet lol


Its Monday my dudes


That's good then right? If he was getting an MRI or something wouldn't we already know


Yes. The Giants have also been pretty open regarding injuries this season. He may miss this upcoming week but if it was a substantial injury, we likely would've heard something by now. Unless it's coming in a few hours.




Jones is much better than Heineke (barring yesterday, where Jones' looked terrible but also was down to practice squad talent surrounding him), and the Heineke/Terry connection isn't quite there, whereas Jones has looked solid throwing to Toney, who looks like a magician on the field. So that, at the very least, should console you.


We also need to keep watch of the Giants’ o-line injuries. I’m actually okay with Toney sitting for a week against a decent Panthers defense.


I own Saquon, Golloday and Toney lol


The Giants have been a black box about injuries. Case in point; Saquon. We don't really know anything other than speculation. They've literally not said anything about Toney other than ruling him out for the rest of the game.


>The Giants have been a black box about injuries. Case in point; Saquon. What? Saquon had x-rays and it was confirmed he had a low-ankle sprain less than one day after the game. >We don't really know anything other than speculation. It's a low-ankle sprain, as mentioned above. >They've literally not said anything about Toney other than ruling him out for the rest of the game. That's the point. If they haven't said anything yet, it's probably good news. They've been pretty transparent with all of their WR injuries and they were transparent with Barkley, if Toney had a bad injury, they'd likely have mentioned something by now, unless it's coming later today.


Yep, I got carried away with a broad statement. What I meant was they don't really give any indications as to a timeline. They just give you the injury and beyond that it is just speculation. Like in Barkleys case he has not been put on IR so one would assume less than 3 weeks. But they don't come around and say he's out for 1-3 weeks. Or in Daniel Jones case, he shows up for practice to apparently even the head coaches surprise. ha


It doesnt meant anything. Its just been almost exactly 24 hours since the event and today is only half over. Week 6 isn't even in the books yet, and most teams rest on Mondays.


Yeah, you're right. I'm not expecting much news on any NFL injuries until Wednesday practices.


I think he aggravated his already banged up ankle and the giants knew they were going to lose to the rams so they just pulled him so they didn’t risk further injury. Long term it’s not worth it to let him play thru that Against a far better team. But that’s just using fantasy logic matbe not real football


Last guess I saw from the PFF doctor was “several weeks”


You have to figure at least two weeks. Teams are generally very conservative with aggravation injuries


Way to have a back up plan there Joe.


He did. It was losing. It was also their main plan.


Not what he said at all smh “Journalism” is dead. Dude took a direct quote and translated it on some street gossip shit. Jones: he was a big part of our game plan Reporter: ‘He pretty much admitted the offense was going to evolve around Toney and they basically had no plan B’. Tf? Since when do reporters use ‘basically’ and ‘pretty much’


When they’re not professionals. Most aren’t now because professionals get drowned out by the clickbait bullshit. Unfortunately it’s a business…the info we rely on to make political and real life decisions is a fucking business. Fuck.


Bro where is the update for his injury


let me throw him in my IR slot or I will riot.


So did I Jones, So did I


Just kick me while I’m down why don’t ya


all this tells me is to hold Toney through this injury he has


I dropped half my FAAB so I don't have much of a choice


all i had to see was that designed play where shepherd was blocking for him to know the giants weren't going to hide or punish him for his antics, he's going to be huge when healthy


Yeah, he was part of my game plan too


My week 6 gameplan for winning involved Toney to play more than one drive too. All good. Get healthy Toney.


**insert meme of NYG in Wolverine suit lying in bed holding a picture frame with photo of Kadarius Toney juking the NFL**


My dude is eleeectric. His start-stop and change of direction is insane. Reminds me a lot of Tyreek.


Watching him play reminds of the first time I saw kamara… there’s very few people on the planet that move the way they do when the balls on their hands


Kamara is silky and smooth, Toney is choppy and explosive af


He compared himself to Kamara right after he got drafted and a lot of people laughed.


if he comes back next week the same thing might happen. Shep WR2 while Toneys out


Only silver lining is I got both. 😎


Found the salty guy who didn’t claim Toney fast enough.


I actually have both, and would prefer to start a healthy one. Shep on my bench this week wasnt good with Toney in the lineup.


Toney was hurt going IN to the game! Stupid game plan lol. Go Gmen...I still love you


He walked off on his own. Just speculation but last week coming back in the game and him trying to play this week could indicate it’s not that severe. Hopefully he can heal up this week and try for Sunday or maybe just miss one game


I refuse to believe an NFL offense centered their entire game plan around a single rookie WR with a nagging ankle injury they knew about leading up to the game. Either Judge is wayyyy dumber than I thought or this is a clickbait title


I think that quote is taken way out of context and clickbait.




You can click the link to read the full quote: >“He was a big part of it going in,” Jones said of Toney’s role in the offense. “He’s been playing at a high level. Made an impact there early on. We missed him, but we’ve got good players and those guys stepped up and got to execute better.” >“He’s been making a lot of plays for us last week and before that,” continued Jones regarding Toney. “He’s a big part of this and so we were planning on it, but like I said, we’ve got to do a better job getting the ball to the guys. We’ve got good players and we got to be ready to go.” So yeah, the title doesn't capture it well. He's just saying Toney is good and they planned to use him, but couldn't when he got hurt.


Anyone know if Toney injured the same ankle as he was labouring in warmups? I heard it may have been the other one? I dunno if thats better or worse if true.


Yahoo’s little blurb mentioned re-aggravation


Oh so this must be why Daniel Jones had 3 INT and 1 Fumble. Okay ya!!!


When’s he fucking back?!




He put WR3 numbers on one drive lol


Half a drive.


I think you could argue WR2 territory (in PPR, assuming healthy)






I understand the logic but looking at the team compliment, Toney might become the speed role on this team that it hasn't had since OBJ. At worst, he becomes a consistent WR3 but so far, his usage signals a mid range WR2 with upside. I agree that seeing his snaps with all the options is worth seeing but I have a feeling that Toney's speed when healthy will keep him on the field over other WR options.




I think reliability is the main difference. Nonetheless, I understand people being cautious about putting a brand new star into the WR2 ranking, but I will confidently start him going forward until he shows me otherwise. The Rams were surely on notice to keep Toney from putting 200 on them, and they couldn’t do a damn thing. Godspeed, Toney.


3 for 36 on four routes and 8 plays leads me to believe he has actual WR1 upside.


Try WR1 - he’s impossible to cover. They need to get him healthy


I think that’s his ceiling. A Chase type receiver that can break into the top 10 weekly. The cons against that are him making a new connection with Dimes, Dimes accuracy, Giants overall ability to keep a drive going, and how well defenses shut him down. With those factors he’s really a WR3 with WR1 potential. We need more games to see how well they address all of the above before increasing expectations. There aren’t any shortcuts


10 rec for 189 yds may be his production ceiling lol (bold prediction). But don’t forget he was 1yd short of a TD *twice* last week. So his points ceiling is way higher than what we got.


Do people realize he was also ejected with a decent amount of time left to play? Based on the work he had been getting so far, another 2-3 catches were not off the table.


Toney played ~50% snap share in the Cowboys game - he was target on 1/2 his routes. Those underlying metrics are even more insane then the final production. Week 6 he’s targeted 3 times on the opening drive before being injured. The closest comp is that he’s there Diontae Johnson - a target vacuum and always open. Now imagine Diontae with 1st round pedigree, limited target competition, and it starts to add up why Toney’s ceiling is so high. Lastly, Jones has been a play action beast. This offense is going to be humming when Barkley comes back


Hard to imagine an offense *humming* with that O-line and Danny Dimes at QB.


First 4 weeks were very solid from a fantasy perspective, which is what we’re here for. Play action passing is the new cheat code - imagine Tannehill with more Konami code upside. Concussion and injuries derailed them the last two weeks, but the schedule is fairly soft and will with potential shootouts, so there’s reason for optimism


It was also garbage time. Nonetheless, he looked so promising. I hope we get a better idea of how he is doing soon.


10 rec for 189 yards really isn't his ceiling when you consider he was ejected from the game. He was on pace to shatter the NFL record for receiving yards in a game by a rookie (still held by Justin Blackmon til this day).


Yeah he showed that really special spark, calling could be higher. But he’s still on the Giants. Defenses will now prepare for him and cover him according to his now known skill. And you don’t have Rodgers or Mahomes throwing to him.


>Defenses will now prepare for him and cover him according to his now known skill. He's basically impossible to cover, based on the limited film we've seen on him. He routinely embarrassed Diggs who has been a lights out corner this season. His body control and change of direction ability doesn't look human. His after-the-catch ability is the best in the NFL. He is a genuinely special talent, and the Giants have clearly made it a focal point to get him the football.


he's still on the Giants, who will be trailing most games and pass-happy as ever


Exactly, good WRs emerge on bad teams. Giants will constantly be in shootouts with how bad their defense is. Chargers, Vegas, and maybe Eagles are the only teams left on the schedule that can somewhat contain him.


They had no running game so the rams could just go after Jones


I’m tired of the nonsensical responses from Toney truthers. Apparently he’s going to be the locked in WR1 the rest of the season because he’s literally impossible to defend against. Whatever


Did you read the quote from Jerry Rice on Toney? He said he was in shock and in tears. Said he's never seen a receiver that unstoppable before


Dude is already a WR1 in any ppr format. This isn’t even exaggeration.


Higher, WR2 with WR1 30+ pt explosion upside


I know this sounds crazy, but he could be a weekly back end WR1 if he’s healthy and getting the volume we’ve seen.


You spelled WR1 wrong


With the peripheral numbers he’s seeing, draft capital, and eye test, his ceiling is a top 5 option hampered a bit by being tied to Daniel Jones. So back end WR1. This guy will be a 3rd rd pick next year


Kadarius Toney is basically sandy koufax


I traded Amari Cooper for Toney, and Cooper didn't outscore Toney by much despite Toney playing less than a drive.


Sounds like the best 3 points I've ever gotten from a waiver claim!


Maybe don’t build an entire game plan based on one player who is already hobbled


Smart coaching to have the entire game plan go to a guy that barely got cleared to play.


Toney take my ankles!!!!


The dude literally won me matchup despite playing half a drive. 4.6 points and I won by 2.1.


Mine too Daniel


That coaching staff and oline are trash


If this dude comes back and *stays* healthy, he will be on a lot of league-winning rosters.


You could tell he was pretty much the game plan until he got hurt. Hes gonna be a ppr monster when hes healthy


Weird thing to do when everyone knew he was already hurt. No wonder you lost


I feel so stupid playing him with the risk of reinjury and the report from pre-game. I'll likely lose because of it, but this makes me feel a little better because the potential was there


He injured the other ankle. It wasn’t a re injury


The reports I’m seeing say he re-injured the same ankle. Where are you getting information that it was his other ankle?


I managed to lose this week with 150+ points despite starting Toney and Hunt over MJJ and Mixon. I'm so angry.


Jason Garrett is still a moron who should be fired


So they built an entire offensive gameplan relient on a single player who came into the game with TWO INJURY DESIGNATIONS and left the previous game on a fucking stretcher? Really?! REALLY?!!?!


A Jason Garrett offense struggled when something went wrong with the initial game plan? i am shocked


Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who started Daniel Jones this week 😭


I missed him too. Picked him up as my WR3 after losing JuJu and I started Jones as my QB2.


Still won my week and had a lot of safer options but rolled out Yung Joka anyways . Please come back soon


One drive of Toney was better than an entire game with Lockett. Hope Toney comes back soon


This doesn’t help me losing by 3 points this weekend


Where are my insane lads that started Jones the last two weeks based off the Toney hype. Tell me it gets better.


Kadarius Toney SZN still alive?!?


Omg i picked up Toney weeks ago and this is the tweet that actually made me coooooom 🍆🍆💦💦


Started him in both leagues FML


Snagged him in my keeper league and I’m already booking my ticket for next season’s hype train 🔥


We're gonna miss him too, Danny.


I missed him too :(


My fantasy team missed him as well


This sounds like your team is poorly coached!


I'm no better than 3-3 and have toney in all my leagues. Come on back


Why would you center your gameplan around an injured WR?


"centered around" and "big part" are very very different things.


But he wasn't even ready to play until 2 weeks ago.... s/ nowwww he's our entire offensive plane?