Add a ring magnet to make that light even better

Add a ring magnet to make that light even better


Just FYI: the ring magnets sold on the convoy store for the Convoy S2+ also fit many other 18650 lights such as the Thorfire VG-15S, Wuben C3, and Wurkkos FC12. Just attach with a small amount of super glue and you are good to go. They don't have the holding power that some lights do, but they are strong enough to hold the lights horizontal when attached to a flat surface.


Sweet, I have a few that I bought with my last shipment from Simon. For some reason I never thought to try them on other lights - 🙄 d'oh


Good to know, thank you. That's the 2nd VG-15S posted here recently looking worse for wear and mine is sitting on the shelf looking down on all the filth.


The VG-15S was the first 18650 light I ever purchased. I carried it every day for about 2 years until buying a Wuben L50 because I wanted USB charging.


People: "I don't like tail switches, I prefer a side switch and a magnet in the tailcap" OP: "I prefer tail switches, and INGENUITY!" This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing.


Me: “I love tail switches and hate magnets” I admit this is a nice mod


Thanks. I've been searching for the perfect light for years now and couldn't find one that hit every mark... Until I glued a magnet to my Wurkkos FC12. It's is bright: (2000) lumens Usb-c rechargeable Has a tail switch with momentary function It is purple Now has a magnet on the tail cap Doesn't easily go into strobe mode accidentally It is cost effective


Then drill 2 little holes and tap them to act as nuts for a screw in clip


How is it? Does it interfere with the switch at all?


The switches are easily accessible, you just have to use the tip of you finger to press them. (At least if you have fat fingers like me) I love the added functionality and it is well worth it