What is the nicest looking LED?

What is the nicest looking LED?


That’s *very* subjective.. but in my humble opinion it would be the nichia E21a or 219b


Nichia 144a in my Armytek is pretty nice too


Something something Nichia. The E21A in 2700k is phenomenal, though I hear very good things about the 219B as well. Not the most efficient things in the world though, so not a great choice if you’re chasing output. The high CRI SST-20s are pretty well-regarded here, and better balance color rendition and output, if you want a do-it-all light.


This truly varies from person to person, but I would say 219b sw35


GT-FC40 It's a domeless 16-die emitter, so it's cool to actually look at as well as turn on and use. It's also really neat to look at when it's in an ultra-low moonlight (like 1 lumen) because it just slightly glows. I have GT-FC40 lights in all 3 CCT ranges (3000K-3200K, 4000K-4500K, and 5000K-5500K) and I prefer the 3000K over the other two. None of them have any green in them, but the 3000K is pleasantly warm without being too yellow, and is just a little rosy without going too pink. It's definitely lacking in raw output vs something like an XHP70.2 or an SBT90.2, but for a high-CRI single emitter, but it still has a good amount of punch.


Nichia 219b in 3000k is my favorite so far.


That's a highly subjective question, as it depends entirely on personal preference. Some people might (oddly) like the rainbow XP-G3's, or a warmer and more cosy E21A, or go for all out power with an SBT90.2. I've got a lot of different emitters. Some if my favourites are 5000K XP-L HI's, 5700K 219C's, 3300K XP-L HI's, and I'm wanting to try out a higher powered light with 3500K 219B's, as I've only got one in a AA light. Personally, tint is more important to me that CRI, so if I had a 90CRI emitter with a crappy tint, I'd rather take a 70CRI emitter that has a perfectly neutral or rosy tint


Agree. I like some non cri baby favorites, even a dedomed NW XPG2 is beautiful. Buuut theres a reason a 219B is a safe bet for experiencing CRI and tint.


For up close, my e21a 4500k are great. But at a distance of 1000m, the e21a don't look so great anymore, and I much prefer the sbt90.2


219b sw45k


I've purchased three lights in 219b sw45k and I'm eying a fourth. I started my flashlight obsession with high-output Cree XPL HI / Osram everything, and now I don't even like using them.


Yeah. I hate being on the bandwagon, but damn it ruins everything else. I still like my Osram throwers though.


Try the F4 filter from BLF minusgreen guy. It will bring new life to those lights, perhaps.


A tie between Nichia 219b and samsung LHD351 @ dawgfart.


I remember lots of talk about dogfart when I started following this sub, but I don't know much about it. I assume it is a lower duv bin? Is it currently available in any flashlights?


Some Sofirns and Acebeams uses them. Not sure on d lower duv thingy though.


I just got dog farts. LH351D in 5000k. I love it. the 219b's look amazing but the output just makes some other stuff my preference. If I'm at home the 219b's it is. If I'm at work I'll take the sc64wHI in 4500k or LH351D in 5000k any day.


Lh351d 5700k.


You should try 219C 5700K's, they're also really nice


What makes this one good?


Great tint, high cri, efficiency and cct.


I have two identical headlamps, one with a LH351D and the other with a 319AT, both 5000k. The 319AT looks a bit warmer and is my preference.


The SBT90.2 LED looks the best IMO. https://davestechreviews.files.wordpress.com/2021/04/pxl_20210313_115425824-1.jpg?w=393&h=&zoom=2 If you're talking about LED *light output*, I'd either pick 3000K 219B sw30 or 2700K LH351D. I haven't tried 2000K E21A yet. Soon...