nap flowchart (oc)

nap flowchart (oc)


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Fucking hate my brain. Sleep for eight hours, no interruptions, wake up all tired and grogged out all day. Nap for one hour before bed? Wide the fuck awake all night like I slept for a week, then grogged to fuck all day anyway.


If I fall asleep at 9 or 10, I'm awake at 1:30 2 am for the rest of the night, then at 4:50am I get real tired and fall asleep for 25 minutes until my alarm goes off and I'm dead.


I feel you


For centuries it was common to to have two sleeps. It was well known around the world. With the advent of well lit streets, home lighting and - shocking - coffee houses, that it began to die out. It was all but gone by the 1920s. More details here: [BBC News - The myth of the eight-hour sleep](http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16964783)


The article says that people slept for 4hr followed by 2hrs awake (in which they probably didnt engage in any type of "work") then slept again for 4 hrs. That equals 10hr of "rest". So the problem isnt coffee houses and street lights but, I think, **lack of time**. With the work schedule of 8+ hrs, followed by sitting in traffic 1-2hrs, then shopping and cooking and etc, modern people dont really have 10 hrs to dedicated only to resting


Don't do that then


Dont do what?


Don't work 8+ hours and commute 1-2 hours each way. Its more common than you think to not live like that, and its a choice of those that do.




Yes, you are


Not everyone can pick and choose their work hours.


Your comment reminds me of that Paris Hilton tshirt that says "stop being poor".


Your comment makes me think of someone who blames everyone else but themselves and would rather make excuses than change.


I dont actually do that. My job doesnt include a lunch hour so I'm in and out in 8hrs on the dot. But for most people, like my wife, it does. So she has 8hr job plus 1hr lunch. Also I am 10 min away from my job and my wife works from home. But my parents had to commute 45min each way. I was making a general statement regarding the way modern people live their life vs what for example my grandparents who lived in the countryside lived theirs. They didn't have a car and didnt have to travel anywhere as all their land and livestock was right there so they could nap whenever they felt like. And in the winter they definately had plenty of time to sleep 10hrs a night. Regardless, its not "an excuse", some people can make changes and some cant. But being an idiot is not by choice so good luck to you.


That makes me feel a lot better because I totally do this by accident. Long day at work, get home and nap for a couple hours, get back up to do chores and get odd jobs done, then to sleep. And when my son was having naps I would sometimes have a nap as well and man it felt good to get that extra sleep.


The Spanish and Italians still have it right.


I used to experience this seemingly randomly - sometimes great at sleep and sometimes had to take a day off work because I had barely slept in days - then started working from home and realized I have a non-24 hour body clock, which is apparently very common in blind people. Most humans apparently don't have an exact 24 hour internal clock, and will out of sync without sunlight exposure to their eyes to 'reset' their clock, supposedly, but for whatever reason that doesn't seem to work for me (I know as a baby I was left in the sun so badly that I was in the intensive care ward, and I can't stand to look at it and it's always hurt my eyes, so maybe something was just burned out). I go to bed an hour later each day, roughly, and sleep just fine now, and have for 10+ years. It sucks for appointments and stuff, and sucks with people who don't grasp how much noise they're making at times, but overall it's the first time in my life I've actually felt on top of sleep, for the most part. It's not doable for a lot of the world, sadly. However it's been a long time since I've had that frustration of feeling like an insomniac.


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!


I've suspected for years that this is the case with me. If truly free to sleep when I want, my sleep rotates. Completely impossible to start a job like that though, although I have other issue already stopping me from working so might as well embrace the sleep.


I’m in the same cycle. Aggravating beyond words. Why is 2:30 my witching hour?


Could be a coincidence but that is when Judge Judy re-runs are on Channel 7 in Boston.


Something on TV does help sometimes. Turn the volume down to a murmur. Law and Order would be good it weren’t for that “dang-dang” sound.


Welcome to one of the many symptoms of depression my friends. Not saying it's exactly that, but more than likely it is from the way you described it.


I blame Reddit 😉


The key must be to never sleep


Thats probably the smart move. ^^^^YMMV


Ah yes, a fellow gamer. I sense you from a continent away.


I'm not really a gamer myself, but I also have the same problem.


Are you me ? I've had this all my life and it drives me crazy. I think I had maybe 7-8 proper restful nights in my life. All the other ones end up with me waking up like if I'd pulled an all nighter...


If you sleep for 8 hours and feel shitty you should get a sleep test




True, but he said grogged out all day not just when he wakes up, which is a sign of sleep apnea, which can actually kill you. I'm not diagnosing, of course.


That's because if you wake up with 8 hours of sleep, you are waking up in the middle of a rem cycle which is why you feel tired, sleep for 7 and a half hours or 9 and you should feel awake and more refreshed


Napping before bed is like eating before dinner. It’s a waste of time unless you are so tired you can’t even move or need to operate heavy machinery.


You over slept then. That’s the trick. Some people 8 Hours is to much


Same, if i went to bed at 5am and woke up at 2pm, i would be totally awake and functioning, if i went to sleep at 11pm and woke up around 7am, i would be totally in zombie mode, yawn all the time and get brain bug.


This has been me for like the past two months. It is 1am and I wanted to have taken a bath an been to sleep 2-3 hours ago.


What I hate is getting a full 8 hours of completely undisturbed sleep and then waking up and feeling like I got absolutely no sleep what so ever. Wtf body, why do you gotta fuck me over like that?


Do you smoke weed or drink?


I have never once smoked weed and i hate the taste of alcohol. So no to either of those


I find if I drink or smoke weed I don’t dream that night


Lmaooo dude me too but comment OP never mentioned dreaming


It's said weed effects dreams, but I'm an all day everyday type and definitely dream. Though remembering dreams almost always means I feel poorly rested. Only nights that just seem like a complete void are really restful. Or maybe it's just that I like my dreams so much that leaving them pisses me off and throws off my whole day.


I'm the exact opposite. The few clear days I get usually follow intense dreaming to the point it raises my body temp. It sometimes feels like I'm not getting the proper REM sleep I need except for once or twice a month when it gets in all the rewiring lol.


Yeah, I know REM sleep is required. I need a sleep study badly.


How bout coffee? Used to feel the same until i stopped drinking caffeine.


Drink more water.


Can’t fall asleep for 2 hours and 45 minutes.


Same😭 I can't nap, even though I can't even keep my eyes open sometimes. or barely manage to fall asleep just minutes before I intended to wake up..dammit


I fucking empathize. I've dated so many people who fall asleep in nano-seconds -- literally the moment their heads hit the pillow -- whenceforth, for the next couple hours, I proceed to stare at their snoring, twitching faces in wonder, envy, and admiration. ...And when friends suggest "disco naps" or "caffeine naps," I just laugh. Doesn't matter if I'm a zombie running on fumes all morning. The moment I lay down, I just stare at the back of my eyelids for ages. ...Bodies are weird.


This literally happened to me today. I wanted to just rest for like 30 minutes and then I wake up and it's been 4 hours.




I would argue you should never nap more than an hour


That's why you set an alarm for quick naps.


All a set alarm means is I will be awake and counting down until it the whole time.


I see what you mean, however when I was in college I found a way to enjoy these not-nap naps. Essentially, you know there's an alarm. You also know you're tired. Your conscious brain then does the usual "Ugh, an alarm, never going to sleep. Although, what's the point of a 15 minute nap anyway? I have class in like an hour, a coffee mat bit a better, but then I have that other thing due tonight, so real rest ain't coming for while, although...", and let it do it's thing. You'll run out steam eventually or just get bored, and realize you're still "trying" to sleep. This is usually when my "lull" phase kicks in, as my body realizes, oh shit, there's a lot of clutter in this dude's head, let's forget about for a bit. Even in the scenarios where I'm only "unconscious"-ly sleeping for maybe 7 or 10 of those 15 minutes, it's usually all I'd need to be refreshed enough to keep going. If not, add another 15 minutes, rinse and repeat until you "wake" up and feel okay. I'd usually never go past 30-45 minutes.


*wake up 3 hours later because didn’t set an alarm*


It does help when you don't view sleep as a 'task' that you might fail at and then get anxious over the thought of failing. Just letting my mind turn off for a little while can be enough sometimes. If I don't fall asleep, maybe I wasn't actually that tired to begin with.


This is 100% the key. Only time I was able to really do it was when staying in a closed hospital ward. I simply had no choice about when I woke up, which I thought would be really hard on me because I tend to focus on the wake up time so much I can't sleep, constantly checking how long I have left. But there were no clocks in our rooms, I assume by design. Not allowed phones. There was a single clock in the nurses station but it took leaving my room and walking down the hall to check the time. I slept so well there. Unfortunately much harder to eliminate clocks from your life in the real world, and even if that was possible it is damn hard to function in society without paying a lot of attention to time. I really wish society was not like that. We make time so goddamn stressful.


IMX that lull period starts just about the time my alarm goes off. Uncannily so, though I'm sure that's just my memory fucking with me. And sometimes that lull doesn't happen for a long, long time. I've laid in bed and alternated between closing my eyes and staring at the ceiling and/or wall for 4 to 5 hours without falling asleep, constantly whirling from idea to idea. Generally at that point I give up and do something until I'm genuinely tired. Sunup seems to be my body's "it's bedtime" signal. Maybe it's because most other people are asleep at night and that makes me feel more comfortable or maybe my brain is fucked up and flip flops night and day feelings. I hate working night shift and prefer to work mornings, so it's probably the "other people are asleep" thing.


"Oh shit suns up we forgot to sleep guy! We should sleep now even though you have to be up in 30 minutes, man im suddenly really tired arent you?" Stupid brain


The way I set my alarm for quick naps is that if I wanted 15 mins of sleep, I'll set my alarm to 30 mins to take into account the period of time needed to sleep so that I don't have to count down anymore.


I've also had success with Drink Chai->Take a 20 minute nap->wake up when the caffeine kicks in. \*Chai because I despise the taste of coffee.


I've read that it's because as you nap your brain starts to flush out the chemical that makes you tired. Then the caffeine binds to the receptors to prevent it from affecting you when the chemical comes back. https://getpocket.com/explore/item/health-check-what-are-coffee-naps-and-can-they-help-you-power-through-the-day


Shit it always takes me more than twenty minutes to fall asleep


Less than 30m or even 60m alarm just keeps me awake.


I could go for a light coma right about now tbh.


I love naps but Im one of those people who can easily have a quick little power nap for 20-30 mins and be refreshed for the rest of the day. Falling asleep at a reasonable time and waking up in the morning has always been hard for me though.


Coffee naps! Yes you heard me, [coffee naps](https://www.vox.com/2014/8/28/6074177/coffee-naps-caffeine-science). I tried the coffee nap method out of pure intrigue. Apparently, if you drink a cup of coffee and immediately lay down for a 20 minute nap (set your timer), the caffeine hasn't yet kicked in to keep you awake. When you fall asleep the receptors that are impacted by caffeine lose their ability to inhibit the impacts of caffeine. So, I did this, drank a cup of coffee, set my timer for 20 minutes, laid down, aaaaaaaannd woke up 3 hours later. Yeah, coffee naps.


I envy you glorious weirdos who can do this. Takes me 2-3 hours just to fall asleep for a nap. Also, caffeine smacks me in the face the moment I imbibe it. Hits me immediately, and makes me sweaty and gross. ...When friends suggest that I "disco nap," "sleep in the car," or anything of the likes, I just laugh. Sounds like a fun trick, tho.


Some people with ADHD find that they need their stimulant medication to let their brain make all the right connections and 'calm down', which then let's them sleep.


I've recently been diagnosed and am awaiting time for a face to face to get my prescription.. but I find this interesting. All my life I always wondered why everyone talks about 'no caffeine X hours before sleep' because frankly I always found it much easier to sleep after a caffeinated drink.


Me too, I can have a fantastic deep snooze after a strong coffee. All makes sense once someone points it out... I *think* it might have been in 'Scattered Minds' (Gabor Mate).


... Now I get how my wife functions on so little sleep. Well, she's bipolar so that's a big part, but drinking a cup of coffee and having a nap are very much part of her standard evening.


It’s not supposed to work that way though 😂 coffee naps are pitched as a way to open up your caffeine receptors in your brain (whatever that’s called) by sleeping and allowing caffeine to have a greater impact when you might normally be used to drinking coffee. For me it just had the complete opposite effect. So instead of sleeping for 20 minutes and waking up energized, I took the longest nap I’ve ever taken for 3 hours straight.


Took a nap after work. Woke up to this three hours later


at this point, I don't go into naps with the intention of napping. I just go for a "lie down", and if I sleep, I sleep, and if I just relax in bed for a while, I just relax in bed for a while.


Same but mine is on the couch. Early/mid 40's take note kids.


Reminds me of having to answer a text while driving. No need to check phone, every single red light. Must answer urgent text message, green's all the way Edit: ok, maybe it's not like that


This is why I don't nap


I "time travelled" - what my brother and I call napping during these crazy times - from 4pm to 7pm and I'll be able to go to bed at 10pm and sleep like a baby again. I must be part panda.


Me before my nap: I feel like shit, I should take a nap. Me after my nap: Oh my god I feel like shit why did I take that nap this happens every goddamn time!


Isn't this why you give up on naps?


Yes. Assuming you can go to sleep in under an hour, who the hell wants to wake up more than once a day? Some of us just power through until bedtime, then go lay in bed for an hour or so before drifting off.


Never fails lol


I can relate and its not that i can't fall asleep my daughter ALWAYS needs something when i tell her to let me nap for at least 30mins. Saturday she quietly used my laptop and was playing games when i woke up.


God this is so true


“Hey Dad! Are you a sleep?”


45 minutes. Time your sleep to 45 minute increments, and give yourself 10 minutes to fall asleep. And whatever you do, don't go back to sleep. You'll end up sleeping until next week.


Let me tell you, in both cases I would sleep the three hours.


Oops you’re pregnant and can go to bed and sleep the night right after getting up from your nap


Yesterday, went for a 30min nap and now, I’ve woken up from 11hrs of sleep.


Dont remember the last time i napped. I cant tell if everyone is kidding about napping or no


I think that's the thing that happens when you manage to fall asleep 15 minutes before your alarm goes off, right? But seriously different people have different sleeping habits. I can't nap to save my life (unless I have a migraine for some reason but that's more of a waking sleep, quite a lot like food poisoning really. Kind of fun other then the massive pain). But both my dad and grandpa could nap in their car's during lunch or coffee breaks.


I tell my SO she “sucks” at naps. It’s super easy for me to knock out for an hour or two after work if I don’t set an alarm, nearly impossible for her


Sometimes after the work day, I am just done. Sometimes sleep until like 2-3am, and have a full 8 hours. Weird getting up to do stuff on those hours, kind of nice sometimes though.


Napping is a luxury only enjoyed by people who aren't too busy to nap AND suffer from no anxiety issues or racing thoughts.


> AND suffer from no anxiety issues or racing thoughts. or just find a way to medicate that part away, lol


I just turn on a podcast so it's barely audible, knocks me right out.


So true. All the commercials for the perfect mattress, the best pillow, the wonderful sheets mean nothing. The perfect room temperature, the correct amount of lighting, the white noise machine. . . none of it does the trick if you can’t turn your brain off. That takes medication, for me at least.


I find the white noise does help me turn my brain off. Both by hiding small sounds that would otherwise be amplified by the night silence and by giving me something that I can focus on that doesn't have meaning. Though it doesn't always work. For me the key is finding something interesting enough that it prevents my brain from going into Tazmanian devil mode but not so interesting I stay up to listen to it. History podcasts with soft spoken, ideally mostly monotone hosts are a godsend. Though podcast opening music and fucking aCast ads are awful.


I have also found that if I think of something pleasant, a fantasy of some sort, it helps to calm my brain. I have, over the years, created a story of sorts, that is pleasant to run through scene by scene. One day I’m going to write it all down and have one hell of a screenplay.


I don't nap either. It really seems to depend on how much sleep you need/get, and schedule.


I nap nearly daily


Wouldn't a nap longer than an hour and a half just be considered "sleep"?


My nap is always 3 hours. No matter how long I intend to sleep.


All the Europeans here residing this like wtf¿


Power naps are 90mins


Thank god, I thought I was the only one...


If only our brain didn't know what we were thinking.


Then they both converge at “Still Tired”


As a new-ish parent, the thought of “accidentally” taking a 3 hour nap is hilarious to me.


My kids are almost all grown but now dealing with a puppy that needs a pee/poo break pretty much once an hour.


Just pretend to want to sleep for 15 min


Take a nappucino. Put on soothing music, set an alarm for 20 minutes, drink one cappuccino, turn on the alarm, start nap.


I can never take a nap by planning to take a nap. I can only take a nap by planning to watch Futurama and then just deciding I know the show well enough to listen with my eyes closed.


I turn on History Channel or Animal Planet shows to relax myself into a possible snooze, along with my fan.




Me browsing Reddit before taking a nap




Accurate to me!


I just want to sleep forever


This is exactly why I never take naps. I either can't sleep or sleep all day, no inbetween xD


What kind of monster could sleep for only 15 minutes?




How many snoozes in that “15 minute” nap? If you have an iPhone, every 9 minutes for 180 minutes.




I'll lay down intending to just close my eyes and "rest" for a short time. Next thing I know it's been over an hour (unless one of the damn kids wakes me up needing something that THEY think is important but actually isn't), and I know I need to get up, but I doze off more than once for a few minutes at a time. And then once I force myself to finally get up, I'm groggy and out of it and it takes me forever to fully wake up again, gradually.


I feel this in my soul


Man, I wish I could take 3 hour naps, that rarely if ever happens to me.


I always nap with the intention of “it will be a half hour”. Set an alarm. Alarm goes off but the sleep is too good or I’m mid-dream so I set another alarm... just 30 more minutes.... This usually happens like at least 4 times before I finally actually get up.




Sometimes you can't fall asleep until right before you're about to give up and then you sleep until the middle of the night.


3 hours of trying to fall asleep for 15 minutes


fuck youuu


Fuck this true and relatable chart


This should tell people something




What if I use reverse psycholgy?


Ohh I see so trick my brain to get the opposite amount of sleep I need? Genius


I mistakenly thought this was /r/daddit in reference to a toddler and I felt personally attacked. Still true.


More like slept for 7 hours


The 5pm half hour naps my wife calls them danger naps because if you sleep too long you end up feeling like death.


I never nap in my whole life, not even sleep longer than 8 hours. I don't even get tempted to do so. I have more issues with falling asleep early than needing sleep more.i wonder why is that.


If im sleepy, closing my eyes for a while will make me sleep for hours, if i get my alarm on and it says "you have 1h and 40min", ill be wide awake the whole time, specially when i couldnt sleep shit (fucked up sleeping schedule), and i really needed an hour nap just to not be falling asleep the whole day.


Oh, I fell asleep alright. 2hrs and 45 minutes later.


Fell asleep at 5 and woke up at 8 and now I can’t fall asleep.


Yea it's calles nap-roulette


So the correct solution is to trick myself that I need to do something in 15 minutes so I can get 3 hours of sleep.


If you nap for 3 hours, is it really napping anymore?


This made my eye twitch


My wife is currently trying to reset her sleep schedule by staying awake for 24 hours so when she goes to bed tonight she doesn't stay awake until 3am trying to sleep. This was just the meme I needed to show her to get her to stick to the plan