I thought this game was so cool when it came out. Nostalgia, anyone?

I thought this game was so cool when it came out. Nostalgia, anyone?


This one and Path of Neo were the greatest. I still have them for ps2.


Don’t forget The Matrix Online


My computer wasn’t good enough for that monster of a game but god damn did I hold out hope. Got into one server, had no idea what I was doing, and put the game down. I would love a current gen remake


I feel your pain! Dial up + warranty replacement computer, but a strong love for the matrix


MXO is canon and plays into the next film




Beat me to it :) was gonna mention the online one, which was awfull, but soooo awesome :D Path OF Neo was a masterpiece:D


My copy of Path of Neo won't let me get past the first level.


I love retro gaming and actually played this recently. I consider myself adaptable to old controls and age but this one was rough. Didn’t age as well as I’d hoped. Might have just been my expectations honestly…I had high hopes.


I will never forget this game. Damn i spend hours in the police office, killing never ending spawning cops with wallruns and slowmo action


Yes! I almost never made it past the first level!


that was a post office. i dont remember there ever being a police station, but i remember one of the missions involved driving a police SUV


We found the dude who taught his Pokémon sand attack


Glad to know it wasn't just me.


I ve spent hours kicking the shit out of the agent ive also watched the matrix 2 trailer after ive finished the game like 50 times


I spent way too long loading into Vertigo and fighting the agent at the start of the level. I got really good at killing him by knocking him off the edge eventually.


I remember that he was immortal but i still loved beating him


Yeah, he was immortal. But you could knock him off the building and kill him in that sense.


Tbh i played the shit out of the other matrix game too even though it was terrible i just love matrix hope we get a good movie


Later on you could kill them with the CO2 grenade launcher


Knocking that first agent off the roof was a point of pride for me as a kid.


Yes! The combat was so damn fun!


Snapping necks in this game is the most satisfying thing in the history of gaming


Haha I raise you snapping necks in The Getaway


The Getaway, I got shot 14 times, better lean against this wall for 2 mins so I heal up.


Or Manhunt


I raise you all psi-ops. I'm going to mind control that guy over there. Make him kill three of his unsuspecting friends and then turn the gun on himself. Then light the guy I left alive on fire with my brain, and use telekinesis to throw him off this ledge.


Psi-ops was so good. It was also so messed up in a good way.


Especially while slowing time!


IIRC you had to hack an in game computer to enter cheat codes? Was that this game?




Yes and it was awesome


Yes, also a multiplayer mode


Yeah it was great


Yes! It was so fucking cool!


I'm more of a *Paths of Neo* fan. I really hope they remake it if the new movie gets enough traction.


The fact that this game gave so much more story and it all connected to the movies was the coolest thing in the world to me back in the day. Long before the MCU added large connected stories, this was what we had, a video game and the animatrix. I love the MCU, but even after a decade, they still don't have a truly connected game like this. Sadly probably why other people "didn't get" Reloaded or Revolutions.


Are you saying that playing the games and the animated Matrix helped you understand the second and third movies better? The first one is probably my favorite movie but the second and third are horrible IMO, I feel like all it is is Keanu Kung fu fighting Agent Smith over and over and over again. Appreciate your insight though… guess I’ll be hoping for a game remake as well


The other media doesn’t make the second film’s Keymaker, Architect, or vampire ghost program stuff any less weird, but it makes you care a whole lot more about the humans. There’s a couple of small lines in the film like, “We received this message from the Osiris”, which you actually get to learn the backstory of, and play through the events of. It’s kind of like if there was a Star Wars video game explaining the many Bothans who died to get the Death Star plans. Enter the Matrix in particular focused on two side characters who just kind of pop up in the film as well regarded badasses with no further explanation.


It's been a very long time since I've played but as I remember it, the content doesn't recontextualize the films as much as you'd think. It fills in some of the gaps, but it won't radically shift how you interpret the movies. Matrix 2 and 3 do have some significant pacing issues, But I think there's more there than you give it credit for. How machines would view causality. What causality means in the context of free will. How reality itself is a system of control, and the relationship between fate and self determinism. It's all there, just not executed with a familiar universal framework like the hero's journey. So, that's why it's alienating. I've always suspected that the matrix sequels would have worked better as a mini series. The structure borrows so heavily from anime, that it also takes on some of its flaws. Still it's a good series, but there's no denying that the first movie had some narrative advantages that the other two lack.


Things most people know about the Matrix: The second movie is the best in the series. Great kung fu, characters we don't need to be introduced to a second time, and a plot that's great. People don't seem to get the whole thing with the architect or what he was talking about but it was great, and the best fight scene in any movies is 1000 Smiths vs Neo. Revolutions was a good movie too... if you cut out ALL the Zion battle bullshit. It was two movies woven into one, and one of those movies sucked ass. Stupid action bullshit in a movie not about that. There's a version floating around out there where they just pretend none of the war shit happens at all and it's just Neo's journey to sacrifice himself and it's alright.




You're looking for The Matrix DeZionized


Sorry, not sure what it was even called, my bro got it.


played this on gamecube. loved it!


Hoping we get a new one with the new movie ha


New movie? Or you waiting for the OG sequel to release a game?


Boy have i got a surprise for you


Lmao <3


I thought it was the neatest thing that the cheat menu was hidden as though you were hacking the matrix itself.


Yeah hacking in the swords was work


Fk yeah. But i remember this game felt like a tease. "Why didn't they make a game of neo?" I always asked and wanted. Then the next game came out.


You never played Path of Neo? Man, what a shame.


Loved it. Path of Neo was pretty good too


I had this on PC!


Me to! Unfortunately my PC was crappy to run it


Path of Neo was more fun. A lot of this game is just running from Agents because only Neo can handle them properly. That said, this game did have the coolest way to unlock cheats and bonuses with the hacking minigame.


The Matrix Path of Neo is better 😄


Path of Neo anyone?


The car sections were TERRIBLE. But yes, I loved this game when I was a kid. Atari made two hits (that I was concerned with at age. 10) Driver 3, and Enter the Matrix.


"More bugs than a two-month-old road pizza" according to one magazine review at the time. Don't remember if it was GamePro or EGM.


I remember staying up really late the night before I saw the Matrix Reloaded to beat this game!


The only thing I remember about this game is the fact that even if you were skilled enough to fight agents, they had infinite HP. Very sadge.


I just remember getting stuck at one point where there was a bug.


Janky as fuck now a days. But I rented this like it was crack at Blockbuster. I even learned how to hack to get some cool cheats/easter eggs!


I had it for the PC and couldn't finish it because of all the bugs.


It has its quirks, but it was a damn fine rental back in the day. Beat it with both characters then saw the Matrix sequel, it was a nice weekend.


I had mixed feelings on it. It had some good points, some bad points, and felt like it was about half as long and fleshed out as the premise demanded. The game tied into the movie directly, as in you get to see what some Niobe was doing while Neo was going to meet the architect. It's combat was pretty decent, not to hard or easy, some of the challenges were unpleasant but general it wasn't a big deal. The game part of the game was ok. But the story it told was kind of pointless. Niobe doesn't do anything interesting or relevant, she's just there to blow something up so Neo can go in a door. Her going to the Merovingian, beating on vampires or whatever they are, all the shit in the sewers, running through the non-euclidian building while an infinite number of Smith's attack her... It had some fun little moments, but nothing I'd call a plot, and for something that billed itself as "the part of the plot you didn't see" it was a big fat lie. It was irrelevant plot details that were unnecessary to understanding what was going on. It also seemed about 6 months and a half million dollars of development short, basically being very bare bones for the game it wanted to be.


I remember play it at a friends house before we went to the Cinema to watch the Movie.


I was working at GameStop when this game came out. Sold the hell out of pre-sales for it. It’s pretty easy to hype a Matrix game, and luckily it lived up for the most part.


Really? This game made a big splash back then as another rushed and unfinished movie tie in. Sold well though.... I am surprised to see people have such fond memories of it. https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/enter-the-matrix/critic-reviews


This game was cool. I liked the Path of Neo a lot more though.


Man this game is seared into my brain. When this came out, I would hang out in GameStop whenever my mom took me with her to the mall and just play the shit out of this. The opening sequence was awesome.


It was good but path of neo was better


Might pick up an og Xbox, this game and path of neo before the new movie comes out!


Underrated gem on the GameCube


For some reason you just reminded me of the Matrix Online.


I remember this as one of the best movie-related video games ever made.


I only played the demo. I remember for some reason the price of the game never dropped so I never got it. Even like 5 years later it was like $60.


Yup I was like 17 good shit


Only played a little of one matrix game, pretty good.


Not the greatest game ever but I loved it


I agree 100% awesome game with cool cutscenes from the movie


It was better than the MMO I guess…


Had it on the cube was a great game good story


I remember enjoying it as a kid. Tried playing it recently and... oh boy.


I have it for GameCube! And path of neo on PS2.


Loved it, except for the driving. I'm not going to replay it because the nostalgia is better.


Yea I only ever remember doing the post office level but I did it A LOT of times


I remember a mission on a plane


Package delivery!


Control scheme was surprisingly difficult but once you got it down it felt so fluid. I remember how amazingly cinematic the gameplay felt when you got dialed in!


This, this game was...probably still is .. amazing


The game I had was broken, as in game breaking. I got this one level, but there was a dead end. It pissed me off


This game deserves a remaster. It’s a vital part of the sequel story.


What a great game. Was cool to play a side story with the characters from the film.


Wish I had more patience to play this again


I remember playing this at a store kiosk during year 9 work experience at K-Mart. Great game but prefered path of neo.


So many cheats. I loved it


I had it on PC, one of the few I played with a controller on PC. The hacking was interesting


This game was awful.


This game got poor reviews at the time of release.


This game absolutely ruled


Wow had did I completely forget about this game until now! Had hours smashing this out as a kid same as everyone else here that first mission hiding behind pillars for ages


First time I played this game was after eating some psilocybin mushrooms. I couldn't stop. I played for hours. Eventually beating the game in one sitting while shrooming my balls off. This game will always be a happy memory for me.


My dad just found it at a garage sale a few days ago. I’ve never played it but I hear it’s one of the best. Anything I should know before I play it?


Loved it, glitches included. Also Path of Neo was cool as well. Hopefully we get a new game with Matrix 4.


So there's this level in the game where you fight "Vampires" in Merovangian's castle. They're invincible to gunfire, but once they take enough damage you can do a melee finishing move where you put a stake in them. One slap-happy evening, somewhere in the 7th-8th grade timeframe, we played that level and used a shotgun to continuously blow one of the vampires off a ledge, then wait for him to get back up, then when he stood up blew him off the ledge with the shotgun again. Laughed our asses off doing that for probably 45 minutes.


My childhood PS2 movie tie-in game was Transformers. Running around as giant robots smashing stuff was awesome.


Me and my cousin played the hell out of this game back in the day, good times.


I couldn't afford a PC when this was out. So I finished this game on a internet cafe. I would go there everyday with whatever money I had and sit on the same computer so I could continue. I loved this game.


Anybody remember [Firebird Man vs PoliceCar Man](https://www.ign.com/videos/2003/05/20/enter-the-matrix-gcn-multi-player-firebird-man-vs-policecar-man)?


I fucking loved this game. It was so fun walk running and the shooting was great.


It was quite bad, but got its success because of the movies. There were also lots of bugs. Last level was so poorly developed it was almost unplayable.


Pretty fun game. Anyone ever get that glitch where a grenade would spawn and kill u? I think if u cheated


I'm really hoping there's a new Matrix game that releases soon, after the new movie comes out! Enter the Matrix was one of the best games and it was ahead of its time with fighting mechanics.


I've still got it. Loved the whole hacking part external to the main game that let you leave weapon drops


It would have been a much better game if they didn't rush it. I feel like this game had a huge budget at the time because they put in a lot of work. Early mo-cap tech in a PS2 game, detailed levels with destructibility, a lot of particle effects and the slowdown time mechanic etc. Playing Naomi was almost a different game than playing Ghost as they had alternate sequences and different cutscenes and such. They actually filmed live action cutscenes with the actors for it (fleshing out Ghost as a character because he has barely any lines in the second movie).... Game was crazy at the time but it was a mess...very buggy and mechanically wonky. Path of Neo came out later and holy shit that game is janky but IMO it succeeded much better at being a "matrix" game and was fun as hell to play. That game got very wacky near the end though but yeah. Loved this game at the time despite its flaws. The presentation was there but they didn't execute it perfectly. I was super hyped for this at the time because before it released the PS gaming mags had a lot of exclusive looks into the game's development before it came out.