It do be like that though

It do be like that though

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Am I the only one expecting it to be green to the core?


No I was expecting him to lop a finger off with how he was handling that knife lol


I've seen it happen way too many times.


You seem like bad luck for finger health


Yah had to double check what sub I was in.


I just opened mine, and it was actually solid white!


We opened two that had detached from the vine, stems had turned brown, the ground patch had turned yellow, knocking produced a hollow sound. Both were white inside. About 4 weeks later the melons still on the vine turned into pumpkins! Dont be like me, make sure you mark your garden beds and maybe plant watermelons and pumpkins far enough apart!


Maaate. I planted up about thirty pear seeds fifteen years ago. All but one failed, and that one got planted in the stump of a long-dead tree in my garden. It grew and flourished and last year it bore fruit. Apples.


How bout them apples? Hahahahaha But seriously, how are the apples?


The first time it bore apples, it bore just three but they were the sweetest apples i've ever tasted. Then, last year and this year, it bore about ten or twelve and they were sour.


Wild. Any idea why? A quick google search says maybe a pathogen could cause sour apples. My neighbor and I are going to put in some apple trees together soon, if I find anything while reading I'll make sure to report back and let you know.


I think it's because there were so many and they were left on there for so long. :) Good luck with your trees! That's rad, being able to share with a neighbour. :)


We got insanely lucky with our neighbors. Private road with awesome people on the whole stretch. And ours is the only spot without fruit trees so they're all just happy that we're willing to play ball. Do you remove flowers in the spring to concentrate the energy into one bloom? I've read that is a good way to get bigger fruits. And I imagine it can't hurt with sweetness to concentrate all the energy into fewer apples. Hopefully in a few years I'll be here with an update!


I really should remove flowers, but i do not. The tree is incredibly tall. I tried a trick: i cut all the lower branches so it grew straight up, then i cut the uppermost branches and it grew out and up - now it has like eight or nine limbs all growing from about head height, and each is as tall as the trunk (so it's twice head height in total), so it's not so easy to grab all the flowers now. :/ I did try removing half of the flowers, then half of the first fruit, but the four or five fruit failed entirely anyway. :D Ah well.


Omg no, do you even like apples? Are they any good?


Hell of a lot better than pears.


They are the #sweeeeeeeeeeeeetest apples i have ever tasted.


that can happen?


We just thought the immature pumpkins were watermelons. And the stars aligned to make the unripe pumpkins appear to be watermelons. We just planted stuff this spring without labeling it and confused the two plants. We're "new" to gardening. We've been doing some sort of garden for a decade, but this was our first time starting from seeds, and planting a large area instead of one or two balcony beds.


Just a heads up for next time, watermelons and pumpkin vines have very different leaves


I will look them up so I can distinguish them next time. Thank you!


You can pickle it!


That's an interesting idea! The material inside was soft and apparently pretty tasteless. Consistency somewhat like an expanding spray foam before it hardens. I say tasteless because I swear I tasted unsweet watermelon but my better half tasted nothing so I think it was all in my head. Our 3 yr old, however, loved it! We're going to try again next year so any melons we pull early will definitely get pickled. Thanks for the heads up!


Look up watermelon rind pickles. My grandma used to make them and bring them out for holidays. I made some last year and they taste like happiness (and cinnamon, sugar, and cloves).


Oo that sounds ambitious! My aunt used to just do a regular pickle brine.


Holy moly this sounds unique! Thank you!


Sure. It works with any white rind that isn't too bitter. My great aunt used to do it. The rind absorbs the pickle so its.mostly just a vehicle for vinegar, salt, and pepper.


Interesting! We've been getting into canning and pickling as our garden grows, so this sounds fun. Thank you!


Good luck! Report back your experience!


Will do!


I remember seeing one like that. They planted it next to cucumbers or something


If you plant some plants too close together, they'll cross-pollinate. That year won't be a problem, but if you save your seeds to plant the next year, you might have hybrids. You'll only see it between varieties of the same species though - you won't see it happen between cucumbers and cantaloupe, for example, because they're different species (Cucumis sativus and Cucumis melo). You could see it between zucchini and acorn squash or pattypan and spaghetti squash though, because they're all cultivars of Cucurbita pepo.


Do I have your permission to copy and paste this response to other people in other threads?


Sure thing!




Definitely not


Haha. Came here to say the same thing.


Yep I was expecting it to be one of those half-squash monstrosities. I guess I'm cynical.


I was waiting for some crazy big ass bug to be in there or something. Did make me smile though :)


I just love the look on his face. "That's right, I did this. Fucking Boom."


That look is priceless. Watermelons are difficult to grow, so he must be really proud!


I grew watermelon in Texas when I couldn't even get tomatoes to grow.. All I had to do was give it water regularly and it sprawled everywhere


You known whats crazy? I used to have massive watermelon vines in cold Canada, because of inoculation with b. subtilis. They stopped offering it here soon afterwards. The plants were essentially immune to PM, and appeared disease free til frost killed them. Sometimes it feels like the government just takes away things that allow us to be fully self sufficient.


Can you ELI5? I’m dragging today but also trying to grow watermelon in Michigan. Edit: Nevermind I went and found a bunch of science articles and studies. This is stuff I needed to know!


Bacillus subtilis produces chemicals that inhibit the growth of fungi because they are competing with fungi for space on the leaf. Fungi do the same, so regular inoculation prevents the fungi from possibly winning. The bacteria produces antibiotics, as many of them do. It’s their way of saying “this is my plant, go away fungi!”


Lol it's the opposite in Michigan for me. I have tomato plants for weeds pretty much, but any melon I grow doesn't get much larger than a Roma tomato.


I grew a watermelon in Africa with the drip from my ac. Easiest thing that I've ever grown.


That’s because they originated there.


> That’s because they originated there. Africa is a big place. Plants don't be like "oh, you know I evolved in river valleys but this desert happens to be on the same continent so I'm gonna thrive anyway."




> Of course, that’s how plants become invasive. They find similar conditions elsewhere and overtake everything. Kindly speaking, I don't think you accurately understood the point I was making. Africa is a massive continent full off diverse ecologies. Something suited to the Sahara Desert's ecology likely has different requirements than something suited to the Congolian rainforests, and so on. When you say "oh, of course it likes growing in Africa, it's from Africa", you venture into absurdity. It's akin to saying **"Oh, of course your Saguaro cactus grew well in Vancouver Canada, it's *from* North America originally."** What? WHAT?! Granted, the person didn't state where in Africa they grew the watermelon. But, that's exactly my point: There's not enough information to make a comparison, even IF you had accurately referred to the ecology that watermelons evolved in and not merely "Africa" nonspecifically.




> Bruh do you think I don’t know that? I’m not Sarah Palin. I dunno, you are from Earth and so is Sarah Palin. Ipso facto...


He must have turned it every day to get it so even and the rind so thin. Perfect watering too.


That face at the end lmao “Yeah that’s right, I got melon”


My god, how can you be so old and still handle a kitchen knife so dangerously


Less bothered by his technique and more bothered by the person next to him that thought pulling his arm down like a lever was safe :/


"Let me help you with that thumb-attached-to-body issue youre struggling with."


Like a passenger grabbing the steering wheel to "help"... pretty much never a wise idea.


Yeah that was a bad call


I thought he was going to lose his thumb at first.


As an Indian, I can say, almost entire male population never enter into kitchen to cook or to do any chorus. It's Female only job. So I think it's first time he is handling knife and doing something in kitchen with his own hands. Second thing, nobody teaches knife skills here. Rarely any household has such big ass knife. We have pretty smaller, inexpensive ones which are easy to handle.


Married into Indian family; they also do not like sharp knives. I went to sister in law's house and thought I would do her a favor and sharpen her dull kitchen knives. Told her I did it. She still nearly cut her hand open trying to cut an apple in her hand. Complained for months. 🤯


That is just insanity to me. The first thing you learn in a kitchen is that a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife, for the very reason your SIL cut herself: dull knives require more pressure to cut, and therefore harder to control when cutting, leading to wild cuts. I bet you anything she went to cut with the same amount of force as she always does, and the knife went wild. I know you know already, hence you sharpening for them, just was so flabbergasted that this was a thing I had to comment.


While this is 100% true, a sharp knife is more dangerous to someone used to dull knives. My girlfriend grew up with dull knives (her mother's knives are *plastic*) and I have a set of Shun knives that I take care of carefully. They basically cut stuff on contact. She still uses her dull knives because they are "less scary". And, I get it. If you're used to having to slam knives down and do crazy shit, suddenly putting that force behind a knife that can slice a piece of paper in half with nothing but gravity is rather dangerous.


I understand the point you are trying to make, but essentially the argument boils down to that the tool is dangerous because people aren’t bothering to learn how to use it properly. It’s like blaming a hammer for being too heavy when you hit your thumb. You hit your hand by not using the tool properly, not the hammer. Making the hammer lighter doesn’t change the fact you are wielding it carelessly and expecting the tool to compensate for your incompetence.


I don't think you did get my point exactly, my apologies for not being clear. What I'm really saying is that a sharp knife isn't *by default* safer. It requires experience working with the tool.


Yep, Even in my house we don't have razor sharp knives... Almost blunt... And frankly, I don't reason.


Such a big ass knife? That looks like a standard chefs knife to me. Que Arnold going "Now this is a knife."


A standard western chef's knife.


There are eastern variants as well, some of which people prefer over the western ones.


I think you meant Paul Hogan playing Mick “[Crocodile](https://youtu.be/_vW54lAtldI)” Dundee.


That is certainly what Arnold was referencing but not what I ment. https://youtu.be/kL9NqeMTm7k Downvoted because I did in fact mean Arnolds version. Because he pulls out a huge ass knife from predator that's much larger than Rambo or crocodile dundee. Okay then?


That’s funny. Arnold was saying the quote from Crocodile Dundee. He even switched to the Australian accented “noyf”.


That's great, I love seeing him be positive and uplifting to people.


By Indian standards, this is big ass knife. I mean if you ever watch India cooking shows or Video blogs on YouTube, you wil never ever see such huge knife anywhere.




> chorus Are you saying they never sing in the kitchen?


My great grandmother used to hold a loaf of bread and cut directly towards her hand but she never cut herself and could get them as thin as paper. She could also butter a slice with one swipe before removing all of said butter with a second.


Bread knives are relatively skin-safe, especially at the pressure levels used for bread and baked goods. I cut bread in my hand all the time because it's easier to support the sides properly that way.


People need to use the santoku for the watermelon... The edge grips a bit better and you can slice it easier.


I prefer serrated


That look of pure satisfaction and pride!


That man should never be left alone with a knife.


Go dad go!!


That's a nice and juicy one, too! It just cracked open once he began slicing!


The way they said woww. Nice big watermelon you got there .


God that robotic voice is so cringey to me.


Yea wtf is that? It's like nails on a chalkboard to me, and so many videos have that ugly sounding voice


Tiktok. Im so glad im not alone.


I won't watch the video once I hear it. instant rage quit


I wish people would just narrate their own fucking videos


Meanwhile my back yard melons average at softball sizes lol this year i finally got one to the size of a basketball..!


Omg, I love him so much for the look of sheer pride and satisfaction on his face!


That is great! I can appreciate the anticipation of sharing a home grown melon.


Grew a watermelon about 6" across and probably had the same look... (Maine's a little trickier for getting melons to grow). Now, my *habeneros*, THOSE are kicking ass!


How did that man get that old and still not know how to use a fucking knife good lord he almost hurt himself pretty bad


Could be weakness from being older.


Yes, a lot of elderly lose grip strength and dexterity due to cerebellum deterioration. Def made me nervous, but I guess nobody wanted to take the moment away from him


Could also have been a dull knife.


A dull knife thats tip can't even penetrate a watermelon? Go learn some knife skills because you can cut a watermelon with dental floss if you want to


What kind of watermelons do you have? Ours are quite hard and even with a sharp knife take some decent force.


"waaahhhhooooow" if you know you know


I want this kinda vibes when i grow my fruit, but it always a silent celebration.


I was expecting him to be disapointed


His face though lmao


We just cut into ours last night!


"Woooow" this video is so sweet!


That look!! I am so glad someone captured the moment. He is so pleased :)


I'm curious about growing watermelons in my home garden. I always thought you couldn't grow watermelons at home because of this 'History of Watermelons' thing I saw. The video was on how watermelons got a bad rap since farmers would poison the odd one to stop theft but then the farmer would forget which melons he poisoned. But at some point they said you have to grow your watermelons far away from your other veggies because the watermelons would mutate. I don't know, I can't find the video now. But obviously people grow watermelons.




I know that feeling. I grew cantaloupe "successfully" this year (we got two edible ones). Cutting into that 4-5 lb melon was so tense. It was delicious, everyone raved about it and I was just so proud.


really well done I would make my family watch me cut into that beauty too lol melon is such a bitch to grow I'm on my 5th year and never had anything substantial or worthwhile. Here's to next year ;)


I was expecting a gender reveal...


Love the melon. Love the look on his face. Hate the voice over. Hate it.


Love it


So sweet!!! How did it taste?!


Gold Jerry! Gold!


I wish I had a melon like that! 👍 now I know why he is so happy and proud! So that must mean Happiness = Melon 🍉


As a man who also grows watermelons......YES.


I would be so proud. Watermelon and pumpkin don't like growing for me. So hard, so worth it


He's wearing the perfect sweatshirt too.


He made me nervous on how he cut into that watermelon.


aww, it has seeds in it! need to get a seedless one!


I totally get that. All that work, waiting, and love. I'm lucky my family is obsessed with garedening as I am


I had to double check the thread when that knife got so dangerously close to his thumb.


*water melon


Dad's face at the end is so proud


That dad looks like he would like to have some alone time with that watermelon


Lol That’s great. The did this once (had the whole family gathered around too) but results weren’t the same.


I love proud dads


This is why gardening is so good for you.


I am yet another viewer who totally expecting this to be green to the core. >.< As the video played, i held it up to my father and said "I already know what's going to happen, but have a look at this!!" Well. You got me. :D


What a wholesome victory.


Indian parent be like that


Sick watermelon 🍉


Not as cool as when I cut open a watermelon for my son and his teacher and… it was a green pumpkin …


Aur kaata bhi kitni jaldi se 😍


My watermelons didn't go well this year, my jeliousy is real here.


When Gallagher finally comes to terms with his past…


As a young gun who just recently got into growing plants and garden, I can share how proud he is. Shit is not easy.


Yep, it's a carrot


Not gonna lie, it looks like a pretty darn great melon.


What a proud papa


Like he has a new born babe. A proud dad right there. I feel it, everytime a plant sends nee growth im like "Ive nurtured and loved u ALL THESE YRS for exactly this moment" "ITS A BOY"


He cuts that melon like a psychopath.


Damn…did you not see he needed help holding it??


I’m happy for him, he was so proud of it. Top tier wholesomeness


Was the watermelon good?


Idk why but i was expecting it to explode


Should also be in aww sub


Look upon my works, ye mighty!


That was a great sounding split! I grew watermelons for the first time this year too and was amazed at how little force was required to cut them open. The knife barely grazed the surface and it split like it was bursting!


Okay LOVE the family oohing and ahhing and wowing at end. Good job fam.


There was so much pride in his face. That was adorable.


Thought I was in r/youseeingthisshit after that look at the end


It doesn't look ripe. It's just so green. I accidently harvested my pineapple (by snapping it when I moved the plant) when it was not ripe. Nothing kills the expectation of that harvest then an unripe fruit.


That's the problem with melons, for some there's no guaranteed way to tell visually that they are fully ripe.


I always was told a little tan on the bottom was an indicator it was ripe, but you are right, melons are difficult.


I’ve always just gone with when they pop of the vine with little effort. Hasn’t failed yet.


Is that Gandhi ?