Finally got an Opressor mk2 after hours of grinding Cayo Perico

Finally got an Opressor mk2 after hours of grinding Cayo Perico


I love driving my kuruma, it's smooth and fast. Super cars are cool, but they're not a kuruma. I do have the Oppressor and the Deluxo, but they're a bit boring unless you're planning to use the Oppressor to grind or just to get from point A to point B in the blink of an eye.


I have so many vehicles to use for any situation that Kuruma is never the best choice but the original heists are still my favorite so I’ll sign up for some setups every now and then and pop out the Kuruma. It’s not that fast but every time I start driving I think, damn this thing feels good... drives so nice.


The kuruma comes in clutch on the prison break setup when you steal the briefcase from the lawyer.


And also u can do kuruma trick in the finale too


What trick


Bro I haven't done that in like 2 years


It’s honestly pretty fun to re-do all of the og heists


Karuma can be used for headhunter when the target inside the parking garage. Karuma can also be used in heists


The toreador can be used in most missions now


True, but I found the protection against gunfire in the toraedor quite insufficient


I'm a simple man, you love Kuruma, I love you.


Kuruma and Duke of death fast boys. Also the night shark has saved me a couple of times in the past


Duke o death is awesome, it was one of my first expensive purchases


The duke o death is free?


It only comes with the expensive edition, if you just have the base game its not.


Or if you started on ps3 and transferred that's how I got it


Ohh I always wondered how that worked. I started on 360 and went to Xbox One


damn, idk why that was downvoted


Oh I thought It was just free


I'm pretty sure it's free for "returning" players.


I love the night shark. Karuna and Nightshark all the way for armored vehicles.


yeah kuruma is great for pve but for early pvp the duke o death is better


Amen to that like I’m lvl 177 and I have all these flying vehicles but even I still think I he classic starter cars are really good I would rather drive my kuruma then fly any of my flying vehicles


I use the armored paragon R


Lol, I'm still on PS3, so Armoured Kuruma is still one of the best options, by choice I only have one Supercar, the to Zentorno. But the Kuruma is a great all around car, plus armoured. My favorite to cruise in though is my Coquette


I remember the days you weren't cool if you didn't have a Zentorno.


Kuruma is the gta Lada in Russia


There's just nothing like calmly driving away from a bunch of angry AI shooting at you without having to shoot back or a whole bunch of other things. A tank is too slow, with unchangeable cannon cam, and nothing else is as bullet proof, like, you literally have to be sitting next to AI shooting at you in the kuruma to die. And it does fit in a lot of tricky spots too.


The kuruma is still great for I/E, rockets are too risky


Kuruma also spawns those custom sentinels by eclipse tower


Also the kuruma doesn't spontaneously combust on a fencepost


I fear, turned to the darkside, u/skyman52 has


Have you heard of the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise?


At lvl 195 and I still drive my Kuruma and Elegys all the time. Only bike I ride is the 801. If I need to fly around I use the Buzzard or Sparrow.


Any reason why? As a level 35, I'm on splits whether to buy the MK2 and use it to make my future preps and jobs easy, or go the organic route of MC businesses > Night Club > Terrobyte > MK2 on discount. Edit - Have Kotaska and did the heist 2/3 times.


Started earlier this year and went with the "organic route" as you say. Never regretted it. I feel if I spammed the heists early on I'd get bored easily with the game. And because I went with that route I'm more attached to my older vehicles. I have an MK2 (bought on discount) that I use extensively for heist preps, getting around fast, and avoiding griefers, but once in a while I just like to drive around with my kuruma or bati just for the fun of it 😁


The sparrow is really fucking good man, one of the best vehicles in the game


The only bad thing is one slight gust of wind and it explodes Then I'll use ol armoured kuruma


the MK2 is a Money sink, takes long time to get it outfitted. and you can easily be shot off it. it acts weird on the ground, not like a Bike or a copter. and its not a Grinder for NCP missions since the Magic pistol Sniper AIs can fuck your day on it. I use it almost 100% to move around the map or to Counter some fuck who's already decided to Destroy my Cargo. in Open maps you should Assume all Mk2's are Hostile and its usually a safe bet.


Mk2 is soooooo worth it if you plan to grind for money. It’s my “favorite bike” thanks to grinding cargo but because of that I always have full health and can get anywhere on the map without getting off.


But the faggio is better


It's funny, i grinded a lot, got all the fun stuff like mk2 and Deluxo, and now I'm mostly interested in cars for racing or just to tune and drive around for fun.


Honestly im tired of lvl 12s sitting on their oppressprs through modded money or cayo perico. R* manages to Break tge game more with every update


Cayo Perico takes effort though


People attacking me for Flying my Opressor when I’m just trying to get heist prep done


Legit so annoying.


Nothings worse then when I accidentally lock onto them. Like I’m sorry I forgot to turn my homing missiles off but I promise I’m not going to blow you up. Then they kill me THEN I HAVE to kill them


Yup I feel you. I was doing a business battle yesterday and accidentally locked onto someone as he collected a piece of cargo and was driving off. Dude drove back just to blow up my oppressor...like dude get a life lol


I got a lot of stuff but never looked at the Deluxo, because it seemed boring. Or is there any reason I should buy one?


It has the best missiles. When doing weapons prep on the MkII, I can lock on the NPC helicopters and they'll still miss. The Deluxo missiles never miss.


I don't think that's true, I've outrun a lot of deluxo missiles. It's either worse than the MK2 or the same.


Did you even read what I wrote?


"It had the best missiles" based on your experiences and not game files or statistics. I can almost guarantee the missiles on the MK2 are just copy pasted from the Deluxo.


Dude the mkll missiles were made to be worse as a way to "balance" out the bike. You can't give the best missiles to the best vehicle in the game, it would make every other vehicle irrelevant. Edit: this fucking paragraph from looking up which are better "They're very evenly matched. For firepower, the Deluxo wins... it has more missiles with better tracking, and it can also have (admittedly bad) MGs for backup, with the Oppressor you have to chose which you want. The Oppressor is faster, the Deluxo handles more reliably." Boom. I did what you couldn't FOR you, and fucking GOOGLED IT. YOU'RE. WELCOME.


So no, you didn't read what I wrote. The Deluxo missiles always hit their target when doing the weapon prep, the MkII often miss, something that is easily verifiable. So I did in fact use statistics. And your guarantee is based on your experience, not game files or statistics, so useless.


Not sure why you getting downvoted on all of these as you are 100% correct.


They are indeed correct. Deluxo has Ruiner missiles, the most accurate in the game.


Unfortunately, people use votes more for feelings than facts. But it doesn't matter, I know I'm right, and I'm not gonna sell off my account some time, so karma is useless to me anyway. :) But thanks for the support, good citizen!


Show me then. Show me the file that says that deluxo missiles will never miss because I guarantee no such thing exists. Deluxo missiles are exactly the same as MK2 missiles. One look at what they look like and you'd know. It's the same exact missile and nothing has changed in it. You didn't use statistics at all. Show me where it says that deluxo missiles always hit when it's already been proven by GTA test YouTubers that the missiles fired by the MK2 and Deluxo are the same.


It amuses me that your "proof" is in the looks. Because it's virtually impossible for programmers to use the same assets but make two different pieces of code. And I don't need to show you anything, nor dig in the game files. Like I said, it's easily verifiable by everyone who's played the weapon prep mission with both vehicles. Complain all you want, but you're wrong, plain and simple :) And I'm growing tired of you, so bye bye.


I just bought the MKII myself. I can’t imagine ever using it in a public session, but in a solo session grinding, it’s great.


Me a low level player: JUST FUCKING RUN


Same here, im bout to buy terrorbyte too for also my business suplies, discount and the mk2 upgrades, but im gonna use mk2 for not ONLY grinding but saving the lobbies, i always wanted to be a vigilante-like person with op gear, flies around and solves conflicts, probably killing opressor griefers, also the vehicle is hella fast and agile. in conclusion, imma GRIEF the GRIEFERS.


I can afford to buy that OP game ruining vehicle. But, I refuse. That is the worst thing I've ever seen in a game


It’s the most annoying thing ever. People don’t use it to play, they use it to grief everybody. It’s just a game ruiner.


I use my to grind


You’re one of the good few.


Nope just learned making money is better than ruining it for others


Which makes you one of the good few, after all the shit I experienced from the MK2 griefers, I would never use it for pvp unless the other person attacked me.




only use mine for cargo or quick travel, turn homing off soon as i'm on, but if some1 disrupts my shipments homing on an off the radar, will happily spend 30mins getting payback


I find it's the people in jets that are the worst I fly mine from A to B doing setups for the most part. I will say though if someone decides to kill me for no reason they will feel the wrath of the MK2


I agree yes MK2s are annoying but easier to deal with than the jets, nearly every session I'm joining at the moment has jet griefers been a nightmare. I use my MK2 for quickness in heist preps that's it


A bad jet pilot is easy to deal with, a good one is not, the Los Santos airspace is survival of the fittest, the weak crash and the strong dominate everyone, i have tactics to avoid explosive sniper but i won't share them because it may be a little op but you can find them online


Jets have a higher skill level though. Any fool can pilot an mk2 to a decent level.


Same, fuck that thing. Will never one one.


Exactly, even after grinding \~50mil after CP came out, I still refuse to buy that.


I'm the same. I went with the V-65 Molotok for my go-to vehicle.


Thank you for this answer. 100%


Only reason I want one is for sell missions and cayo perico setups


Amen brother! You can’t get grief from these things for years, by riders with white hair and gas masks on, and not develop a hate for them and the people who ride them. It’s the reason my level hasn’t advanced beyond 650 in the last couple of years. Ruined this amazing game.


Same. If I wanna fly, I have three helicopters. By brother asked me if I had bought the flying bike. When I answered ''no'', he asked me why. I didn't buy it because it's a flying bike, goddammit.


It was a counter for the Hydra. That was the game ruiner. The mkii only has 10 rockets. It's not even the worst thing in GTA5 online history. The Hydra was once way more OP than the oppressor is now.


It is actually not that good


There are other ways of making money in the long term if you're curious.


Yeah I've grinded MC club, CEO work, bunker stuff, but grinding Cayo Perico is what I enjoy the most


Daily Objectives? I'm glad you're enjoying yourself though. That's important.


Yeah, I'm a solo player and some objectives require me to coordinate with other players so i really cannot keep up my streak. Cayo is pretty fun in its own way though


I've found that Cayo Perico is crazy good for money/time ratio, with average $10k+/minute easily, so yeah, there are other ways, but I will always stick to the good ol' Cayo Perico if I need a quick $1,3M or so


I think it's actually closer to 20k or even 30k


It can go up even higher but that depends on the speed you can complete all the setups and heist . The lesser time you take the more profit you get 😌


When you treat mk2’s like clay pigeons, PULL!!!




Or shoot them off with an explosive bullet.




I remember when I spent like a month grinding the casino heist with my brothers friends. They REALLY hated me but eventually I was able to get it.


I literally got my opressor the same time as you with the same method lmao


Good for you. I remember the first days if having an oppressor. The grind all of a sudden looked so much easier. The world was my oyster. All the toys and 170m in cash later and its no longer my go to


Quick warning you might quickly become a target


I love using the Opressor as a grinding weapon of mass destruction but I got tired of it and started driving around my Vigilante and then my Kuruma. Good times.


Don’t be a dick with it.


The only thing i plan on using it for is to get from place to place fast. And to do cargo missions and cayo prep


For cayo prep, the sparrow is the best


I started grinding Cayo Perico for the very same objective, but I realized it wasn't really that fun. I'm instead going to invest into a nightclub, a warehouse and all that stuff first (even though it's pretty complicated or I'm just confused with the way to do all this) otherwise I'll get bored of Online very quickly


A warehouse is even less fun than cayo. I'm not sure what I'd recommend instead but it ain't that.


Lately I run cayo a few days a week, and invest some of that into the nightclub. I didn't have the nightclub before cayo came out so it's been fun building it up. I started doing vehicle work too, and that's some fun missions.


Arcade is easy money as well.


Just got back into the game after last playing in 2013 and am grinding I/E to get the Kosatka to run Cayo then planning on buying a nightclub so this comment makes me feel validated haha


I highly recommend the vehicle warehouse. Not only can it store your discussion vehicles but you can start an import export business and make 100k once you start sourcing all top range vehicles. ( Only sell top range cars and don't keep duplicates)


Nightclub is profitable when warehouse and security are upgraded and you have 5 technicians assigned for cargo,weapons,coke,meth and cash. Using an afk method brings you around 560,000 every 12 hours or so.


Good work. It’s a fantastic tool to aid in all your endeavors. You can land it on the deck of the Kosatka and as long as all 4 skids touch the deck and the bike isn’t leaning in any direction, it will be ready for the next prep. I do all my Pericos with the Mk2 and couldn’t be happier.


yeah that's what i did with the buzzard as well before i bought the seabreeze moonpool, hate those dighys


The Oppressor and the Deluxo are two of the biggest contributing factors as to why GTAO is absolute hot garbage now.


You can shit on the oppressor all you want, but the deluxo is extremely fun to drive, and is a great anti grief vehicle. Makes missions easier, looks cool, good flying and driving, but not jet speed so not like a pure replacement for every plane. The oppressor took shit too far, deluxo was a beautiful addition imo


i like to drive my deluxo at ground a lot because its faster like this and when i'm about to crash i hit the hover mode wich looks extremely badass and boosts my fragile self confidence


To me the biggest problem with these vehicles isn't even that they're OP and mainly just used for griefing, the more annoying issue to me is that that they don't belong in the damn game. This game used to be an awesome crime simulator, nothing more and nothing less. Sure it had some whacky shit in it, but it was subtle enough that it still felt immersive and semi-realistic. Then here we are some alien ray guns, lazer cannons, rail guns, and multiple flying cars later and this game is just a fucking glorified Saints Row clone now.


Sure I guess you could make that argument. I always felt gta was basically just fast and furious the video game. Just like fast and furious, its gets slightly more ridiculous every iteration. I am sure when they first wrote fast and furious they didn’t anticipate making a 7th movie where they fight the worlds greatest spy, and then a 12 movie where they race literally aliens, but hey I am here for it, it is entertaining, which is the point of games for me. I haven’t played saints row, but I have never been to worried about comparing games. Gta isn’t exactly a realistic crime simulator, and has always had aliens and what not in the lore. I find the stuff they added no further than what James bond would have


Opressor and Orbital cannon. At least the deluxo is slow asf, zero countermeasures, and a big ass window.


Ugh I would never buy an Opressor Mk2. But don't get me wrong, good for you! It probably is very convenient. It's just that it's like driving a BMW - you might be a nice guy, but majority will assume that you're a dick. You might be a nice guy with a Mk2 - and I know they exist -, but everybody will get nervous if they see you on the map, assuming that you will destroy their supplies at some point. I'm grinding money and Air Freight missions right now for the Molotok, because I think it's very cool, and I know that majority of players will feel safe if they see me on the map, because they will know that if I wanted to grief, I would use a Hydra/Lazer with their crazy cannons, or a Mk2 like most griefers


The Molotok is by far my favourite plane, you won’t regret it!


Nah i originally wanted to get one but the new Seabreeze is better anyways and faster though the oppressor is useless when you are facing an skilled fighter pilot


So it's not useless against 90% of the online population? And for the fighter pilot skill to be useful you have to have already been in a jet when someone decides to grief you. how often does that happen?


I was level 120 before I even realized I could just get an armored kuruma. I would have progressed quite a bit faster with it I think.


Sometimes I grind but I just do my Daily Objectives and quit. I had 10 million from doing just that.


You didnt have to call me out like that


That's how I felt when I first saw the Avenger in the Warstock App lol


I only own the original oppressor and the scramjet in terms of flying/weaponised vehicles. My oppressor doesn’t have misiles and the only reason I have them is that they are fun to use


the oppressor MK2 is good sure. But the oppressor mk1 is so much more fun


I could buy it right now but i choose not to simply because i just want the toredor more. And dont dis kurumas there fucking awesome


I recently bought Menacer and was crusing around the highway coz it's my habit of touring the entire map via highway to see in how many songs I can circle the entire map and this nice Level 30 Kuruma dude pulls up to ask for a test drive and said I gotta get one of this. Few mins in of him driving we were attacked by a griefer on mk2 and ofc we survived. He said he seriously gotta buy one of these now lol


Now when I have the oppressor, I kinda like driving Kuruma more.... And love the drifting....


This exactly me, I bought everything on Thursday when I got the discounts. Had been grinding for months and all I had was a Kuruma


I drive Gresley SUV


Lmao I bought 4 and placed them strategically over the map so if some sweaty nerd decides to grief me I can make them cry virgin tears anytime, anywhere. It's just miraculous that most sessions I spawn in are almost always so peaceful that I never need to take one out.


Everybody knows that mk2 is made for little kids. I cant believe that people like that ugly broomstick. Probably fans of Harry Potter


Very useful vehicle, enjoy it


never wanted an oppressor tbh, whenever I see one coming towards me I can only see an angry child riding his mom's credit card. I do love my sparrow and toreador tho. and I will buy deluxo eventually.


I was lucky to do heists with someone who already had an easy 100 mill so I got to keep 85% of the take from Cayo Perico and Diamond Resort heists. Managed to get everything I needed with the MK2 after grinding for a good 2 hours.


I still don’t have one and I’m level 103


Transferred to pc from a very high level ps4 account. First time getting killed was by a guy on opressor. Love this game 10 out of 10


I never thought i could affford one, until cayo perico😂


Bought a kosatka and finishing cayo perico tomorrow, gonna pull it a few more times and get an oppressor mk1


I actually really dislike the Oppressor Mk2. I much prefer the Deluxo, Torreador, or other cars.


Depressor mk1 still the best


And fun to drive around


Yeah. Using it is far more engaging than just floating up and holding W




For cayo perico i suggest the sparrow, though the oppressor is a godsend when it comes to I/E and crates


I was meh on getting the Sparrow because the MKII could be landed on the Kostka and still be used. However, I had the extra funds following last week to buy it and I've found it has increased my set up time dramatically.


Huh, i started off with the mk2 but the sparrow made things much easier for me, but maybe it varies from player to player


It's also annoying to have to despawn your MKII when fast traveling with the sub or else you pay 10k to get your bike back. Versus the Sparrow which is always in the sub.


Oh shit i misread your message, i agree with everything you said lmao, yeah, the sparrow is safer since its stored there, also unlimited missiles as well and you can use a personal vehicle at the same time (for the plasma cutter prep mostly)


Lol I didn't even notice you disagreed with me in your previous comment. But yes that's exactly what I do during the plasma cutter and weapons preps.


Why do you need a POV for the plasma cutter prep? I use the MKII for all the preps, finishing them all in about 25 minutes. You don’t even need to get off the bike to grab the bag just drive over it after blowing everyone up.


For me its just using the kuruma to avoid them sniping me, which they do when i try to escape, it also makes the actual fight much easier


it aint reliable to let your mk2 on your kosatka always fella, it may fall off, if you want to use it and be safe beach your kosatka


Hey I don't mind people not having an opp and sharing that. But why do they all act like they're so much better than the rest of us. Happy that you don't have to drop the few extra millions but we really don't need to hear how rich and high level you are without owning a "broomstick"


I know right, even if the opressors were removed, it's not like greifers would vanish or anything, there are tons of other vehicles that can be used for greifing too. It's the entire destroy products to get cash and rp thing that encouraged the greifer culture in the first place.


Oppressor and deluxo (with homing missiles technology) ruined everything. Don’t get me wrong, love the game and still play it religiously, but having those two vehicles lurking around suck. I’m a high level and consider myself a very capable player, but no matter what I do, I cannot fully defend myself on a delivery mission from those two vehicles. I think that’s lame


Im a new player and I see a mk 2 and the first thing I think when I see one is “man that guy looks stupid, you’ll catch me dead before you catch me in one of those”


yeah but its super handy for grinding


This is the way!


This is the way


Changed my life mate.


I'm about to get a Opressor Mk2 for fun, and grinding cayo.


Personally I like the opressor more than the opressor mk2. The opressor is way more fun & challenging to drive/fly since you can actually fall off when bumping into stuff plus it feels a bit faster


Mk2 is made for dumb kids who cant fly mk1, so sad.


I have an oppressor, and a deluxo, but nothing is as fun as whipping around in a beautiful ass car, they don’t even have to be fast, just helps appreciate the level of detail in the map, try to explore all the roads some time, maybe learn all the street names too


Going to be honest with you OP, I got a Mk2 basically off the same impulse, and unless you plan to grief, it's just bad. The sparrow w homing rockets is better for 90% of PvE, and the oppressor Mk1 is way more fun.


Yeah but the problem is, i suck at landing helicopters. O always crash them or have them smoking in the end, so I bought an opressor. I also bought it to fight back against other greifers


Well for that there's a lovely thing called practice, though I hear ya that the Sparrow is a tricky mistress who'll bitch slap you six ways 'til sunday for handling her wrong


Funny this is a month into playing I won the deluxo legit from the casino and I took me another month to realize I could upgrade it


I would much rather drive absolutely any car over the mk2, it's really not fun to use at all unless ur toxic


I wish I had joined the game before the Cuckpressor and Deluxass were added so that I could enjoy a nice drive in a Kuruma to get my mind off of things without getting blown up by a practically omnipotent player


I personally really enjoy the MK1 better, just wish I could customize it


You can? Just use a weapons workshop.


I see so few mk.2 users after the Cayo Perico update. It's pretty clever how the convenience of the Sparrow from the Kosatka alleviated that problem. That said, try the Oppressor 1 too. It's more fun, in my opinion. More interesting to drive, and fast with that better rocket boost.


I see griefers on Oppressors just about every day in Freemode on PC.


If it takes you hours of grinding cayo perico to get an oppressor, you're doing the heist wrong.


I was a first timer, scope out was hell for me. Now i think i can finish the heist including the prep missions in like an hour


I have hit my head on so many light poles on a future motorcycle thats supposed to be used high up in the sky


I got one 2 days ago, purely to speed things up like supply runs n business battles. Regret it already. Makes you an even bigger target for griefing try-hards with small dick energy.


I think the same towards a kamara while driving a surfer with my only asset being a 87k apartment


I used to use my Oppressor mk2 for crate grinding, but that stopped after the NAT type glitch was patched, so now all I do is grind Cayo Perico and I've found that my usage to the oppressor stopped as I now use my Toreador, Sparrow, and Hydra way more. As a result, I sold my oppressor.


This comment section is r/gtaonlinecirclejerk at its finest


A guy in my lobby was like this legit today lmao, I discovered quick join for him


I’m a level 385, I own a deluxo and mkII but I only drive them when I need to, and here I stay driving my real life car watching level 30s and 120s fly around in their broomsticks and deluxos


You could have traded for it


I saw a lvl 13 with one the other day


Honestly when I was low level I used one of my cars to get around, but I would call in my buzzard if I absolutely needed to fly somewhere, but at that time, flying was a last resort


griefers have made me dislike all people that use oppressors it’s a very bad case of appropriation


I mainly use the oppressor as a point A to B tool, or a prep helper for CP or Diamond Casino. Other than that, I don't use it for much else. They seem to attract too much unwanted attention....I can't possibly imagine why!!!


And then realizing they are so fucking boring to drive


For grinding, i prefer the new sparrow, that comes with the kosatka, if u grinding cayo perico, its just perfect, u can land in the submarine, and take off from the same spot, and its also faster is think. With pretty good infinite missiles


Cheat engine exists


Risk of getting banned exists




If you pvp in a deluxo and get mad when you get blown up please uninstall the game