Little Cayo Perico meme I made.

Little Cayo Perico meme I made.


707 vespucci


Nah, Penris Building is where it’s at. Or Schlongberg Sachs centre


Nah man 707 is lower and easier to park on imo


Yeah but does 707 have a penis joke? I thought not. This alone makes Penris and Schlongberg Sachs superior


Look at the number 707 upside down and that’s what I think of your comment.


It’s a joke 707. Strat wise they’re all way better than Merryweather so I don’t really care which one I get


Schlongberg sachs is harder to park a sparrow on though


try a flying boat


Lol 🤣 I was beginning to think I was special. Perhaps I am afterall. Can't afford the sparrow in the sub yet so I use my Hydra and yes I manage to land it on the Sachs building. It's a bit delicate but works 😁😁


Schlongberg is the worst one.


Penris is easier to land a heli


I use my sparrow and I think 707 is the easiest for me. Landing the sparrow is a challenge on its own tho 😂


Fast travel near Marry wthr HQ, start the mission. If not office, use guided missile and blow up the valky. Repeat till you get the office mission..😁


Well no, if the guy is running with a group, they just need someone sat on the roof with a helicopter ready to blow the valk' up the second it shows up.


I'm solo player


I gotta say, I don't really see the appeal of GTAO solo. I Play this game to hang out with friends and to occasionally even make new ones.


Cayo solo, to make money to buy fun toys to use when your friends are online. Would rather spend two hours making 3 million solo, while I listen to music/podcasts/watch tv, and then have fun using that money later.


This is truly the way.


I do have few friends. Our online timings are different


Ok, fair enough.


Or NO friends who play GTA. Not entirely true, one great addition to my friends list lives in the U.K. I live western U.S. for me to play with him I have to stay up all night.. Time Zones, amiright? Get ya" everytime.


Some people don't like dealing with people after work. I'm part of an active crew network but for the most part, I don't even like the concept of being messed with.


Been solo for years now, I just have fun with randos


Where and how does one find normal people on GTAO. Would love to do some of the other heist and Cato in a group to do a proper whole island clear up but everyone it's a disaster. The real world friends I have only play FIFA lol.


Well, there's the LFG section of the discord that you can find on this subreddit.


So sorry but you completely lost me. So a discord subreddit or this one but with a LFG section that discusses discord? 😂


On this subreddit's official discord is what I meant, it's on the information column on the right. [Here's a link to it](https://discord.gg/kT5f7GFsY8) in case you are on mobile or something.


I’m quite selfish, so I prefer to do Cayo solo because more money and it’s much more fun going for main docks secondary loot than getting the loot from inside the compound


You saw the same meme as I did, kid. "if the guy is running with a group" Meme implies he is. I ain't talking about you.


You saw the same comment as I did, kid. His comment implies he's a solo player, he ain't talking about you either


My bad


I run solo too, just use the guided missiles to blow it up, if you dont have them yet just fly there with the seasparow blow it up


I use guided missiles


If you spawn your sub near merryweather it will more likely give you that mission, try putting your sub by the pier at the beach it usual gives me the office 1st or 2nd time


I fast travel to HQ loc only if i get merry weather mission. Else i will at vespucci beach 😁


Just off shore so your oppressor doesn't fall off yeah? ;)


It’s still faster in some scenarios to use the missiles.


Waste of time when they can circle the city to get a fast roof landing


"Group" implies multiple people. One for each is an easy thing to imagine, no? And personally, if I was perched on the merryweather roof waiting to blow a chopper and it gave me an office across the city, there's no way a sparrow could beat me to the tower.


This is the way


This is so much better and effective than changing sessions. Thank you so much sir!


I find it fun doing this. Only reason I brought the guided missile station.


Same here.. brought guided missile only due to this headache mission..


Right now I am at 8 exploded Valkyries and still game gives the Merryweather one. I wish that if you have the Kosatka near the Merryweather base, it would force the office mission type.


I just find a new session


Takes longer


Really just depends on your console capabilities and internet speed


kosatka might spawn far north


Haha, guided missile goes boom


this is my strat


I'm so sick of the Merryweather HQ one that I just blow the shit up of that helicopter with my Sparrow missiles then wait for Pavel to text me for a restart to warp me back to the sub.


Wait, his text is also a teleport? OMG, I've been flying to the sub like a moron.


He does text you but that's not the invite. It shows up after a couple minutes as a heist invite. It'll bring you back to the sub. But I usually find it faster to fly back.


It's only if you fail a prep.


Just buy the Kosatka missiles and shoot it manually, then you're already back in your Kosatka


It will reach the HQ from the sea? If so this is a great idea.




I wonder if it can make it from Vespucci, that's where I'm usually parked when I'm prepping.


It can. Just takes longer to get there than if your fast travel right next door


I always have my Kosatka at the most southern part of LS. (The dock or whatever it is) and I just shoot the heli that‘s supposed to guide me there, it being just standing on top of the hangars


Just shoot the helicopter with a guided missle while at I think it’s San Chianski?


You need to fast travel kosatka before starting the prep mission


Not in my experience, every time I get that one I just walk over to the missile terminals and fire one at Merryweather HQ, the helicopter is always there and I blow it up. Simple.


I’ve started to memorize the locations the helicopter flies to and go there and wait for it, still a pain in the ass though.


I tried to guess but sometimes the same trajectory can be more than one spot until it gets closer before you're able to tell. And I'm sick of Pavel not finishing that damn story of what he told his friend!


Rockstar not finishing pavel's stories is the greatest sin there is


It's faster to just do it than to reset, you can also fly ahead of the Valkyrie to clear out the Avenger site before it's there. Still the worst setup


It's.. definitely not faster to do a 10 minute mission (Not counting travel time BACK to the kosatka) than it is to spend 30 seconds blowing up a chopper. Worst case, it's taken me 6 repeats to get an office - A job I can do in 4 minutes.


If you wait for pavel to text do you always get the office mission? I tried blowing it up after hearing you can get the other mission but id go back to the sub manually and restart the mission on the planning screen and id get the merryweather one like 4 times in a row everytime and id waste any time i would of saved.


Not always unfortunately. If I just get Merryweather again I end up just doing something else. But that's rarely happened where I get the HQ again.


Wait you can teleport to the sub?


Yea choosing yes to restart the mission when Pavel texts you with the option just teleports you back to the sub.




I spawn my kosatka at vespucci beach directly after scouting the island, then select weapon prep as the first, i get the building variant 90% of the time.


Not in my case. I do the same order. Bt no luck


Maybe its a xbox thing idk, but when it works kinda buggy, the confirm option doesn't show up, also i mostly choose conspirator loadout.


I can confirm, i do the same and are a xbox player


I'm on pc..😐


It's an easy setup except the tiring follow the Valkyrie part


Well, it's too taxing for our short attention spans.


Real talk here, thanks.


Fr, I once ended up crashing into an electric pole in my sparrow and you know how it ends


The long wait for the Valkyrie to land is annoying. But the rest of the mission is quite cool, especially the Merryweather voice lines.


Pro tip: you don't even need to follow the Valkyrie. I just get in my sparrow and fly straight in the direction the Valkyrie is flying and blow up all the Merryweather guys before the Valkyrie even gets there. Usually by the time the fight is done, the Valkyrie is landing. Makes the setup go by a lot faster


I have done this several times, and every time it says weapons failed to be delivered and the mission ends. Instead I just shoot down the helicopter as soon as it spawns and just reset the mission until I roll one of the office ones


This is the way. Park your Kosatka over close to the Merryweather base and you can fly up, blow up the chopper, go back and relaunch the mission in under 60 seconds.


Yeah this is exactly what I do. On average it takes 12-13 min to do the merryweather missions and 6-7 to do any of the office tower missions, so even if it takes several tries it is still on average faster than completing the merryweather mission


Guided missiles get it done even faster, letting you reroll in about 30 seconds, which makes the times it decides to keep giving you merryweather over and over again a lot more tolerable. Not worth getting guided missiles just for that, but if you have them anyways they're great for it.


You can do that? I don’t think the chopper took off until you flew into the zone to trigger it to take off.


Yeah, it exists at one of several spots on the roof as soon as the mission starts, just sitting there waiting. As long as you can spot it (you don't get a marker on its exact location until it takes off) and steer the missile onto it the mission will fail whether it's taken off or not.


It doesn't take off, but you can send the guided missile to just blast it where it sits on the Merryweather roof.


That's weird, I've never once gotten that. I always just take whichever mission it decides to give me and if it's follow the Valkyrie I just do what I mentioned above


For me the Valkyrie is just annoying to fight, not hard, just annoying. I don't like getting juggled in the air by an npc with aimbot.




For me it starts attacking once it gets there and you have to destroy it.


Really? Ive done it dozens of times and the heli has never shot me. Sit back and wait for it to land before entering the area


You don't even need to wait for it to land. Once you learn where it goes by memory just fly a jet or something over there and kill everyone. By the time your finished the Heli should be close by then. My personal favorite toy to annihilate the ground units is the B-11 and its barrage missiles.


I fly ahead to the location but ive never attacked before the heli arrives, was told it would cause issues. Good to know that it doesnt


It does if you get too close to the heli


While it's flying? Lol literally earlier I was bored and started ramming the valkyrie to see what what happen. Nothing. Didn't attack, fly faster, fail mission, nothing


If you fly ahead to the Avenger location and kill all merryweather guys don't get too close to the Valk or it'll one shot you.


The one time I’ve done it, I failed the mission


Yeah it's an easy setup. That's the problem.


I know all landing Spots go there with my sparrow kill everyone shoot acidentally the helicopter and start all over again


When it happened twice in a row for me I stopped playing for a while.


The game needs more missions inside offices tbh, i'm sick of going far away just to get some weapons.


It wouldn't be so bad if the helicopter didn't fly so slowly- I can walk faster than that!


While i did the cayo for first time, i followed it in a car.. and pavel started suggesting to use a helicopter..😂


Honestly, I would even be okay with it flying so slowly, if it didn't have to go half across the map. The good thing about the other missions is that they are right in the city.


If you didn't spend $1.9M on guided missiles, I have a poorman's solution... Move your sub near Merryweather, manually drive it close to the hangar/bay. Start the gun prep. If you get Merryweather, use the periscope to blow up the heli. If it is blocked/can't target it, drive your sub to a better spot and pretend to turn on the headlights (it will quick switch to periscope) and blow it up. Lather, Rinse, and Repeat until you don't get Merryweather. Just saved ya $2M


guided missile fun doe


Or just fly in the direction the Valkyrie is flying (there are only 3 possible locations), kill everyone and go make yourself some tea while the Valkyrie arrives. The mission takes 6-7 minutes to complete at most.


Double that time.


no, just did the Merryweather HQ mission with the Avenger at the power station -completed it in under 6 minutes


I’m sorry to say but it would appear one of you can’t do the heist


NOOOOOOO rip that homie


I honestly prefer the merryweather one. I can just use my oppressor to escape and i'm safe but in the office one you get chased by helicopters so i think it's a bit harder.


For the office use the roof entrance, you can park either your oppressor or the sparrow up there and make it out before the helicopters start shooting you


Oppressor cring


Bro I couldn’t agree more. Another good trick is to position the sub in Elysian Island, and just Cruise missile the Valkyrie if it is Merryweather. Then stand up and run back over to the setup board.


Whenever i get the Merryweather one i blow up the Valkyrie. Its faster to go back and try to get the office one


Why do we even need to get the weapons? Me and my crew did the Velum approach and didn't pick up the weapon stash. I wish there was an option to skip the unneccessary preps such as Demo Charges/Cutting torch when using guard truck/grappling hook compound entry with bolt cutters..


You NEVER need demo charges. They are basically just a troll on you since the cutting torch can do it. And you should enter via the drainage tunnel. During the scope out dive beneath El Rubio's sea balcony to unlock it.


The drainage tunnel is boring tho. But my crew said never again on no weapon approach so I guess we'll have to continue using the drainage tunnel :(


You can instantly fly to the helicopters destination and blow up the Merryweather people there. Just don't blow up the Valk until it's marked as a crosshair on the minimap. And don't go to the ground as long as the Valk is still flying or it'll repeatedly blow you up.


I always get the merry weather one


where is praying jotaro


Just blow up the heli with a guided missile til you get an office one


Luckily merryweather was the first prep I’ve ever done (I’m still fairly new to the game) so I learned the hard parts before the less hard parts


Jokes on you i destroy the MW heli only to restart the mission and having the HQ mission for 3 times in a row.


*remote missile launches the helicopter*


I did the MHQ once but its such a huge time waster when you're just trying to grind for the Cayo bucks. I end up just blowing up the heli with the guided missile but the game likes to keep giving me the HQ prep again. I eventually figured out when it keeps giving the same prep I could just pick a different weapon class to get the office but I ended up restarting the mission 10 times before I thought to try that.


Idk what everyone’s issue is if you get a cheap helicopter or one that spawns at the helipad. Your set to follow the valkyrie. I didn’t have issues just do it solo. Then do the finale with your crew.


It's a time investment thing. If you park your sub next to the Merryweather docks and have guided missiles, you can bomb the helicopter instead of tailing it and restart 8 times and get an office building mission on the 9th, and that'd still be faster than following the valkyrie over to the parked avenger.


Me: Missile away! R\*: Fine, I'll do it again!


If you have the sub missile, just drive the missile over to the Merryweatjer helicopter and blow it up. Keep doing it until the give you the location in the city.


Use the Kosatka missiles to destroy the merryweather helicopter and start the mission again, repeat until you get office mission


You can go ahead of the helicopter and just wait for it. And tell me you use a flying vehicle for this mission and not a car, it's just as easy.


I go ahead of it every time with my sparrow.


I just keep blowing it up with the kotsaka missiles until I get the other one. Even if it takes longer (it rarely does, most of the time I only need to blow it up once) I rather just not do it.


You can just fly to the area and get there without following helicopter


No shit


I’m just saying cause people are commenting how long you have to follow it for.


Shoot down the helo and get the office mission instead. Much quicker


I accidentally bought the guided missiles on the kosatka. A lot of fun but only real use so far is to destroy the meryweather heli so I can reroll the mission.


It's also the best rollercoaster in the game. Turn up your mouse sensitivity and have fun XD they should have guided missile races imo. Lol.


No need to pray, just send a guided missile from your sub to the MW helicopter to blow it up. Less than a minute later and you can already do the mission again.


If you get the guided missiles for your sub you don’t even have to leave the sub. Blow that bitch up and re roll for the office building. It only cost about what you get from a single cayo.




Just hop on the guided missiles and shoot the helicopter on merryweather roof. Then reload mission and repeat until you get office building spawn.


quick tip, just launch a guided missile at the merryweather valkarye and it will destroy it and allow you to start the mission to change it to one of the office ones


Half of the comments are that same tip.




When I get this mission I just launch a guided middle and blow up the helicopter


I just blow up the Valkyrie and restart the setup


Kosatka rockets go brrrrr


Go brrrrr. Is so played out. Just stop


My strat is to do the one where you steal—I think it's the laser cutter, where you have to go to the other crew's safehouse, send Pavel a photo and then go take the thing. I take my Sparrow to the safehouse, swap it out for a Savage, finish the mission with that, and then immediately afterward start the weapons mission. The tailing sucks, but it's worth it at the end.


I don't care about it anymore


the merryweather one isn't that bad


The fuck? You're running with more than 1 person and not just keeping someone at merryweather to immediately blow a chopper up if it shows up?


Ive never gotten the merryweather one for crackshot load out, but I do 100% of the time for aggressor loadout.


So true so so true


Hahahahah too relatable


So true


That is so fucking true




It's the Merryweather guys praying that i don't blow them up with a guided missile.


Omg this is so true it hurts


omg I can relate yay. that Merriweather takes forever I swear


Then you get Tequila and everything sucks


As long as it's in hard mode I don't care.


I blow up the Valkyrie until I get the CEO office mission


It’s the first setup I do and I get it pretty much every time


wish i had friends to do preps with...


Idk if my games just fucked up or what but I only get the valkyrie one if I try to get the military rifle load out


I hate following that stupid helicopter. When I get that one I just fly ahead and try to figure out where it's heading and go kill everyone at the site first, then try not to get hit by the heli's cannon when it shows up 5 minutes later


Right?? The Merryweather one takes SO long!!


I always get the merryweather


Protip: If you have the remote missiles on your Kosatka and you're parked by Vespucci Beach (as you should be) you can just blow up the Valkyrie while it's still on the roof of the warehouse without ever leaving the sub and just restart the mission immediately from the board, takes way less time.


If I get the Merryweather one, I just use a guided missle from my sub to blow the chopper up. Then I just start the setup again.




Laughs in guided missile straight to the valkarie and restart spam the prep mission


i always do the merryweather hq mission with a hydra, pretty easy


I understand even though I can easily beat Merryweather. The office mission takes less then 5 minutes


It’s not about difficulty, it’s about time being wasted.


Just destroy the helicopter and the mission will fail


Rockstar Games after adding the Merryweather mission. "It's Called, We do a little trolling.. We do a little trolling."