Why is it even there

Why is it even there


Flying in cinematic feels like you go fast af.


Yea, esp when it’s on top far up. I can’t stand driving in 1st person tho, feel like I can’t see everything around me


I like driving in 1st person occasionally, I feel like I can get through smaller gaps.


The only time I drive first person are missions where you need to maintain a certain speed


I found driving in first person perfect for the MOC and the Chernobog which in third person feel like I’m drunk


I can’t drive the Chernobog in anything but 1st person, too damn cumbersome and hard to steer in 3rd, for some reason I’m able to drive perfectly fine in 1st person.


That's how MOC is for me, but I also like driving quite a few vehicles in first person.


Probably the all wheel steer in the latter which is catching you out. I need situational awareness in the MOC since I'm usually fighting something with it so 1st person makes no sense for me


The MOC trailer entirely blocks the cab even with a high camera so it makes steering in 3P extra complicated. I tend to be all over the road when I drive it that way. It's less of a problem with a normal sized trailer, like for Haulage.


I’m drunk when driving all land vehicles lol And my friends: did u get any coke? Seems that u r driving under the drug effect 0.0


Try missions where you are in a hydra or other plane type attacking ground targets, it makes using the explosive cannon extremely easy. You can always tell when a plane is using 3rd person if they miss with that kind of weapon.


I usually Lazer in third person. Seems to hit what I want just fine. I also Pyro and Starling in third person, so...


Let’s play... im on Xbox


I'm not. Maybe that's why you need first person


Aiming with the mouse would prolly b much easier


I played this game for a year thinking “it’d be nice if they had something in the HUD so you could see how fast you were driving” and then one day I was like “oh yeah. Cars have speedometers” and switched to first person.


I sometimes go into 1st person to check the gauges, accurate or not, they still give better clues then just the pitch of the engine


Armored cars be like: n o


"You die now!" \* AI traffic pushes you into path of tanker\*


Why would you ever need to know your speed?


if you ever do nightclub popularity missions or casino jobs and they tell you you can't drive fast or else you lose a tip or product gets destroyed is one.


It's easier to take sharp turns without oversteering, in first person.


Or you can use the brakes occasionally. And with a bit of practice overstear turns into drifting which is fun.


Driving in game changed so much for me when I realized there's an e brake button.


In muscle cars if you handvrake and rev when you release the brake you can do a wheelie.


TIL. Gonna have to go try that, now.


it works best on fully upgraded muscle cars, if it’s stock it won’t wheelie as high.


Very useful for climbing over railings and ledges, as long as you can wheelie high enough


After cayo perico all cars are fully upgraded lol.


Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!


I wish they would remove this feature, or at least give you an off switch. I just want to launch, not rip my bumper off and crash. It even does it in my gauntlet with stage 1 everything


Automatically assume there is an e brake if the game has a driving feature just as advice for future gaming haha.


*powersliding. You can't really drift in this game since the car "dies out" when you give gas in a slide. Of course you can use the "boost", but it still isn't great. The normal brake, of course add acceleration contra the e brake. And also tapping the e brake as you said. And it's a lot better with the weather glitch so it never stops raining. But it will never be real drift. I hope we can in the next gta. The Futo is my most used vehicle next to the bati boy.


All controlled sliding is drifting even though its unrealistic


There's still a difference between powersliding and drifting. You can't maintain power and speed when taking a corner, which you do when drifting. Your car dies out. You can do a powerslide with tapping the e-brake so it slides, but you can't add any power to it. And by tapping the e brake, you can extend the duration of the power, but you still can't add power to it. In gta you can't really drift. I really wish you could, but nope. Not without mods. And sadly I'm on ps4/5, so i can't mod the game. But I have GT Sport to give me that drifting fix.


Powersliding is a type of drifting, but not the only type. And its suprising that in such an arcade game you cant drift as fast as in a sim racer. And you can powerslide at very low speed.


GTA V runs on an old engine. And I don't know anything about making a video game. But I wish they just added some tires to the game that changed the handling of the car, so we really could do those big ass powerful drifts like we see in Formula Drift. If that was possible. When they added the Drift Tampa, I got so happy. That happiness died out after I tried it.


unless you " double clutch " into the drift, real ones know how to do it right


I would like to agree. Although, I've argued a lot about whether you can really drift in GTA or not, it's still a mish-mash conclusion. In some cars like the zr380 with nitro, nebula turbo, maxxed out hustler, Futo(probably my favourite for "sliding" and extra points for it being the AE86), they might argue you can technically drift.....occasionally, given perfect circumstances. And maybe they're right. But whether it is or isn't technically drifting, I'll never be able to accept it as drifting. Not when you have to constantly fight with the car so it doesn't cut off power, get straight or spinout from oversteer. Maybe drifting also involves fighting with you car so it does what you want it to do, but I feel it is a different kind of fighting. And although I love driving vehicles in GTA, the driving dynamics, and the weight feel just isn't there.


I find that the scramjet is way easier to move midair when in first person, probably because it’s similar to plane controls


When flying, I can better estimate if i fit through something when in 1st person.


The fov and visibility is too fuckin low, i feel like it could be really fun if they did it better


Or even added some camera shake, one of the cars I drove had it for some reason and god damn


when GTA V first came to PC I downloaded a FOV mod and it made first person infinitely more playable, I basically only played in first person. then rockstar started banning people for using it so I uninstalled it and basically haven't used first person since. I don't understand why they put so much effort into adding first person just to handicap it by capping the FOV at like 70. if they just capped it at like 120 it would probably be used way more.


Yeh, and no working mirrors... It's not that hard to implement something like that


> It's not that hard to implement something like that It's actually quite performance-heavy. There are some clever tricks but usually you need to render two scenes: one normally and one for the reflection.


Only game I’ve played with working mirrors are Hitman 2 and 3


Snowrunner, ETS / ATS and BeamNG are some notable examples where car mirrors work well. Actually, Snowrunner's is probably most impressive I've ever seen. With RTX this can be done much easier, case on point: any reflections in Control.


Arma 3 from 2013


See: most modern driving games


Yeah assetto corsa has an option for better mirrors, and holy shit its intensive on older systems. I can see why its not in gta


Mirrors are one of the trickiest things to render in game. There are numerous examples of modern games that don't even bother. Theres some really interesting articles and videos about it. And some really strange workarounds companies did to have mirrors and reflections in game.


I remember in Zelda Ocarina of Time they made the Temple of Time like normal and then duplicated it and made the floor transparent to simulate a reflection


Yeah, most old games clone the environment. They're low-poly so that was more doable. The problem is, with modern games the environment is very complicated, so cloning all that would still tank performance.


Yeah, the tricks they used back then are super interesting but yeah you're right it wouldn't be possible today


That's one of my favorites. Duke Nukem 3D did something similar with its mirrors in LA the first level. Just Render the room opposite with a clone of you inside.


I’m not too sure how they did it but Hitman III has working mirrors that npcs can even see you through. They seem to work really well. The difference with gta will probably be that cars move and it’s online.


And if I'm not mistaken, hitman isn't open world.


Yeah you couldn’t call it open world, though obviously you have free roam of the map you are playing on.


Ray tracing will fix this.


Exactly, I've started using 3rd person in real life too, it's way easier




As someone who also hates driving in 1st person, driving a bus in 1st person is actually good fun :D


Flying in first person is a death warrant unless your only obstacle is clouds


Actually dogfighting in 1st person is effective if u disable cockpit hud


Heh Cock


Our humour level is same bruh hahaha


I bet the age is too lol


7 years?


Ummm....times 3 but mental age of course is 7


I love flying in first-person, especially helicopters. Flying close to buildings and trees in first-person is cool af.


One of the best experiences in the game was me and my friend trying to do synced stunts/formations with the besra in 1st person.


Really? Then you’re an amazing pilot


Nah. The explosions are the cool part.


1st person is great when your high lmao


Yes, especially on bikes!


Trying this when I get home 😌


Same when I wake up


If you play on xbox, we could add each other and help with preps and stuff But don’t feel bad if not; I’m a whole stranger


I work night shift and have a family so I don't have a set time I play but my gt is TheFlameKeeper I just heist solo but I could use some help selling my bunker stuff and maybe cocaine here and there. I'll help you with your preps and stuff


I like it, it's a challenge


I feel like I drive better in first person but I don’t like walking around in first person.


Driving bikes in first person is actually pretty fun


Driving in 1st person would be awesome if the mirrors worked. I hope they will on the current gen upgrade.


There's a option to make the vehicles chase cam higher from the ground. The default height the game comes with is impossible to see anything on any fast car. The other problem is the FoV. That sadly we can't change on chase cam, only on 1st person, which is just another one of the millions of small annoying bullshit Rockstar don't care at all to fix or make better.


Yea facts as I play the game I notice a lot of little shit they could change to make it just a lil better but don’t, idk if it’s cuz they just don’t want to or the small issues we see haven’t been brought to there attention specifically


It's a game from 2013, they just don't want to waste resources anymore on it. Apart from the updates that sometimes bring some new content to make people grind, and buy sharkcards, they just leave the base untouched. It's kinda wise to some extent, there's nothing really broken, just annoyances, so why try to mess around with things and end up breaking a fuckton of collateral things instead of just leaving it be how it is since it's working? Also, they're long gone into pouring company resources on other projects.


The camera really needs to be adjusted for 1st person driving. I enjoy it but some cars it's so painful to have the bars and roof in the way.




It doesn't help when I'm driving a armored kuruma


Some cars you can't see out of in 1st person lmao. Like the tank car with the blades


When I was doing role play all the time I started doing everything in first person, but never really got used to riding a motorcycle. If the field of view was wider it would be okay, maybe


try it on a bike first.


This is why I always use cinematic everytime I fly to cayo perico.


Literally the slowest plane ever


Plus getting seamless runs to contact missions back in the day was legit.


/*Bombushka has entered the chat....eventually....*


yesterday, while doing the inverted challenge with just moments to go, I accidentally hit the key for cinematic view, and my brain decided to pull in the exact direction needed to crash it into the ground. I still won, but if I hadn't, I would've passed the 10km (6.2mile) mark


Except with jets


As a kid I'd use cinematic cam in Rogue Squadron because I thought it was the "lightspeed" button


got to go fast, just use the cinematic, you gain 100% of speed


Ya, I mostly use it for the biker sale mission with float planes. Just get yourself lined up, turn on cinematic, and then fight the boredom by trying to move up and down with the waves so that you're always just a few inches from the surface


i activate it while flying to cayo perico, Gives me more patience.




So you can discover the cop chase helicopter camera


I absolutely loved the cop car and cop helicopter chase cams. Felt like I was in a movie.


So you’re saying it felt… *cinematic?*


What if you get that bronco-looking suv, paint it white, get 4 stars and drive down the freeway slowly with that cam 🤔


Ahh a man of culture 🧐


I loved it on PS3, but they removed it for PS4 :(


Weird, I have it on Xbox One


Really? Maybe I'm missing something, but it was one of my favourite things to do in GTA.


I wanna say you're wrong? I can't check cause my PS4 is broke rn but they had it on PC I know- I'm sure it's on ps4


Maybe they'll bring it back for PS5


Unless there's something in the settings which lets you turn it on and off, but mine does not have police chase cinematic mode.


I’m on PS4 and mine definitely has it


does it have cinematic mode in general where like the camera is like behind the car on the road then it just attaches to like a sign or something as you pass by? Sorry if that's confusing, explaining it is a bit hard lmao


I get you, yes it does. But mine does not have the specific camera view from the police cars perspective. It has all the other modes, except the cop car view. And that's my favourite one.


I thought that was only viewable as a TV channel.


i have it on ps4?


No? I'm on ps4 and when I get wanted level the cinematic has a chance to show from the helicopter's view, though it is very specific situations


They what?! They better put it back on ps5


It rarely occurs on pc. Very rare!


Cinematic is fun when you’re cruising with a friend and they’re driving


Until your friend crashes into another car


Wouldn’t be a true cruise with friends without it.


I think in offline you can go in slow mo as well yea?


Only for stunt jumps.


If you are on cinematic mode I thought you could press another button and you go in slow no?


Nevermind you're right. Pushing the right stick back would slow down time. Completely forgot you could do that.




Its fun while being a passenger... As a driver, its kinda suicide


True, however I love it how red dead redemption 2 handled it, putting your horse on auto pilot following the set route.


I drive cinematic on a motorbike :)


People who drive by looking at the map...


There are dozens of us!


When driving somewhere I look at the map and occasionally look up to steer


Because it’s cinematic


can't argue with that


I only drive in 1st person to get the WHOOOAAAA effect if I’m stoned. Otherwise, it’s not super useful to me. Especially on a motorcycle, because the camera constantly tilts with the angle of the bike, which is pretty disorienting.


Same, when on motorcycles jumping from high heights (such as off the chiliad mountain) I can feel my stomach drop lol Except for the stoned part


I also hate that it makes the controller vibrate like crazy in 1st on a bike


Protip, flick the right stick to change camera quickly, great for when you disappear into a tunnel or go behind a building etc.


Driving in first person sucks. You can barely see over the dashboard


Yeah the camera is too low. Still immersive enough for me to enjoy a cruise through the countryside in 1st person


And the steering wheel blocks the speedo in most cars


And the speedo is nowhere near accurate


It says 30mph yet a ped just jogged past me


Yeah in some cars it'll say 50-70 then a cop runs past chasing someone or whatever


FOV is very wonky and limiting in 1st person. If there were sliders and adjustments you could make to first person, I would play it more.


There are FOV sliders, but I'm not sure if that's PC only or not.


You can move the first person camera POV on pc! I believe it’s in the camera settings.


devs are obsessed with showing off their interiors lol CP 2077 is remarkably worse at this than GTA 5 I like when games like MGS V do it based on your center of focus, not putting your entire periphery of vision on screen. I don’t need the entire periphery on screen at once, camera movement in-car should be for your center of focus sans periphery, not the entire periphery—not unless it’s VR or you’re sitting two feet a way from 40” monitor lol


let me introduce you to real life


Let me introduce you to adjusting your seat to an appropriate height, you presumably small child of a person.


You should stop driving until you get a booster seat


Cinematic mode while flying is really fun


I like landing helis on top of maze Bank in cinematic. Looks like an action movie scene


Not as bad as people who set camera to first person in missions, so you have to shoot out of your kuruma with half your screen blocked


I vaguely remember when I was starting out and all I did was Simeon missions, I joined this mission and the host set it to first person. I had never even drove in first person, plus the fact that I was starting out didn't make me such a good driver. So I was driving horribly, and crashed my barely upgraded elegy so much that it exploded. Then the host blamed others for being bad at the game


I was like level 90, there was a Gerald mission, host set the first person camera, I was the only one with a Kuruma and the highest level. It was a complete hell to drive and shoot (the snowmen mission), all my teammates died and I had to carry them all. I completed the mission with much patience.


Cinematic is awesome


I do


Because it's pretty and I get bored is why


It’s fun


It still amazes me that they used one of the main buttons on a controller for a function as utterly useless as the cinematic camera, when so many other relevant ineractions require manouvering through like 6 different menus


Best part is i remember that episode from tom n jerry just from that 1 frame 😅


Idk man but cinematic is fun when you're playing with a controller.


I like flying in cinematic because it makes me feel like I'm Tom Cruise while having the flying skill of a toddler


I hope GTA6 (whenever it fucking comes out) has a cinematic cruise control that is similar to RDR2.


When I fly in cinematic I realize just how slow jets are in the game.


It’s there for the passenger in the casino heist getaway


Cinematic is great for when you're the passenger! Or driving a ramp buggy/phantom wedge.


cinematic would be better if you could lock the camera. i've always loved when it switches to right behind one of the front wheels. weaving in and out of traffic from that perspective? woof. but the fact that it changes so frequently and randomly makes it a pain in the ass.


What you should really be asking is why the top down heliicopter view is a thing...


To land in small spaces.


But you can just move the camera?


I drive often in cinematic, makes better videos for my channel


I like to drive on first person to get those forza feels and kinda arma when you drive aircrafts


drive in cinematic while doing an import


I fly in cinematic


That's the best thing to do when you are high


I always felt like cinematic was for passengers. GtaWiseGuy does some pretty good things with it tho




Driving with someone else and having cinematic mode is like having your own movie. Who wouldn't want that


Each has its purpose 1st person: The immersive option for when you want to feel like your in the game, I imagine this will also be the best perspective for VR driving when VR controls get more natural feeling. To developers; when you have a car full of buttons and things but the character never interacts with them and you can't touch them, that ruins the immersion no 1st person driving is better then bad first person driving. 3rd person: The control options for when you want to see what the car is doing and have better vision then what is possible in first person. This is performance and control over immersion and story telling also it is way easier and cheaper then 1st person because you don't have to detail the interior or animate the driver. Cinematic: The name says it all, for when you want to watch your game instead of play it. This mode makes for great shots and can turn your travel between points into a mini cuisine for the low low cost of you being able to control your character with any degree of accuracy. Developers please force auto-pathing when this camera is turned on and please make it better. Nothing ruins the experience more then your character charging off a cliff, smashing into trees, smashing into people your traveling with, or just wandering off because the auto-pathing either failed to kick in or was programmed so bad that it can't stay on the path.


I only go cinematic when I really want to feel like an early 2000s hip hop video


I drive in cinematic to see how long I can go without crashing into something, not very long lol


I would like cinematic view if you could pick a specific view for it instead of it changeing every 5 seconds


I love driving in first person, convertible and a nice sunset cruising on the highway 👌perfect


Bro i do when i solo to vibe to music when waiting for buisnesses to fill


I like a nice constant mix between the three


Original GTA games were overhead only


Well yeah but the entire game was designed for it.


*race is locked in first person* *multiple players leave race on lap 1*


I am flying jets in first person


haha. this is so relatable.


ah yes finally im the 3rd person in the pic