To all the Cayo perico heist grinders

To all the Cayo perico heist grinders


I just grab any loot that's available at the airfield


I grab the best possible secondary loot that's available.


Even if it’s far from the compound after grabbing the primary target?


I do. Even if I have Coke show up at the airstrip and either of the docks. I’ll go for the coke alone because it’s the best value. I don’t even care that much for the elite challenge because the coke is always worth $200k+ whereas the elite challenge is only worth $100k or less.


Secondary’s first then the Primary


Sure, why not. You can leave the compound and go all the way to the airport, disable the air defenses, grab the loot in the hangar, and be long gone in 12 minutes to get that sweet elite bonus.


I go to the airstrip first with the Longfin and grab cocaine or weed or whatever. Then I take the Longfin to the compound and grab the primary. I usually get it done in about 12-13 minutes.


I escape through the main dock so i grab whatever happens to be there and paintings in the office.


I grab whatever is at the airfield.


It depends. If I had some good targets at the air strip, I go for that. If not, I just go straight to the compound to get my primary target


Gold always but at the odd time when there's not enough gold I take a painting and gold


I scope the island out, then use the boat and come in wherever the best loot combo is. I go back to the boat, drive to the drain pipe, then run through the compound as normal. I then leave via the door, run to the left, jump off the rock and swim my way out.


I always pick the best secondary loots available at north dock and airstrip, together with the guard clothes. After that I get the primary loot.


Primary and gold, if only 1 gold then I take that and whatever else is in the compound. I only loot outside the compound if I’m running it with multiple people and we need the coke.


I grab what ever is at main dock


i only grab things in the office, one warehouse right next to the shore and docks and on my path to the tunnel, the airfield and north dock. normally coke or weed. sometimes cash if I had one weed and coke and had some extra space


Whatever is available at the airstrip and will fill my bag. I hate the combat system on the island, so the airstrip provides minimal resistance.


Depends where it is. I usually only scope secondaries along the route that I plan on taking during the heist, and pick the most valuable from those. I’ve found even if there’s something worth more, but I have to go out of my way to get it, it usually isn’t worth it. If I start at the drainage tunnel and leave by the main dock, but there’s coke at the airport, I’m not going for it because the extra profit will be negated by the extra time it takes to get there.


Airstrip loot only, unless it's pretty bad AND I happen to get office artwork (rarely happens). I'd rather pull an elite run and chance the hidden safe's RNG against wasting my time at either dock. Don't like the dock areas at all, no sir. I also melee everyone I can vs shooting to lessen chances of an accidental alert, it's more self satisfying to whack then across the head (especially when there's twinsies like at the airstrip cafe area or juggie in the compound).


My average time is 11 mins with a full bag, I've just found a fast method that works everytime


Depends. If I've got no Cocaine at the three main locations, but two weeds and one cash along with the Diamond, maybe the Bearer Bonds, then yeah. Otherwise I cancel and do another scope out.


My current goal is to finish the entire heist from initial scope out to final cutscene in less than 25 minutes. So I take whatever I can grab first and bail. After you've run it enough times, I think it's pretty silly to worry about an extra 100k or so because of bad loot. I'd rather finish fast and start the 10-minute cooldown running so I can do the whole thing over again and squeeze a couple of extra heists into my overall play session. Same reason I think it's dumb to cancel the heist if you get tequila, because the most time-consuming part of the whole thing is flying across the map to gather intel.


I've only done three times so far. It's always been my intention to get secondary loot at the airstrip, but I keep getting caught after leaving the compound so end up booking it and swimming away.


After the scope out, I consider my path and vehicle. I plan my route for guard uniforms, grappling hook if available, and then secondary targets, all before arriving at the compound. So far, I have been lucky enough to find uniforms and at least one coke close to each other.


Yes, if you go the drainage pipe route and use the main dock as the escape point you can grab weed, cash or coke from the two closed doors (the torch cutter will open the locks, non need for bolt cutters) and pull it off in 10 minutes or less for the elite challenge.


I generally grab what’s at the airfield. I’ve got my route down to a science so the finale generally takes 8-9 minutes


After doing multiple solo Cayos, I finally found what could be the perfect mix match combo. If you manage to find 2 stashes of coke and one stash of weed, fill up one coke, one weed and fill the remaining space with the second stash of coke( not fully of course). Its an easy 440k. Also my approach to the heist has always been consistent: Kosatka to west beach, loot the airfield. If I fill my bag at airfield, I take out an NOC boater and head to the drainage tunnel, or I take some from the airfield, then head to North dock, loot there, and take a boat to drainage. Once done with the primary objective, I exit through main gate (Kosatka as escape method), but the sub is parked in the top of the map, so I just run to the left , jump off the cliff and keep swimming till mission succeeds


I usually scope out someplace I can get the grappling hook and guard uniforms most conveniently, and I grab the best secondary loot that's available at that location. Occasionally I'll go out of my way if, for instance, there's a second table of coke somewhere else that's easy to get.


Relatively new to grinding cayo but I went from just getting the primary, to getting secondaries at the main dock and back to only getting the primary.