i hate it here.

i hate it here.

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Maybe we need to take the law into our own hands. I say griefer hunting meets


So when & where's the first meeting


I don’t play GTA anymore but I volunteer to make an excel database to track criminals and support the in-person effort.


Count me in.


Well if he's in I'm in!


Ahh, man of culture and a Ryan George fan.


If we do this Dom, we're gonna need more than just a team, we're gonna need family


Ey dw, i know a guy from Japan


Last but not least, we'll need two precision drivers, guys who dont crack under pressure, guys who never lose Man you know we got that


Well if you are in I'm in too!


Sounds like someone with plans to fire an orbital canon would say


Unfortunately I don't own a facility, and I'm too piss poor to afford one


If you wanna earn some dollar I’m on PS4 👍


someone needs to make a sub for this


Done. See r/GTAVGrieferHunting Only just made it today


Anyone up for a discord server to go along with it? I have some experience in that regard.


i’m down


That would be very helpful




R* needs to make a mode for this.


Lmaoooo onggg


Dude i will actually play gta again if youre serious 😂


Fucking same


Someone make a crew


Ok, let’s write down the nicknames and go hunting


Someone named pacman (I forget their full name and it may be spelled differently but Ik the name was along the lines of pacman) used mods to teleport my plane around and ended up blowing it up. It was for the crate deliveries and I needed the money (I had less than $1k and I was supposed to make $200k from it). I was on the second to last drop, and he made us teleport into the ground, then back in the air, then he made our engines blow up and then made our plane teleport back into the ground and blow up. He then murdered us a bunch and made our games crash (I was doing the mission with my friend). If this hunt is happening, please put this person at the top of your list.


Same dude pulled that with me he definitely has got issues


Make a sub Reddit for it lol r/grieferhunting


r/GTAVGrieferHunting is officially a thing! A new sub is born. It’s an NSFW community because GTA is an 18+ game.


This is the best GTA group ever, I fully support




Same here, sign me up!


Drop me in!


I'm in as well!


Here's a few examples of common griefer names lol : ||||\||||[[[]]],||||||||•||••||•||, and --||||||||||||--.


That’s what me and my friend do for fun. Anyone killing any low levels or grinders we go a kill them until they leave, make sure to add a bit of shit talk into the mix to lower their self esteem


I'm going to assume this isn't the case, but low levels/'grinders' aren't always the victim. Literally countless times I've had people that do the same shit you do attack me on sight despite not having any clue how the fight started. Usually goes something along the lines of I get shot on sight -> player talks shit -> player then gets rolled and usually killed by the bozo I've been defending myself from - all this because they couldn't take a couple minutes to actually check.


Lmao this is exactly why I just mind my own business when I see someone getting killed. These white knights are annoying. A simple 1 on 1 revenge duel turns into a 2 on 1 because the white knight starts tag-teaming with the asshole player.




We need somebody in charge for each platform i would actually get back into gta just to bully broomstick bastards


My MC is named “Anti-Griefers”


This will be a fun orbital.


I'll come out of MTU settings retirement for this.


That's why I never do these jobs in a public lobby. Am always playing in solo public lobbies and for me it still works, since people say it's been patched


how do you do it


Do you have PS4?


For ps4 when connecting to the wifi or lan cable in the settings put manual and keep everything the same except the MTU change that to 800


Yeah, I know how to do it for PS4 :) I asking the guy above. I usually do 950 for the MTU and It works for me!


My wifi is already so shit so i don't need to use that method. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Reverse suffering from success


If you have a really good connection you might have to go lower. I have to bump it down to 730 to reliably make it unreliable.


I usually do 715 for the MTU


For PC: open Resource Monitor and goto the Network tab. Suspend networking to the process for 5-6 seconds then resume it. the lobby will act like everyone else left and you'll remain connected to Rockstar in a solo 'public' lobby.. If this has been patched I am unsure but this is the old way to do it on PC -> there is _zero_ reason to install any application or mod that you don't know what else it is doing when you can just suspend networking to the process for a couple seconds


That still works, and i cant really see how they could fix it, honestly; considering you're literally soft DCing from the server


Connect to the internet via LAN cable, literally pull it out a couple of mm for max 1 sec then plug back in, you "kick" everyone else out.


for pc, look up guardian by digitalarc


What does downloading an app do that’s easier than suspending process for 6 seconds in resource monitor?


for one, even if you suspend process, people can still join shortly afterwards


It takes a while for people to join in again. Rockstar usually prioritizes queuing players into full lobbies. And if someone joins, it's not that hard to suspend process again.


personally, the fastest i had someone joining after i suspended the process is roughly 10 minutes. and yeah, while its true that process can be suspended again, with guardian that will not be needed. i know its just 10 seconds, but i find it good not having to look over my shoulder all the time.


I see your point. I mainly avoid using extra software because there's a lot of bloatware out there, but I took a look into it and it looks pretty simple and trustworthy. Will definitely check it out later, thanks for the tip!


If you want a more refined alternative, the private public lobby tool on gta5-mods works basically the same, but it has an interface.


Netlimiter works well too, it's what I've been using. I have two rules set up that I switch on as needed, one to "lag out" and disconnect from everyone so I'm in a session alone, and another to block the port that allows others to join your session. I usually load into a populated lobby first and try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but at the first sign of griefing or assholery I'm using it. I wanna enjoy the game on my terms.


How do you not do it in a public lobby? Xbox won’t give me any other choice


What u can do on Xbox is join a random public lobby, become CEO, then find new lobby until you get in a lobby of about 4-8 people, and check the map for any opressors A lobby of 4-8 people have a significantly lower chance of having griefers Its also crucial that you do it in that order bcuz it's easier to find small lobbies when ur ceo (or at least from my experience)


Thanks, I’ll give this a shot next time I’m on


Bro, I was lucky to get a random lobby with just 1 other player. He was not that far, doing idk what. I got tempted, thought will do all MC sales and night club deliveries and even popularity lol. Got griefed by that guy in 15 seconds of starting my jobs. I couldn't fathom the fact that he would want to grief the only other person in the lobby.


They don’t think of it as grieving dude. It’s just “fun” to them.


I'd argue it sucks even more in solo public lobbies if you don't have another person in there aswell, because the game will spawn endless waves of Koreans with SMG's to fuck up your car.


Its not endless only 4 waves and that's it.


Just kill the guys in the car and then the passenger in the heli They'll stop spawning as long as the heli pilot is alive and the pilot can't shoot. Alternatively they usually only spawn about 3 times so if you kill all of them 3 times they should stop spawning


Better 10% less profit then 100% less. Also fuck this fucking game XD


You can also use a cargobob to avoid them altogether :)


Camping outside the vehicle warehouse is so wack Edit: To be clear: I never said this person was camping. Y’all love correcting people 😂


I once had a player in a Avenger waiting for me. I hated the Avenger for a long time after that. 🙃


Them volitive carpet bombs


I get my friend to drive so I can come up with my fuckin MK2


Camping outside the warehouse and still missing your first shot is double whack


i found the best way to kill griefers these last 2 weeks, just camp outside a vehicle warehouse location while in ghost org and blow their stupid ass off their broomstick


If you got the mini tank you can be invisible for as long as it's on the field


Two secs later, he is back on the broomstick :c


How many cars can you blow up on the broomstick before it isn’t fun anymore. Like i honestly really want to know. Like there is no way it is fun for 4 years straight. No matter how evil you are.


All about that free k/d for them. They get off seeing that ratio grow.


Had a few kids that were friends keep killing me with their jets while I was on foot. They were pretty good with them tbh. But I was getting a kick out of just using my sniper to try to kill them. I had a great time so I didn’t switch sessions and they kept messaging me things like “dude don’t you care about your k/d?” No I don’t kid I’m having fun. So they message me saying oh sure, you’re just mad, blah blah.


Ran into one of those guys a while back. I very much dislike those K/D warriors.


I think what may be a simple, common sense solution to k/d kiddos would be to only measure k/d in deathmatch modes. Your player card doesn't log how many race wins you get. K/d is literally just there to measure dicks and cause problems for people trying to have a good time.


imagine caring about your GTAO K/D I care more about what my turds look like than my GTAO K/D


Yeah and I’m pretty sure KD is useless in GTA online


Off radar as well.


Off radar doesn’t work if you’re carrying or driving a business sale bag/crate/vehicle. Works for business battle though


People sit out with stickys and proxy mines bruh. Shits wack asf. That’s usually why I go for the more expensive warehouses and properties. Usually less populated.


Just some days ago i was delivering a car there and i saw a low level infront of the warehouse so i just slowed down and started honking to which normally gta players respond peacefully…. He killed me as i wanted to deliver the top tier car… he delivered my car into his warehouse… 2m drive…


Uh... GTA players typically don't respond to *anything* peacefully.


As soon as those flying jet bikes that shoot rockets showed up, i quit. Such bullshit. I don't know what they were thinking but they literally ruined hundreds of hours of gameplay for people that saved up for tanks, helicopters, and armored vehicles. Such bs.


The saddest thing happened today actually, this guy was inviting random people to help him export more vehicles, including me. I messaged him to wait because I had a cargobob. When i got there we modified the vehicles and went out. One of the other guys stepped out, got his RPG and blew up all cars. And we could do nothing. The CEO quit after that Edit: nice little detail was that the guy who blew up the cars was a barcode. A warning for everyone not to randomly hire someone. Still doesn’t take away how horrible it was


Damn. People love ripping others joy away.


This game is perfect for antisocial fuckwits who think fun is making everyone else miserable


Fuck that guy


That's why I'd never entrust my cargo to randoms


Nahh they gotta make a disabled kids server


Griefers need to end up with a "griefer tag" that lasts for like a fifty kills or something. Join a lobby...instantly get swarmed by the higher ups. Deal with it till the tag is removed.


tHaTs UnFaIr !


“Why are they attacking us for no reason!!”


ItS pArT oF tHe GaMe !


Any time I see a griefer say this shit I automatically see if they're godmoding, and if they are I'll happily spend 30 mins up and atomizing them into a wall. Something about griefer saying that phrase pisses me off


Ah yes, 4h of dicking around in online, 20 minutes to get bunker resources and worth of it being like 0,7 million is DEFINITELY worth 2k and small amount of RP that'd get from robbing stores.


I can already imagine what you poor souls experienced because of griefers lol


And while it’s active, anyone not on your friends list or organization can get $2500 per kill on you.


Couldn't you still abuse it by temporarily unfriending the player with the tag?


Ok, have it so if you've ever been friends with the player?


fucking bangarang


“Clean player”


I dont like this idea because of the fact me and my friends will get into massive wars just killing eachother


uuuuuhhhh maybe exclude all kills on friends then?


Not severe enough give them the griefer tag and then only weapons they can use are thier fists, they cant call in any vehicles, and every time they spawn in the game it drops them on top of the mountain or in the middle of the ocean


“iT telLs yOu tO blOw uP carGo”


Why should we hide in solo lobbies, because of idiots like this OP, I am with you these MF are only here to bully other players.


It's so sad. You can make so much more money by just playing to game yourself. Camping at someone's warehouse isn't playing the game, in fact it's the exact opposite


I’m fine with the game mechanic if there is a mutual agreement between people. In theory, four friends could operate independent businesses and source four cars independently. If all cars are unique, and the specified recipient of these cars does not already have a copy of any of the car models, then all four can drive their sourced cars to the vehicle warehouse of one of their friends. This would help cut the amount of source time by 1/3 or less because the chances of sourcing unique vehicles is not constant. Eventually someone is gonna get a duplicate that cannot be taken to the friend’s warehouse.


You said so many words, I'm confused


I get that, so I’ll try rephrasing by naming each person. So you have four friends (A, B, C, D). Each one of these friends are running their own CEO organization with a vehicle warehouse, and all are starting from 0 Top range vehicles and 10 Mid and 10 Standard. When the four friends source a vehicle, they all get a unique vehicle. They all complete the mission normally until they get the vehicle from whoever has it. Once they get the vehicle, they do not deliver the vehicle to their own respective warehouses, but they park it outside one of their friend’s warehouse. For the example’s sake, let’s say that B (this way it doesn’t rhyme) was chosen to receive all the vehicles. So B would source his vehicle and deliver it to his warehouse as normal. A, C, and D would get their unique vehicles from whoever has them (the drug lord, photo shoot, etc), and they would park them outside B’s warehouse because they can’t access B’s warehouse without being in his or her organization. B would exit his warehouse and drive each of the three vehicles into his or her own warehouse from there. All participants did one vehicle mission worth about 5-10min, but B got 4 cars out of it. B only needs 8 more unique vehicles, and he or she can sell a full warehouse. Again, I’m only okay with people stealing cargo if they are mutually agreeing to helping each other out.


This is a sneakily clever idea. If I had more friends who took the game seriously I'd try this.


I'm getting very mixed messages. Do you think OP is an idiot or are you agreeing with them?


I think they’re saying stealing cargo is okay when you agree to let someone have it like sourcing cargo yourself but letting your friend take it for their business


OP as in oppressor, not original poster maybe?


Wow that was literally me today. Trying to deliver that same color 811 and a loser on a mk2 blows it up at the last moment. They immediately went to hide on their yacht(predictable) with defenses on, but I still got a kill with the SAM from my APC on the beach.😏


Wtf lol this guy went hibernating in his terrorbyte which i flipped over


Destroy the terrorbyte, then destroy the owner


Buncha cowards. I got them back 1-1 in hilarious fashion and still they were talking shit. If I wasn’t on the clock I would have stuck around and got some drone and Bandito kills on the guy but I had to go back to work.


As soon as the guy called me “gei” I knew it was time to leave the kid be


Reminds me of a time I spam killed a guy who destroyed my getaway vehicle prep, kept calling me a “puhsy”


A level 32&17 drove up and shot me in the middle of a fist fight with my buddy (I’m level 395 and he was 175). When we proceeded to pub stomp them, they sent us messages on xbl saying we were mad and pussies for fighting back.


ImAgInE nOt LeTtInG mE gEt ChEaP kIlLs On YoU pUhSy. That’s the only way him saying that would make sense


> They immediately went to hide on their yacht(predictable) with defenses on Not surprised. They also often leave the lobby. Such losers.


I’m perfectly fine with them leaving the lobby.


Mk2s have ruined this game. I'm still subbed here but hardly play due these shitty things.


If not mk2 people will use something else. It's not the vehicle, it's people¿s behaviour.


Whilst you are correct, a flying motorbike with missiles is different. It's easier fly than a helicopter and more maneuverable than a jet. It's a bullshit addition to the game.


I love it for PvE but you are right it's one of the worst things to get into the hands of griefers


Precisely why I uninstalled it. I was amongst the top players in the Buzzard, I could accept jets, rocket launchers, explosive sniper, but a flying motorcycle that turns on a dime, has rockets and flares! Oh, and if you destroy one, you get charged, and they can order another delivered immediately to them. Slow clap for R*


It’s absolutely the vehicle. The oppressor makes griefing absolutely fucking braindead with how easy it is to use.




Fuck rockstar for fixing the nat type bug and giving players a motorcycle that flies and shoots fucking rockets. I mean what kind of fucking idiot at rockstar thought that was a great idea


i just go frome wifi to wired internet and it works


Unfortunately I can’t do that because my router is on the first floor of my house. I am happy for the people who get to do the wired to wireless connection. Anytime people get to fuck with rockstar I’m all for it


if anyone needs solo public lobbies on xbox dm me i can start them up, invite you, then leave.


Imma save this comment for l8r 😈🤝


ofc hmu anytime! i can hop on whenever you need except for probably in the middle of the night :)


I respect Xbox as a playstation player, but we both can agree PC is fucked


Not only were they griefing. They were on an Mk2. Camping the warehouse/ And off the radar. Just..... wow. GTAO really is something.


Yeah and somehow grinder is "puhsy" for minding their own business


you don´t even get good money from destroying others people shit people who do this are just trash


You don’t even get money for destroying vehicle cargo. The whole point of it getting highlighted on the map for everyone is for delivery competition. Destroying the car isn’t the point of the competition, it’s stealing it and delivering it instead of the person who sourced it in the first place. But greifers are pricks who enjoy ruining people’s game sessions, so I wasn’t surprised when greifers started riding my ass trying to blow me up since you thankfully can’t lock into vehicle cargo cars.


I don’t think you get any money for destroying vehicle cargo, you might be thinking of bunker stock. You only get money from stealing the cars. Blowing imports up gets you nothing.


Literally only get like $2,000


If he would have stolen it at least, as he could bring it to his warehouse, that I can understand but that’s just low


And this is when I’d pull out the RC Tank and kill this dude on repeat til he leaves the session.


Don't worry buddy, that guy definitely has major insecurities in his life. All K/D warriors do. When you succeed in life, take solace in knowing, that guy who blew you up, has no life to succeed in.


This is why I moved from La Mesa. Started noticing all the shark-card-salesmen just loitering outside waiting to grief, so I moved to Davis and this never happened again.


Also fuck Rockstar for removing the ability to test NAT type for public solo sessions.


They said they improved overall servers as an excuse to do that too. The game servers are just as shit as before


To add to this, always check for proximity mines before driving in


Cayo and MK2 have irreparably changed the game


I genuinely don't get what joy someone gets out of doing that. Killing the driver and stealing the car for yourself is one thing, but I don't have a problem with it. As it's just competative theft. but people like this guy literally just buy an expensive militarized vehicle, not for the purpose of fighting or using it for any of it's tactical value, but only to wait outside a vehicle warehouse for hours just to slightly annoy another player. ​ What kind of person do you have to be to literally play the game just to try and ruin other people's?


These are the people that made me delete the game. Now I live vicariously through this sub


This reminds me of the time when I was making a gunrunning shipment. An Oppressor Mk2 though it would be a good idea to destroy everything before I made the first shipment. I chase him down in my toreador and he hides in his clubhouse for a second (they all own an MC). Then after a while I afk until I see him fly to his bunker. He was just very smart and decided to run his own gunrunning shipment in the same session. I park there with a toreador that I got from the casino at the time and see a big Phantom Wedge by his bunker. I'm curious of why it's there (I was a low lvl at the time and didn’t get to do every variation of gunrunning deliveries) until I see him inside. I figured “That dumbass is in a big slow truck so I may as well get him back while I still have the chance.” I destroyed it and got 2k GTA$. I was very happy with a slight tint of guilt, but mostly happy that I gave him a taste of how he makes people feel when he does this shit to other people. Then I drove the car underwater while he chased me in his Oppressor with a very intimidating lock on sound. I camped below 450ft just like he did, and sent him a text telling him “How's it feel”.


I don't even care for the money or any shipments anymore in situations like these... I just want to watch them suffer, no matter the time or money it takes. It's even more fun helping low levels get back at griefers, best feeling in GTA 😅


My main reason why I have no problems making them focus on me for 10-30min. Even if I die 10-20 times, that is time used on me which cannot be used against lower level players. And I’m level 311, so I have more than enough toys to make their venture more miserable or time consuming than say someone who is level 50.


Yeah its always beautiful just getting one toy after another just to keep them occupied 😂 best thing always is if they challenge you to 1v1 after a few times... Which i am pretty good at, i had a guy last week who only left the lobby after going from 0-4 to 41-5 i actually admired him for still trying 😂


What annoys me that even at that level with all the toys we got, theres still nothing that dominates an Opressor. It has a decent chance against every kind of jet and chopper


Oh, that is what luring them to my yacht is for. Turn on the AA and hello 5min cooldown. And the nightshark does a pretty good defense against the mk2. No, it doesn’t have any good weapons, but you can troll them by going from one apartment to the next in it.


*looks at clock* oh time to do fully loaded


Hope you bullied him til he left


When I see this happen I put on thermal helmet. Jump in a lazer or MKII and spawn camp the griefer till they leave or go passive


People who play like this are so annoying


The good thing is you didn't lose anything if I recall. However, the effort you put in went to waste.


Petition for the weapons on the oppressor to be removed


someone did this to me but he placed prox mines and waited while griefing other players


I feel like I would be a good sport about that one. That at least requires patience whereas the mk2 is a cheap kill.


At this point, just go off the radar at the final stretch and go the long way. Throw off campers and deal with them


I would if i wouldve noticed 🥲


MaYbE It'S ThE WeAtHeR


I did that twice today (not blowing up the cargo but stealing it)


seeing the shadow fly by on the ground like that is like the equivalent to seeing a shark fin in the ocean


game is such trash. even after almost a decade.


All these people saying “go into solo lobbies duhhh” but they’re missing the point: the fact that, in a multiplayer game, I have to play it solo to specifically avoid people is a problem in itself. I shouldn’t be forced to be alone if I want to make money.


Take tracking missiles off of the damn thing. Problem solved Rockstar.


I’m pretty sure the lock is disabled for vehicle I/E and some other stuff, this dude was just waiting


You can't lock-on onto I/E vehicles. Won't change anything there. But you could switch the rockets with the buzzard ones. Rockets would still be useable for PvE work and would require some skill to use in PvP vehicle fights while still having countermeasures and being a small target.


If you wanna be solo in a public lobby change your mtu settings to 800


Imma try this tmrw


Just keep in mind if you wanna play with the online players on gta or any other game make sure you change your mtu settings back to the original you had it before changing to the 800


That 18-wheeler got ya


I had a player camping outside my warehouse, I didn't know they were there and as soon as I drove out they killed me and took my car into their warehouse.. I couldn't do anything but watch. I'm pretty sure that I left gta alone for a long time after that bs


Thats happened to me multiple times. That’s why I hate public lobbies, like I’m just trying to grind why do you need to be a pain in the ass


I had a level 795 do this to me then spam sent me Xbox messages for half an hour calling me a ‘mutt’


Honestly that’s the reason I stopped playing gta…


bruh i just delivered that car today


Lmao griefers are the worst kind of player in the game. Small dick assholes.


The fucking rocket bike killed the multiplayer. Whoever had the idea deserves to never work in the industry again.