Official Los Santos Tuners DLC information and Discussion Thread

Official Los Santos Tuners DLC information and Discussion Thread




Contracts seem to be about 160-185k Exotic exports I couldn't get above 20k (I stole a carbionzarre and riccoto) but may be more with the rarer cars And the modification business Ive only done once, and was about 20k (20k initial investment, 40k payout) again, could be worth more


I had a 50k investment with a 30k payout. I think it was on a Nero


How did you start working on a car though? I have a damn Neo on the shop I cant get to start working on it


This whole process seems glitchy as hell. First car I was able to mod and deliver fine. Second car I could mod but it wouldn't give me the delivery location, so had to restart and get the staff to deliver it. Third car is sitting in the lift, but when I walk up I don't get the option to mod it. Edit: next day I could mod the third car, but still doesn't give me the location when I try and deliver in public session. Tried again invite only and it worked.


I have no idea. I think I got the message that a car was there, went in and stood by it and it prompted me to get in and start modifying it


Lol I paid 20k on a Brioso 300, got my staff to deliver it, and 30 mins later, got 27k. Pretty shit money ngl


Deliver them yourself. I've made 80k on a delivery (reimbursement included) delivering it on my own. It seems that the staff always finds a way to wreck the cars and get you paid less.


Contracts are 160k-170k, but it's three missions so not an effective way to make money fast. Can't speak for the rest. Exports are the standard 20k, but no cops.


I ran into one of the Exotic Exports vehicles, the Tigon (at the large parking lot just north of Pacific Standard bank) and I got 20k for turning it in.


The personal aircrafts are spawning next to our character. Is this a bug or new update thing?


I have seen this question a lot, and I would like to know this too. That would be great if true.


I’m really hoping it isn’t a glitch cause I don’t want to have to drive far away between spawn points to get my plane


Nice as long as it doesnt spawn somewhere it cant take off (Good for heli, bad for plane)


*laughs in VTOL*


It’s a nice addition for the hydra especially because of VTOL




I heard it's a new Quality of Life thing that is gonna stay


Is the free Auto Shop in Strawberry not showing up for anyone else? I've checked in game and on the prime gaming website and all I see is the $400k I claimed a while back.


I'll wait here because it isn't showing to me either.


I got mine. It didn't show up until I read a message on my phone from some guy about it


That location showed as “Free” for me, but maybe it will work later for some Prime users. I’d almost hold off buying it hoping you’d get reimbursed. It should just show as free. Maybe shut the game all the way down and load in again


>Track down Moodymann’s media stick to discover an epic summertime mix of classic cuts and exclusives including features from Nez, Channel Tres, Gangsta Boo and Jessie Johnson from Prince’s legendary band, The Time, perfect for cruising the city or playing at your next BBQ. What’s the new Channel Tres song?


Channel Tres - Skate Depot


tysm that song is dope


if anyone wants to know how the new I/E works, A blue dot will appear on screen to show the car, kinda like getting keys from Cayo guards. they dont spawn in set locations like san andreas. its like Simeon, but with interesting cars


Is this exotic exports? So I just drive around in the hopes of getting the blue dot?


Yes and yes. I got paid 20k for delivering one of the cars so I think that's about as much as you can expect to get paid.


10 new cars every day plus some bonus if you deliver them all


You have to do at least one of those mini heist fast and furious missions first before you unlock exotic exports


The prison job be like "figure out how to get over the walls and into the prison to kill 3 guys" Me: "I use an oppressor?" "Nah steal a ramp truck, park it outside the prison so you can use a car to get over the walls also we wont tell you how you're gonna get out of there till you're inside"


Best car for new races?


I'm not sure if the cars can be lowered in races, but stanced calico is insane.


I've only tried the dinka jester rr and I like it a lot. Very stable car, but I'm definitely not the shittiest driver out there. But there is other cars that can hang with it. Problem is you only see the cars shine in lobbies without catchup and slipstream, which are sparse rn.


The Jester rr was the way to go for me until now. But i found out the calico has some strong acceleration which can give you a good chance in these races. Of course lobies with catchupo and slipstream doesnt get affected that much by car attitudes but yeah...i like opening my own lobbie so im gonna racing only with conctact but catchup and slipstream off. custom on of course to show off ma ride. the euro car appeared in word record for me. but im waiting for broughy1322 to release his test video about the new cars, tomorrow. Always helpful.


I want to know this. I’m a bit of a car noob so I need someone to let me know what cars in the update are the best to buy


Looks like the top rated new car is the Calico, according to GTABase. 88.32 rating


Seems on point, the car has great acceleration and speed but turning is a hassle


Not surprised by that just from test driving it. And then I saw the price. Of course it's the most expensive one. lol I'm curious but holding off buying any of the new cars just yet. I need to test drive them all. edit: second most expensive. by a hair. lol


I tested most of them and calico definitely seems the best for racing. It’s a little rough around corners but once you get used to it you’ll dust anyone else


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 99,522,226 comments, and only 26,386 of them were in alphabetical order.


Apple banana cat dog elephant fox.


Anyone know where exactly the last Music Stick is? ~~I got the ones from the Casino Roof Terrase, the Arcade Bar and Tony's Desk in the Nightclub. Old Thread said it was in the Car Meet Warehouse on a table next to the customization area. I can't find it.~~ Edit: Nevermind I found it. It's on the red tool box, right next to the guy that's at the Spray Paint Icon when inside the LSCM Warehouse.


I have only gone to the car meet in an invite only session. When you go there in a public session will you see other players and their rides?




Yes but the npc cars are still there


With the knowledge that the new missions can be played solo, the DLC is already worth it. And I like what Rockstar did here. It's nice that the Meeting Garage is filled with NPC, so that it doesn't feel dead without other people.


They can be, but some can be pretty tough solo. The IAA building finale, in particular has endless waves of enemies and it took me a few tries to get it. Lots of checkpoints though. I was hoping there would be some way to pull off a stealthy approach but I'm not sure there is one.


The train heist one is brutally unfair solo


For anyone stuck: use sharpshooter and stick bombs to the trains breaks, speed into the tunnel down the tracks. Wait for the train to be in the tunnel and blow the bombs. Dismount in the tunnel, loot, drive out of the tunnel and use expert driving skills to get to moodyman. I used the Kanis calico fully upgraded.


I find all of the new missions tedious. They are rehashes of all the missions we have been doing and hating for years. Infinite waves of helicopters and goons. Final missions take away your access to all of your vehicles and weapons, so you are forced to slog through crappy missions with the worst solutions to the problems. And then the pay is awful for the time and effort investment. Cayo is still the only grind worth doing.


At this point the only content Rockstar produces that I enjoy is the cars, every time I try the combat in this game I walk away frustrated by the bullshit aimbot enemies, the laughably bad checkpoint system and the clunkiest healing system I've ever seen in a video game.


Anyone mentioned the fact that you can now choose your favourite radio stations from the inventory menu? LS Rock Non-Stop Pop West Coast Classics are my go to stations. There is a Media Player option that has appeared. Anyone know what this is? Need to relearn the D-Pad presses to get to Body Armour and Snacks now they’ve added favourite radio stations. I keep ending up there when quickly trying to apply armour/snacks


What’s with the bicycles spawning after the contract missions 😂😂


you just broke into the IAA building, here's a bicycle to get away, good luck!


There is now only 1 card swipe for each door in cp compound but atleast in 2 player heist you need ro get both keycards to open any doors


Is this a glitch or something new?


Seems like a new feature, i don't know if you can get gold solo but there is only 1 keycard reader


You can’t. Even when you get both cards you can’t interact with it at all


That's really sad


I’m loving this update, These cars look identical to their real life counter part and I hope rockstar keeps going this route. I wonder if in E&E they’ll update all the cars in the game to look better and with more customizations, I’d love that!


> I wonder if in E&E they’ll update all the cars in the game to look better and with more customizations, I’d love that! This is still R* you know


Well if they want to make E&E stand out it only makes sense that they give us incentives to upgrade. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive even said he’s not interested in simple ports.


Can’t wait for the Vectre to be released. I’m a sucker for Lexus cars, haha.


Foreal, I just got the etr1 and I’m obsessed


Now I see why Red Dead Online update was so boring. They put all their time into GTA's


That's been every update after the first 3 roles came out. Moonshiner role is cool and you can make some decent money but it's so damn limited. Then you have the big game update. Fun for abit but What a fucking let down.


Honestly I liked the legendary animals addition, especially for Trader. But once you've sampled each of them once it's not worth the money to do it again.


Yeah, that's the fun part. What would have been better was getting cool designed pelt clothing Instead of the same coat with a different legendary animal head.


I’ve played better GTA contact missions then whatever the fuck the RDO emerald heist was


I'ma a red dead fan boy but I'm downloading this as we speak. Want that new M3


Is there an option to cancel Sprint/Head to Head/Scramble? When I select them in the interaction menu and noone joins the only thing I seem to be able to do is switch sessions.


Pick your phone, go to "Actions" and press Space.


Thank you


So, any preferences for the new auto shop heist/job/contract? I do kind of enjoy having to avoid gunfire while driving a tuner car instead of an armored car, that stuff gets pretty boring. Buuut, you know how we like to min-max everything ​ Any cars that have a slight advantage over the other? a cover from getting shot behind or performance boost? Seems to me they are more or less the same but maybe it's too early to tell without the dripfeed cars.


The Calico has some hella nice performance. It should give you more control when losing heat or chasing the train in that one mission.


wonder when R* will stop reusing the same car sounds for all their fucking cars…


Right! Its lame as shit. The gtt sounds aweful


For the love of ***DEITY***, Rockstar, increase the payout of these races! Winning 7k for a 3 lap race isn't gonna put my son through college!


Also barely gets you any rep for the new content - I grinded street races for a couple hours straight and was winning most of them with full lobby and I’m only lvl 11 rep


Some idiot put 10 laps on a race, and of course half of the players left before finishing, and I barely got anything for that too


Since its like Arena Wars, I can imagine x2 Rep every so often.


Does anyone know how much reputation u need for the trade in prices??


It seems random. I’ve got trade on three of the cars and I’m rep 10. Some people have reported getting different card though, hence why I think it’s random.


Man every line of dialogue from KDJ and Sessanta sounds like a 6th grader trying to write a Fast & Furious script


Honestly I’m not particularly happy with the writing and voices but the rest is nice. Course I’m comparing it to Pavel so the voice acting is probably alright


As if F&F doesn't sound like it's written by a 6th grader already


When will we know what each Reputation Level unlock is? I'm rank 11 and I've only got the trade prices of the Nissan Z, S2000, and Warrener pickup \*Edit I'm currently level 16/17 and I already unlocked the Jester RR's trade price as well. So it seems that I unlock a new trade price every 5 ranks or so (with the RT3000 being the first unlock at level 1). \>further testing required \*Final Edit The trade price unlocks are completely random lmao (every 5 levels you get a new trade price). [Here is a link of the full list of unlocks.](https://pastebin.com/Uhh0ghJZ) (Only the vehicle trade price unlocks are random, but the clothes and car cosmetics are all fixed).


Some good soul will most likely post it in the next hours no later than the next days


Best way to rank up? Tired of getting rammed off the track in races


I've been doing mostly races, sadly. But I found that simply spending some time at the meet levels you up (although much slower). If you wanna make the most of it, I suggest treating the LS meet as your new Los Santos Customs and just customize your cars there. I also found that if you browse through the tattoos and clothes you get bonus rep.


Better to treat your Auto shop that way as I think you get discounted upgrades there now.


I'm starting to think they're random. I'm rank 8 and I've got the trade prices for the Nissan Z, Audi and Celica


The Audi's is from the workshop which I dont plan on buying. The Z i guess is n early unlock. The Warrener as well.




FYI: Stock cars stand no chance in the Pursuit Races. They don't have bulletproof tires and theres cops shooting all throughout the race. Don't waste your time til you bought a tuner


So I can only use the DLC vehicles for it?


Yes, it's the same for the races, you're limited to the brand new dlc vehicles only, but you are allowed to use personal rides that are modded if you have the cash. If you're short on cash, I suggest just going around the car meet to get your rep up with them which will get you the trade price on the Annis Euros and then upgrade that to use in events.


Learned that the hard way ha ha, still super fun though!


Do we know which ones are the fastest racers yet?


New calico and jester seem to be the fastest, haven’t lost a race with either but I think the calico sets faster lap times


So, little bit of friendly advice, if you buy the Mission Row garage, don't stand directly in front of it and summon your car, run south down the street a little bit to the intersection. If you don't do this, your car will spawn on the overpass.


Question, potentially a stupid one: The Prime Gaming benefits are for ALL players who have connected their accounts, NOT just players who connect their accounts right now, right? In other words, I connected my accounts a while back, so I still get the free mod shop?


It will be for everyone, but it seems many people can't see the discount right now. It will probably end up being a rebate deal.


I hope so… I bought the mod shop right after launch, without knowing prime benefits (and it’s still not showing on amazon prime) R* support is not willing to help in ANY way…


That rx-7 looks bomb af


Can anyone confirm or deny that the Cayo Perico heist was nerfed and if it was, how was it nerfed? I saw nothing in the patch notes but have seen multiple people talking about it. Thank you.


In my testing: * The door glitch is fixed. I was pretty consistent at it, but I'm unable to get into any of the three doors now. * There's only one keycard in front of each door now. * I don't get the prompt to interact with the keycards in a solo heist, even with both key cards. Pavel also plays the dialogue about needing two players to use them still. * Edit: Sight lines are thinner now when playing at night. * Edit: During the plasma cutter prep, you no longer need to select Pavel from your contacts list. I suspect the single keypad will allow a single person to activate it, but only in a two-player heist. Requires more testing.


So it was kind of buffed in a sense then. Minus fixing the door glitch which I didn’t know about lol was that only for pc players?


Small buff for legitimate two player heists. Major nerf for solo farming with glitch. I only play on PC, so I don't know if it was different on console. Mouse precision probably helped a lot in getting the right angles though. ^(e: Typo)


Ok got it. So If I played solo “clean” before then I shouldn’t notice a difference minus the single key cards. Thank you for the info. I appreciate it


There is only 1 keycard reader each door in cp compound so seems like you can now get solo gold, in 2 player heist you still need to collect both cards to open any doors


Just did Cayo a few moments ago. There was just one keycard reader, I found the two keycards but wasn't able to use them on the reader. So, I guess that a minimum of two players are required for the secondary targets in the compound. Although, it's kinda good, since the other guy can go collect the primary, while I can open up the secondary targets.


I did Cayo Perico twice since the update dropped. I had someone with me to open the extra rooms but once we had both key cards it only took one of us to open a door. I would just go up amd swipe by myself and it would open. Not sure if bug or huge buff to Cayo. Anyone experiencing this too?


Seems to be a feature to combat glitching through the doors.


So if i am to do it solo, can i grab the golds inside the storage rooms?


No, it doen't work in solo


God DAMMIT, the slamtruck was a tease!


>this week it’s the scorching hot Annis Remus, up for grabs by placing top three in a Street Race for three days in a row between now and July 27. **HOT TIP!** Race with 2 friends, then all 3 of you will place in the top 3. Easy! :-D


Hotter Tip: Works with 2 ppl I just use a second account lol


My probably biggest gripes with this update are that you cant tell when you'll unlock trade prices and the npc cars in the car meet area. Their cars are really cool but I wish they had their own area. I want to be able to tell which are player cars and which are npc cars


When you are near car press Z and it will show car stats and if it's a player's car it will show username


Yea but it's still annoying coz its alot of the time you'll be parked inbetween NPCs. It's just long to walk around and do that with every single car you see :/




KDJ is so annoying holy fuck. We get it. You like to have sex and call people “mother fuckers”.


LMAO This is legit exactly what I say everytime he's on screen. I hated him with the CP update and now they multiplied how much we have to hear him.


I agree. I was doing one of the new contract missions and wanted to mute my volume cause all I hear are these dumbass characters having phone sex while I'm killing an army of merryweather. I'd rather have Lester screaming in my ear then this annoying couple.


So annoying. I didnt pay like 2.5mil for this auto shop so these chumps can act like they own the place and that i work for them. Pisses me off. Those two talk a lot of smack for people in orbital laser range.


I paid 4 and feel the same way. She eats all my snackies and they do the sex all the time


The one time i wish our character can talk is right now to snitch KDJ out that he's Moodyman.....even though he wears his own shirt.


I swear to God, every single character in GTA V and Online is pure annoying. But the new couple is next level annoying.


This little maneuver is gonna cost me $50m


Has anyone found the fastest way to gain reputation?


Time trial, the first lap being really bad on purpose, then the seconds one being slighly faster and so and so until you make a good lap, then exit, you will gain rep really fast


fun fact: if you run over one of the spectators in the race they'll chase you. They also continue to chase on subsequent laps.




I think they made it so you can't go afk in the usual fashion of watching television. I tried watching the security camera from my ceo office and then started a mission and tried watching normal tv in my apartment and both times I was kicked from session for being idle too long.


Well, time to go back dancing again.


I used to idle in front of a TV in a timerless mission for nearly a year now, but since yesterday i am getting kicked. So its this update and not a mistake on my side. Any solution on how to idle now? I will try dancing but i doubt it works while on a mission and that would cost a lot. \*edit\* dancing also doesn't work anymore


Yes that ‘feature’ is gone so you can’t go afk for 8 hours. But put a rubber band on the controller and plug it in. Works that way still


Everyone's just using Calicos in races now, it's kind of annoying.


Great, next update can we have an option to torch our unused businesses and collect the insurance on them? Also a fight club would be cool too.


If you afk in your car it’s easy reputation levels plus no idle kick


afk in your car where? test track?


The actual car meet area with the vehicle options open


I assume like most properties, you can upgrade and do all the extra add ons with the auto shop after you have purchased the main location, right? I only got 3.5 million and cant buy every upgrade I would like off the bat but at least wanna have the barebones shop rn and look around/ do the missions


Might as well wait for a discount for all the bells and whistles


Yeah exactly. I waited for sales for everything for the kosotka and saved so much money


Yes, exactly


if u have twitch prime you can get the one on strawberry ave for free then buy upgrades on it


Free Classic/Crew paint colors in your mod shop. Metal/Chrome/Metallic all cost money (you can pearl a classic for free) Haven't checked the cost in any of the other vehicle workshops yet.


Are street races the only way to increase your rep? Seems like a grind.


I've also noticed my rep increasing by: * Using the test track * Using the auto shop in LSCM * Buying clothes in LSCM My rep increased when I used each of the cars available for testing and when I used one of my own. Doesn't go up if you use the cars a second time though. I'd guess tattoos would do it too.


So I tried to do the "modify a customer's car and deliver it to them", did all the modifications but then when I went outside it didn't tell me where to deliver the car. Is this a glitch or am I supposed to know where to deliver this stupid thing without the game telling me?


I hate drivers who just crash each other, it makes racing not fun and one of the main reasons why I hate online play is because of the dirty racers.


Did the math. You need $16,030,000 to buy everything stock. That's actually not bad. I haven't made it on yet. Is there a way to win some of those cars or buy them at a discount?


All trade prices are unlocked through the rep system, and you can win a car through the prize challenge. For instance, currently it's place top 3 in a street race 3 days in a row. Also mods are discounted when going through the auto shop you can buy.


Oh sweet! That sounds dope.


Music from Jesse Johnson of The Time is a part of this update? It’s like my love for anything Prince related and cars are colliding in one update


I really don't care about racing. Do all the new upgrades have a "Buy It Now" price? Like in arena war you can just buy everything despite your reputation, you just pay more. I hope that's the case here.


Nope, they have to be unlocked.


That's unfortunate.


Holy shit the frame rate is ass


The performance went to shit since Cayo Perico update for some reason. I used to manage 40-60 fps most of the time even in a full lobby but now I get dips to 30's even with an empty lobby.


Pc I’m assuming? Current gen consoles have always been stuck at 30, I’m getting 15-25 on Xbox one


New characters are SO. FUCKING. ANNOYING. Shieeeeeeet, I want Pavel to start doing car shit, like NOW.


Can't wait until my character is mute and deaf and everyone has to communicate via text.


shot twice and blown up the 3rd time just trying to get into the car meet. Yup, seems about right.


Passive, bro


People camping outside of the building, putting proximity mines and stuff. You better be passive when you going in and out.


Camp them back. Set up a bit far back from them and snipe with explosive rounds.


People are saying passive but there are also a TON of entrances. Like 4 on the roof, multiple ones around the sides of the building, etc. You can parachute in to the roof and call your mechanic when you get inside and he'll deliver a car straight to your indoor parking spot.


Is there any way to race with our actual upgraded vehicles and not stock ones? I was hoping for actual Fast & Furious vibes where the shit under the hood matters.


Yeah, go to the race guy in the new warehouse and join the races. All of mine I’ve been in have allowed custom vehicles


I've seen upgraded vehicles in street races so yeah there's a way but I'm a huge cheapskate so I haven't bought any of the new cars yet


Dud Rockstar patch the non idle watching TV?


Probably an unpopular opinion on here but I find the new auto shop contact missions to be quite fun.


Unreleased car called the Growler. Don’t mind me, I’m going to wax the growler


Not only that, its manufacturer is Porsche's GTA equivalent, Pfister. So, Pfister Growler.


Did r* release patch notes for this update?


Here ya go [https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/4403962558995/GTAV-Title-Update-1-54-Notes-PS4-Xbox-One-PC](https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/4403962558995/GTAV-Title-Update-1-54-Notes-PS4-Xbox-One-PC)


> A new ‘Favorite Radio Stations’ option has been added to the Interaction Menu in GTA Online. This allows players to favorite radio stations which then only populate the radio wheel. Oh HELL yeah!


Do we know the final take potential for the new "contracts" in the DLC? I saw a pretty measly amount for the effort and time it takes to complete. Are these going to be any good or like the rest of the Rockstar created jobs that most people only hit once or during triple RP/Cash? As a grinder, not seeing much to draw me in.


I started one. Seems pretty quick for a 200k payout. It was pretty fun, but I’m not a min Maxer who just does what makes the most money


On the planning board it says they give 170-180k each, but there is a fee and in fact they pay around 150k when you finish them. If you do it with a friend or a random, those will get 50k.


162k for the feeca bank robbery thing solo


How do you get clients in the mod shop? I've already done 3 contracts and no one came in.


Sessanta will call you


I love the fact that you can hire staff who deliver vehicles to the customer.THIS is the way forward for businesses in game, actually hiring people to do the work rather than the boss doing the deliveries.


Is it just me who finds moodyman and sessanta outright annoying?


Tried to watch TV to AFK, and got kicked. Got back in game once I came back, and constanly getting idle warnings while watching TV. Happening to anyone else?


Some guy above said he was kicked watching security cams, so it seems like AFK is no longer a possibility. Unless you turn your controller upside down and have your guy walk in circles, but that will cost you a shitload in daily fees. Bad Rockstar


No fucking way they did that fuck


Anyone else having issues staying connected? I've been kicked twice now in less than an hour. Could be my internet but this has never been a problem before today.


Are the low grip tires for drifting ?


I’m so happy I don’t need a team to play the missions!!! ❤️❤️🥳


What’s the best tuner vehicle to buy? Eventually I’d like to own them all but that is of course going to require a bit of grinding. Is there one I should aim to get now? Aesthetics are nice but I’m mainly looking for highest performance (after modding, of course)


The update broke quick jobs. Attempting to search for a cayo Perico heist via quick job always searches for an auto shop heist instead Edit: When attempting to join a Diamond heist via quick job there’s a chance you’ll be suddenly pulled into the clouds and trapped there even if no job was found


If you haven't done test track time trial, do terrible your first run, then a bit better, and a little better, etc. You get extra rep each time you beat a personal best lap time. Looks like you can afk while on the test track to, at least during a time trial.