They literally set up in the cutscene for them to be the perfect contacts, one from story mode/one new instead we got that one DJ from the cheap casino nightclub nobody goes to & a randomly generated player character.

They literally set up in the cutscene for them to be the perfect contacts, one from story mode/one new instead we got that one DJ from the cheap casino nightclub nobody goes to & a randomly generated player character.


Hao gave me these early Fast and Furious/Need For Speed FMV vibes where he's kinda annoying, but completely makes up for it with his energy and personality. I was excited to spend more time with him. Too bad we never fucking see him again.


I really wished we had more screentime with Mini, tbh she seemed like a Paige clone but she looked interesting and better than sassaxaphonemenda.


Her name is sasquatcha






And now in reverse but the middle a is an o


holy cr\*p


What really? You don’t ever see him again?


He's in single player, and he's at the airport mod shop, but he never gets another cutscene after the introduction.


go to ls customs by lsia. he's there 24/7


it's not the same :(


from a toad to a prince


Who even goes to that LS cutoms? its in the worst spot.


Me who has a car warwhouse, garage, nightclub and hangar in that part of the map: 😐ok


I’d have love to actually be able to interact with Hao + Mimi longer... they seem pure car enthusiasts ! The most friendliest characters / NPCs lol


When u claim the prize ride, Mimi will email u again praising ur driving & to enjoy the car Also I like how she starts off her email with babe


Rockstar reset my progress on the prize ride or my timing is off. Apparently after 5pm est each day isn’t safe


Why can we not hang up on them


Why can we not hang them


Hol up


Why can we not hang


You can.


Y tf does he call u when ur close to the autoshop sayin "dont worry ull get payed"


That’s literally what I hate the most, they call you when you’re 100 feet away from your shop like dude your call is gonna be ended automatically when I drive inside so hurry it up lol


It's always short enough to be skipped because the missions are meant to be done with cars, that way they're easier and more fun,i think it emulates need for speed games.


I wish he started talking when I close the game so I wouldn't have to listen to his BS.


And mothafucka


Can anyone tell me what the purpose of the Musiclocker is? You met Miguel Madrazo there, that's it. All the functionality of the ML is in your Nightclub as well.


if [GTA Wiki](https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/The_Music_Locker#DJs) is correct, it's because Rockstar's music team just really wanted to do DJs justice after feeling like they didn't with the After Hours update


All that tells me is that they focused on the wrong things.


Oh yeah they did them justice by making a dusty cobweb filled basement on the service entrance that most people forget exists into a nightclub that nobody has listened to.


During the Casino heist the entrance is used as waste disposal. I think that says it all.


And they managed to do even worse lmao.


God forbid they expand on a prior DLC to make it better. Instead just duplicate the same thing in a place no one has any reason to be.


I, for one, would like to be able to customize the Biker delivery vehicles... or even pick which delivery I do, instead of having to drive that fucking mail van.


Gotta be honest, I don't think they did them justice with the Musiclocker either.


Yeah nobody has ever been back to the Musiclocker after the first time to kick off the Cayo Perico Heist. I like the radio station though.


honestly the way the quote read made me think this guy didn't even remotely care if the Music Locker was good content, he only cared if the DJs were portrayed more realistically than they were in After Hours


Was meant to be a spot for the lobby to gather in peace, maybe dance and drink. But nobody ever goes there except to meet Miguel lol


I did for the platinum awards.


I can only imagine they thought it was going to be a hit? Lol


Tequila shots.


Okay that's a really good point.


No, it's not. The Music Locker has different DJs, you do not need to have a popular club to unlock top shelf liquor, it's always packed, the DJs have missions (one of which unlocks the trade price of the Itali RSX), the lighting effects are far more intense and trippy, there's table service, visiting it is often a daily objective, there's tequila, and would you imagine, some people actually enjoy the space!


Okay I hear you, but what if, and hear me out here: - Add the new lights and DJs and things as upgrades to the nightclub - DJs are free or cheap, and you need to do a mission for each to unlock them (or the Itali RSX) - Have Tony actually do something for you (he promised he'd take care of the nightclub side of things but he's just sitting there at his messy desk), and let him do the popularity because that's a crappy system anyway - That keeps all nightclubs filled with people and not make it feel like you've just invested millions into a busted place - Keep the missions, but instead get a straight up monetary reward (because they're fun, but not really worth it)


> there's tequila, *Tequila Sinsimito®, smooth flavor since 1889, organically grown in the tropical islands of Colombia, and traditionally harvested by submarine.* *Drink responsibly.*


Would have loved hao and mimi over those two fucks.


I hate how they view us as noobs. This why I like Lester and I don’t find him annoying. Even though Lester viewed as amateurs at first it got better the more heists we did with him.


Lester's bitching i can tolerate, since he's been heisting for decades and knows his shit, but these fools need to go.


You sound like Larry Lawton. Can’t wait to see his reactions on these pair of idiots


I watch him too lol


>Even though Lester viewed as amateurs at first it got better the more heists we did with him. Character Development


PAVEL.He never viewed us as noobs and didn't care what we did as long as we made money.Also he takes only 1% of a 1 and something million dollar heist


I smile every time I hear him cheerfully say "Kapitan!" His stories are actually interesting and funny, and he enjoys shooting down rocket bikes as much as we do.


Well duh, lester viewed us as amateurs at first because we were amateur noobs.


Beyond fucking dissapointed that Mimi wasn't an actual character. She looked fucking dope.


they rly put her in official artwork and made us think she was gonna play a bigger role just for these goofs to show up


The data contract, they wont shut up at all, even when your in the bunker.


ive yet to play the new update but seeing this subs frustration with these two characters, sounds like im in for a doozy.


For me its just the fact that they think they are hot shit and talk shit about my characther, when he's many times richer, he's saved the country and robbed a drug dealer's island countless times and yet they think he's his slave or something like that. They get annoying the first few seconds you see them.


They would be fine as horny idiot sidekicks. The fact that they're actually planning and leading heists makes no sense. I have a hard time believing that they understand what's happening at all in contracts much less calling the shots.


Let me get k on the line... ... Aww yeah motherfucker fart bubbles in the bath tub mmm


The fact that this is almost exactly what one of the cools is blows my mind. I get Rockstar likes humour, but I would have preferred a more serious contact. Hell, why didn’t Paige return? She’s already helped us rob one Fleeca bank with Lester (Heists update) and helped us rob Fleeca banks during the Terrorbyte missions (After Hours update). The next logical step is to rob multiple Fleeca banks with her - she’d have perfected her method of attack. Nah nevermind we get “I’m stiff” and “I got my tool right here in my pocket babe”.


Lmao 😂


They talk about avi like hes some big timer yet we had to make him help us on our heists.


Sounds like R* had to put us back in our place after getting everyone sucking up our arses the past few updates lol


I wouldn't say they're putting us in their place considering relative accomplishments.


Idk man, considering the character robbed a government facility, the union depository, a call, saved the world, robbed a private, ruthless drug lrd's island countless times, exponentially times richer, has a flying car, flying motorcycle, own a facilility, bunker, nuclear submarine, a yacht, and dozens more properties, extremely accomplished CEO, has a goddamn orbital laser satellite able to kill anything, i'd say if people isn't sucking up our asses, it wouldn't be very lore-accurate lmao.


But they don't know any of that - if that were public knowledge you'd be executed. Part of every heist prep involves making sure you don't get caught. If these two fucks knew you robbed Cayo from reputation, El Rubio would certainly know, track you down, and execute you. >it wouldn't be very lore-accurate In the lore of the game, you are unknown to the general public.


Yea but they can at least see me arriving from a golden helicopter from my yacht right??


The flying car should also be a giveaway lol


This is for sure a fair point. But what isn't "lore accurate" is meeting these two fucks in the Mod Shop that I fucking paid for... that they pretend is theirs while they play grab ass... treat me like a bitch and make me take their stupid test. Fuck them.


No doubt! I was just reacting to the "I saved the world, robbed a billionaire" etc stuff that he was listing, I wanted to point out that lore-wise, that shit doesn't matter. I haven't actually started their story, but I'm not looking forward to it. Don't have much time to play anyway, so I've mostly been doing Cayo and doing random shit with friends.


So I don't play much anymore. Lot of racing... do some heists... and hit "Random" on the job selector a lot. Looked forward to the update... jumped in and got the Mod Shop right away. Then I met these two fuckers. I still haven't done their fucking test and can't use my Mod Shop because of it. Besides being annoying they're just badly created characters and the dialogue is shitty writing. Not interested.


> the character robbed a government facility, the union depository, a call, saved the world, robbed a private, ruthless drug lrd's island countless times, exponentially times richer, has a flying car, flying motorcycle, own a facilility, bunker, nuclear submarine, a yacht, and dozens more properties, extremely accomplished CEO, has a goddamn orbital laser satellite able to kill anything *Yet, despite all that, the character is expected to put up the posters for his goddamn nighclub himself...*


Yea, I can call a mercenaries from a private military contractor to murder someone, surely I can hire someone to put up posters.


I am fine with kdj and his girls when they talk to me one on one but the second those two are on the same phone call I go through the 7 stages of hell


A tiny example of why they are such shit is them making you do a line of "cocaine" only to stop you before you do it telling you its just sweetener. Fuck we have drug lockups for crying out loud. Like wed be worried about a single line.


The dickhead referred to the character as his dog at one point.


is the sarcasm going over my head? its slang for friend


There's dawg, which is friendly, and then there's dog, which is servant.


Stick to the car meet, borrow a friend's autoshop, skip all the bullshit


Can you mod your car in your friends autoshop?


Idk about that but you get access to all performance upgrades in the cars and bikes in the autoshop even if you don't have them unlocked in los Santos customs


Yes you can and it will unlock all the upgrades aswell.


You can mod cars at the car meet


I know, but that doesnt unlock all the upgrades and you pay full price


But you get to level up your rep.


People are blowing the "bullshit" out of proportion because their expectations, which they shouldn't have had, were shattered. I find it fun. Plenty people find it fun. You might like it.


It’s a good update but these two fucking characters...pretty sure KDJ is fckin moodymann too. Idk, don’t listen to his shit music, but if it is I hate him even more now lmao.


I've seen in other threads that is confirmed.


this sub always makes everything seem worse than it is.




this is accurate. their dialogue seems forced and the character development seems to be lacking rn. im not sure it deserves this much attention on the sub but i cant disagree with anything you said.


I want backstory on Mimi and Hao, and how. We need to know more. I wanna steal vcrs from a moving truck in lowered Blista Kanjos with that mfer.


Seriously, that is what I wanted from this update. Not steal shit from Merryweather for the 50th fucking time.


Moodymann must be costing a lot of money to rockstar in term of image exploitation


Feels like he’s paying rockstar instead.


If they say ‘y’all’ one more time I might end myself


And motherfucker I'll do it too.


Waddup, doe?


I'm about to kill y'alls asses




Shut up ya fool!


I was really hoping to get involved with the auto business through Hao and Mimi, not really a huge fan of KDJ and Sessanta. Especially when they start "introducing" people to us like Avi and Brucie as if we haven't been working with them all along, like... what? Who do you think you are? We finally were being treated by NPCs like the experienced professionals we are, only for these clowns to step in and talk down on us for every little thing.


Petition to remove those two from the update. They're 100 times more annoying than Lester.


I'd rather listen to Lester scream about the end of the world than hear these 2 have phone sex.


they remind me of that typical highschool couple


I'll take Lester describing mind-blowing orgies over this, too.


Petition to make them able to be homed on & killed using the orbital cannon. Definetly would use it at least once daily.


The only way rockstar can fix this is by letting Hao gives us a call for a nice talk. Setting up the plan to let them fck off and take over the meet. Kinda like Tokyo drift, race and loser leaves town.


So I’m conclusion buying a auto shop just means buying another shit money making method and it comes with two of the most annoying characters in video game history… got it, thanks


The little miniheists you can do are actually pretty fun and give you a decent amount of money. It's not Cayo Perico or Casino Heist levels of money but if you only have thirty minutes to play you can make a cool $170,000 which isn't bad. Plus, the higher your rep the more customers come and ask for you to soup up their cars. If you're not really into cars and driving then it may not seem like all that much but I find it fun and a nice change of pace to gunning people down and stealing things all the time


Yeah, I've only done 3 of the mini heists but they're really fun(other than finding the iaa enternace which confused the hell out of me) they let you get the experience of a heist but not needing a crew and doing it in a shorter time frame it just doesn't pay as much.


Looking for that random unmarked door in the subway and looking for the buried recipe when apparently I should have been looking for a shovel all along were 20 minutes of walking in circles that Ill never get back.


Free classic resprays, all upgrades unlocked (like chrome), 5% discount on everything, and a new game mode that can be very fun, even if not the most lucrative. Most annoying characters in videogame history is wildly hyperbolic. The lighting is excellent too. Also since you drive into the garage, the car is automatically repaired before you merely press a button to mod it. Also another place to get snacks. Looks cool.


You sold me at snacks


10 more garage spaces, and a 5% discount on all upgrades in your own auto shop. Seems worth it to me even if you don't do the missions. Especially so if you have Prime.


I don’t have prime and I think that a better investment for me anyway would be to buy another floor for my office garage because I only have one and it’s cheaper and provides 20 spaces instead of 10. I never fill up the first one anyway.


I use quick job method to join any random to play the main heist


> I never fill up the first one anyway. \*bumps chest repeatedly* gotta pump those numbers up


> another shit money making method Cayo is already OP. Rockstar should absolutely not introduce power creep into the game. Their goal should be fun content, not profit maximization. They also buffed Cayo in this update (only one person needed to open the keycard doors), we don't need more hyper efficient money making methods.


>They also buffed Cayo in this update (only one person needed to open the keycard doors), we don't need more hyper efficient money making methods. Sadly that ain't true. You still need 2 players to access the keycard rooms - its just that you don't need to have the other player\[s\] right next to you to open the door. But an additional player is still a requirement because R\* Logic^(TM).


Oooooohhh. Damn. I haven't run it solo since the update, just with a partner. Thanks for confirming that for me, appreciate the insight. Well, at the very least it makes our multi-person runs faster, even though they removed the patrol boats that we used to use to escape (now we have to swim, which obvy takes longer). Completed my first run below 9 minutes last night, would've probably been closer to 8 if the boats were still there.


I can’t stand all the talk about “tools” What 23 year old wrote this shit. The rx7 though 👌 Edit: thanks for all the upvotes and I meant 13 yr old too


Thanks for giving me 2 useless new contacts + takes longer to reach mechanik and so on


Idk about PC but on console it takes exactly 3 left presses to get to the mechanic in your contacts, assuming you have all of them.


You can do it on pc too with the left and right arrow keys.




D-pad left and right will move down/up 5 spaces in the contacts list


Honestly I’ll tolerate it. I’m thrilled with this update. Two places to mod cars, mechanic can deliver inside the car meet for you, all the paints I hadn’t been able to unlock, (including chrome,) and the mod and deliver missions are quick money and half the trouble of the import/export vehicle garage. Plus the cars are great. After the disappointing RDO update, this was such a surprise.


Omg thank you, I thought I was the only one who absolutely hated them. They’re btec Lesters, except they’re complete level 1 Goons who try to act like they’re level 100 Boss’s and we’re their peons. Like fuck off, at least Lester was funny and useful. All they do is sit there, act like horny teenagers with no comedic touch to it, and boss me around like they can ruin my whole ass life if I fuck up. Like c’monnn bruh! They literally don’t know who they’re dealing with. There’s actual dialogue where they mention the PS bank heist and casino heists, and they refer to us as “whoever”, meaning they have no idea who did that shit, which is a good thing but I’m pissed off about it anyway.


When the full update comes out November 22nd I’m hoping these two suddenly get caught up in something and we can spend more time with Hao




R* remove these two low lives please


Hao would’ve looked after us :(


now we got two weirdos that spent more time having phone sex than telling you what to do whilst sitting right next to another.


Praying for a tuners part 2 dlc where hao and mimi get more screen time


he calling me fucka in the autoshop i bought... LIKE.. GTFO MY AUTO SHOP


In fact I go in the casino nightclub most times but I wonder is moodyman going to be there as he's always in the mod shop trying to hump that Girls leg like a crazy dog


God fucking damn it, I can't look at the word 'impostor' without think of among us, send help.


That's a little sus it's just a word, the word imposter is among us everywhere. Why would associate it with one game, sorry for rambling I just had to vent.


I hate this chick Her dialogue is so stereotypical "WE FINNa gEt ThiS PapEr" she makes Lemar look like Morgan Freeman


They don’t even look like real people ffs


Ironic, since moodymann is one of the only GTA characters who's directly based on someone in real life.




He did say *one* of the only, but yeah. Little off topic, but I love how Michael’s Actor was deaf in one ear so when he talks to people he turns his head a little bit, but they kept that motion in the game to make him seem more deranged. Even when he’s walking around his head is tilted a little bit. Idk, maybe I just really like how good the single player actors are and how they’re aware of their meme status as well.


Man for real the games actors are all awesome and then there’s these fuckkng pricks


I am cool with moody but not so much with his partner. Hope they do involve the other 2 more in future.


Holy shit, I was wondering who tf the DJ guy was. Felt like I supposed to know who he was from the cutscene.. I’ve maybe stepped foot inside the casino nightclub once or twice and never bought a new dj for it. Thanks for clearing that up OP!


The casino nightclub is the most stupid place in GTA O. I already don't care for the overly complex and bright diamond casino with it's glowing white walls and LED screens everywhere but now you have to add a rip off of my nightclub that doesn't even match the design of the casino?


I hate KDJ and Sessanta they're annoying and pay like shit. Hao and Mimi fit the vine so much better for the classic street racer style, they make me think of the good FnF's.


Bruh fr, we couldve gotten two characters who look like they are made for the job instead we get a punky dj and his gf who looks like the first female character the Devs team found in a session


oh boy it's Mr. "Go Get My Sandals Because I'm A Whiny Bitch", this is gonna be fun. Oh he's having phone sex, terrific


When I saw the two trailers, I was looking forward to working with Hao, a chill tuner, and meeting Mimi. When they showed Moodymann I thought "well, that's a somewhat weird choice for a cameo, but I guess that may be cool to see, as long as he doesn't overstay his welcome..."


Yeah, they rub many people the wrong way. Understandably so. I rather hang out with creepy uncle Lester tbh.


Also the pink haired girl says she's the mechanic yet I'm the one working on the cars so what TF is she even doing aside from taking phone calls?


She literally does nothing I'm pretty sure.


My stoned ass thought we got to choose to either work with Hao and Mimi or MoodyMan and Sessanta. I was so disappointed.


name checks out, also yeah I would've loved to work with mimi, she seems cool


This DJ and random NPC only help to solidify Pavel's n°1 place as best GTA Online character. They manage to be more annoying than the Doomsday Heist version of Lester.


Their voice acting and dialogue is just cancer


I hate the imposters ass too but to be honest, to me, the lack of emphasis on Hao is apart of his hilariousness “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Was taking me out


They just make no sense at all. I bought the garage, I do 99% of the work, and they act like they are running the place. They also talk like they are helping me go from nothing to super rich or something. At least most the other DLCs the characters lately treat you with some level of respect and you have gained a reputation. At this point I am theoretically one of the largest players in the entire city. You two are barely minions to me so stop acting like you own my garage. Also dear god stop calling me!!!


I didnt even know he was a dj


He thinks he's Tupac lol he's a straight busta


The *Imposters*




I am pretty disappointed in this as well. I thought those two car meet people would be the new contacts .


I'm thinking we only got Moodymann because he paid R\* to be in the DLC


As soon as polygon man said “we don’t got beef” instead of, “We got family”I know moody man was the main character, look at that custom hair fool!


Ngl they have been getting lazier


Knew from the moment they walked in to my brand new garage and carelessly started to grope and mouth fuck each other all over my brand new 2-post lift that I wouldn’t like them


reading these comments im glad i know i’m not the only one who got bad vibes from all the characters 😂


Man Hao and Mimi introduced us to this whole thing and then they just disappear :(


They look ugly af too.


I was hoping for Hao to be the sort of asshole but makes funny jokes kind of guy and then the girl just focusing on the point for the mini heists and other stuff, but instead we get these two that have phone sex, yell at us when we take too long, and treat us like a fucking child even though at this point, our character basically owns Los Santos


Those imposters talk like edgy 14 year olds, got anoying really fast.


I cannot STAND these fucks, so fucking annoying. R\* just keeps outdoing themselves in the wrong ways lol.


It was like with Brucie. He was in the trailer and seed to be a bigger part of the Casino update but he was in 2 or 3 cutscenes total


The ones we wanted vs the ratchet annoying asf always cursing bitches we got


They literally act like the shop is there’s she says that it’s her town when she’s just some random npc that spawns on every corner just to either get gunned down and ran over because we were bored like learn your place you fucking low life


Just me that likes KDP? I forgot his name. Haven't done much with him but I like his character I'm not sure why he just seems like someone who would be fun to smoke with.


He alone is cool, but together they are annoying.


moody mann or kdj, He is an actual real person


Don’t like or dislike to be honest. It just seems like people are jumping on the hate bandwagon for the internet points at this point. These posts are getting boring as shit.


I can explain this to you: Rockstar have to make sure new additions to the cast appeal to both experienced players and newbies, since every bigger property might be someone's *first* bigger property, so they need to be introduced properly to what options open up once you have something like the Auto Shop. Except, GTAO has had quite a lifetime now, and lots of players are now drowning in cash they made off the normal heists and of course El Rubio. Regardless of how you take that, there is one thing such a player will *really* dislike, and that's being talked down to from supporting characters. Lester or Pavel I will take back talk from, because they are guaranteed to have been longer in the business than me, but not from some DJ turned fledgling street thug and his car-crazy plaything. Imagine the balls on the guy asking you to prove you can drive when the car you arrived in cost more than the entire Auto Shop. Edit: Speaking of the Auto Shop. It has its own price tag. Even if you are a new player, about 2 mil is not the kind of scratch you make repossessing cars for Simeon (and if you do, I salute your commitment to the repo person roleplay). By the time you can afford the Auto Shop, you've already been rolling hard in Los Santos. The attitude KDJ and Sessanta are giving you is just misplaced on every thinkable level.


>since every bigger property might be someone's first bigger property, so they need to be introduced properly to what options open up once you have something like the Auto Shop. But then in one of the mini heist things, they'll mention how you're running a mission for Avi Schwartzman, and he's paying you with the money he made helping some bigshot rob a casino.


That was a laugh too. "He helped some dudes take down the Diamond Casino and Pacific Standard, he's paying you with the money from that" Cool, so I'm paying myself?


Nah I was hating him from the start and was even worry 1hr into the patch not seeing any hate meme toward their stupid phone exchange during *MIND YOU* a fucking heist!!


i only saw the one cutscene but they felt authentic in a way lmao i figured reddit would hate them tho


I just starting doing their missions yesterday with a friend. I didn’t think they were that bad to be honest. Maybe over time it gets worse? But nothing as bad as what people have been saying it was like.


Not just any dj either, the only one who's set i don't like... in the whole game. Every other set is from fine to excellent


Solomun seemed like a chill guy. I'd work with him


Dixon too, i think all of the DJs from our Nightclub seem chill.


Black Madonna on the other hand sounds like someone fun, i loved the mission where we had to pick her up


The Blessed Madonna now


They only had like 2 scenes that made me laugh, the first being the part where you interrupt their frisky-ness in the shop, and the other where they try to get you to snort "coke". And even then it's only because of the facial emotions that your character makes


They’re pretty funny to me, there only game characters, I could think of a lot worse tbh


That's straight up betrayal!