8/5/2021 Weekly GTA Online Bonuses

8/5/2021 Weekly GTA Online Bonuses


**Prize Ride Challenge:** Place in the Top 4 in 5 Pursuit races to with the Annis ZR350 **Clothing unlocks:** Visit the LS Car Meet by August 18 to receive a rare LS Customs Varsity Jacket, free of charge. Winning a race in the Street Race Series this week will earn you the Obey Tee and bragging rights. All awards will be delivered within 72 hours of completion.


I like the occasional business battle so a 3x reward is awesome. I just wish every other one wasn’t a 30 minute jog around the USS Luxington. Pass.


it's insane how many times it is the USS Luxington. like you said; pass.


I miss the find the beast I haven’t seen that one since diamond came out


It's still there; I was the beast when I played it last week Still pretty rare though ngl


Thats not a business battle though. Might be that you've disabled it under 'hide options'


or paleto chicken slaughterhouse. It's just so close to nearest nightclub


I do miss the smaller ones, they've become rather rare.


Feels like 50% of business battles are the Lexington


I love that one tbh, I have my nightclub very close to that spot in La mesa (where the steel factory battle is) so with a jet you can empty the whole plane carrier in under 30 minutes lol


How do you use plane in this BB ? My chopper is always shut down


Use a Seabreeze and skim the water as you approach. Everytime you touch the water it breaks the lock so you can fly right up to the rear and board. Do the same on the way out and you won't even have to disable the defences.


For real that works? I guess you take the few cargos on the top? Normally I just fly with a buzzard hydra or sparrow and jump out in the last moment and then disable the air defences by foot Afterwards after flying back with the lazer I spawn the molotok usually because its slow enough to park in the lower deck even


The Seabreeze needs to be landed on the water, so I just park in the well dock and grab the cargo below deck first. Last I checked, landing on the flight deck still results in getting blown up.


But since you get on the ship, wouldn't it make sense to disable the radar if you plan on taking multiple cargo?


Yes, but only if no one else is going for the cargo. Keeping the defences up slows down rivals (unless they also use the Seebreeze), meaning more cargo for me.


for first time, you have to get on aircraft carrier using small boat and disable its air defence. after that you can use air vehicles without getting blown out.


You can board the ship on top instead of the water using the mk2. Approach the airstrip of the ship with an mk2 by flying straight toward the strip and quite high up. When the air defenses start up, angle the nose of the mk2 up and jump off (may work without pointing up it's just what I do) . I think you have a good 5 seconds or so from the time you hear the sirens and when you have to jump off so you can get as close as possible to the ship. You aren't targeted by air defenses while freefalling. If spaced correctly, you can glide low enough before pulling your chute that you can land on the ship without being blown up, and the mk2 will land on the ship (it doesn't blow up on landing). If the mk2 doesn't land on the ship, either your angle or your height was off. From there you just take out some guys on top of the ship, hack the defenses and you're good to go. **Edit**: this can be done with other aircraft as well, but they won't survive the crash landing like the mk2 does. You can just steal a jet off the ship if needed though. Note also that if the aircraft is too slow, you probably won't be able to get close enough to the ship before you have to jump out. Worth experimenting with different aircraft.


To solve the problem of the crash landing with other aircraft, I start the activity as a MC President then right before I plan on ejecting and jumping down I highlight the spawn vehicle/return vehicle to storage button on the MC menu and press it immediately after ejecting. As long as you hit it quick before it drifts away it'll get returned safely. Edit: though I guess I should mention this will only work with owned aircraft you can despawn as personal vehicles.


Disable the anti-air guns in the control rooms.


Can we all agree to work collaboratively on the USS Luxington? There's plenty for all (all who can be bothered). Someone get a memo out.


I never shot another player doing the Business battles, as long as we don't fight for the last box


Yep, exactly. That one and the Cluckin' Bell Farms one are also an immediate pass for me.


Steel foundry would be a piece of cake for La Mesa or whatever that's closer. If you want to not share, it'll be 240k per 8 crates for those ones, or ~65-75k for the vehicle ones.


Same just had one at quartz arena thankfully also in a quiet lobby and its close to my nightclub to


I honestly wish I could buy another office. Just for the 60 car garage space...


Garage space is an addiction.


where is the option to add the garage?i have been looking to add a office garage to store all the free vehicles we got.


Dynasty executive


Go to the same site where you buy your office and click on your office. You'll see two bubbles appear. One is for buying/customizing your office and the other is buying/customizing your garage once you have an office there.


Do those garages ever go on sale. I’m running out of space, almost all from podium vehicles. I keep waiting for a sale, but it never seems to happen.


Three was a promo on garages week before launching LS Car Meet.


I don’t believe that applied to office garages though.


Not sure which garages were on sale that week but the offices garages do go on sale, they just never seem to be discounted at the same time as the office itself.


people spam rockstar that we are out of garage space https://www.rockstargames.com/GTAOnline/feedback?step=45f2b6fa


10 objectives for a million bucks again please. Been awhile


Granted. Objective: complete an Auto Shop Contract as a leader (10x)


Find 10 race tracks. They already got the horse track, LS Meet Test Track, and the line in front of it


Or 2/3 of a cayo


Still waiting on them shades and clothes lol


I've got my Simeon oversize shades now.


Are they the sunset ones we’re supposed to get? I saw a post where someone was given blue ones instead.


I have no new shades.


Still waiting for discounts for Benny's


It would be helpful if this post contained the prize ride challenge for the week as many of us want to know that. A pinned comment would also be appreciated.


You need to place top 4 in pursuit races 5 different times


Oh well that's way easier than last week only because people actually play these races lmao Gonna have to sell some vehicles because I'm running low on space....and now that I remember I have a garage with 4 Brioso 300s and 4 Weevils.......guess 3 of each are getting the boot sadly for me lol


Agreed. Couldn’t get one other to get involved in a sprint last week🙄


Just tried them, not fun. Full lobby, host on the other side of world and the roadblock police started moving. Can't do shit if you're not right behind the leading car. Solo or private host would propably be a lot better.


If you have the Calico GTF and a couple races under your belt, it's not hard at all to place Top 4. The key is to drive carefully rather than going flat-out all the time. Learn how to trick cops so they don't crash into you, avoid risky shortcuts if you're not sure what you're doing and you'll be in the podium in no time.


Yeah I did like 5 races and got top 4 in 3 of them. The problem wasn't getting the leading spot, it was keeping it with the teleporting cars.


For real, I was in 1st for 80% of a race and still got 9/11. Only takes a couple bad hits or being behind a bad driver to screw you over


That does get really grating, I agree. Best thing to do is sometimes brace for impact facing forwards as much as possible, hoping it doesn't spin you out _too_ much. The good news is, most other racers are also going through the same thing.


Yeah. When they work, they're some of the most fun I've ever had in the game. Sadly they don't 90% of the time. The traffic lag is rage enducing.


I totally agree with this. Shit feels like need for speed when it works.


you'll need 4 people to start it i believe. time to discord


Yeah, you're right. Didn't take that in count.


I find them super fun, but better then street series and a good change of pace from regular track racing.


Please let easy ass contact missions be 2X


You wish... just as I do. Unfortunately, this week's a pass for me.


Oh definitely a easy pass.... I rarely ever race on GTA, so this week isnt for me.


I want vip x2 or cargo x2 or simeon x3. Last time vip was x2 I got tangled up with I/e x2 and didn't get as much RP as I wanted on my alt.


2x survival = week off 😂


Im not gonna beat them all again even if its 3x bonus.


why is it the CEO garages are never on sale?


They are, just rarely.


I switched offices on Sunday. I was telling myself watch them be on sale next week and they are. Rip $2 million


I'm early.. Please for the love of fuck can we get some good X2 Edit: Street races are double apparently, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.. I'm all raced out for another 6 months.


Never happens this close to a release. Don't get your hopes up. They want players doing the new stuff not worrying about rushing to grind whatever they're doubling.


Turns out, it’s both. They’re letting people grind the new stuff for double.


> 2x GTA$ and RP on Street Races but not pursuit, which is the Prize challenge... Is it 2x LSCM rep too?


Yeah this only really matters if it’s 2x Car meet rep. EDIT: it isn’t.


The audacity from Rockstar to make everything 2x **except** the only thing that matters to people which is car meet rep.... Back to AFKing I guess! Currently level 87 and I'm not gonna stop till I reach level 190 ish with all the livery unlocks lol


2x on just existing in Freemode. Considering we are all business people at this point n all..


That would be great if the rep were doubled


All rep rewards should be doubled or even tripled permanently


Same all I been doing last 2 weeks is street races I said yesterday can't wait till today's weekly stuff so I can have a break from street races 😂


Double money dropped by NPCs when you kill them


I *always* pick up money when NPCs drop it. I'll literally go out of my way and sometimes even die in missions to pick up that sweet cheddar (get rich or die tryin). I've been playing since PS3 release on the same account. I just checked and I've only picked up 55k lmao. I figured it'd be close to a couple hundred k at least.


Similar story to you, but I'm at 253K which is honestly still not a lot haha. Maybe I have more because I use muggers and the cash they drop might count. Also I wonder if the cash in the crates at gang battles counts as picked up


Discount on daily bunker fees pls 🙏


Cant afford 9k an hour?


Yes I'm struggling every 48 minutes.


I remember when I bought the Besra for 1.2 million back in 2014 and I had to go round punching NPCs to get enough cash for the $200 dollar Pegasus fee haha. Since then I always left myself a 3 or 4 million buffer of savings before buying something big so I wouldn't be left with nothing. GTA teaches life skills


Ive gone from 24 million to 15,000 since this update dropped. I literally cannot afford to be in freemode for more than 45 mins


I got a free Remus, a free Auto Shop, and bought a t-shirt & sweatshirt at LSCM.


just change sessions every 45 mins, you'll skip all fees. btw, if you dont have the money to pay mechanic fees he'll just refuse to bring any of your cars so be careful.


What are the challenges for the new prize ride? Could they be included in the list in the future, pls?


u/av29404 mentioned that you need to place top 4 in pursuit races, 5 times


Prize Ride req is place top 4 in 5 pursuit races. Easy.


5 races back to back or just 5 in total?


Total of 5. Me and 3 friends are doing it rn.


Would you like to help me with the challenge?


You on PS4?




DM me your psn. Ill help you when im free.


C'mon, we just had survivals x2, why can't we have sth more interesting?!


We’ve had one, yes, what about second survivals x2?


We don't have time for second survival. We must hurry if we wish to throw the OP2 in the terrorbyte of Club Doom.


survival should always be x3 not x2 pfft lol


Oh good, more survivals


All I’m saying is a Jeep Cherokee is the podium vehicle?


Yeah no wtf rockstar


The 4 person requirement on Pursuit Races is brutal too


It is but all you need is 4 people and that way you're all winners. I had someone from this very thread invite me so I just invited two random people and they stayed for all 5.


That’s what I’m up to with a group right now!


Triple money on good behaviour


Guess it's Passive Mode all week


Anyone else getting a whole bunch of free sales on cars?


It's a returning player bonus that they've opened up to everyone presumably because they couldn't track the players who should have got it anymore like all the other bonuses they've flubbed. Make sure you check all the sites - Warstock, Elitas, Dock Tease, etc.


Let hope for car upgrades sale, I haven't seen since February 2020 ...


I'll never understand the logic of giving a bot an award.


Everyone on the internet is a bot except you


Maybe I am as well.. who knows!


Please 50% discount in suicide...


It’s free if you aren’t holding cash


You actually still lose $500 from your bank account, and you don’t drop it in the game so it’s *technically* better to hold some cash in case you get the chance to pickup your lost dosh. But if you’re worried about that sort of cash los, you’ve got bigger problems. Sorry if I’m wooshing here, just some info in case a new player sees this.


I hate Drip-Feeding, but I do understand it. What I want the most is for the bugs to be fixed.


Fixes only really get done with updates, that's why in patch notes you see so many bug fixes. Some do get done without us knowing and people like Tez dig through the files and find out.


I honestly just don't count the dlc as released till the drip feed is done tbh


Only 5 weeks to go!


I agree. I still haven't bought anything because I want to know what's gonna be the best before spending.


95% of the content has been released, just 5 cars haven't been yet. How I think about it is that it starts / releases on the day new stuff is added, then ends once the last dripfeed car is out.


Survivals again


Any vehicles for sale that are in the top of their class?


Itali GTO


GTO is still the king of the sports class on any track that isn't all straights.


As most people commenting here, buy both cars and see for yourself? I bought the pariah after reading that comment last week and now i’m going to buy the gto as well because i’m rich now lol


Week 30 of not getting Prime benefits despite having Prime. Rockstar keeps telling me to fuck off.


Did you go into prime gaming and claim it. Thats what I had to do


Wow fast to get fandom wiki information on this dominator


Still waiting for the MC businesses


Wish people would stop kicking players from pursuit races its really fucking annoying. Stop being selfish pricks.


Time to win the ZR350 and sell the one I bought 2 weeks ago 😎


"100% off Strawberry - Auto Shop (GTA$ 0)" I bought it with prime the day it got released and I had to pay full price. Didn't get my money til now. Wrote a ticket and the support just copy pasted a non constructive post. I've replied to the ticket which now is nearly one week ago and the support still didn't respond. Yikes.


I won the Seminole Frontier!


So did I. Another one to grace the garage and gather cobwebs


Another shit week as business. All we get is Office discount without office garage discount. We had too much office discounts lately tbh.


Bruh i bought the ZR350 last week. Aight im not buying anymore tuner cars


If you get the free one can't you sell it and make some money back? I'm going to try that today, hopefully it works Edit: I went to sell the prize vehicle and all I could get for it was 11k. But then I looked into how much I could get for the one I bought last week and it was over 750k so I ended up selling that one. I had only done cosmetics on it and honestly didn't even like what I had done so this is a clean slate with some extra pocket money.


If only I waited 3 more years to buy my office...


could have run 1500 cayos in that time smh.


Really hoping for a good helicopter or jet


Well, see you next week, lol


I’ll play, just wanted to spend some of my $7m on something cool!


Seminole Frontier? I'd rather have the Canyonero.


CEO office is 50%


And the garage upgrades are still not on fucking discount


Really wish I had grabbed them the last time they were... Oh well.




At this rate I'm sensing that a majority of discounts are randomised and then a human goes "fuck it let's discount ceo offices and do another 12 weeks of motor wars"


How do you mute people in the race menus? Its so annoying having to listen to people who dont know how to mute their mics during races


Just bought the maze bank tower for 4.5 mil with max upgrades. (price without upgrades is 2 mil)


Double money on street races is a joke. 11-14k for winning a full race is far too little. Sure, race to have fun, but these reward prices should be baseline, and we should get double that during events for it to be even worth it (4x current $).


It would be great if it were 2x rep


ZR350 - Prize Ride. Number of Han's (F&F Tokio Drift) and Dom's (F&F) RX7: STONKS


Do u know the challenge?


Top 4 in 5 pursuit races


Top 4 in five pursuit races


Okay that prize ride is elite, now I don't have to buy it


> 50% off All Offices My brother literally bought the Maze Bank office two days ago thinking it was the place where to set up heists...




Am i Mad or have they changed the handling of the Calico? i was driving in races fine with it yesterday and now all of a sudden I'm in every tree from a corner :l


Lowered stance? I always felt like it sucked in the city using lowered stance


check you don't have stance or low grip tires, if those aren't on you are imagining it, happens sometimes after you have a really good day yesterday but then you pick up the controller today and don't even know what a joystick is


I have no confidence in the ability of that car from one race to the next. Could be the stance though.


2x on auto shop contract missions would be nice...or even double money on auto shop deliveries


Does anyone know if the vectre is still coming out this week ? I thought it was supposed to.


Look at the test drive cars in the lscm, seems like rockstar are putting next week's drip feed car there for the rest of the dlc. Haven't been on yet so unsure what car it is. while it's not out of the realm of possibility for multiple drip feed cars to come out during the same week, we would have known already if it was going to happen this time around.


What car is on the test drive podium?


Anyone wants to win rx7? On ps4


I'm down, my psn is beaumattat


Is grinding streetraces or survival things worth it?


Is the Itali GTO still bumpy?


Not as bad as it was when released as it did get patched a bit but it does still struggle on Street races, pretty much unbeatable on Stunt races where the track is smooth though.


Save yourself a bit of heartache and do **not** buy the Alkonost... it's Buggy and practically unfinished content. Bought mine at full price a 4 months back and sold it the same day.


I was thinking of buying that. I love flying planes and there's nothing else I want to buy at the moment. It can go off radar when you get to a high altitude, right?


At halfway up the skybox it'll go invisible. Just bear in mind that the plane is so large they had to make a new extra large classification for it... only they forgot to add any extra large spawn points, so it'll explode instantly upon summoning it as often as not. The entering and exit animation doesn't work the majority of the time and you'll just teleport in. Also, half the time it simply won't let your copilot into the cockpit. Had to resummon it a number of times before my friend could get in as a copilot... then it crashed and he couldn't get back in again when I summoned it back. The cockpit is rusted and ugly. In the end, if ys got money to burn and literally nothing else left to buy... then yeah, go for it. Just don't expect much.


i have the feeling that the street races 2xRP refers to character xp and not to car meet RP. well fuck!


I have recently linked my twitch and social club with prime. Can I still get the auto shop- strawberry for free ?


I just bought arcadius office a few days ago……kill me🙃🙃


I legit just bought the ItalicGTO full price 💀


What's the deal with all the free vehicles? I'm not complaining but I don't find anything official telling about it. Is this common? We have the monster truck, the duke o'death, and a lot more in southern san andreas super autos.


They used to be free only to returning players, but have been free for everyone since the Tuners DLC came out.


Any new prize ride or are they every 2 weeks?


Should be a new one today and potentially a different requirement to win it.


Place top 4 in 5 races. Annis zr350 (Mazda rx7)


pursuit races or street. Would be very easy if it's street if the lobby is less than ~5-6


It's Pursuit


Today's Daily objective is participate in a pursuit race/series so that's going to be completed for everyone I guess... (I didn't check it off yet, as I had a bit of a hunch this week's challenge could be pursuit, and I was right!) 2 birds with one stone, almost...


Thanks, love how it just says races like there’s only one type of race


Does the x3 on business battles also mean x3 on what you get or are nightclub owners being punished this week?






I decided I'm not gonna buy any more cars from the update (the only one I bought is Jester RR), since it seems like we'll be getting all of them for free haha.


Then win the prize ride and sell the one you bought




Make the one you win a PRB