9/9/2021 Weekly GTA Online Bonuses

9/9/2021 Weekly GTA Online Bonuses


# [Prize Ride Help Thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/gtaonline/comments/pkvz8n/prize_ride_challenge_help_thread_sept_9th_to_sept/)


X4 rep bonus for afking? Now I'm patiently waiting for how Rockstar are going to take the piss out of people who afk in their newswire article lmao.


I don’t understand what it means, we just go afk while wearing merch shop clothing?


I too want to understand what this means. I need to get my rep up and it's taking forever. I want to unlock all the new wheels.


Put on any CarMeet clothing like a hat and take any car into the Test Track. Once you get in TT, exit the track to the prompt, “Enter CM…” and AFK. You won’t get kicked and you’ll sit there for hours burning kWatts and raking in that sweet sweet CMRP so you can unlock hideous sneakers. Profit.


Don't do a hat, your character takes it off in the car. Try one of the designer hoodies.




What do you mean just sit there? Like rubber band and sit there?


Yeah, is R* allowing AFK while it cryptomining or something?


No it artificially inflates their DAU numbers (Daily Active Users). They need to save face and show LS Tuner update wasn’t a flop and that people are still playing. So Take Two can tell shareholders that they don’t need to innovate, people are still playing GTA


Goodbye 2x GTA$ and RP on contracts, probably the most fun double cash activity this year


Union Depositary was a nice little earner for sure.


I can't get the mothafuckas out of my head, make it stop. edit: ![img](emote|t5_2xrd1|2976)


Waddup tho.






I some how got the contract 3x back to back. I was hype.


Best grinding week ever. I would do a Cayo heist and follow it up with one of the auto shop contracts. By the time I finished the contract start another heist and still hard mode.




It’s gonna be tough to find people for the sprint races, I rarely see anyone at the car meet


What system you on?


Xbox, send me a private message with your gamertag if you’re on it too


I’d help you out but I’m on ps4, good luck to you bro.


go to tgg's discord or someting like that for me i met someone that helped me there


And I thought 5 street race wins was bad


The adder on the wheel damn i remember that little car years ago


The "fastest car in the game". Funny how it never was, the Entity was faster around track and the Z-Type had higher top speed.


Finally, someone who knows their fastest car lmao At least it sounds good..


Back when GTA online launched, I earned my chrome and turbo with that car. Everyone said " lol imagine not using the fastest car in the game" even if the adder was actually faster, the entity having such a long wheelbase makes it SO stable, a lobby full of crashing adders and I'd just drive around them


people don’t realize how in depth the vehicle data is, each car has different traction curves, steering lock, low speed traction (wheel spin), camber, rebound/compression stiffness, suspension, like if we had the ability to “tune” our cars it would be a Forza Horizon simulator


Yeah like some cars might destroy others in a straight line, but can't handle quick turns at all. Some can be quick and have power and go tumbling across all lanes of traffic because of piece of gravel. Looking at you, tulip. It's interesting how in depth they all are. And some might objectively perform better, but I find a lot of them also fit people's driving style differently. Used to primarily use a coquette classic. Going straight super car would easily beat it, but more often than not I'd outrun people chasing me on turns, just because I knew exactly how it would handle them


This, although I preferred the Zentorno personally, still use it from time to time in races. Looks and handles great.


Technically the Zentorno wasn't in the game at launch. It came out with one of the updates later


Oh didn’t know that! I played since launch day but didn’t have enough money for it anyways.


Same, I remember saving money for weeks to get the Entity. Now I can buy like 7 of them every day. I don't remember which update the Zentorno was released on, but it was one of the early ones


The Zentorno came out during the High Life update in May 2014. I think that was also the update that made Rooftop Rumble and Coveted almost unplayable.


Truffade was once the car company with both the oldest and newest vehicles in game, and one of which Devin Weston owned or wanted to obtain (Devin owned an Adder in story mode and the player had to acquire a Z-type for him).


Gotta get the Hotring for the Sprunk vs E-Cola war


As someone who has an almost complete E-Cola collection, I approve of this. :D


I don't know where my alliance lies as yet


You can always play both sides. So what's your E-Cola collection so far, and which are you planning to buy?


I haven't even started a collection yet


Ah, well you've got your work cut out for you then. There's 10 vehicles, and 2 planes with that livery.


Time to do some research!


Still waiting for discounts for Benny's


Benny's needs serious updates. New cars, new mods and wheels. Lower the prices, maybe allowing other cars to mod at Benny's too? It's a shame R* didn't take the chance to mash Benny's up with the Tuner update. Also, Arena Wars. What about some price reduction too and a more generous AP system for quicker level up and higher payouts? AW is up for a while now, time to cut us some slack, R*.


I'm honestly surprised Benny's got abandoned by R*... it's a great opportunity to turn a profit on the older cars. Rather than making a whole new model with the current level of customization on oar with a Benny's, they could simply add the upgrades and tweak an existing one while charging more in the end. Kind of seems like a win-win.


Yea there are million of body kits for cars in real that exist in the game. They could easily make those the custom upgrade option. I’m also disappointed that Benny’s was not used in the recent update. Thought there would be a lot of focus on that.


Agreed! It is so strange that Benny's was not used in conjunction with this update. Seems like a real missed opportunity.


I want a proper 64 Impala, and I’d be happy


Seriously! He’s been the real winner of my Mayo Paprika hustle.


You mean the Costco Paralysis runs?


It has been probably around 14 months now since Benny's vehicle upgrades last went on sale, just weeks before I started on PS4 (on my main account) in late June 2020.


I made so much grinding the Union Depository heist; going to miss it being double xp and $.


Then there's me who it never showed up for. lol I wouldn't have grinded it anyway, but wanted to try it with double money. Didn't expect it to keep generating jobs I had already done. My luck in GTA is quite bad, like tequila almost every time bad.


oof, tip for next time, you can call sessanta to cancel your current contract and reroll for free


I know, and I did. Still no UD, but I wasn't trying for it specifically until yesterday. I was just exploring the contracts I hadn't done already.


I finally got UD last night, did the first setup but the one where I had to follow the manager kept glitching out. I'd follow him to whatever hotel keeping the same distance and his meter wouldn't budge.The second he got out, while still maintaining the same distance, the meter would instantly fill. Happened 4 times in a row before I got tired of following the guy and gave up.


Will probably continue to do it on normal tbh, easy lil heist and mixes up money making methods


Was there a way to change the difficulty? I didn’t notice one....


He meant without it being 2x$.


im still making 2x on my inv session only ! , yeap im gonna miss it too, specially since I just found out the lowered stance for the Calico, the difference is insane in those chases lol


Union, VIP Missions and Warehouse stuff.. My favorite trinity to grind


Adder Lucky Wheel vechicle? My nostalgia meter is on overload!!


Oh I hate sprint races for the prize ride


Just trade wins with someone, and you'll both have a free car soon... It's way better than having to do something for x days in a row.


There also is no cool down, as far as I remember, between sprints if you take turns as host. So, it can be done relatively quickly with two players when they switch off and the non-host of previous race starts the next one upon return to car meet.


How do you even set up a sprint


Be inside car meet with at least one other player; go to interaction menu and select LS Car Meet, and then starting a sprint race is an option. You and anyone you invite must have a personal vehicle with them at the car meet, though.


Noiiiice ty v much




Despite the repetition, 16 races in the above scenario, the races are fun IMO. They should let you go “on call” for Sprints or something. Though I suppose it’s a good way to make a mew friend.


It sucks that it doesn't even tell you how long the cooldown is - just like with many other things in the game lol. I think last time when we were taking turns for sprints with a friend, few times it happened that we both had a cooldown still (we probably finished the previous sprint too quickly...) and we had to wait, but yeah it sure didn't take long.


It’s 1 minute


Is it? Okay thanks! Then it must've been a little bug or something cause we surely didn't finish any race in under a minute.


Yeah that happens sometimes. The way I fix it is by leaving the LS Car Meet (everyone leaves) so it refreshes.


16 races tho if you can even find someone. Cant even find randoms to do them as the ls meet is usually dead...


If you don't have anyone to do it with, there are *so* many places where you can find people to trade wins with - hell even this sub had a whole pinned thread last week specifically for this lol, maybe it will be here this week too. Then there are many lfg discord servers, r/HeistTeams, and people are teaming up for prize rides under pretty much every post about them in this sub too.


Trading wins is boring, especially over 16 races Id rather do legit races with randoms but with how badly they've done the car meet (it should be its own lobby) thats almost impossible


Yeah it's hard to even find randoms in the car meet, let alone make them join a sprint. Maybe if you joined some racing crew, they could be doing sprint races and you could win the car "normally"...


That totally sucks. I lost a daily objectives streak because in any of the 15 lobbies I jumped to ANY SINGLE PLAYER joined a quick race. I even begged on the chat but no one would join.


I'm too lazy for that. Guess I'll have to wait for a discount to buy that car


Well you could also just do Cayo and make the money for the car in maybe even less time than doing the sprints would take... But winning a free car kinda feels better than grinding and buying it lmao.


Either way it's a grind 😂


Yeah but "grinding" races isn't something I'd normally do, so it's pretty fun change haha.


That won't even be a grind for you then 🙂


Plus doing the Sprints earns you Rep so you can unlock Trade prices for the other cars.


True, and I think there's also an achievement for winning certain amount of sprints.


Well, compared to the HKR, the 8 races for the growler is less 'value' per race. The growler costs 1.29127x the price of the HKR for the non trade price, or 1.333 (4/3)x the trade price. 8 races is 1.6x 5 races, so it is noticeably more effort for just a bit more value at the end.


I'll do it with you if you want since we both want it


Fuck that, been grinding Cayo, got 31 mil, if I want it I'll buy it. You could probably do Cayo in the time it would take two people to trade wins for this car.


It's still easier than having to win in consecutive days


Use bike (hakuchou drag if you are not that good at driving them) and take basic shortcuts. Easy wins versus randoms.


About time I Pfister Growler


Pfister? I don't even know her!




Are Nightclubs worth it? So far i only have an office, crates warehouse, vehicle warehouse and a bunker.


Nightclub owners can purchase the Terrorbyte, which allows you to customize the Oppressor MK2, which in turn is good for grinding.


If you have all the MC businesses then its good passive income. Also extra garage space


Exactly this. With all MC businesses (and your 5 technicians prioritised on the 5 most profitable ones), you can get roughly 500k-700k in goods overnight. Of course, you still have to find a safe enough lobby to sell in (it's not smart or "brave" to try to sell with cargo griefers and jets flying about), but it shouldn't take long and Ghost Org is your friend in any case.


If you also buy the Coke Lockup, Meth Lab, and Counterfeit Cash, then yes. You don't have to upgrade or run them, you can just let them sit empty after doing the initial setup.


Hey mods why this shit so hard to find?


They had to combine the usual stickies because "who wants to help me with the prize ride?" comments were flooding the simple question and bonuses threads. It fixed the flooding issue... but yeah, it's trading one inconvenience for another because people are too ignorant to realize there are better places to look for a crew/group.


Oh speed boost on nightclub production RIP my PS4


Is the 4x rp a troll? Am I in the wrong timeline?


It's real, you can still afk in the test track, I think you just cant join a job from there


Just what I was wondering. Did R\* not fix the AFKing at LSCM a while back anyway?


Just bought the Adder last week thinking "oh this car has been around forever no way they're putting it on sale." Won it on the casino spin first day lmao kill me


Just sell the first one.


Busy week ahead. Gonna finally sell my nightclub stock and buy three large warehouses to fill up. Edit: I'm tired of Cayo so don't even mention it


I get that man. Sometimes I go to invite only, put some music on and grind crates. I find it really relaxing for some reason.


Bro how are you grinding crates in invite only lobbies?


Oh, sorry, meant solo pubs


Damn, you got my hopes up for a second 😂


I see they've remade the Previon from GTA San Andreas..


Yeah, I rather walked than driving that car...


“4x Rep on AFKing with Merch Shop Clothing- LS Tuners” Uh…. Am I understanding this correctly?! It feels like a troll…


Yea, for real this seems fake lol


Atleast 1 business should be 2x every week ffs


The Nightclub producing double and selling for normal is effectively the same as it producing normal and selling for double.


Ah, rockstar encouraging an afk week and thousands of dollars of wasted electricity.


Yeahhh boii. 25% off taxi fares in the Paleto Bay area this week.


Oddly specific, but I'll take it


Lol bought a nightclub on Tuesday. Fml


At least you were smart enough not to buy it on a Wednesday.


Or about two hours ago :)


Thank you for your sacrifice


That\`s why it\`s on discount - thank you good man... :D :)


Hope this award helps you feel less of a twat ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)


I bought it on Sunday, glad to know I'm not the only one lol


I bought the garages of the nightclub like 4 hour ago lol


Ah classic rockstar encouraging us to afk for the whole week


I'm just waiting for a discount on office garages. Been wanting to buy one for months.


They were discounted months ago, but I didn't get them then, really wish I had... Oh well, nothing 1 cayo or so won't fix...


Same here, bro. I just wanna buy the extra spaces, because my properties garages are almost full.


Same. I can easily afford them but since I don’t actually NEED them it feels dumb to pay so much when I can just wait.


Pretty decent update with nightclub, time to buy some lights


Well, that I think is all the tuner cars then, man I’ve loved this update, and I hope they make a second part to it in some way with some new cars.


Had a decent amount fun with the Auto Shop heists - a shame that it had to pass.


Hopefully special cargo x2 this week.


No warstock sale?


I think car meet rep might be 2x this week; just went to CM to do a few things (mod vehicle via CM mechanic, enter test track w/ personal vehicle, complete a time trial, enter test track with a test drive vehicle) that I do every day & my rep meter increased significantly - definitely more than it does on any other day. That would be wonderful if rep had a bonus this week ... hopefully I’m not imagining things. Has anyone else seen this yet (their rep meter increasing quite a bit this morning)?


Discount blimp wow totally gonna buy it


4x rep on AFKing with merch shop clothes. Really..? So all I have to do is equip some merch clothing and… go afk..? That’s interesting.


> 4x Rep on AFKing with Merch Shop Clothing - LS Tuners I'm at level-370 now. By next Thursday morning, I should be at at least level-450 This may be my favorite week of bonuses in a long time.


The fact that both nightclub and car meets are sped up this week has made me almost 10 million so far just by switching sessions in the test track every 45-48 minutes and doing a nightclub sale when I have a full basement, and cayo perico once or twice to mix it up. Been a great week despite the poor showcase of expanded and enhanced.


2x $ and 2x RP in Adversary Mode Vehicle Vendetta


Still waiting for Arena War Workshop discount, why can't they just do it instead of the multiple times office discounts, to top it up, not even office garage discount.


where 50% discount for suicide




Nightclub and LS meets...biggest afk week yet?


Perfect. Been waiting to renovate my nightclubs for months


4x rep AFKing while nightclub production speed is boosted... Rockstar has a hell of a sense of humor!


uhm, noob question if i move my nightclub do i need to do the setup again?


No but you gotta buy the three upgrades again.


I miss 3x arena war


Just bought the damn blimp too! Also wtf is AFKing with merch clothing?


Farming rep for LS Car Meet while away from the game. Stay on the "leave test track" menu and the game won't kick you.


You have to be wearing car meet clothing that you buy there while you're in the LSCM building. It's an rp multiplier.


Dang this is a pretty good week. The nightclub speed is huge. And so is the LS rep. Also a couple vehicles I don’t have need to check out. Let’s have fun this week people.


Why isn't this post pinned?


1.5x good behaviour rewards, no way!!


4x on AFK'n in the LSCM with LSCM merch shop clothing and 2x nightclub stock production speed? Well I guess fxck the daily fees (and the power bill and my PS4's fan bearings) this week (when not registered as a VIP/CEO or MC pres to minimize on daily fees). Only about 33 hours to fill a nightclub with that.


They are encouraging AFKing?


That's... that's it? All bonuses?




So, skip week it is then.


Think this is the first time r* done a 4x for anything




What does the 4x Rep whilst AFKing mean?


I was thinking about buying an Imorgon once it's on discount and here it is!!!


2x xp on tuners xp, guess I'll do a few races, I hate this grind but I want them alloys


Little disappointed there was no new car this week in the car meet


Gotta wait for the next DLC now..


I haven't played in months but I still come here every Thursday to check if something cool is happening. Party on Los Santosians


gonna miss the union depository contract, but SURELY will not miss that vault code mission omg


Super easy to do especially since that helicopter can hover in place. I'll miss it, lol


easy when it decides to not fail you for absolutely no reason, happened to me like 20 times


Can R* give us a bonus week for the strippers and prostitutes please?


Sprint races again, at least I can rest easy knowing that I don't even have to try this time because I'll never even come close to completing 8 of them.


4x AFK in Car Meet... Right after spending weeks trying to get to Level 147 and I finally got it last night.... FML


Has anyone actually tried the LSCM AFK'ing? Is it legit or did it get put in as a joke?


It's legit, go to the car meet, put on any piece of clothing from the lscm, get in car, go to test track, drive to the exit, when it asks you if you want to enter LSCM or exit LSCM, you leave it on that screen and you won't get kicked for afk


I've been doing it. I been going afk about 2 hrs at a time and gained 100 rep add the nightclub 2× production speed, it's not a bad $ money maker


Thanks to AFKing with LSCM clothes my secondary character boosted her reputation from 15 to 39 in 9 hours while taking a nap.


Whos up for a blimp meet?


another boring week without the 50% discount on suicides




8 sprints for the Growler? DAMN!


Nightclubs are on sale


Adder on the podium? OK, back in the old days.


40% off nightclubs? I guess it's time once again to spend all week contemplating moving mine only to decide to keep it at elysian island. EDIT: Fuck it imma buy a blimp


definitely move it. Makes the delivery missions much easier if it is up near the hills.


Yo! Nightclubs are on sale, y'all! I'd definitely buy one if I were you.


Is it good for someone who just started? I got the $15 ps4 saw version earlier today and spent my crim bonus and ps+ bonus on auto shop which was great with Union depo but just ended.. so sad lol only had about 12 hours of one of the best ones.. 640k each run and super fun :( Should I get the free mc and cash counterfeit and combine with nightclub? Or get an arcade since casino heist seems fun. The sub heist really seems eh.. I know it’s high cash but seems hard lol


Yes I would get the free properties.


Are the upgrades discounted?


Yay! I can fit all of those cars in the garages I put in my nightclub last week!


These prime discounts don't seem to be showing up for me anymore, any info on them?


The 2x and 4x rep is awesome. Went up from 55 to 61 already