9/16/2021 Weekly GTA Online Bonuses

9/16/2021 Weekly GTA Online Bonuses


Wait a minute. All bicycles are free? Knowing my luck this would be the week I get a bicycle store discount on the casino wheel


i'm about to stack up on bmx's for no reason


It's a trap! You can't sell the fuckers and they clog up your vehicle selection in missions. I wouldn't recommend anyone ever gets more than one of each bike.


I think you can sticky bomb them for good. At least this is how I lost a BMX once.. I still blame my mate for those $800 years later.


I think I remember too, that bicycles are actually not insured…but I’m not certain about that.


They are insured.. Kind of.. When destroyed they will not show up under Mors Mutual unless you have a actual insured car/truck/motorcycle that's destroyed as well. As long as a car is listed by MMI then Bicycles show up.


Maybe jumping them off the pier? I'm too cheap to spend one entire stickybomb on one...


I lost mine in the grotto at the playboy mansion once. I could get it back from mors, but only if I already had another vehicle there. If it was just my bmx they wouldn't pick up.


But don't you think spending a sticky for a BMX is a bit overkill? Maybe just orb it instead?


Then they'll owe you money


If you do, I'd love to know if it's actually used when you buy a bicycle, regardless of it being free.


2x on the 3 lowest MC businesses


Seriously, who the fuck came up with that? Pretty sure they've never done specific businesses have they? Trying to get the gf's sister to play and they don't even have coke on sale......


>Trying to get the gf's sister to play and they don't even have coke on sale...... Now that is an interesting sentence to hear out of context.


Remember to always put the "in gta" part when you're searching info on GTA business :)




Good idea for talking about gf’s sister too!


Lol this is all hilarious but my guess is they're staggering them.. next week should be coke and meth ..... in gta


They have done 3x cash for weed only on 4/20...




Yeah, what is this shit? I’m going to have to sell meth and coke anyway because they will get raided if I don’t.


I'm reading this comment chain after coming back to this thread confused as to why my coke sale wasn't 2x like I thought it'd be. Now that I read carefully I see where it's only those listed businesses, but why?




It’s the only time ever when documents will give you profits when buying supplies.


Documents take $90k to buy the supplies and they sell for $126k normally, $252k on double.


1/2 off supplies this week too


I like it. makes me motivated to sell my full product weed business more.


I guess we're doing the tour de santos with those free bicycles.


Be sure to take some BST beforehand. lol


This is exactly why I wish Rockstar would implement some form of tournament using the Playlist format. I've been wanting to make tournaments of all kinds of things, like bicycle races.


I still don't understand why there aren't any kart-specific kart races, only this dumb mode with shooting karts. Or did I miss something out of 2938749827 adversary modes?


The biker sell missions are so shitty, I won't bother doing them even with 2x $


C'mon, who doesn't love climbing hills in a PostOp van


*(war flashbacks)*


Those Dodo sell missions, at night, during snow; never again


Its not biker sell missions in general... It's only the shitty ones. Not even profitable to make those 28 minute sales


And they never patched the duffel bag sales, which was the high point of a MC sale session. You and a buddy would help each other do the sells because with two there used to be a huge chance of the "race to one point" duffel delivery which took seconds on a fast bike, let alone if everyone gets in a heli. These missions have been removed from the game since Casino Heist. :/


I guess it's time to fill the clubhouse with all this bike just for aesthetic


already done that, whenever I have delivery mission ending in desert i steal a bike and ride back :D


Bicycles are all for free.


I was fairly certain this was a joke, and then lo and behold, all free bikes!


Does anyone know if you need garage space to store bicycles?


There are specific spaces inside the garages for 3 bikes. They hang on the wall next to the blue marker you use to move cars around.


How can you request bicycles? I never did it


You can't, you just walk up to them on the bike rack on the wall of the garage, and push the button(sometimes you need to push the button twice). The game doesn't care of you own a bike though, if you destroy it or lose it, it's just gone, all you can do is buy or steal a new one. BIG EDIT(In response to my replies here): So, sorry for the wait. I tested: * I went and took one of my (old stolen) bikes, the Endurex Racing bike, and grenaded it. Kaboom, destroyed, won't respawn on the wall - perfect test - then I called Mors: No, no reply, *they act as if it did not exist*, I cannot get it back. * Then I did it again, with another (old stolen) Racing bike, Whippet this time! But instead I drove it into a lake. Hello Mors? Yeah no, they never heard of no bike, that one's gone forever too. So ok, that's a no on stolen bikes at least. Fair. * How about purchased bikes? Bought me a BMX. Took it out to the curb, and fed it a grenade. Mors, you would not believe this. But Mors actually didn't believe it - they STILL have never heard of me ever losing a bike, and have no bike to recover for me. Nothing. Nada. * OK FINE. LET'S DROWN A BIKE. Done. Did it. Bought a Cruiser, drove it into a pond. Couldn't interact with it, it's gone, it's ceased to be. And what does Mors say? "What bike?" So yeah, no, on PC at least Mors will not replace a destroyed bike at all(for me?) Unless I'm missing something, y'all feeding me false info over here. I blew up one of my cars too, to see if I just needed a non-bike available to claim, and still no bike.


You can call MMI to get them back


Which is funny. Bike went into water? Call MMI. Why don’t I just pick it up???


All the bicycles were imported from Vice City


I think you can pick them as your personal vechicle in some missions but no other option


Buddy always starts his Doomsday missions on a bike, and unless you're the host it doesn't let you pick what car will spawn. It's hilarious every time.


If a garage doesn't have bike racks, they'll just be set in front of whatever cars are in there, using their kickstands.


wait, what?! I AM DECORATING ALL MY GARAGES with bikes, even the tiny ones!


Some garages have bicycle racks. Eclipse towers does and I know some shit hole I own up at sandy shores does.


every high end garage (or house) (afaik) has the ability to store bicycles


I think you can store up to 3 bikes in a 10 car garage, and 1 or 2 in the smaller garages


I saw not that long ago that someone found a way to change the colours of bicycles... From what I saw: 1. Go to pedal and metal, click on the bmx bike (not sure if it works for others). 2. Click the home button in the browser. 3. Go to legendary motorsport. 4. Choose ~~any car (doesn't matter)~~ **the z-type** and select one of the 8 colours. The **Grotti Stinger** can be used to change the **Scorcher** (credit to u/thatpaulbloke below) 5. Press the history button (clock button left of the URL) and on the drop down menu choose the pedal and metal url ending with bikedetails3 (or whichever you chose) 6. Press order to order the bike, and wait for delivery I haven't checked personally if it works because I'm still hanging around in the test track getting double car meet rep from last week. I hope this works and helps! Edit: fixed step 4 to say it works with the z-type only, credit to u/s_a_b_i_ in the comments below Edit 2: Added that the Scorcher's colour can be changed with the Grotti Stinger (Thanks to u/thatpaulbloke)


I tried that a few times and couldn't get it to work and, even worse, removing bikes from your garages is a nightmare - I had to go and steal bikes, bring them to the garage to replace the existing ones and then destroy the stolen bikes.


Oh ok that sucks. I haven't ever bought a bicycle despite playing since launch so I am about the least qualified to talk about it. Just thought if it still worked people would find it helpful.


Use the Z-type to select the colour, it works with that specific car


stonks /s (?)


Time to put a bike in every garage possible lmao


I literally should’ve waited a week haha. did this last week


Why are twitch prime bonuses monthly now? I really hope that isnt permanent


It looks like it is. That's basically a 50% reduction on stuff we could have bought on discount in a year - everything seems to have been halved over the course of this year. I said in another post that maybe Daddy Bezos isn't making the Prime deal as sweet for R* as they were, so R* responded in kind...?


Prime weekly bonus was 400k, now it is only 100k...


The fuck. I was wondering why my GTA unemployment didn’t seem to give me as much.


It was 200k per week plus an extra $200k at the end of the month if you logged in the past 4 weeks. It equated to 1 million a month.


it was 200k + a bonus 200K for beng in-game for four weeks, bringing it up to a million


I've been pretty unimpressed with the Prime bonuses lately. Used to pick up a pretty nice super/sports car or plane/heli at 70-80% weekly... Free businesses/upgrades also used to be semi-permanent (the canals nightclub and kosatka sonar were free for months). This time the strawberry auto shop never went free for me despite being the middle of my annual prime subscription, and now it's not even listed.


I'm really enjoying the vapid flash that's 80% off this month. Top speed isn't the greatest but its steering is perfect. It's my favorite car for the city




Weak indeed considering we used to get a cool million for logging in 4 times a month.


Even on double money, document forgery isn't worth the time. Cash and weed, possibly, considering you'd take over a million... but those sell missions make my heart sink, hoping for the single truck and getting 3 Post Op vans. Rock\* must be trolling us by excluding coke and meth from this event week


Im just in it to pump some numbers on that shitty business.


Damn. I'd hoped it was some sort of misreporting but the Prime bonuses are really running for a month from now huh? That sux - first the halving of the bonus, then the move towards discounting cheaper stuff, and now the effective halving of the number of those discounts :/


Yup R* be nerfing the f*ck out of us twitch users :/


Daddy Bezos probably no longer making the deal so sweet


I'm going to beat my Alexa when I get home 😡


Astrologers proclaims week of the 3x Hasta La Vista. The amount of cyclists being slamed by trucks increases rapidly.


100% off all bicycles? lmfao


I stole one months ago and it been hanging on the wall at Del Perro #7 since.


how can I learn this power?


There are almost always bikers on trails. Sometimes BMX bikes spawn near skate spots and at the Redwood Lights track. Try biking in first person!


I just wanted to let everyone know that the Vigilante will most likely be on sale next week because, after waiting years for a sale, I bought one today. 👍


We appreciate your sacrifice for the greater good.


Of course, the worst businesses (correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's the case) are the ones that are discounted.


Cocaine > Meth > Cash > Weed > Document in that order.


counterfeit money isn't that bad.But sell missions are a pain to do though.


Unless you get the single truck


Then you realize it’s the one you have to drive while high as dicks


If you drink 5 beers before you get in you’re immune to the dope smoke




Even at x2 I don't think MC businesses are worth it. Way too much of a hassle restocking, waiting to sell, dealing with Raids and tedious sell missions. Rather let the NC deal with all that while I do fun stuff. Edit: Just realized it's the least profitable ones too. WTF R\*


Sounds pretty shit so far ngl


It just keeps getting shittier, like a shit pyramid.




It’s not a pyramid. It’s multi level marketing.


As if last week wasn’t shit enough


Nah fam. Put some respect on double nightclub production and lscm rep. I made 7 million without spending a dime on supplies and moved up 100 rep levels.


My idea of fun is certainly not AFKing in a car meet menu for hours on end


That's GTA Online - the online multiplayer game that is best enjoyed AFK in an artificially private session.


I only did that when I went to bed at night. The rest was spent joining random heists, missions and races I got invited to.


Yeah but after the week is done you have tons of money to spend on fun shit. Also the discounts were really good, the Alpha Z1 is fun to fly, the ZR350, the Michelli GT, and the PR4 are all cool cars in their own right. The nightclub is very nice to have for 40% off if you can afford all the other businesses to make it profitable. Last week was great, especially compared to this week.


Gonna miss that extra rep for afk in the car meet. Been trying to unlock the PRB livery for the Futo GTX. So close too.


This was my week too. Unlocked the Futo GTX and RT3000 liveries, just the last Remus one left!


Lol, I was level 107 last Thursday, I'm now level 210 and counting, the 2x bonus doesn't reset until you switch sessions.


There's my brother with the big think. Slap on some sneakers and idle in the Car Meet, every 8 hours make a NC delivery for $800k after Tony's cut... ain't nothing in this sale worth losing that for.


Do you do it in a public lobby im guessing? I decided to do invite only since it’s my first time trying cuz of how fucky GTA servers can be on publics


Discounts on MC Business supplies too


So it's not even all the MC businesses getting boosted, just the worst three?


Great time to buy a counterfeit cash factory for your new nightclub if you didn't get one for free (Criminal Enterprises).


Remember when 2x biker sell missions were greeted with joy? Ever since Cayo Perico, nothing compares.


2x on autoshop robberies the other week with union depo came pretty close.


I thoroughly enjoyed the grinding contracts for double $$


Nah fam, I hated that stuff before Cayo too. I still love the bunker and nightclub though. Even gave crates a try last week.


I can tolerate it on 2x, I'm not gonna grind them but occassionally starting a sale and only doing the good missions is actually not too bad.


Everything is cayo perico in this game lmao thats why too many people come and go cause they get tired easily once the have too much money.


"Nothing compares 2 U"


So I can do a street race with 2 of my friends for 5 days in a row and since there’s only 3 of us, then we should be able to get the jester at the end since all of us will be top 3 right?




Yeah. To note - the first "day" ends a little over 6 hours from now (8pmEST, since I know we're mostly in the US around here). So, time it accordingly if you want it on the earliest day possible. Edit: To add, yes, you can do a race at, say, 7:30pm EST, then do a race at 8:15pm EST today, and that should give you 2/5. Then you'll need to wait until 8:00pm EST tomorrow for the next race to count for your 3/5.


Can we have Phantom Wedge discount?


sameeeee i only want this for the longfin mission for cayo


it's worth it, even for the full price.


it is awesome to drive around with


For that and the Auto Shop Contract where you steal the ramp it is worth its full price anyway.


You can use the MOC cab for the prison contract ramp And because it's not a special vehicle, you can drive your PV to the MOC cab.


True but the Wedge always spawns pretty close anyway.


I own it. Buy it!


i want this also


You tight bastards R*, why not x2 on my coke and meth as well.


Bet there are no discounts for Benny's AGAIN


Why is it always adversary mode every week


they must be looking at stats that say no one is playing adversary modes


Screw it, let's do a bike meet. Better yet, a new challenge for the week: Free roam, travel, and do missions only on bicycles. This should end in disaster perhaps I'll record the results. 🤔




5 days in a row for a car most of us own thanks to it being discounted the week before


Not me. It’s pretty obvious that every single car in that DLC is going to rotate through as a prize car. If you can be patient, why buy any of them?


I knew it'd happen, but I didn't realise how soon when the DLC came out. I figured since I had money in the bank I'd get my instant gratification but if I knew I could get everything for free within a few weeks then... yeah :|


Damn, first time I’m on the good side. I wanted to buy the clubhouse last night, but it was late already and didn’t want to entice myself into playing way too late so I said, I’ll buy the clubhouse tomorrow. Thank you my discount.


Gonna go win a Jester RR with my Jester RR and then sell my Jester RR to mod my Jester RR.


Put a Jester RR in a Jester RR. So you can ride while you ride.


Time Trial: Route 68 RC Time Trial: Cypress Flats


I dread the day when Down Chiliad makes its return.


Of course bicycles go on sale 2 days after I spend $800 on one Just my luck


2X on the worst biker businesses and free bicycles. Is this Rockstar punishing us for not being impressed with the "Enhanced and Expanded" trailer?


This is ridiculous.. rockstar is laughing at us... free bicycles and after a long time there is 2x in mc sell missions but only the less profit businesses... wtf?!!


Looks like no Warstock discounts yet again :p


Hey! All the bicycles are free!


Goddammit, something told me when the Jester RR was on sale that it would be available as a prize ride the next week. I've finally been gotten! Nevermind, I wouldn't do all that anyway. It's all good.


do races for 5 days straight? id pass... yeah its probably one of the easiest "do this for x days in a row", but everyone would tell you to just do cayo perico once or twice. good thing you bought it at a discount instead.


where’s the best locations for all of the MC business? going to buy them all today


50% off supplies and 2x on sells even just on the 3 lowest? Holy shit.


Please 3x Cayo Perico payout


I wouldn’t sleep for the next 7 days


That would be fucking op


Servers: \*boom\*


Glad I'm not this optimistic. Every day would be a drag then.


Sadly never gonna happen, 1.5 was the best we could ever hope for


maybe 2x but knowing rockstar that wouldn't even happen


Very big maybe yes


After the E&E trailer it actually be something to get us exited about this game.


There's a hard server cap of $2.55 million for each run, so 3x would never be possible.


Weed Farm - Open Road Businesses - 50% off renovations for clubhouses off too. nice


Finally, the Lectro on the podium. I'm definitely going for it


Looks like it’s almost time to cancel my prime gaming membership.


What’s the point of the mtl dune? I just bought it expecting it to be in my garage but it’s a Pegasus vehicle 🤨


For driving around.


Bruh there better be something more than another adversary more for bonus money & rp


Another shit week to pass. Glad I have other backlogs to play.


Damn came too early, that's what she said




Seriously. The whole last week of AFK was a ghost town. And the week before I had never seen more people PLAYING.


For real. Double up on Union Depository actually gave a viable alternative to Cayo Perico.


auto shop missions don't give rep....


Has the Vigilante ever been on discount? Always afraid to buy it, and then just have it discounted next week...


Unfortunately, it has never been on sale. I don't know why or how they have managed to overlook it like that.


Unless there was one before september of 2019 then no because I have played/ checked weekly bonuses since then and I have never seen it on sale


You can wait until you get a 10% discount coupon from the Wheel or the Car Meet, and you can combine that with the 10% discount coupon that you can get from following the different companies on Bleeter on Rockstar Social Club.


Free bicycles! Fuck you very much Rockstar


I mean, bicycles for free, what a bargain!


Only 2x cash on the bottom 3 businesses, but 50% off supplies across all of them (right?). Guess I can live with doing a couple of these missions again for the next week.


Maybe R* are trying to get new people into the biker businesses so that they can take more in daily fees 🤔 Meanwhile: *looks at discount list* ... I think it's time for me to get the other variant of the MTL Dune!


How do R* calculate the days for the prize ride? Every 24 hours (like the lucky wheel) or every day at 6-7AM GMT (like daily objectives)?


I’m in EST (US) and the day resets at 8pm for me


Where's the Hangar discounts, dammit? I've been wanting them badly, but at this rate, they'll never come... lmao 😅


How long have you been on this sub? Hangars went on sale a few months ago, So maybe not too long to wait. Although I wish I had never tried air freight. lol


Maybe soon since this week this a motorcycle week. They’ll do planes and boats weeks at some point


5 days in a row? I'm an adult, i can't commit to real shit that often


Hi I’m new in GTA I just want to borrow this place and thank everybody for not robbing my embarrassing bunker solo sales mission


I did all the casino preps last night for the heist using the vagrant to get the trade price and then I was like. Ah you know what I'll run it Thursday maybe it'll be on sale too. ![img](emote|t5_2xrd1|3212)


I am now the proud owner of 20 bikes, hell yeah


Hakuchou Drag is a beast, make sure you grab one while its on sale


was wondering why i didn’t get double money on my cocaine sell, should have read the fine print. MC double money is the only time i ever bother with it


This week turning out to be great profit wise. Made a lot from weed and cash. Was at 1.3 mil on Friday morning ist. Bought weed+staff+3rd nc staff, was down to above 600k, right now @1.8 mil with almost 130k in shipments lost/destroyed by griefers.


I just bought my first bicycle on Sunday goddamit, I WILL NEVER FINANCIALLY RECOVER FROM THIS.


I did a biker sell mission yesterday because I just remembered I still had a weed farm. Game gave me a mission where I have to drive across the whole map while high and also having to escape the cops twice. As if these whole businesses weren’t shit enough they had to have such crap missions. Even double cash doesn’t make it worth it.


Weed truck is the second easiest solo mission. Knock a few beers before you start and that helps


If you have your weed farm in Los Santos, you can take the railtracks to the dropoff to lose the cops. Works for me everytime.


As a veteran I've never bought the 2 lower MC businesses, but as I'm getting a little bored, I might consider buying them finally, making them profitable this week (thanks x2 bonus) and let them sleep after that, just managing the technicians from the nightclub in the future.