Is my luck the worst or did they remove cocaine from Cayo Perico?

Is my luck the worst or did they remove cocaine from Cayo Perico?


I think you're having bad luck. I had 2 at north dock and 1 at the airport yesterday. I had art in the compound so I got one coco and a painting. It was also raining on my finale. I finally got pink diamond after lots of tequila and ruby.


Just bad RNG luck.


I had something similar but with the supply truck. Just recently I found it in one of its two northern spawn locations. It hasn’t spawned either locations SINCE MARCH!!!!!! Until now!!! (Not that I use it but what the heck…)


All 9 secondary locations outside of the compound? 2 at airstrip, 3 at north dock, 3 at main dock, and the weed farm?


Do you want some of mine?


Definitely bad luck. I’ve been farming cayo lately and getting 2 or 3 coke everytime on hard. Pity it’s always tequila of a necklace tho


I had to coke stacks at the airport this morning


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