Heaven forbid my boat gets wet

Heaven forbid my boat gets wet

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Ngl this has happened to me so many times, you think I'd stop going down there...


Happened to me twice in like 10 minutes, looked back at the clips and both times it disappeared from hitting the water


Mr El Rubio will trace the water droplets from your boat and will piece together the pieces of puzzle. Pavel not taking any chances. /s


No loose ends. Mr. Rubio takes hold of loose end, he strangle you with it, yes?


Then he should also keep us from using our own guns when stealing the safe combination or going to the warehouse to hack the laptop. Where is that covering our tracks? ^(Yes, I already made a post about this fact and YES, it was disliked.)


Never question rockstar's game design


Game what?


The game is GTA V, but at this point you can just call it GTA because that's what it is now.


In all reality though you're right, the logic behind not using our weapons to avoid being traced goes out the window when we use our own weapons against his cybersecurity team, and his own fucking head of security. You'd think he would have cameras somewhere inside that penthouse, or at least make it required to disable cameras at the warehouses.


What will be hated in a post, will be loved in the comments. It's all about context


That's teally weird.


Not hard to guess where it has been from the hobo piss smell


Happened to me twice, one time I didn’t hit water, but I was on a bridge so maybe that’s it?


The sonar blocker is so much easier


You just need to drive the boat straight to to the destination, park it and kill yourself to lose the cops. Use a Phantom wedge for more fun.


fire a cruise missile, plant it on the ground under the tung of the trailer. if the trailer ends up in a position it can't be grabbed by a truck, it respawns. the beauty of doing it while it's in the impound lots is that it spawns outside on the street. you don't even get a wanted level going and picking it up. you just have to work on the technique of getting it hit in the right spot. but once you get it, you can do it consistently


No way


Just fast travel the sub over to the blockers location, use the subs rockets to kill the boats and heli, submerge it next to the enemy sub and activate autopilot. Then just go for a short swim, get into the enemy sub, kill the enemies until you find the blocker, leave, and take a short swim back to your sub. Genuinely takes me 5-10 minutes or so, depending on how close the fast travel point is, and where it decides to shove the sonar in the sub.


You don't need to ever interact with the boats and heli at all. I just dive the sub and drive right up to the Merryweather sub. Grab a scuba suit and swim over. The boats and helis up above won't do anything if you just swim right back to your sub


Yh I have done that alot but still the longfin is way easier , even without the phantom custom. Just hop in and drive away its almost as fast as getting the blow torch. And fr the sonar is also easy but takes way longer


And the longfin is better for the heist, because it's faster and can take you very quick at any part of the island. Even if you only do the compound.




When your boat is using the same code as Clyde from GTA 3


You mean Claude


You mean Cloud


You mean Clout


You mean Claot


You mean Clot


You mean clitorus


I can't find it


You mean Cletus


You meant Claus


Je m'appelle Claude.


Enchanté Claude


Did you know you can simply let the cops kill you and then you can deliver the boat in peace.


It's what I started to do all the time because it got annoying to be followed by them. I first kill every cop around the boat, let the other cops kill my character and then get the boat and deliver it to the docks.


I just put gps to delivery place before taking the trailer, there I park, call ceo buzzard and hang over the water for a bit (these 3 stars are without cop chopper). Or change to saved scuba outfit and dive for a bit


I just nade myself and get back in the truck. Either before or after driving it to the dock.


Annoying by the cops? Phantom wedge is the answer.


That's what I do if i can't be arsed with the chase. However, i rarely take the longfin anyway. Velum approach is fine if clothes are near the airfield and its a more relaxed prep.


How so? I immediately get "detected" when I land with Velum and they search me for weapons.. it definitely doesn't make for a "relaxed heist" this way.. what am I missing out?


You need to buy a weapon stash during finale setup


Damn, thanks.. I knew I was missing something! 😁


yea, so bad we NEED to get weapons, tbh. i would be fine with flying without weapons and procure them on site from el rubio guards, its not like you need guns when you have disguise anyway


Pay 10k for weapon stash on setup screen ;) Your weapons will be in the hangar after you are searched. ;) Note, there are 3 convenient clothes spawn locations near the airfield. If none there, then yeah, maybe longfin is better, although i just restart the heist (and accept loss of hard mode bonus) if that's the case. With those 3 spawn points its fine 90% of the time. One is at the cafe, one just behind where the guard is standing on the upper floor (kill camera behind cafe, kill guard) - don't worry, as long as you are stealthy about it some of the NPCs will freak out, but not the guards. Third is at the pier to the south. Grab motorbike down the track to the right of the cafe, drive to pier.


Thanks! 😁


Ew, crawling through the entire island is far more stressful than using the speedy boi to just sail around it. I spawn in the main dock, turn left to the airstrip for the easy hangar loot or the only slightly inconvenient shack loot nearby if the hangar isn't full enough. Then get back on the boat I parked in the corner, turn around and sail around all the bs to the drainage tunnel, run up the right stairs straight to the office, only bopping the 3 main guards, get the safe, jump off the balcony, run into the right basement door, blah blah, exit the same way, climb the railing and u turn over the bridge and run straight out the main gate, bike, jump off cliff and swim away. Ez stress free heist in 10 ish minutes


So you don't have scuba gear then right? Is it hard to cut into the drainage tunnel with just rebreathers? The Kosatka prep is so easy, I just do that. Of course, you don't get much extra loot that way, but it is nice to not have to deal with the rest of the island.


kosatka is for 2 or 3 players. 4 if the compound is jam packed full of gold enough for everybody. otherwise longfin is for 1 or 4 players to get the ez airstrip loot, then go to the compound. in either case, drainage tunnel always. you also get 20 rebreathers automatically anyway so being underwater isn't a problem at all. when solo, you can even go through the tunnel without a rebreather at all, though your health will be half gone through the rest of the heist, but that's ok cuz you really only need to kill 4 guards and not be detected. but since the rebreathers are free anyway it doesn't matter. though swimming underwater with first person and a rebreather on is slightly faster than normal swimming which can make the swim away from the island a bit faster. also, when doing the heist with other peeps, nobody get the bike. you all gotta wait for each other anyway so losing some money or risking detection to get the bike isn't worth it with other peeps.


Getting the grate cut down means I can infiltrate without even losing my health to drowning. Of course with others, I always remind them of the rebreathing function on account of a high chance they are numpties and dally about.


I never use any of that. I take the longfin to the sewers and enter the compound that way and just leave throught the main dock. Takes 8-9 minutes to do everything and fill your bags


Dude I've done this from the start. Grab boat, drive about 200 feet away. Explode self with sticky, take my wedge back and no more cops to harass me


200 feet is the same as 121.92 'Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350s' laid widthwise by each other.


Okay but what about McDonald's cheeseburgers


I've always enjoyed flipping police cars and causing some chaos with my phantom wedge, then committing suicide once I'm near the drop-off so I can get rid of them.


it was like that meme where the black kid throws up a piece sign and disappears lmao


Right lol




I run that mission with a Phantom Wedge. It makes easy work out of anything in front of you.


Ah I forgot about that lol, I think about the MOC but I forgot about the wedge


Also kill yourself when you get the cops on you. No need to run from them.


game says this to me every time i enter clothing shop now you too😭


Don't kill yourself too close to other cops or your Wedge will get impounded (despawned).


I thought vehicle impounds only happen when you die to cops?


When I stickied myself to get rid of cops, my Wedge despawned and it showed me a prompt that it got impounded.


After getting shot and killed so many times when trying to put mine's back to it's front, i dont think killing myself just to lose the wanted status is an option :(


You can't do the mission with the MOC. Or at least you didn't used to be able to. It won't finish the mission at the circle. Of course, you could use the MoC to get it there, then spawn a wedge... but in which case, might as well start off with the wedge.


Those bars going over the left, right and center of the cab help you align the wedge with the potential target.


Does that bug still occur where you can't deliver the trailer if you're hauling it in the MOC?


As of a month ago, I believe so


Mfs act like the forgot about the wedge 😤


I tried MOC but it still made me go to the ones on the map?


The MOC can't be used to deliver the boat for some reason. The game forces you to use a stolen truck or the Phantom Wedge.


The wedge is also by far the fastest semi in the game.


Not according to Broughy's testing. Lap time: Wedge: 1:21.1 - PhantomC: 1:21 - HaulerC: 1:19.2 Top speed: Wedge: 98.5 - HaulerC: 102 - PhandomC: 103.5 It's being pedantic but yeah. Few mph slower for a wedge that'll launch everything out of the way but lacking armor is a tradeoff you'll have to make yourself.


Huh, I didn't know this. Thank you for this sir!


I think it feels faster than it is because of the engine sound and/or camera angles


La mesa station is impossible with wedge tho


You just gotta back it in.


The boat was so rotten that even a droplet causes it to completely disintegrate


Player: \*Drives through a small layer of water\* Longfin: Hell no! \*Longfin left\*


You fool, you thought you could drive a boat across water? Clearly boats are not meant to go in the water.


Right, how could I forget you need to *FLY* the boat 🤣


I've found it easiest to drive to the destination, but go onto the train bridge between the island and the mainland. Just park there, the cops won't see you


It’s almost like boat trailers are also designed specifically to go partially into the water to launch the boat as well.




LOL reminds me of that raccoon who tried to wash its cotton candy and was surprised it disappeared 😂


One time I was running guns with the Marshall monster truck and I ended up destroying the shipment because I drove in a creek. A creek. In a monster truck.


*Psssssssssssssst* Just blow yourselves up down the street from the police station & get back in then drive the boat to the docks with 0 stars




bruh what?? BTW, here's a tip; Just set a waypoint to the drop off at the docks, and then park the rig there and kill yourself (make sure to not die to cops if ur using your own phantom wedge) and then you'll have lost your stars and u can just get back inside the truck and deliver the boat that's already parked there.


> make sure to not die to cops is that why the phantom wedge sometimes disappears when I die?


Yes. If it’s your personal vehicle phantom wedge then yeah, it will be stored back in your warehouse; when cops kill you when you’re with your car they impound it; and special vehicles will just despawn and be back in your garage at the vehicle warehouse. So make sure to use a grenade (cheapest) to blow yourself and not die to cops


Why you make it so hard yourself... After you attach the trailer (with every truck) drive like 500m, get yourself killed once by the cops & the cops are gone. 😂


You guys knows you can just “take the easy way out” and lose the cops right?


Just get out of the truck and blow yourself up as soon as you've left the police station. Police won't come after you when you die


Oh my gooood I’m gonna murder English Dave


Just let the cops kill you. Spawn and get back in the truck and finish.


What the hell kind of bullshit is that? o_O


I just call in my phantom wedge grab the boat drive to the docks and I get out of the phantom wedge once I get their and hide until the 3stars are gone or kill myself. I spawn back or walk back to the truck to complete the set up


What can I say? It's made of sugar.


This is also where I've failed bunker sell missions before with the dune buggy, though that's understandable (since it gets mostly submerged)




Ooooooh, that's why I failed the prep a few times? The ls river water?


Rockstar used to be one of my favorite developers but after everything with GTA V I kinda think they are trash now.


That's so dumb!


You can shoot like 8 rockets and it wont blow up but the second it touches water it disappears


This is why I go East into the hills... Boats like higher elevations


That like bunker sales with the Dune FAV skip over the puddle of water and vehicle gets destroyed.


El Rubio's character is based off of John McAfee. And we all know what happened to John. He died.


GTA has more bugs than cyber punk


Jesus that’s harsh




Frankly I'm appalled that you're driving the semi on the ground instead of flying it. Helps keep the tires in good shape


Is boat Meant to be on water DISSOLVES on water


That what a boat is for tho




What? I was making a joke tho


Get the boat and drive towards the docks (elysian island) and when you cross the bridge get out and blow yourself up and you'll spawn pretty close then get the truck and deliver it. No need to lose wanted level


The boat is a John Cena model


Ah yes the LongCena


I just use the phantom wedge to ram through the cops and hide in the docks to escape


THATS WHAT TRIGGERS IT?!?! holy fuck man, both times I've done longfin this happened when I try to hide from the cops in the sewer and I just thought it was bugged for me and started running kosatka


Right it’s so BS lol, it’s happened to me twice


Kosatka is the best approach because all you gotta do is drive up until youre at the merryweather sub. Grab the scuba gear and then exit via the moonpool bring out the assault shotty and use the stickies throw the stickies at every corner grab the sonar jammer and bam approach done


I use the longfin so I can drive my boat around to different places for secondary loot since I do things solo


This is rockstar quest design. RDR2 had this cranked up to 11 and made my time with the game quite unbearable.


This game is terrible


This game is something else, lmao.


Before you grab the longfin, map the area you have to bring it at the docks, then just head there. When you arrive, you can run and hide from the cops or just kill yourself. Then deliver. No need to do heroics to escape the wanted level.




Change the world, my final message. Goodbye




What heist


I generally just wait it out on the railway bridge immediately before the docks (N.B. keep left)


Summon MOC (may have to destroy your kosatka first), use the bulletproof moc cab to tow the boat out, hop out, suicide, return your moc cab and summon the phantom wedge, and proceed as normal


Gta needs help sometimes


Ofc it isn't supposed to get wet they haven't finished fixing the holes, paint and etc because that has to be the reason why a boat getting splashed by water is a fail. Either that or RockStar logic is getting super freaking nuts but I am sure I am right and the developers of this massive hit game have a reason why it fails.


Just ewo


Out of all my years of playing I've never had this happen to me, then again, how new is this mission


It’s the second most recent DLC I think


Oh, yeah, if it's apart of the cayo preico, I havent done it, mostly because I haven't been motivated enough to do much of the setups 😅


Every mission related ground vehicle that passes by those cannals gets immediately wrecked and the mission ends. If it's a sale mission then what's sold is safe but any remaining product is lost. RiP smuggler boat.


Oh well fuck me arse why don’t ya


A really easy way to pass this setup is to drive a half mile away, get out, and off yourself. You’ll resplendent right next to the boat and the police will have forgotten your misdeeds.


Wow.... Its almost like they intentionally did that so that you would put more hours into the game......hmm....


It’s always the shit when it’s late at night too, just EVERYTHING goes wrong so you spend 3 hours rather than 20 minutes


I've come to recognize the tactics and have chosen to step away from games for the most part short of an hour or 2 here and there and made my main focus money, marketing, and how things snowball in today's society... Its done me better than video games.


Yeah, I had that happen to me the first time I did the mission. Quickly realized to avoid those spots soon after.


Yeah lesson learned


“longfin is kil” “no”


Just mark where the drop off is since it's always the same place. I can show you where it is. Take it there, hop out the truck, and kill yourself. This will get rid of the cops and as soon as you hop in the truck it'll get delivered. No need to go down the river or anything.


Is it easier/faster to collect the long fin or the patrol boat for the cayo perico set up


Longfin and it’s not even fucking close!!!! 🤣 maybe I just sucked at it but I had to go to the merry weather HQ and shoot my way to a couple buttons that are far from each other and then use another button to open these gates to let the boat out. And knowing rockstar the merry weather guards have BS elite aim


I started with the patrol boat for the trade price and never tried anything else so wanted to know if it was better I’ll definitely try it


DO, it’s way better. It’s literally just drive a truck to a trailer and take it to the docks. It’s so easy lol


Any particular reason for getting the boat? I always do the sneaky way (drainage) and was just curious if this is also an alternative and effective method?


It’s to get the secondary loot at the other docks and then drive the boat to the tunnel


Ohhh snap! Thanks for that insight 😊 I play with a group usually so the compound is normally enough haha 😆


Honestly fuck the cops. Take it to the destination and kill yourself and hop back in the truck


that's actually a blessing in disguise. you managed to get a flatbed trailer with nothing on it. pick some people up! party time!


Kill all the cops guarding the boat before you steal the big rig so when you go back to get the boat they don't chase you. It is absolutely stupid that driving through water kills the mission, more dumb R* logic 🤦‍♂️


You took to long to complete the prep. Here’s the trick. Get out the Phantom Wedge and then go as a little further as you can, then kill yourself and you’ll have no cops on you and then deliver the Longfin to the destination.


I have a trick I learned from YT: memorise the drop point and just go there even with cops on your tail. After reaching the spot just leave the truck and get a safe distance before blowing yourself up. You'll respawn with no wanted stars and you just run back to the truck and boom, prep complete


Wow i just found out how to get one of those "once in a lifetime" spawn trailer with the cab 😎


That particular stretch of water is deadly. Not just for that mission. I've crossed that TWICE without thinking in a weapon sale mission. Dead vehicles.


The hell?


Mf just said "deuces"


This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen


Just get it out of the police department and kill yourself once you're out. Boom. No more cops and a smooth ride to the dropoff


When u steal the boat get out of the truck & kill yourself or suicide by cop and it will remove the wanted levels and u can peacefully deliver it to its destination.


😂Rockstar Logic🤣


Lol I always disconnect trailer before going down that way to get rid of cops.


Just get out of the truck and blow yourself up, no wanted level.


![img](emote|t5_2xrd1|3224)Heheheh emojis that arnt emojis


Why are you doing the boat prep? Isn't the boat slower than using the kosatska?


The longfin approach makes getting the secondary targets way easier. You get the secondary loot from the docks/airfield before going in the compound.


This, plus I’m solo so if I was to go to the compound first best bet is 2 paintings


Airport? Do people seriously loot the airport???


If there's coke at the airport then I Longfin in, steal the coke, then get back into the Longfin and do the drainage tunnel into the compound. If the airport is clear I go straight to the compound and hope for better next time.


There better be gold at that bitch 🤣




Airport is fast as fuck. Especially for scoping. Check the hanger and electrical shed, grab the bike by the shed and zoom to the tower in under 5 minutes. Then longfin to airport, loot then grate. My last run was one of my best, 11:30 and I was half asleep at 1am.


Do whatever you have to tell me how?


not according to all the world records it isn't, not a single one uses the kosatka, all use the longfin.


No, it's the fastest as long as you jump over some rocks in the water that'll launch you either to docks if you want main loot first/at all or launch into the compound.


Delete the game and maybe they will work on 6 harder. Or at all.


You really think that's how it works? lol


Lately, gta has been extra shitty to me too. It's like they ramped up the annoying shit like this


Me to Rockstar: ![gif](giphy|l0Iy8hSJalxmgTOF2|downsized)


Why steal the longfin? The heist is easier with the Kosatka prep


To get the drugs and money that are at the airport or docks before you get to the primary.