Ways to make passive income?

Ways to make passive income?


I get $2,000 for good behavior.


I get $2,000 for ANY behavior seems like...


Arcade and nightclub are the only two I can think of off the top of my head. Nightclub is really bad in my opinion, while arcade is super expensive to max out. Even then isn’t worth a lot.


For the arcade you actually only need to buy one game and put it everywhere we max out its income.


Even if you don't buy a game you can still make around 3k per day since you get the gangwars game for free, only problem is you need 4 slots


It's 2 games.


Arcade is the only one that's completely passive but there's also the nightclub and auto shop repairs that are mostly passive


Arcade is really it. It'll pile up 50k over a few hours spent online. You go collect it when it's full. It fills up again. Anything else, you're doing deliveries. A fully upgraded nightclub's a real easy sell mission you can do solo for 500k+ each day, but you said no deliveries. I'd rethink that one.


PS Plus let’s you collect $1M at the beginning of every month until PS5 launch. Good enough for me. Just have to claim in the is store.


Nightclub without a doubt, but it is an investment to get to that potential. You have to own most mc business’s and upgrade storage and stuff so you can hold more. But once you do that, there is not re-supplying or anything, just selling the product once it produces enough. I usually sell my stock at about 500k but it does take a while to get to that price. I just mess around in lobby’s while it produces.


If you’re referring to the $800k every 20 hours or $1.69mil every 60 hours, that is not actually under the post’s definition of passive as it requires you to do a sell mission to earn the money. The only 2 functions that meet this requirement to some degree are the safes in the nightclub and arcade. But I’d go further in that the nightclub still isn’t all that passive if one wants to maintain a consistently high stream of revenue as that will require maintenance in the form of popularity missions or switching DJ’s every 90min. But that could also be viewed as a semantics argument as the work to do those actions is not the same as an actual mission.


The sell missions are stupid simple though. You loose enough money passively just from utilities each day that trying to make anything from strictly passive businesses like the arcade is a small margin.


Doesn’t matter. They don’t meet OP’s definition. He or she was looking for completely passive income, not something you have to do a sell mission for.


Arcade safe give you max 50k but you need 5/6 cabinet to fill speed, best is nightclub deliver (simple sell mission, but you need all mc business, hangar or crates warehouse and bunker)






The real answer is nothing. There is no way to just get money of any real amount by not selling your businesses product. They are passive though. You can play the game and do everything you want while the fill up. Assuming you have the MCT just check supply levels every couple of hours. If you have a group of people to play with you can knock out 4 or 5 sell missions in less than an hour before you get off to net a good chunk of money.


Some one in another newer post mentioned car meet afk as the poster usually afk for a long time everyday. Try looking up that post.


Arcade. 50 000 when full.