9/23/2021 Weekly GTA Online Bonuses

9/23/2021 Weekly GTA Online Bonuses


So it turns out Rockstar did NOT consider daily objectives when they removed some races and other jobs completely.


[Participate in a special race series objective, can’t find any of them in the jobs menus?](https://www.reddit.com/r/gtaonline/comments/pts6a5/participate_in_a_special_race_series_objective/)


That's ridiculous.


Wait do you get special bonuses for doing the daily objectives every single day for x days in a row?




Damn, that's actually a hefty amount that's liable to be forfeited now


Tez said they pushed a 'background update' to fix that... But knowing them, it's not working right...


Not the first time either. Back on PS3/360 after they removed the bounties from that platform they kept in the Set a bounty on a player and Claim a bounty on a player objectives in for quite a while.


Not surprised tbh


Double money on meth and coke is good I guess.


Better than double money on the other 3 but it seems stupid that they don't just do double money on all mc business in 1 week. Half the delivery missions are just so shitty it sucks that we have back to back weeks of mcs


They're especially shitty when it expects you to make 15 deliverys with 3 garbage trucks by yourself, and in less than 90 seconds they're all exploded because of people on opressors. Fair and balanced.


Correct me if I'm wrong but don't higher supply levels of the MC businesses even warn you "hey you might need more people for this sale" the same as the bunker does?


They do but most people do them solo anyways


Sure, but if you go play the game for an hour or two and come back, and have nobody to invite the hell are you supposed to do about it anyway? Note this wasn't even for full product it was like 3 bars for like 80k, not even worth the trouble... sightseer so far is like the Best money in the game for a very long time, unless you lke doing cayo over and over and over...i'd rather just drive around all chill and make bank that way. Wish i could just sell my lockup and mc club as they're cost more than earned


It's doable as long as you don't have to do the garbage truck or UPS mission... Whoever made those missions is straight from hell


The garbage truck has a surprisingly good amount of power and is manageable solo. If you don't get attacked that is.


Sure its manageable, but 3 trucks 15 stops and like 15+ miles of driving in that slow ass thing? Its less money per hour than like anything else that it would take to do solo lol


I joined a crew. They run the session, it takes me about 2 hours in the que, but they help with sales. Look for some to join, it's been great. Otherwise I would have quit playing years ago.


Where would one find such a crew? Disc?


Yes--but unlike a bunker, the product in an MC bunker is more valuable the more you have of it. In other words, if you solo a gunrunning mission with a bunker that's 20% full, you'll get 20% of the payout of a *full* bunker. If you sell from a cocaine lockup that's 20% full, you only make about *5%* of the payout of a full lockup. Couple that with a handful of sale missions that can be both difficult and incredibly tedious, and you end up with a feel-bad situation: "If I sell now, I lose a bunch of money. If I *don't,* I might lose even more." If you usually play with friends or an active, helpful crew, it really doesnt matter--and that's when MCs in general (in my opinion) are the most fun. But if you don't (speaking as a very late-night player who is typically solo), it's easier to do anything else.


Wow I never knew this. I usually sell MC at like 1.5 bars so I only get one vehicle. Didn’t realise the payout is exponential


I did my meth and coke thinking it was double 2 days ago. When I came back to see that they weren’t, I was pissed. I agree with you though 100%


Is it worth it to set up meth and coke if I have it strictly working through my Nightclub? I only have the free Counterfeit Cash operation


In my eyes yes. Nightclub is way less of a hassle and will run passively to infintiy. Both meth and coke are very good for that. For this week just sell the free amount of product in the labs (so they don’t get raided), don’t upgrade them and sell your nightclub whenever your coke fills up (lowest amount of all the goods in there)


I’m kinda new on this but do I need the meth and coke lab to enable production in my nightclub? Right now I don’t have them in my nightclub and it’s greyed out (that’s why I bought weed last week on the discount).


Correct. You can only assign technicians to the businesses you own.


Thanks for the clarification! Guess I’m one of the very few people that is happy with this discount 😉


You definitely should, it's an easy set up process and the nightclub can't be at max efficiency without


All those missions are so cancer they’re not technically worth your time unless you’re doing them for fun


You can't do those missions for fun, except if you are a masochist


I literally fell asleep trying to deliver 3 Dodo’s of weed (because one resupply doesn’t end up with 2 sell vehicles like the other businesses) I flew it right into a tree so I griefed myself A low level blew up one of the 4 motorcycles during a Document Forgery sale and I wanted to thank him.


>I flew it right into a tree so I griefed myself I sure hope you reported the bastard. 🤣


Is the dodo the seaplane cause that is my favorite behind the single truck


thats the seaplane yeah. hate it ngl. as well as postal. garbage truck and chopper are okay, at least you dont have to get out. deliver bike to the back is cool, but getting multiple bikes can be tedious (still faster than postal). the one with ambush is the best.


Yes, the single van one is good, the high one isn't bad (been playing for a couple years and just learned that you can drink 5 beers before doing it and it makes the driving really easy). Everything still moves around visually but the vehicle itself controls like normal. Helis aren't bad. I can do 3 of them easily. My favorite is the boats, especially now with the sparrow available to get to the start point quicker and the bonus because I can usually knock it out pretty quickly. I could swear the bonus used to be better, though.


Until you get your van stuck on a Blaine county back road for a minute too long and the game hates you and deletes your weed


I'll do the dodo but only if it is two planes. It just takes too damn long. I'll go to a new session to either get a new mission or just two of them. I flat out refuse to do them at all when there is snow because visibility is awful.


If you have friends they aren't really that bad.


We did them so many times that they aren't that interresting anymore. Also, to be honest the cash isnt that great


They're also fun for luring out would-be cargo griefers.


On double money weeks it's worth switching sessions to get the Pounder. Usually only takes two or three attempts


Biker sell missions have definitely wrapped back around to being fun for me again weirdly. I haven't used the businesses in a few years now thanks to the nightclub/bunker, but I always love giving the Post-Op delivery a go from the coke house in Sandy Shores to see how fast I can speed run it since I have the route memorized with lots of hilarious shortcuts. The goal is to do it under 20 minutes with the last drop off on the west coast. It's surprisingly fun but rather terrible at the same time haha. The MC mission music haunts me to this day as it switches on each time you exit the van to place the packages. Always a stressful jog back to the van to quickly turn the radio back on lol


That's the best description of them that I've heard. A friend of mine has all the businesses fully upgraded and does them from time to time, cause he's a grinder and they give him some variation. I can't be bothered. I only own the top three, of which two are upgraded. Even on 2x weeks, I barely do them. I'd rather collect crates than mess with MC businesses.


I like the Buzzard mission, Motorcycle delivery & the one where we just need to deliver a single truck. Garbage Truck, Dodo & Speedboat delivery are simply boring and consume unnecessary time. And whoever designed the Post Op van mission can FUCK OFF.


Post Op vans I switch sessions. I won’t do them.


Just did my first one today. Never again. The van once delivered is still destroyable and some absolute toerag blew 2 of them up.


Always deliver in a solo public session


A lobby with no more than 5 other people is usually safe.


Toerag lol


You can always call your MOC before starting the delivery and block the usual spawn point of the post op vans. Just to let you know.


Wow, thanks! I love that kind of info


For the first time the other day I got the weed sell mission where you get a contact high from the passenger and that mission can likewise go fuck itself. Whoever the psychopath is that came up with that garbage has clearly never smoked before.


The trick with that one is to: (a) mark the delivery location immediately so when the cops are searching you know to turn if necessary (b) go about half-speed and focus on steering (c) when you get wanted, slow down. Unless a cop is right on you it will go away by itself All in all, about 10 minutes and it's better than post-op or garbage trucks.


Great tips! There is another - drink a few (usually about 8) Pisswassers before getting into the truck. The drunk effect will wear off before the stoned effect, so despite your camera/view still being colourful, you regain full control of the truck :)


Just like real life


Learned a trick the other day reading here on Reddit. Drink 5 beers right before starting it. The visuals still weave all about but the vehicle is much more controllable, like driving it normally almost. If you have it available, just get your phone ready with Lester to call off the wanted stars.


Is this mission exclusive to Weed selling ? I have all the businesses but I have never done Weed or Doc missions and I've never played the mission that you guys are talking about


Yes it is. Other businesses can have a single truck delivery but only Weed can have a guy hotboxing it, and he isn't in there every single time.


Drink 5 beers before getting in the cab and you can drive it without problems


At least from the Sandy Shores/Alamo Sea area MC clubs selling "far" (To Los Santos) a 2 garbage truck sell mission is easily doable solo. Same holds true with the Dodo and Speedboat deliveries with multiple vehicles, might even be able to do 3 of those as you don't fly back to the clubhouse but to the sell vehicle location. The Speedboat sell is designed with quickness in mind given that there is a timer to deliver the packages for an added bonus, I hardly see how it is boring. However, if it is worthwhile to run MC businesses outside of setting them up (to link them to a Nightclub) and for daily objective reasons is another debate altogether. At this point I'm just glad they put them on sale finally (since I started on my new account in late March 2021) so I can link them to my NC for the additional passive product.


I think you mean if you're also feeling like a masochist. Post Op and Garbage deliveries suck hard. The others aren't so bad.


At least garbage trucks are faster than post op vans and that doesn't even makes sense


2 garbage trucks are soloable every time, but VERY tedious. 2 post ops are iffy--one piece of bad luck and you'll lose some product. So I just find a new session on both.


You can come garage trucks with luck and at least you don't have to stop and get put. If you line up the drop point you don't even need to slow,down


2 garbage trucks are easy, I wouldn't call those tedious. Definitely fits for 2 Post Ops though, usually takes me almost 15 minutes per van with those.


Worst garbage men ever! Leaving garbage instead of picking it up!


When i first started, i only played to help my hubby sell his mc stuff, and i ranked up to 70 in a month.


Who the hell does them for fun?!


There are times playing this game when briefly, I have fun, and I hold onto that feeling as long as I can, knowing how upset Rockstar is that someone is actually enjoying GTAO.


Yes. The best part is findig your stranger soulmate and having fun for hours. I swear it's better than playing with my friends. MC business missions aren't worth anyone's time or mental health.


I will do a single truck (even the weed one, which is easy once you figure out how to do it), the motorcycles (even 4) and the helicopters. Those are easy. Dodos are OK, but pretty irritating as 3 dodos means sustained attention for 30 full minutes. Post Ops or Garbage Trucks: Find new session. Those are so remarkably unfun I can't even stand to do them. Edit: Forgot boats. Those are easy, but the one where you start mid-coast and go in a line and then back are tiresome.


The upside is you can easily sell those two businesses and log out of your MC before you get hit with the $30,000 biker business cost.


Those are the only two worth running unless it’s double. I only run coke, meth, and bunker. So I’m totally fine with double on just coke and meth. If my shit even connects when I get home.


Not much here for me personally this week but I might treat myself to the RC Bandito?


It's super useful for escaping greifers


alos super useful for taking out ppl on foot since they rarely noitce you before you explode haha


Nice 100k a week too doing the weekly RC time trial


I happily purchased mine on sale. Can use it for time trials to pay itself back and can use it to annoy griefers and tryhards. Only thing worth it on sale for me.


I have totally not laid mines at Casino, hid in the bushes and had a laugh


I said, “meth and coke - about time!" out loud and thankfully no one heard.


“Shit! I need snacks”


Why the hell did they split the mc businesses between 2 weeks? ![img](emote|t5_2xrd1|2976)


Cause they are trolling us


Well I’m glad they were splitted. Running 4 or more MC businesses at the same time for a week is deeply traumatizing.


Let's be honest, if all of MC club business were on bonus at the same time, people will just do coke, meth and fake money only if you really need cash


As a newbie i am happy about this, i would not have been able to buy and upgrade all businesses in one week.


Because they're running out of ideas for what to double up every week. So now, they're splitting shit up. Next thing you know, they'll give us 2x for medium special cargo warehouse, low range I/E vehicles, or 1.5x Casino cash only


It's called 'drip feed content' lol


Which is inspired by trickle down economics, lol


I'm actually glad they did, because I can run MCs with bonus/biker and then do Cayo while they are generating product. I am still kinda new to CP so some of the stuff takes me a bit longer than the masters. ​ Edit: Meant to add--Doing all 5 MC businesses feels like a job, but 3 plus bunker does not. I don't think it makes much sense, but that's how I feel. All in my head most likely.


So you're not bogged down doing all 5 at once.


5? Someone actually uses document forgery factory?


Maybe someone out there does lol. Moneys money after all.


if you care about money you wouldnt do MC businesses at all. they are such a waste of time. worst sell missions in game and very little profit even with full upgrades. not worth the time and effort.


As a newish player that just bought the coke lockup last week full price but doesn’t have the meth lab, I’ll take it


Never buy anything that's not on sale apart from cars that you really want, you'll save a lot of money


I'd counter with buying the sub since even when it's not on sale you make the money back in 2-3 cayo runs, but otherwise solid advice for older content


Yeah, was thinking about waiting for a discount but during the Nightclub-week i found myself without a good or entertaining income stream so i went ahead, bare-bones version aside from the Sparrow that i purchased later. Same thought, that i make up the money faster than doing autoshop-missions. I think it was worth, especially because i just grinded the autoshop missions in 2x week before and couldn't stand it anymore.


Cayo gets old real fast, but having it as an ATM means you can get all the fun stuff whenever it comes up. I've ground out at least 100m out of that island, being able to look at new toys as "Oh, that's 2 runs" instead of a solid week of AFKing for Bunker or Biker returns is very nice. Honestly, the Auto Shop and the Sub are the two "best" money makers for me - Solo, good/amazing payouts, and great variety/easy mode depending on how I feel like making money.


Sure, sub is a must have but still doing 1-1,5 runs instead of 3 is a big difference for me as i have small amount of time avaible to play. I enjoy and explore things that i already bought, do missions assigned to them etc. while waiting for the things i want to be on sale ;\]


I would say waiting for a discount isnt worthy. Cayo gives so much money in such a short time... But discounts are cool on things I want but have a very low priority


If you like grinding Cayo I can agree but I'm getting tired of it so every discount matters especially considering how many things I still want to buy :D


Fuck I just bought a coke lockup in 2017


Your pfp scares me


I just want to say that the RC bandito is worth it for half of IF you enjoy the time trials. I look forward to a new rc time trial each week, and the payout is 100k so it will pay for itself eventually if you keep playing them


Good to know! Thank you!


Sure! Enjoy!


Plus it’s a good escape from a bad situation or to just knock people to the ground very fun


For sure. Lots of fun in general, and totally worth having. Plus it doesn't take up a spot in your garage, which at this point in the game for me, is a pretty nice perk.


Well I guess it was only a matter of time, bought a rampant rocket 2 days ago cause I got a 10% discount, you're welcome anyone who wanted it


Perfect refresh Glad I held out on the previon for a week


Seems like we're still a bit early.


a bit


Yea me too tbh.


Happy cakeday


The prime rewards are such a joke


No longer anywhere near as compelling as it was and I'm at least thankful that I benefitted from it for 18 months... though we all know the reason you have Prime isn't for this and it's just one of those side bonuses. But yeah... not even 80% discount on a car that's less than $1m - sucks balls. \*And\* that suck-ballage is going to last for an entire month from now. I guess this is where it is now.




I prefer my version


Rolls off the tongue a lot better.


I dont think I have ever gotten any rewards, even though my stuff is linked correctly lol.


Clubhouse again? Come R\* I need to waste my money on something else


Right?! I even bought the bike shop 😂😂😂


We due for a panther statue soon or what?


Of course not, if there’s a panther statue, then less people will buy shark cards


Don't think so.


It's been almost the same amount of time between when Cayo Perico was released and we first got the panther to the first time we got the panther and now so...maybe but maybe not, no one really has much clue how/when R* decides this stuff.


Anything else would be better than the tequila I have had 5 times in a row now!


50% off supplies is on every business or only meth and cocaine?


It was all mc businesses last week so should be the same again.


Was expecting some more vehicle discounts :/


Seems the Tuners discounts have taken the place of the weekly super/sports discounts. I'm missing the days of at least one random plane/heli/boat discount too. Even if it's a shitty one. When's the last time the Shamal or Velum 5-seater was on sale?


Yeah, as someone who wants pretty much every Pegasus, Warstock, and CEO/Associate compatible vehicle - I'd take pretty much anything. It's been like 3 weeks without a plane, boat, or warstock sale... I'd been doing air freight for trade price on each one of those that went up - and now it feels like there's no reason to do air freight. Again. And tuners? Idk what they're thinking, they've implied all the tuners are going to be prize rides, so it feels stupid to buy them.


Same boat, been waiting a long time for that [Dump](https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Dump) sale, haha To be fair though, after you've done 42 air freight missions, there isn't any reason to do them again. Even when air freight is 2x-3x, they're still some of the worst paying missions in the game. Shame too, some of them are pretty fun. And definitely on the Tuners. Bought the Calico GTF the first week, haven't bought one since. And I'll sell the Calico as soon as I win it off the Prize Ride Challenge. Only 17 Tuners total and as of this week I'll have my 10th free one, haha


>Prime Gaming members can also take advantage of exclusive discounts, including 35% off the Dinka RT3000 and 65% off the Lampadati Casco through **October 20**. \- Newswire Well, there you have it, prime discounts are now officially ass


* No building/upgrade discounts * No 70-80% discounts * Only two exclusive discounts, **per month** * Only an additional 5% discount on most recent content * $100k per week, compared to $1M per month previously If my Amazon Prime wasn't already connected to Twitch, I wouldn't even bother for these "exclusive" benefits.


This can’t be all of it?


keep on refreshing, they constantly add more to the list


Come on now.. who doesn't love deadline?




A tricycle, a motorcycle that looks like it ate too many cheeseburgers, a toy car^((which most people have already)), and a Tuner that'll probably be the Prize Ride next week? Yeah... you might be on to something.


There are a lot of new players. I doubt most people have the RC Bandito.


Yeah i am thinking of grinding the money for it even tho i won't use it yet. I guess you can spend crazy money on upgrading and then do some arena series with it?


They just removed the bandito races, but I believe it still has a time trial.


Is it even worth it?


It pays itself back quickly enough if you do the weekly time trial. It also has usages in PvP against things like orbital trolls.


down servers, E&E and now another week without 50% discount on suicide? Mass disappointment.


Still waiting for yacht sales


They were on sale 3 months ago.


For when that day comes.... The Pisces is the best yacht


Anyone else only have the MC businesses to accrue goods in NC?


MC was designed to be a social experience, but in reality most play either solo or with one friend, so it doesn't really work.


Yes picked up the document forgery last week. Now my mc businesses sit empty for all of time.


So R\* busted their own servers so we'd have something to complain about other than this shitty bonus week, huh?


I saw > 2x Reputation Bonus got excited then kept reading > on Pursuit Races - LS Tuners Then my fun went soft


Hmmm… I know it’s still early and stuff is still rolling in but so far…. Ugh…


It’s been 84 years


The Dominatior ASP is for sale too


Any unlocked liveries?


RC Bandito was 795k


I've got "Participate in the Special Race Series" as an objective, and they all seem to have disappeared. I can't launch it through the phone, the shortcut is not on the map and they aren't showing up under stunt races in the main jobs menu. Anyone else getting this? Any idea of a work around?


[Participate in a special race series objective, can’t find any of them in the jobs menus?](https://www.reddit.com/r/gtaonline/comments/pts6a5/participate_in_a_special_race_series_objective/)


Well ain't that lovely, thanks duder.


Are they running out of ideas for bonuses, or what? Instead of putting all MC businesses on double and something different this week, they break it down into two weeks?


Clubhouses again?


Yea idk who’s idea this was but I don’t like it.


But X2 gta$ on cocke and meth, I'll take that without any problem


Time to become Walter White...


That outlaw is worth disappearing a few times for


These are the weeks when I’ll win the podium car.


Better be 4x prostitute costs otherwise I ain't playing.


Costs? You want to support the entertainment industry? Aww that's adorable.


So yesterday I was sweating to buy a Dominator ASP without a club discount and there is a promotion on it today? I'm going to commit a crime...


You'll want to commit a worse one, along with everyone who buys it this week, if it's the Prize Ride next week lol


Repeat after me: Never buy on a Wednesday!


Time to bring up my inner Heisenberg


Cmon guys where’s the deadline love? Shit’ll make you bank and it’s fun as hell


what can i do while im waiting for my meth and coke to fill up?


Well, you could do some meth and coke.


I literally had to look up what the Outlaw was. Meh.


It's fun to drive, does donuts pretty well too.


I mean at least it looks cool I guess? Its definitely better than the previous podium vehicle but that's not saying much. EDIT: previous vehicle was the Lectro. I won that last week and honestly *anythings* better than that crap.


Best stair climber in the game with a most excellent amount of suspension travel. Hop off your MKII for once and slow down a bit for some enjoyable off-roading.


Nice.. Now that I've got 2.2 mil thanks to cash/weed 2x bonuses, time to get the sub, grind cayo perico and get the coke and meth lab asap.


No Warstock discount.... Great... 😑


I’d be so ready for a panther statue week. Also my diamond heist is prepped with diamonds waiting for a week that pays more. by that thought, I’d love to have diamonds as an extra loot on Cayo.


I’m currently holding both, but, I wasn’t aware that R* did event weeks that paid extra on heist takes.




At least coke and meth are double ? Like that's kinda nice ? Right ?


Man did any of you try Hasta La Vista last week? I tried it out last night before the server crash and not only was it absolutly hilarious, each game netted ~$88,000 which seemed super high for how quick they were. Hoping it goes on 3x money again sometime.


I guess I can find room for one more Dominator…


What is that picture


Right? It looks like part of a gauge cluster.


Why does Deadline get double cash so often


Looks like Deadline might actually be populated again.


When do you think the Panther statue will come in again?


Maybe next year.


R* last year: "Yeah we're gonna double literally every business, bunker and special cargo in a single week. Oh and nightclub's double next week so get ready." R* now: "Noooooooooo you make too much money if we double *every* MC business in a single week"


A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about my MC businesses and I mentioned that the only one I didn't have was a meth lab. He said, "Why not? The setup is easy and one of them is right across the street from your coke lockup." So last week, I bought one and set it up and made all the upgrades and filled it with supplies.