Anyone tried the "sechs" in Cayo?

Anyone tried the "sechs" in Cayo?


Avoid the juggernaut, he ruins Cayo Perico finales!


I hockey check him by running into his back (in 1st person) & while he’s on the ground I shoot him up & it does the job. Took a handful of times to master but I got it down now.


Just run into him from behind, and quickly headshot him till he dies before he can get up, just make sure you do it in an open area so he actually falls down on the ground.


I do "sechs" with dead guards and i get caught every damned time.


Sex is supposed to be done stealth, not loud.


Make sure when you initiate sechs, you don't come in their cone of vision Their cone of vision still works even in ragdoll


There is no need to do any of that to him.


While needs to kill the juggernaut? It's a waste of time and easily avoided


It's not very reliable in my opinion. If you must kill him the assault shotgun is best or you can use the combat shotgun or the minigun if you clear out other guards.


I got onto a roof behind him with the marksman weapon loadout, and just shot him in the head until he died. He got 2 or 3 shots in before he died, but it worked and didn't alert any other guards. Albeit, I was trying to take out every guard on the island and most were already dead in the compound at this point, but it still worked. I'm not sure how reliable this method is since I've only put it into use once so far, but atm I'd say it works pretty well, for me at least


Honestly, I never even bothered killing him in the first place, not even the other guards for that matter. I only kill the guards that drop the key, avoid everyone else by running straight to the office, open the safe, and get down to the gate to open the secondary entrance/exit to the basement.