This guy was mad after he couldn't kill me in gta online...

This guy was mad after he couldn't kill me in gta online...


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This is why online gaming needs an option to teleport to your opponent’s real life location so you could fight people who annoy you in games.


[Dear Lord, Please Grant Me the Ability to Punch People in the Face Over Standard TCP/IP](https://www.myconfinedspace.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/01/62483229d.jpg)


Ain't it wild what lengths people will go to when they can't get their ass beat?


Counter move: DDOS him instead.


Or dont commit a federal crime???


Eh not as fun


it is but a joke


The prime definition of an internet virgin.


People that boot others offline just because things didn’t go their way 🤡


If you guys are bored and looking for something to do, report this guy. He has 30k gamerscore so I doubt he wants his account banned. Sorry if this goes against the rules of this sub but I really hate for this to happen to someone else. Especially a little kid.


I’ve been told by most people who have delt with this kind of stuff, that unplugging the router for 20 seconds and re plugging it gives yourself a new IP address. Unless they have something that sends in intervals of 60 seconds or just set on a interval I guess, which I’m sure is possible but is probably expensive or just hard to get for the average booter. Idk personally I’ve been told by many people they are gonna “boot me” and 25% of the time it actually happens I just unplug it for 20 seconds and then I have a new IP address and then nothing happens. I don’t know too much but that’s all the information I’ve heard.


That doesn’t work for some providers. Time Warner and cox cable only issue 1 ip per customer to prevent masking your ip by disconnecting like that. Dial up internet or dsl used to do that. Not sure it works like that at all anymore.


It didn’t work on AT&T but when I switched to spectrum disconnecting it at all gives me a new ip most of the time.


Man I feel blessed. My router came with a button that resets it and gives a new ip, even if its frozen


Did anything happen to your wifi? What a clown.


I unplugged my router right away and reset it. But when I plugged back in it stayed down for like 20 minutes which usually doesn't happen. Plus I have a feeling he could just take down my wifi now whenever he wants since he probs has my IP. I'm not to sure the extent of what he can do but he got my location which is enough for me to report him 10+ times. The thought of him doing it to younger kids makes me sick. We just tryna play the damn game man.


Often you will get a new IP address after turning the router off for that long I think? I’d try to find out who it was from your isp and dox their ass. Yeh agreed that it is a hilariously lame thing to do. I’d imagine they’re similar to the WoW player from South Park.


i’ll never understand why people get that upset they run to booting people offline really don’t get it


There is nothing funnier than people who threaten me with ddos attacks. I usually send them links like [these](https://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/?view=article&id=243:ddos-attacks-are-illegal&catid=2) and watch em piss their pants after I tell them Ill take legal actions against them.


But you DO take legal action afterwards, right? I mean, this is serious business. If you have all the proof needed to report someone for a DDOS attack that happened (or even a potential one) you should report them right away. Scaring them off with that warning may prevent them to target you, but they would still try it with someone more fragile.


Everyone I came across to was bluffing. But yes, if someone would actually ddos me, I would take legal actions against him.


Yeah, I would wager the vast majority are bluffing.


Good. I am glad I still never received any DDOS attack or threat up until now.


And that is the reason why I use VPN.


How does that work? How do I set that up?


I use ExpressVPN but it’s not free. I followed their setup instructions. You pick location of server you want to use as your internet tunnel. All traffic goes through that server so people can’t see your real IP and location


Okay thanks. Since I tend to piss of bozos tryna kill me on gtao I should probably invest in that.


All you need to do is not message them back or join their party lol. Played this game since launch and met multiple freaks like the guy in your pic over the years, as long as you don’t message these people back or join their party they can’t do shit, especially if you’re on console. Happened to me once, hasn’t happened since. Don’t waste your money on a VPN, just don’t respond to them instead lol.


This. I too found myself in OPs situation occasionally (usually a message battle) & on a few occasions I was DDOS'd in the process. It took some time (& maturing), but I finally managed to control myself when they spam invites to their party or send repeated messages. If you get lucky, they sometimes lose their cool to the point where they send profanity & don't realize it, & BAM - message reported. Oddly enough though, it isn't GTAO where I got DDOS'd - it was Sea of Thieves. Toxic AF people on there.


I do the same, ignore everyone. But what’s the difference between you messaging them back and them just seeing your username? Why can they get you from messages or parties?


It's fuckin amazing how many of these script kiddies don't even know what a VPN is.


Right? One night I encountered really angry guy who were lashing out because someone killed him. I like to troll people so I said maybe he’s bad in pvp etc. and that made him angry to the point where he said something like “I wish I could slice you and leave you bleed on the street”. Then I trolled him more and he told me I’m a German scum and he will find me in Berlin. That’s why I use vpn. I am not from Germany and never been in Berlin


"I like to troll people" it would be funny if someone knocked your teeth in, I bet.


"It WoUlD bE fuNnYY iF sOmEoNe KnOcKEd Your teeth iN." You are dumb as fuck responsible-regret60.


What a pathetic little bitch. People like this have painfully sad lifes


Hah I mauled a guy recently who then sent me some "Say bye bye internet" in-game text. After a "aww baby is mad at me" reply he promptly left and there were no further issues. x3


Just block and find new session you’ll never see them again. These dbags are the worst. Or find a grinding/heist crew and only play with like minded people. Good luck going forward.


If he doesn't even know what wifi is, should you take his threat seriously?




Some ppl are so bitter, I suggest they play scrabble instead


Wut? What happend?


Xbox or pc ?




Saskatchewan? Is he firing at you being native American?


Hahaha no I'm white as mayo. Province in Canada. Although the northern part has a lot of what we call first nations. (Native American)


Regina, the city that rhymes with fun!


This is a vulgar display of power


Tbh you seem more mad than them, uploading the convo to reddit and asking people to report lmao


Telling others to mass report. Pathetic


You literally bitch about everything. STFU.


3 posts on r/teenagers a day on how awesome or annoying something is. That's the real pathetic




Not you. Look closer at who the reply is directed at.




No problem at all. Please though, do continue to defend the redditor that called you "pathetic". ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)




No dude, they were calling you pathetic for telling people to mass report the guy that was messaging you.


Damn...I guess I am oblivious. Thanks🙃😆


So you think that harassing people and threatening to DDOS them is okay? Fuck off.




You really need to learn how the thread structure works.


Sorry reddits4degenrates so I don't use it very often🤷‍♂️👍


Thank you. 🙏


He's calling _you_ pathetic for telling people to mass report someone. Don't thank him!