Car delivery and Npc

Car delivery and Npc


I either used a cargobob or killed the 4 waves of npcs before completing the sale. Never lost more than 5k each time. Would I recommend getting a cargobob just for the I/E vehicles? In this day and age, no.


I just use Cargobob every time for the delivery...little to no damage.


How do u get the cargobob in time the be able to deliver it ? And what about Helicopters ?


How the hell you getting that much damage? As soon as they spawn, just park to the side and kill them, it's like 4 waves then you can drive. Just dont drive recklessly


More friends less NPC's. But if you really must sell cars in a solo lobby find a safe place to tuck away the export car at so you can deal with the NPC's and not worry about excessive damage while defending yourself.


As soon as you see the npcs on the map, park, get out and deal with the 3-4 waves of npcs… they’re after you not the car