also old navy lol


Yes! Of course now some of their leggings are that smooth shiny-ish material so if you can check in store or see pictures, there are types that have the type of material you’re looking for


Look for Lululemon leggings that are Luon! Might have better luck on poshmark or resale sites, but it is thicker than aligns :)


^^ agree, lulu leggings like wunder unders have a more cottony feel


Zella leggings at Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack


Fabletics power hold leggings!! Thick cotton and compression


Absolutely. The Power Hold material is the best. I use them when I go camping too and they hold up really well.


Seconding these


You should try Beyond Yoga spacedye, they're not made of cotton but they are super soft and versatile


I actually just ordered some from Beyond Yoga! I haven't seen them mentioned here on this sub but their marketing got me to order!


Love Beyond Yoga! Prefer them to Lulu. They definitely feel thicker but still really soft.


I have a few different pairs but I wear the spacedye leggings every week. I stay away from IG and influencer brands.


Athleta girl! They are super soft and stretchy!


I find heavier seamless fabrics to be warmest and cotton like. alphalete used to do this with the R6's and Aero leggings. not sure who really offers these fabrics anymore? ive got a couple pairs of aeros that have surprisingly held up well. Not sure about the new Halo leggings, but those were thinner than the Aero's but more plush then some of the newer seamless fabrics.


I have cotton leggings from Decathlon (I am from Europe). Very comfy and great for workouts too


The buffbunny jacquard leggings feel warmer to me when I put them on and they’re super comfy and stretchy IMO. I would also check aerie.


I have two pairs of Bombshell leggings and while pricy, i think sound similar to what you would be looking for. More cottony than performance or soft, and definitely not compression. I never wear them for both of these reasons lol 😂


Buffbunny nubre fabric


P’tula bare have a brushed/ cottony feel. They aren’t cotton but they are super comfortable and not compressive at all.


definitely old navy leggings!


These Aritzia leggings have a soft brushed feel and don’t feel compressive at all https://www.aritzia.com/us/en/product/tnabutter™-atmosphere-hi-rise-legging/63046.html?dwvar_63046_color=23835


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I have some like this from fabletics!


Jed North is a Canadian brand (I think?) and I would say that quite a few of their leggings are cottony feeling!


Colorful koala buttery soft leggings


P'tula bare!


Aritzia. It will def pill but TNAButter is cottony and so soft.


Athleta’s Powervita fabric is incredible, buttery, comfortable and flattering. They have tons of styles in it. It’s the only legging I will wear.


Gymsharks adapt seamless collection is thicker and more of a cotton feel compared to my other leggings (align, nvgtn, Amazon leggings). I love wearing them when I gym in the mornings or whenever it’s cold. The only thing is I’m not a fan of the scrunch lol! It doesn’t do anything for me. So far the black color camo has been the best and the scrunch doesn’t look weird