Well, buying another option shouldn't be an option because it'd cost the same as changing the cable and eartips. I'd suggest Tripiwin Zonie and TRN T2 16 Core cables. The T2 is cheaper but you can only order it from china. The Zonie is around $20 iirc. Both are great and presumably made by the same OEM. That choice is yours. Eartips tho, I'd suggest taking a look at this as your cheapest option for a deeper fit: https://www.audioreviews.org/reversing-starlines/ But my other suggestions for tips include MeeAudio Combo pack and Spinfit CP100 tips. The reason being that both fit very tightly on the IEM and stop at the lip, effectively making the nozzle longee hence the deeper fit. MeeAudio pack also includes various sizes, more tip options including biflange and triple flange tips but their silicone and stiffness isn't really to my liking. I only bought the pack for the triple flange tips because nothing else was available in my country. I'd suggest you take a look at the various sizes of Spinfit CP100 tips too, their details are available online. I also feel like I should say this and this is the most critical: The cables I suggested may feel heavy for you so you may wanna take a look at yinyoo cables that have less cores also, and the tips I suggested are purely my subjective experience. These may or may not apply to you and your specific ears. I hope you have fun tip rolling and not get frustrated. Edit: Test every other tips that you have too. And yes, I too own a pair of 03's so don't worry, these are based on my experience with your IEM in mind.


Thank you for being so detialed in every aspect, I love getting options and investigating them for further information. I'll my best to get comfy with this suckers because they sound sl fucking good! Thank you very, very much, mate!


Your welcome mate, I hope you achieve what you want.


I went with the CP-100 Spinfit and added a keyboard washer as a spacer to get a deeper fit. They are now my most comfortable IEMs.


I did the same thing, but instead of using a keyboard washer since I didn't have any, I just cut the base off one of the other tips that I wasn't going to use, cut that in half, and then used each piece as a spacer on the base of the stem.