Blues sign Neal, Frolik to professional tryouts

Blues sign Neal, Frolik to professional tryouts


So basically, if Neal manages to light it up on what's probably going to be league min if he makes the roster... Would that make him the Real Steal James Neal?


I real feel James Neal you


Calm down. Let's keep an even keel James Neal.


I feel it would be a steal to sign the Real Deal James Neal to a multi-year deal.


Look no one's disagreeing that signing him would be a legit snack, but he's also a bad guy who's body needs to be rehabilitated. But of you're looking to Seal the Deal with the total Meal big Heel completely Healed James Neal then that's your risk.


I feel ya


He was amazing in Vegas. From $5m to league min in 3yrs. WTF happened?


The Flames, apparently


I fell down into a burning ring of fire......


He can't skate


I am a bit surprised Neal isn’t going to Nashville, but I’m sure he’ll do well for the Blues.


I just don’t know what his role in the NHL is anymore. Doesn’t skate well, has lost a lot of quality in his formerly great shot, doesn’t seem to try particularly hard or play defense well. He might just be a glorified board to bounce pucks off of on the powerplay. Which I guess works if he’s now being paid league minimum.


> I just don’t know what is role in the NHL is anymore Probably a scout, if we’re being honest


He was so hard to watch outside of everything but his first year in Edmonton. Watching him and his pearly whites coasting around made me far more angry than it should've


His hands are still pretty good. If there's a team that needs a pp net front guy/4th liner he could still contribute. Just not sure how many teams need that type of player.


Ehhh...Neal was on the #1 powerplay in the league and his production was not great. * 2019-20: 158:16 PP TOI, 12 PPG (17 PPP) * 2020-21: 52:57 PP TOI, 1 PPG (3 PPP) 2019-20 was a good year for Neal, but the drop-off this past season was unreal. Sure, he had a slow start from COVID, but how likely is he to have a bounce-back season at his age? The good news is that the Blues had the #6 powerplay in 2020-21, so it isn't a huge fall off for Neal. Yet you have to wonder if the Blues aren't better off not utilizing Neal on the powerplay. That's eventually the conclusion Edmonton came to, decent as he was in 2019-20.


I mean, i wouldn’t be calling Edmontons #2 PP the #1 PP in the league. Sure, if he played with barrie, nuge drai & mcdavid but realistically he only saw PP time this year when someone was tired


Not true. Almost all of it was being subbed in on the #1 PP. Edmonton doesn't use a #2 PP. Of 52:57 total PP TOI: * 47:37 PP TOI w/ McDavid * 47:01 PP TOI w/ Draisaitl * 44:45 PP TOI w/ RNH So literally 90% of his powerplay time was playing prime minutes with McDavid/Draisaitl as the net-front presence on the #1 powerplay in the league.


Ya but he wasn’t starting pp. He was going on after Drai and Davo used up a minute 30 while barrie/nudge were swapping. A tired davo is still effective but i’m not calling it the #1 PP imo I mean, i dont watch a ton of oilers games, thats just whT i observed from when i watched


That just sounds like moving the goalposts to me. The TOI proves he spent 90% of his powerplay with the #1 powerplay unit in the league. As for quality of ice time, McDavid and Draisaitl consistently showed they could be effective for the full two minutes, otherwise Tippett wouldn't leave them out there gassed. And if they can score with other linemates deep into a 2-minute shift, why not Neal? Because he was snake-bitten. It's not like Neal didn't get enough PP time to prove himself. ~52 minutes is 26 full powerplay shifts. In a 56-game season, it'd be impossible for Neal to have only gotten scraps like you say. He was averaging 1 minute of PP time per game.


Eh, I’ll disagree. I think The real deal still has gas in the tank and can he effective on the PP as another team. Touchè


He has zero foot speed and is a defensive liability. We had one of the weakest bottom 6 in the league last year and he was still a healthy scratch A LOT.


Lol.. all you had to say is that last sentence.


Yeah I was thinking he might fit that type of roll on a Arizona or Buffalo but even then I don't know if they'd want him.




Yeah, he’s certainly limited in his role as depth players typical need to PK or be strong defensively to justify a roster spot. I’d say he should still be a competent net front presence on a 2nd unit PP and perfectly fine playing on your 4th line as long as you can get defensive special teams elsewhere. And ya, agreed about the price. If he’s on a cheap contract he may ride the bench for a while but you’re a lot happier calling him up later in the year than someone who has yet to see an NHL game.


What made you think he would be coming to Nashville?


Mostly history playing for the team, the way he talks about his time playing in Nashville, and he allegedly lives there in the offseason. I assumed he’d have a lot of offers to PTO, which he may have but I don’t have access to that kind of information. It’s possible Nashville wasn’t interested in bringing him in, I haven’t followed their offseason much.


Yeah there's no way we'd try and bring him in with the direction the team is going right now. But it's nice to know he still likes the area, I guess lol


I mean he was a beast for us and when Vegas took him it was a big hit. Only for Seattle to take jarnkrok who we chose to protect over him. No Idea where this team is headed tbh


I like this signing. With someone like Thomas, he could do really well.






All the while scoring over a thousand more points.


For Frolik: Florida, Chicago, Winnipeg, Calgary, Montreal, who am I missing?


Frolik is a decent extra forward hope he gets a shot cuz he got like 3 games with us


Flames legends


Blues out here trying to resurrect the conference champion Flames from 3 years back. Someone should have told them Neal was the worst forward on that team, and Frolik has dropped off a cliff since then


It's not like we're signing them to 4x4s


5x5 it is.


Flames out here trying to resurrect the Canucks from 6 years back. Someone should have told them Gudbranson was the worst defenseman on that team, and Richardson has dropped off a cliff since then


Unfortunately this is also true


Hey, don’t you forget that we’re also trying to resurrect the Darryl Sutter LA Kings of 7+ years ago. If middle of the pack skill players can’t beat em, surely 4th line benders who can straight up end careers will!


Yeah but we have Tanev


I thought Neal was still an Oiler. Did he get bought out?


Ya he was bought out this summer


TIL Neal was UFA. I hope he comes back to life


We bought him out. So now were paying Lucic and James neals money to not play for the Oilers.




Honestly, still better than paying them to play for us.


Which is still cheaper than paying Lucic in full with his buyout proof contract which was the point of getting rid of Lucic...


I get that lucic is overpaid for what he does but cgy absolutely loves what he brings.


Yeah he worked out for Calgary perfectly due to the cap structure of your team and needing a gritty heart and soul bottom six player. Oilers don't need another another bottom six player who can't score. James Neal was a big part of the 19-20 Oilers team that had a 97.2% mathematical chance of qualifying for the playoffs before the pandemic ended by providing scoring depth. Oilers were an extremely cap strapped team that needed Lucic gone. There is no way Oilers would signed Hyman or extended Nuge or acquired all the other depth players with Lucics capspace with his buyout proof contract. James Neal's contract wasn't buyout proof and didn't need to be protected for the Seattle expansion draft. There was never an expectation of James Neal to do well back than, the goal was to cap dump Lucic without using a 1st, JP, or a prospect as a sweetner.


Plus that third rounder was very nice


I still shake my head over Lucic agreeing to waive his NMC in the expansion draft. Just bad luck for us all around and you won that trade. All we really have is 2.6M in dead cap instead of a 6M albatross contract. It’s just a less pile of crap.


How did the Oilers not get anything from the trade? James Neal was a significant factor in the 19-20 season 4th in goals and helped with one of the best PP ever that contributed in getting the Oilers into the playoffs. The Oilers needed all the cap space for all the free agent and extensions needed this offseason like signing Hyman and extending Nuge something that Lucics contract or buyout would have prevented with his signing bonus heavy contract. Also there was fears at the time Seattle would pull a Vegas in fleecing teams with side deals and Lucic needed to waive his NMC to not be protected something Oilers weren't sure he would not do. This was also a time when the market was fleecing people on desperate teams needing desperate capdumps like Carolina getting a 1st round pick for acquiring Patrick Marleau. Oilers were lucky Flames were equally as desperate to get rid of James Neal otherwise they would probably had to provide a 1st, prospect, or JP as a sweetner for a team to take on Lucics contract. It's a win win trade for both teams for different reasons. The only thing Oilers lost on was the battle with the NHL decided to prorate James Neal 19 goals to 20 to give away their third round pick but wouldn't let Klefbom be expansion exempt because he didn't miss 60 games in a 56 game season...


>How did the Oilers not get anything from the trade? James Neal was a significant factor in the 19-20 season 4th in goals and helped with one of the best PP ever that contributed in getting the Oilers into the playoffs. The Oilers needed all the cap space for all the free agent and extensions needed this offseason like signing Hyman and extending Nuge something that Lucics contract or buyout would have prevented with his signing bonus heavy contract. They easily had the room to re-sign Nuge, add Hyman, re-sign Nurse. The cap shed after the buyout and retention almost paid for one Cody Ceci. Or half of Duncan Keith’s cap hit.


So essentially Lucics cap space was used for a 2RD or 3RD to extend Adam Larsson or sign his replacement with Cody Ceci which is a bigger priority than an expensive bottom forward that isn't contributing on the stat sheet


I remember where I was the day Adam Larsson was replaced by Cody Ceci.


I genuinely hope Neal kills it in St. Louis. He had Covid last year and it ruined his body and it was really apparent he wasn't himself for the entirety of the year.


> it was really apparent he wasn't himself for the entirety of the year This excuse would work better if he wasn't just as bad for 1.5 out of 2 of seasons prior to covid as well


As for those seasons he was fighting through several injuries from brutal back to back cup runs in Nashville and Vegas and couldn’t recover. Not saying he will score 30 goals again but he can kill it in a Spezza/Perry type of way


I’d be very surprised if he could be as effective as Spezza or Perry considering they seem to be real team guys and are effective in ways other than scoring goals. If Neal isn’t scoring, what’s he good for other than giving someone else a breather while he floats for 45 seconds at a time.


Remember when he was seemingly potting goals every night at the start of the 2019 season? Well, I ended up meeting him in real life and I asked ‘you gonna pop 40 this year’? And the mans performance fell off a cliff. The pressure I just have given him. The absolute pressure. Knowing that this random dude was hoping he’d score 40!? I feel so bad.




It still blows my mind how far James Neal has fallen. It feels like just a few years ago he was scoring 40 goals on Malkin's wing.


the best 67 in habs history


Reuniting part of the 2018-19 Flames I see


I totally forgot we had Frolik last season.


I feel like Neal could still be a beast in the playoffs


Real Deal Neal!


Really Need a Deal Neal


Has a player who has been offered a PTO and is not signed by that team ever signed elsewhere? I feel the Bruins had Stempniak on PTO and he ended up on the Devils, only to be traded for by Boston at the deadline.


Yeah Calgary got Versteeg from us while he was on a PTO, in response we signed Kris Russell. Weird preseason, that one


Wait when was Neal bought out? He was one of my favourites.. My memory probably did that dumb thing where it refuses to acknowledge things it hates, such as a Neal buy out..