[Morgan] As part of the Coyotes' rebrand, the club has announced that it will change its primary logo back to the Kachina & reintroduce the white Kachina jersey as the away uniform while the black Kachina will still be the home uniform except for 8 games w/the red Coyotes head jerseys.

[Morgan] As part of the Coyotes' rebrand, the club has announced that it will change its primary logo back to the Kachina & reintroduce the white Kachina jersey as the away uniform while the black Kachina will still be the home uniform except for 8 games w/the red Coyotes head jerseys.


Please oh please make the space coyote a third


Find your soul mate, Homer!


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Woof, Woof! "Damn right."


.. space coyote?


This one? https://content.sportslogos.net/logos/1/23/full/ukdng0zuarmmsxj75wuwexw8f.gif


wait - was that an actual Phoenix logo. I really don't remember that one.


Give me some inner peace or I’ll mop the floor with you!


isnt the kachina the space coyote? or are we talkin just the head part


Space Coyote is the reverse retro (and the jersey its based off)


Kachina is black with green shoulders while the space coyote is purple


Yes! Now it's your turn, Anaheim.


We're trying, believe me




Duck dicks? Is that what the fan base is going for?




The ol' corkscrew


We can do this... I think Coyotes doing it really helps our case.




Fans are, ownership wont likely budge




Henry rocks a burner flip phone, to avoid any further legal troubles


Hahahhaahahahahahahahahaha I remember that case!😂




Do they have to pay Disney whenever they use the Might Ducks logo? Edit: Why the heck am I getting downvoted lmao, I was asking a serious question. You'd think it would be a marketer's gold mine to use the retro logo rather than a duck foot


Not anymore and they seemed to have formed a relationship recently in the last few years they always do in arena ads and giveaways with Disney


Would be a good time to partner up where Disney just re-booted the Mighty Ducks franchise, they could leverage each other


Who needs jersey ads when you can just make the jersey the ad?!


Might be on to something here.🤔


The samueli’s have owned the old logos rights since the purchase of the team.


Would you be able to explain why Anaheim fans desperately want a rebrand? Is it fondness for the original jerseys? Are the new ones that bland?




Im' old enough to remember when the eggplant and Kachina jerseys were seen as embarrassments and ugly. Times change.


I remember when I was younger liking the Coyotes (then) new uniforms, preferring them to the Kachina. Since then as the dust has settled its become clear to me that the Kachinas were superior. I wonder what modern jerseys, if any, will have their general perception changed in the next decade or so.


Might be a controversial opinion, but I think a lot of that sentiment comes along with teams that are shitting the bed. No one wants to change a team that wins, and part of that is the branding and iconography that wraps up the winning roster and drapes the halls of the arenas. Champions don't typically win a cup and then next year turn around and say "you know what we're missing? A totally different logo!" Teams will rebrand when they suck, to distance themselves from the suck past and to try and pump new life into a team. Anaheim literally changed their logo to distance themselves from the 90s team, the newer teams who have gone through multiple rebrands in a short period of time are all teams who have sucked. Look at Florida or Columbus or Carolina (no hate guys, relax), they have revitalized their jerseys numerous times to try and strike a new image with the fan base. Whereas newer teams who have won a lot haven't, like Tampa.


Oh this is 100% the case. I'll be honest with Tampa, LA and even Washington I think their current looks are their weakest of all time, but winning cups in them pretty much guarantees they'll be around for at least a decade.


Tampa will keep that bolt the way it is until the city is underwater. I bet Washington is the first out of those three to switch it up.


I hope we keep red, white, and blue, but yeah hopefully we switch things up when Ovie and Backy retire.


And hopefully those WC/alts, love them


I love [these uniforms](https://novacapsfans.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/f0789ce1-2432-466b-af05-a2b53cd5c19c.jpeg), I always wondered why Washington doesn't go to these full time. Do the fans not like them that much or something?


Oh I love them. They're pretty much a copy of our originals from the 70s and 80s and I guess ownership feels like they're dated?


They are vastly superior to the current look…but the team’s record wearing them was SIGNIFICANTLY worse than the normal homes, so they kinda got the reputation of being jinxed. TBH I think the white version of these had an even bigger gap over the current road whites than the reds do


A lot of fans love them. Personally, I’m not a fan; too much going and kinda tacky imo, but that’s just me. I like the current jerseys a lot, very crisp and simple. I’m also a big fan of our Reverse Retro jersey, the screaming eagle with the red just pops!


>”you know what we’re missing? A totally different logo!” *sweats in Pittsburgh changing to the Robo Penguin after back to back cups*


90s gonna 90s


Talk like a normal human being instead of forcing a meme in there.


And then there’s Pittsburgh who decided to completely redo their uniforms after winning back to back Cups.


That's why you don't change a team that wins.


Perception is everything. I still associate sucking with a lot of the logos for teams that were bad when I started following the NHL.


I feel the exact same every time I see a Leafs jersey.


I think folks are starting to really sour on the kings current logo/color scheme. Lots of calls in our sub to bring back forum blue and the crown.


If they want to keep the current color scheme, at least go back to the Gretzky-era jerseys. That was the Kings' most intimidating look in my opinion.


Yeah those were much better. The black and white always just seems bland to me. The purple (or forum blue, sorry) with black really felt unique, not to mention the superior logo.


They need to make your retros the home jersey


Curious to see how the Jets main unis are perceived. Even now I find them so boring. The Heritage jerseys are so much better it's not even funny.


90s jets tarps >>>>>current jets tarps


Yeah Jets need to go heritage full time. I don't mind the current look, but I think the heritage jersey is much stronger.


Those early 90s jerseys were amazing. Always thought the new ones were some kind of ad for air canada or some airline. So corporate.


I'm old enough to remember being young enough not to care about some old person's opinion on kickass uniforms like the San Jose Sharks, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, and Charlotte Hornets. What's that, there's a new expansion team and they have an animal and/or purple/green jerseys? Sign me the f up. I'm talking to you NBA expansion teams in the 90s.


feels like even as recently as the past 5 years the narrative flipped on them


Personally I still think they're average at best. Not saying what the teams changed to is much better but I just don't get the hype around then. I assume nostalgia is the answer.




same, the kachina is super unique and cool


Nostalgia is almost always the answer I've found, at least with the groupthink. Don't get me wrong, I believe the Kachina jerseys to objectively be the best Coyotes jerseys. However, some fans yearn for older jerseys simply because they're older designs and not available anymore. Grass is always greener type thing. If the switch is made for every team's fanbase that wants older jerseys back, after a while they'd want the other design back. The cycle continues.


That one is harder due to Disney and the movie which spawned the NHL team name.


I don’t see that as a problem. They’ve done throwback nights easy enough and have used the 90s logo. I think the bigger thing may be that Samueli/his wife really like the gold black orange colours.


Compromise: Use the 90s logo and design but using the black and orange colours. (Although purple and green/teal is perfection). ​ Edit: I forgot that they used an orange based jersey with the Mighty Ducks logo. Yeah, eff that. Bring back the purple and teal!


They did that a few years ago and the reception was very meh. Personally the logo doesn’t work without some variation of the old colours


I think it does. They just need to do it opposite of what it was. Orange jersey, black accents with the Wild Wing head looks bad. Black jersey, orange accents with the wild wing head would look dope


I actually loved our orange alternates, but I'd be interested to see one like what you've described.


I don't hate em overall, but imo they had much more of a 3rd jersey vibe (which makes sense for obvious reasons) than a home jersey.




Well I'm sorry, but they're not Arizona


It's not, the copyright was included in the sale, the hockey franchise owns that logo


They own every logo and variation that Anaheim has ever worn, filed in both the US and Canada.


why is that? Disney doesn’t own the rights to that logo anymore


I believe Disney owned the Mighty Ducks, and name change came with ownership change, but I'm going off of memory from something I read years ago, I could be wrong.


yeah anaheim owns the naming rights. Apparently just wanted to separate themselves from being a “Mickey mouse” franchise, in a sense


Makes sense. I always thought it was a little silly to copy a children's movie. New logo is kinda boring though.


Here's the thing though. Disney no longer owns the logo. The Samuelis bought the logo when they bought the team in 2005. That's why you never see it in the Game Changers series.


The problem with the logo/colors/etc has never been Disney its always been cheap ownership


…I like the Webbed Foot logo.


On its own it's not a bad logo. If we were a new team that came in with it I don't think it would get the hate it does. But it exists with one of the greatest sports logos ever looming over it.


You're allowed your opinion despite the downvotes. I mean some people actually eat anchovies, taste is subjective


I liked the webbed foot as well. I was surprised to learn recently that the fanbase wasn't keen on it.


Yeah, bring back the Iceman you cowards


It's really tough to not be super jealous of these, especially when the last time we got a new design was the "retro reverse" and it was a damn practice jersey.


Teams got new designs for their reverse retros?




That's literally out RR in that panel hahaha


Nah you guys are the third panel Top left: yotes/ducks/choose your favorite Top right: "wait you guys got more than a color swap?" (Habs/blues/blue jackets etc) Bottom left: "wait you guys didn't just get a practice jersey?" (Wings) Bottom right: "wait you guys got a new jersey?" (Isles)


I love our logo, one of the best in the league but damn I wish we’d have some fun with a 3rd jersey every once in a while. It doesn’t have to be a winter classic to make a 3rd jersey, shit bring back the old English D one from 2009


The 09/14 Winter Classic jerseys are perfect


Exactly, we have so much history in our club but can't seem to get a decent alternate while teams that have been around less than 25 years have 50 different jerseys haha.


The problem is there's only so much you can do with 2 colors. Especially when those colors are Red and White. Make the wrong design and you look too much like Team Canada, make another wrong design and the team looks like a windsock. Good thing is the home and away look for the Red Wings are among the best in the league. A lot of history behind those jerseys, you know when you put it on you're wearing the same jersey that Howe, Yzerman, and Lidstrom wore.


I liked all of Detroit's classic/stadium series jerseys


if only the asking price from disney to license wiley coyote for a third jersey wasn't in the hundreds of thousands probably


paying Disney for Wile E Coyote would be a bit of a rip off tbh since WB owns the looney tunes characters lol


Wile E. Coyote is Warner Bros.


It is disappointing. I fuckin love jerseys, and the red wings sweater is a classic, but its hard not to be jealous when you see teams that roll out with bad ass kits. When Arizona was Phoenix, and they first introduced the Kachina I was one of like 5 people in the world who liked it. And my parents were cool enough to get me a pro player Authentic one. Before they brought it back I was offered upwards of $400 for it, but couldn't ever part with it. The only wings jersey I think competes with it is our winter classics from 2014, but we haven't gotten anything that cool since and most likely wont.


2014 Winter Classic had two great jerseys. With Detroit's being damn near perfect. That game made me realize just how much I wish one of the teams didn't always have to wear a white jersey in every other game played. The Wings in their red and the Leafs in their blue looked amazing.


I really just want a modern rendition of the barber poles brought back when we get our next outdoor game.


You guys have the nicest and most iconic jerseys in the league, anything else is going to be disappointing.


Doing any sort of retro jerseys won't work with us. Could just pull a year out of a hat say the jerseys are throwbacks and most people wouldn't know. And reverse on top of that and it's really damn bad.


Practice jerseys for practice teams


That's pretty ironic considering the source.


That's how you know it's well-informed


Hug it out bro


I hated the Detroit retro-reverse, thought it was lame.. BUT when I saw it with the full gear on, I thought it looked kinda sharp. Same with the white Stars jersey, we can only appreciate with the full gear on.


I hope the 8 games with the old jersey are away games, the away coyote head jersey is great.


I actually really liked the red Coyote head Jersey personally. I'm glad they're keeping it around


Yeah I think the Yotes have had some of the nicest jerseys. I love the Kachina jerseys but the coyote head was solid


I kinda wonder what a recolored coyote head logo on the kachina base would look like, cause I agree the howling coyote is a great logo. Better than the kachina logo imo but the kachina striping and jersey is much better


I like the Kachina jerseys decent enough - they're cool and hippy-ish, and there's some real affection for them among all my hockey fan friends. They're also very "90's Arizona Gift Shop"-ish as well though. I personally think [this](https://arizonasports.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/GettyImages-1073777042.jpg) is just way prettier - but both are good. Oh well.


I think it is a good jersey and honestly is a great alternate personally. Some of their other alternates are meh but i think that red color was great.


I'm there with you


Always been a fan, seems like might be a time to get one for cheap?


Final step… bring back the running yote jersey


People like that jersey? I always thought it was boring, and the logo looked like the greyhound logo.


Some called it the roadkill jersey. Personally, it's my least favorite.


Please, love that jersey


Love the doggy


I would buy one so fucking quick


Had been hunting for so long and eventually found a guy selling a blank authentic for cheaper than I was going to pay for a retail one.


Those are pretty sweet http://www.nhluniforms.com/Coyotes/Coyotes06.html


Seriously underrated jersey


First step..... pay rent




That jersey was sick. I still think that logo with last year's uniform design would have been nice. I'll always remember that uniform as the one Lee Stempniak suddenly went nuclear playing in.


I know the Kachina is fire but the running yote was so damn good


No it wasn’t, those were the worst jerseys in the league and why they didn’t last long.


Hot take. I rather have a full set of running yote jerseys than the kachina jerseys.


that’s an incredibly hot take my guy


I just really like those running yotes and the kachina just aren't my thing.


Understandable have a great day


You as well


No joke, it would be the sweetest logo in the NHL


Would be interesting to see that logo on a red/brick jersey, given the home is now black and they probably wouldn’t have a third jersey that’s black too.


Sounds like the 8 games are home, kinda like a third jersey.


Basically the treatment it got last season. That rebrand happened when I was really young, so I definitely have a soft spot for it. It's solid, albeit screams generic "Coyotes hockey team" way more than the Kachina. Glad it's sticking around a little longer though.


Fuck yes, Peyote Coyote is back


We have absolutely zero going for us except having the best jerseys in the league.


Loui Eriksson puts your memes/60 at the top of the league honestly


Lot of draft picks too


I call that the Charlotte Hornets effect.


You can say you are not buffalo


I didn't realize this was breaking news, i could have sworn they made this decision months ago. either way i'm thrilled. I always loved the kachina coyote. I like the howling one too. i'm glad they're still keeping it as an alternate


It was a very poorly kept secret to say the least.


Now the Diamondbacks need to go back


Put the weird gecko on more stuff!


I wish they would keep the purple kachina jersey


I wish teams had the option to keep the RRs as a third or fourth




Good. Significant upgrade and it’s unique to the region.


As a fan of the Coyotes since their first season in Phoenix, I've always thought the kachina jersey was awesome and the white version of it (which was then the home jersey) the best version of the kachina because the colors pop more than the darker version. It's unique, feels appropriately southwestern, and looks great. I'm so glad to see them back. I don't mind the howling logo, but the jerseys they switched to in 2003 were awful and boring. They basically ditched every ounce of personality in favor of an incredibly simple and soulless design. I know a fair number of people liked the howling Yote look but personally, I've been waiting 14 years for the team to undo that mistake.


The white kachina might honestly be my favorite jersey


Why they ever moved away from the Kachina no one can say. You're up Anahiem.


I’m going to miss the old Coyotes jerseys if they are ever fully discontinued. I’m in the minority but I like them better than Kachina jerseys


There are fives of us with this opinion! Fives!


I agree. I feel like the Kachina uniforms are a bit of a mess on tv.


That’s precisely why I think I don’t like them too much


All the dark colours do make them hard to distinguish on TV, like all the colours just kind of bleed together and it just looks dark. In person they are one of my absolute favourites in the league though.


I'm with you. I think the best setup would be the white Kachina as an alt with head as the main set.


I’m with you. I’ve always hated that mess of a Jersey. The red coyote was so cool.


I’m in the minority but I don’t find these to be all that great. Maybe with HD tv they’ll look better, but the green, black and red shades are all so dark that you don’t really get that definition of colours during play when they’re worn. They just look black and in an era of HD tv and 4K broadcasts I always feel that going with colour and getting away from black is the way to go. The purple RR from last year can stay though. That was cool.


The jerseys are terrible. Everyone hated them and made fun of them for being so bad until a few years ago when suddenly people went with the nostalgic take that they've always been nice. The red jerseys are kind of boring, but inoffensive. The Kachina ones might be the worst primary jerseys in the history of the NHL.


I’m right there with you. Not a fan of these jerseys at all, the previous ones were way better. The logo is also waaaaay too busy and way too dated for 2021. The previous howling coyote logo that they’ve been using since 2003 is much better. Though, the kachina pattern itself is excellent. Would love a red jersey, howling coyote logo, with the kachina pattern on it. Can’t wait until the yotes (also the senators) to inevitably rebrand again because they realize that these rebrands are only based on nostalgia and don’t actually have any staying power.


I can perhaps understand (although disagree) with thinking the Yotes’ prior set was better, but c'mon. The Sens’ old set was a terribly dated Reebok template creation, you can’t seriously argue the rebrand wasn’t an upgrade.


Personally I won't rest until the sens do their logo in 4D


*The Senators' main logo is now a GIF*


Honestly I do believe that. And it’s unfortunate because they did have awful jerseys before. I look at the rebrand in 3 categories: Logo: Downgrade. Their old one wasn’t fantastic, but going directly back to the previous one wasn’t the way to change it. The old logo has a very dated look to it. At the very least, it’s messy, due to the time it was created in. The linework is inconsistent, with different widths of black outlines used throughout the logo for no apparent reason. When going into the fine, fine details of the vector paths, [it’s also a mess](https://www.icethetics.com/news/ottawa-senators-quietly-announce-logo-change-for-2020-21). They also had the fantastic [updated 2d senator](https://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/x8dxgo0eh0zensmq7icp/Ottawa_Senators/2008/Alternate_Logo) as part of the 2007 rebrand, which sadly was never really used. I’ve also seen many concepts the combine the updated look of the updated one with the composition of the original and it’s much better. Jersey base color: Downgrade. This one is more to do with personal opinion than actual design principles, but I’m not a fan of black jerseys in just about any sport. I highly dislike the lack of vibrancy and color that often comes with it. Some jerseys are able to get a pass because despite a black base, they still have a lot of color and vibrancy (PIT homes, DAL alternates). Obviously there are still exceptions to this rule but Ottawa isn’t one of them. The fact that there’s very little white on the home jersey certainly doesn’t help. The red doesn’t contrast well at all with the black, leading it to look like it’s entirely black when viewed from a distance or from a TV angle. Jersey design: Upgrade. This is where we agree. The actual striping on these jerseys is a huge improvement on the … whatever they had before. No idea how that managed to stick around for so long (and no idea how the Caps still have theirs, on that note). But honestly, the more I look at it, I think I prefer the bright red color with the terrible jersey design to the bland coloring with a solid striping design. I think the Sabres are a fantastic example to look at for a team that did it right. They kept what worked (the colors, the vibrancy, the general jersey designs/striping patterns), and changed what didn’t (updates to the linework of the logo to clean it up and modernize it. And also the embroidered effect on the logo on the jersey is an excellent touch). And I think a rebrand like theirs is going to have much more staying power than Ottawa’s. Though I think Ottawa (and Arizona) is on the right track, if they want to go the vintage route, they just need to update the logo and make some tweaks to the jerseys. Keep what works, fix what doesn’t.


> The linework is inconsistent, with different widths of black outlines used throughout the logo for no apparent reason. When going into the fine, fine details of the vector paths, it’s also a mess. They also had the fantastic updated 2d senator as part of the 2007 rebrand, which sadly was never really used. My father is a graphic designer and he thinks that updated 2d Senator looks ridiculous and cartoony. He much prefers the logo they currently have.


> dated It's literally based off of old southwestern traditional design, it's not a "radical 90s" thing at all...


Do the bruins get meth bear back?




Now we just need the Kings to switch back to the Chevy logo, Canucks to the skate, and for the Ducks to become mighty again. ​ The 90's shall never die!




Hell yeah!


yes - it is the best jersey logo Arizona has ever had. Embrace your own hockey culture.


Well, over the past 10 years I've said I'd make the Coyotes one of my favorite teams if they ever switched back to the Kachina full time. I'm happy this day has come. Anaheim, it's your turn now. Bring back the OG sweater!


Coyotes have never had a bad uniform, 2008 blacks included.


Kachina? You mean the half fox, half English bull terrier?


I honestly loved the Coyotes old logo, but you can’t beat the Kachina. Both are just super dope in my opinion. And they’re probably my favorite Western team. So hell yeah my fellow retro-rebrand brothers!


Am I the only one who thinks that the red Coyote head looks better than the kachina? I mean, the kachina isn't bad, but I would think it's better as a third logo/jersey than the main one.


The howling head would be really sweet as a shoulder patch, but for me it doesn't work on the front of the sweater.


I agree but I think the striping on the kachina jerseys is so unique and much better. If they could combine the two somehow I think they’d have something special.


I think the red Coyotes (before the addition of black elements) was a really good set. It was kind of minimalist and typical though, and not distinctive to Arizona or the franchise except for the particular shade of red. This kachina look is much more unique to them and not so easily interchangeable with every other team, which I think is a plus. Original 6 teams should stick with classic designs because it's nice to have that historical consistency, but new teams shouldn't constrain themselves to designs based on what was possible and popular 60 years before they existed. And I feel that is what Arizona did when they switched in 2003.


About time. The burgundy kits with the Coyote head did not look like an NHL team. This is a much needed change for them.


Surprised to see people in this thread who liked it. Soooooo boring and it looked like an AHL team 100%.


Bad take




This is so dumb. Just capitalising on the current wave of nostalgia, the kachina isn't terrible but it's not particularly good either. The howling coyote is a much better logo.


You're comparing "generic, clean, neutral, corporate logo that just screams 'basic sports team called the Coyotes'" to something that screams the local culture and design, probably one of the best examples of it at that


That’s confusing


Throwing it back to the first year in the desert to commemorate their last year in the desert. It’s like poetry it rhymes


Is this to distract from all the losing that will be occurring this year?


Coyotes should put Bettman on their jerseys, he's 80% of the reason they have a franchise.


I think the Kachina uniforms look like a minor league team’s uniforms. I have no idea why people like them so much? The howling coyote is actually pretty cool looking. I really liked that red sweater that was plain and looked a bit like the old Soviet Union jersey. That looked cool, IMHO. Having said that, Anaheim definitely has the worst sweater in the league right now. It’s just a mishmash of colors that just don’t work well together. I think it’s the khaki that’s the problem. Beige and orange look horrible together! Keep the orange for Orange County and just go with orange and teal sweaters. That would look cool together, IMHO! Or, go back to the teal and purple sweaters. However, get away from the khaki. It’s just God awful.


The Pokémon logo??


That's odd branding for a Houston team.