“Just pay me a bit more than Quinn and we’re good”


Have to wonder how Quinn feels, being a higher rated player in his position but being paid less.


Quinn is also signed for 6 years and can cash in earlier on his next deal. If Jack got 6 years it would be a lower AAV.


There was a post a while back about how defenders are underpaid relative to forwards. Even Makar is “only” getting $9mil despite being one of if not the best D in the league, but there are lots of forwards getting paid more than him.


yeah but only 6 of them were also RFA's when they signed (McDavid, Matthews, Marner, Eichel, Kucherov and Rantanen) Yes young players are starting to get paid more as RFA's but it's still going to be hard to get paid as much without being an UFA


Values for each of those guys is whacky, too. * McDavid is McDavid--hard to put a market price on him, particularly when his $12.5M salary was the result of him turning down more money. * I felt Eichel was just Buffalo throwing $10M at him and it stuck. Wasn't much consultation of the market in that case. Probably just said "we'll pay you like Patrick Kane" and that was that. * Kucherov and Rantanen are both on discount-heavy teams and accepted less than their market value. * Thus only Matthews and Marner truly tested their team in negotiations as to what their market value might be. In fairness, they've performed to the standard they projected they were worth. The point being that the big contract RFA market is even stranger than it seems. Of the 6 players to sign long-term contracts as RFAs, 4 of them are bad precedent for market value. Then the remaining 2 are on the same team, so a hardball GM could be like "So what? I'm not Dubas. Find a new reason why you're worth that". That said, the market has changed a lot in the last 2 seasons as well. Do any NJ fans know why Jack Hughes commanded $8M specifically?


They are betting on his future. He went 1OA for a reason and they expect him to be worth it. Remember everyone thought Draisatl got away with highway robbery on his deal too


Yeah I don’t they will regret this deal, but it’s wild to see 64 mil thrown at a guy with like 55 career points.


Yeah even draisaitl was substantially better than Hughes is now at the time of his deal.


Then you wait 2 years and now it's 80 million




Pay starting goalie infinity dollars regardless of talent because they play the whole game. Got it!


I think forwards just have a bigger impact on the game - or perhaps more accurately, the difference between an elite forward and a good forward is larger (or at least more noticeable) than the gap between an elite defender and a good one.


Your best defenceman can play close to 30 minutes a night if they want, both special teams as well. Defense are just underpaid. They dictate the flow of the game, make the first passes and generally fuel the success of the forwards.


Doubt he cares? His defensive game was questioned all of last year and a decent amount of contract talks are reputation based


Yes, people like to point out how many assists Quinn gets, but he was largely to blame for A LOT of goals last season, his contract season.


And only that season. No one put up good numbers last year but boeser. After that year and before that year hughes was and is at the very least, middle of the pack defensively


Lol. He's set for life. Doubt he cares.


I'm sure he's happy his brother is getting paid very well as well.


Middle child syndrome in contract form


Luke Hughes during extension negotiations: “What’s Jack making? Give me $64,000,001….and one of those ‘Hat’ hats!


[Jack Hughes extension breakdown:](https://twitter.com/PierreVLeBrun/status/1465802654353965060) 22-23: $9 (includes $2M SB) 23-24: $8.5M 24-25: $8.5M 25-26: $8.5M 26-27: $8M 27-28: $7.5M 28-29: $7M 29-30: $7M (10-team no-trade clause kicks in 26-27, so for last 4 years of deal)


Imagine getting an $11 million cheque (I'm aware it's probably more like $7 million after tax) in your early 20's. Fuckkkk


I mean none of his cheques are for close to that amount, given there's only a 2M signing bonus, but yes, young players making big money is crazy.


Most have money managers, so it probably isn't that strange. If anything, their net worth is probably a really abstract concept to them. They definitely splash out on a few extravagances and are heavily pressured by teammates to do things like pay for team dinners, but in the grand scheme of things most NHLers save their money. With all the problems you see in the NFL, the NBA, and to a lesser extent the MLB, it's pretty remarkably that the NHL has had very few athletes with money problems since players started getting paid millions starting in the 1990s.


I wonder how much of an influence Bobby Orr and his agency are on the financial discourse. If Michael Jordan lost all of his money because his agent stole it from him (gambling notwithstanding), maybe there'd be more money education for NBA players.


it's also absolutely impacted by the (modern) financial situation of sport accessibility. a kid who has played enough hockey to make it to the NHL is far more likely to come from a middle class family or better – ice time is expensive, equipment is expensive, and travel teams are expensive. this has a twofold effect: first, players are more likely to have access to professional money management from a young age; second, there's far less of an expectation for them to use their money to support and pay off the debts of their family, including extended family, and wider community. but just a quick breakdown of the cost difference: basketball in particular is not only more accessible, but have tons of teams sponsored by Nike and Adidas where all costs of joining a travel league over $500 are covered by those two companies. if you can prove a need for it, they'll cover everything up to and sometimes even including the membership fee, which is $15. football is primarily done through school programs, and also tends to be lower cost, which lowers barriers to entry. hockey is much more expensive. estimates for average costs, according to a quick google search, are around $1200 per season for in house hockey; travel hockey ranges between $3000-8000 depending on age group and level. there are far fewer ice sponsorships and scholarships targeted at younger kids, so by the time they're accessible for genuinely special hockey talent, a lot of athletes have probably already been priced out. that's a huge financial burden for any family to deal with. obviously this is talking about the general trend of each league; nothing is fixed and there are plenty of exceptions. but it does make sense that kids who always had a comfortable monetary safety net would be a lot better educated about dealing with money than kids who didn't have that luxury growing up.


Actually, with taxes and escrow, an $11 million check for a player would only come out to somewhere around $3.5 - 4 mil. There's a podcast called Agent Provocateur where they talk about it in one of the episodes.


Can’t recommend Agent Provocateur enough, amazing insight into the world of hockey from a perspective nobody really considers. Absolutely fascinating stuff, I wish they could have gone on longer sometimes, just pick their brain for an entire afternoon.


How long does the money stay in escrow for players


The league is generally pretty bad at estimating revenues, so the owners usually keep most of it, even before covid. Players usually don't ever get their escrow payments back.


wtf, i thought escrow was just a part of the players salary was being held back temporarily, hence the escrow, but would be given back later. Didnt know the players dont ever see the escrow money


It's NJ so it's more like 5.5M


$11 million ain't as much as it used to be


Both [Friedman](https://twitter.com/friedgehnic/status/1465800984383430656?s=21) and [LeBrun](https://twitter.com/pierrevlebrun/status/1465800748764119040?s=21) confirm the news


I feel like 8x8 are the most boring contracts. Is it too much? Is it a steal? No idea. Kids a stud though and i wouldn’t be surprised if he breaks out this season.


Make the number interesting at least with an extra .125 or something


8,000,086 No GM has ever done something like that before.


My man, 8,008,135


Or $800,813, if you're closer to league minimum. If a team offered you $800k and you asked for $813 more they wouldn't say no, right?


That doesn’t spell boobies though.


Sure, it isn't boobieS. But is one singular boobie not better than no boobies at all.


Uniboob appreciators rise up


Then ask for an extra 50c or 55c if you want 2 ‘s’


How about 6x6.66 Or 6x9


pastrnak is at 6 years 6.66666666666 average


Shit I was wrong.


In 2010, Darryl Sutter gave Ian White a contract worth $2,999,995 because "he isn't a three million dollar player".


$20 signing bonus


This is something of a bet by Jersey, but I think it's a good one. The underlying numbers all point to Hughes being a superstar in the making who was on the verge of reaching the next level. It looked like it was happening at the beginning of this year - if the breakout that seemed to be written in the tea leaves happens, he will far outperform this deal. They're frontrunning that breakout season.


What does outperforming an 8x8 contract look like? Minimum point per game player right?


Yeah PPG would be the goal for Hughes. I don’t think you’ll find many fans who think Hughes can’t (or won’t) be a PPG player at some point soon.


This. Rookie year he was undersized and playing with Wayne Simmonds on his wing. Each year as the team gets deeper and he gets more experienced, it's only going to be upside for Hughes. Having Hischier, Hughes, and Mercer locked in ensures the Devils Center depth is deep for a long time.


Also demonstrates confidence in Hughes, who is likely to perform better once his bag is secured. Okay, that's not a guarantee and teams have gotten burned by deals like this, but it does give Jack the best chance possible, and should solidify that the Devils have faith in his success.


He comes back from injury tonight, will probably have 4 points


Yeah I think this is going to be an absolute steal in like 2 years max. He looked very good at times last year on an abysmal team.


Kakko is gonna be lucky to get half that.


Where's that dude who was on a mission to convince everyone that Kakko was the better player than Hughes going into the draft?


Blade paradigm or something like that


You mean half of r/hockey ? Hughes is better of course, but the sub was pretty nuts for kakko during and after the world juniors and were debating him going first.


Nah this guy was next level. He had full on thesis papers dropping on the weekly going into heavy detail why Hughes poor hits avoided/60 projects him to be a bottom 6 player at best or some shit.


you know… for all the memeing around that guy i at least respect his conviction sometimes this sub becomes an echo chamber on who’s good and who’s bad bla bla bla even if he was pretty extra about it, at least he’s generating conversation which is never a bad thing 🤷🏼‍♂️


Kakko was really hot at that specific moment, like he picked the perfect time to make it sweaty. I know I was worried about him being the better player for a bit there.


Yeah right before the draft is when sensational stuff kicks and it he went nuts, I think that's why there was a lot of that sentiment


I assume hiding out in horribly incorrect land


He's been very underwhelming thus far.


Underwhelming is an understatement.


Has he been that bad? The little bit I've seen he didn't look like a superstar but still seemed good.


He’s been very underwhelming offensively but he’s developed a great defensive game so far. He’s also 20. And its not as if he’s showed no offensive talent whatsoever, the pieces to work with are there. The person you’re replying to is being overly dramatic. Ultimately, yes, to be worth a 2OA spot he needs to start producing more tangible results in the offensive end in terms of points. But I think the jury is very much so still out on his ceiling in that aspect.


It’s like Hischier. He plays a great game right now but for a 1OA he needs to put up points.


No, he has not. His defensive play, boardwork, and possession are excellent. His vision and confidence to shoot need some work but he’s improving in those areas too.


And I think that's completely normal. I think he will come around and those things will get worked out and he will improve. With the right coaching staff (not saying you guys don't have that now), he'll become exactly what you guys believe he can be.


I am very biased but every time I have watched a Rangers game his linemates have made terrible choices on each attack, and in the last seasons David Quinn has not given him much time to play and develop (or so I have understood it).


The less money KK gets the better for the rangers cap. Not very flexible at the moment. I’m also unsure if r/hockey has been paying attention to KK Lowkey taking off the last few weeks. I think Jack Hughes is going to be a great hockey player and easily live up to that contract but he played one game against the Blackhawks this year and everyone crowned him a superstar.


I think kakko is gonna make 6 look like a deal by season’s end.


with more points and games played lol


Good for Jack Hughes to secure the bag after playing 119 NHL games


Imagine being able to parley 119 games and 50 some odd points into $64 million. Something is wrong with NHL contracts, we're headed for another lock out.


Well the current model of paying players their big contract in their late 20's and early thirties has shown to be the wrong business model. Too many steep regressions with age. However the pay the kids hoping they will work out is going to prove equally terrible in many cases I'm sure. Seems that there's going to be a calibration period of figuring out how to pay for the prime years once they've proven capable; without getting stuck holding the bag when the player no longer produces.


I don't see how this particular contract could possibly be evidence of a future lockout. He didn't hold out and force the team to pay him. The team decided based on what they saw to offer him 8x8 that they probably think will be an overpay in the first 2 or 3 years but more than likely a huge savings in the final 5 years. The avs and jets did the same thing with Mack and Scheif. 8m is now the new 6.3m from a few years back.


I agree and disagree. I agree that looking at the numbers, this is an absurd deal. However, He’s the heart of the Devils future plans. He knows that and it puts him in a great bargaining position. If they low ball him or try for a bridge deal it could sour him and potentially his brother on the organization. And if the guy at the top isn’t fully buying in then things get wild, (look at Eichel in Buffalo). And speaking of that, look at the return for him. It’s good but not really world changing stuff and Hughes would probably get less. Thus by buying in to his potential theyve shown the locker room, the player, and the fans they’re serious about building around him now and for the foreseeable future. Also he lives in jersey so they gotta pay him more because the cost of living :p


you're being downvoted but you're absolutely right this is nuts


> Something is wrong with NHL contracts, we're headed for another lock out. Because of *this*? This isn't because of some flaw in the CBA. The Devils still have a lot of years of absolute control over where Hughes can play in the NHL. They have RFA years, they have arbitration. Nothing pushed the Devils to give him this contract, they're gambling on this being a MacKinnon-like value in a few years so we don't end up like the Maple Leafs with too much money tied up in a few players. I haven't seen anything that suggests the owners are unhappy with the current CBA. Dumb take.


$64 million / 55 career career points = $1.16m per point scored thus far. Gotta be a record.. most guys getting this much coin have a much larger body of work, although Jack's been unlucky with injuries


Kaprizov got $9x5 after 51 career points. Technically lower $ per point but a much more lucrative contract overall for fewer career points.


He was also (just under) a PPG player in the KHL since 2016, & he continued that pace last year in the NHL. Nothing is ever a sure thing, but Kaprizov definitely did more to "deserves" that contract more than Hughes.


Jersey fans seem happy with this, and they watch him play the most. Honestly it’s more likely than not that he breaks out, 2 or 3 years from now 8 mil will be a awesome contract to have him locked up for, I believe.


If anyone knows about this, its an Avs fan.


It’s the same reason we got Mackinnon on that sweet sweet contract


Doing it again with Makar's contract. Kale should be making at least 11M per year.


Yea, I think this is going to be the next "MacKinnon contract"


Reminds me of the drai signing at the time. Hopefully hughes makes it look like a bargain in a couple years.


I bet he makes this look like a bargain fairly soon. Great deal for both sides.


I think he will, but holy shit is that a gamble. This reminds me of what the oilers did with Nuge and Hall that sparked a debate about whether it’s worth paying big bucks for potential. It’s hard not to be a believer though after watching Hughes absolutely violate the Hawks in overtime this year.


A gamble in the sense that we are fucked if it doesn't work out. But reality is we are fucked if it doesn't work out regardless.


Right, like we already put a lot on Hughes being a success. If he doesn't become one, we basically have to rebuild, which we can do with rookie contracts.


it's lower risk than people are saying. An average top 6 guy (~50 points) is going at 6-7 right now. He was on pace for just under that last year on a dogshit team.


On a dog shit team playing with 2 bottom 6 wingers, bad finished and almost zero power play production. Better wingers, improved personal finishing skills (which I have no doubt will come in time) and a bette power play and he could’ve easily been a ~60-65 pt pace player as a 19 year old. That’s someone I’m comfortable taking a 8x8 contract risk on


Don't people say "don't pay players for what they did for you yesterday, pay them for what they'll do for you tomorrow"? I guess this is the Devils doing exactly that.


My problem with this contract is that this contract is purely potential based IMO. Jack Hughes is about to be making Elite 1C money (think Backstrom, Getzlaf, Zetterberg, etc guys who are just under the Crosby, MacKinnon level players). Whether Hughes is an Elite 1C I think is yet to be seen. We've seen flashes of it, but we haven't seen it consistently and that really worries me about this contract. Let's say Hughes had back to back 70 point seasons, I would have no qualms with this contract, but he doesn't.




Yeah, but MacKinnon was paid on potential as well. At the time of his contract his highest point season was his rookie year at 63 he didn't even break 54 pts the following 3 years


But 8M isn't elite 1C money anymore. That puts him tied for the 40th-highest contract in the league today, with the likes of Couture, Duchene, and Johansen. So I'd say it's more like "decent 1C" money, which is more than what he's been to this point in his career, but not as big a gamble as some people are saying.


Yeah but only 12 of those players that will make more than Jack are centers.


If he is an elite 1C or better, it's value for money. If he's not an elite 1C, they're still re-building for another half decade anyway so who cares?


He looked consistently like a 1C last year, just couldn't buy points


1C's get their points though, the closest example i can think of would be Kopitar who has his "down" seasons, while still being a top defensive player. Hughes has potential, but a 40 point player just got paid 8m for 8 years, while Marner&Matthews who is a 90+ point player and top 3 goal scorer before signing, gets paid 11 and everyone laughs


It didn't quite work out although I felt generally Nuge / Hall / Eberle were worth it on those contracts but never really exceeded the contract value. On the other hand Drai went from elite to turbo-chad right after he signed the 8.5m contract so that one worked out. IRC did Chicago also not make a similar gamble with the original Kane / Toews contract extensions - which ended up working out (obviously Chicago had alot of other pieces already like Keith and the Hossa deal)


I’m the other side in Edmonton, people acted like draisaitl was the worst deal in hockey when he signed….


I haven't watched the devils much, is Jack worth an 8x8 contract?


It’s an overpay right now, but the eye-test and underlying numbers indicate that this will be an incredible contract in the near future. Jack is electric on the ice and clearly the best player on the Devils every night when he’s out there. It’s a little risky, but it’s a risk the Devils have to take.


Clearly the best player on the Devils ~~every~~ both night when he’s out there. So pumped he’s back in tonight.


1 and 1/3 nights! Isn't this an RPG?


His defensive impacts are what I thought was most impressive. I think that even if he doesn’t reach his ceiling, you’re getting a high floor and solid two way forward who can match up against other teams top lines.


Ideally you want a longer track record before this kind of extension but this has the potential to be steal. It also has the potential to blow up in their faces.


Victor Hedman, Quinn Hughes, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Andrei Svechnikov, Sean Couturier, Vladimir Tarasenko, Aaron Ekblad, Ryan O'Reilly, Kris Letang, Kyle Connor, Kevin Hayes, Gabriel Landeskog, Anders Lee, Patrice Bergeron, Nathan MacKinnon, Ryan Ellis, Brad Marchand, Mark Scheifele, and TJ Oshie all make equal or less money than Jack Hughes. It's a big risk imo and definitely could blow up if he doesn't live up the contract.


Everyone was wary of the Draisaitl deal when he signed it, and now it’s among the best contracts in the league. I think this one ages like wine.


I mean leon had just put up 77 points in 82 games with 16 points in 13 playoff games in his 2/3rd (send down during his rookie year) season in the NHL Leon was basically a PPG center when he got the contract, hughes hasn't played enough games this year to prove or disprove that


He nearly eliminated a very good Ducks team by himself in the playoffs.


Tbf Draisaitl was coming off the heels of a 77 point season when he signed his and 51 points before that. Hughes has 55 points in his entire career That being said I think this should be a deal for the Devils, but Draisaitl had a much better track record when he signed his deal than Hughes does now.


Drai had a 29 goal 73 point season he signed the contract. Hughes had a 31 point and a 46 point pace last year


More than fine with this. This is great.


He’s gonna be worth that and probably more some day so yea gotta be okay with that


I think the options are either overpay based on what he's produced so far but a deal he'll likely outperform or go with like a short term "prove it" deal where he shows that he's more than great and the price is like upwards of 10


This is smart from the front office


Is there actually a benefit to signing this now instead of after this season? Like if he puts up 70 points he nake like 500k more or he has 40 points and makes less?


On which side are you referring to? For the Devils they lock up a guy long term and benefit by not having a player sit out because they can’t finalize a deal in the offseason. For Hughes he secures the bag early


Not gonna say that he will never live up to the contact but with 119GP with 54 pts at 8 million a year, there is definitely going to be some higher expectations.


We’re paying for potential. Nearly every metric of Jack’s underlying numbers indicate a bonafide 1C in the making. It’s a bit risky, sure, but it’s a risk well worth taking.


I will say this, if you're wrong you're going to have to blow up your team anyway so yolo?


I mean, basically. This is a calculated bet that the current core of Hughes-Hischier-Mercer (likely) down the middle are the group to build around and open our window for years to come.


The fact that all Devils fans are in unison with how happy we are tells you how highly we rate his potential. Yeah his point totals havent jumped off the paper, but you can tell how good he can become. Will he live up to the cap hit? Who knows, he might not. But from what we’ve seen from him, he’s worth the gamble


I'll die on the hill that point metrics are valuable, but often overstated when discussing putting together a contending offense – often neglecting defensive or two-way stats. (the correlation between Selke and Cup winner – Bergeron, Datsyuk, Toews, Brind'Amour – needs to be talked about more). Hughes was already in pretty elite company in [defensive metrics](https://www.sportsnet.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Top-Defensive-Forwards-Individual.jpg) and was having a points breakout this season pre-injury. this is a very good deal for the Devils IMO.


This is one of those deals that's an overpay today, but will likely be a steal in a couple years.


I'd love to see Hughes get more appreciation for his skill as a defensive center. [this chart](https://www.sportsnet.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Top-Defensive-Forwards-Individual.jpg) summed it up pretty nicely; he's in great company. his skating is a great weapon and I am so fucking glad that we're not in the weird-ass division where we play the Devils a million times a year anymore.


Actually this is fake, being a good 2-way center is about being a big boy who can hit and play hard. Being good at limiting shots and high danger chances is crazy advanced analytics stuff, I don’t buy it


> Actually this is fake, being a good 2-way center is about being a big boy who can hit and play hard. I know that you're just satirizing all the people who say this, but it always cracks me up that this is the sentiment people seem to actually agree with. I don't know too many hockey fans who think Bergeron isn't one of the greatest defensive centers in the game, and although he's certainly not a *small* dude, his physicality has never been the foremost quality of his game.


After his 4 periods of play this year it took 10 games for the next player to pass him in takeaways. For being a small guy who doesn't use his body at all the way he is able to just take pucks away on the boards is incredible.


Love to see it honestly. A franchise that has faith in one of their young players and isn’t afraid to invest in them.


This should be a good thread to look back on years from now.


He’s playing hockey tn and a lot more nights coming up


I'll be honest I was pretty meh about him after his first year, Though watching him in interviews and especially at the draft this year when his brother was selected won me over. Kids got a hell of a personality hockey needs more stars like him. Hope he can continue his strong play from the start of the season.


Holy fuck, fuck a bridge deal I guess.


Holy mama that’s a lot


I’m over the moon with this. Let’s go Fitz


It’s not a gamble IMO if you take into account Hughes not panning out long term is gonna screw the franchise up anyway. Locking up Jack and depending on him for the future has been obvious since he got there.


55 points in 119 games over 3 seasons gets you 64 million. I'm not saying it's bad or good, I'm just shocked teams are handing out these kinds of contracts. Like what is Gaudreau or Tkachuk worth with a deal like this as a comp.


Everyone liking this deal now said the same thing about the Hischier contract and that has not worked out well for NJ so far.


Most Devils fans are fine with contract too though. He's a solid player and captain. Maybe not worth his contract, but he's not far off. NJ is not a huge destination, so signing our young guys long term is the way to go.


Solid players don't get over 7M. Great players get that. And guys that had one good season and 1.5 good games in a second season shouldn't get 8x8 based on potential. Both contracts are nuts.


Mark my words, this is the next MacKinnon contract. Great deal for the Devils.


Hot take: 1st overall picks are good!


JFresh has entered the chat


Prediction: Terrible signing. RemindMe! 3 years


People who say it’s an overpayment haven’t watched Hughes enough, he’s worth every penny


Or they just don’t understand that you lock these guys up early before they explode in value


It’s this. People always compare to contracts signed 3-4 years ago. It’s a different world and different philosophy pay them young and they may want to stick around later because you took care of them and didnt make them grind for their next contract


It also is literally an overpay in the very very short term. But that’s the whole point, you are taking a gamble (one with very good odds) that he is going to be worth way more in no time, and you now have him locked up long term below market value


Or they understand that you lock these guys up on what if and that can backfire terribly.


Plus as the cap increases his contract looks even better.


Ahhh the old mythical cap increase lol


I think for non-NJD fans this looks like an overpayment but it's a pretty typical contract out of ELC for a player the team thinks is a foundational piece for their future. You overpay early in the contract hoping/expecting him to be worth more than he is by the end of the contract and Hughes is tracking toward that. External fans see 55 points in 119 games. NJD likely sees a guy who's improved every year and went from 21 in 61 to 31 in 56. He went from a 0.344 ppg in his rookie season playing 14 mins a night to 0.55 ppg playing 19 mins in his sophomore season. Basically by the end of year 2, the expectation is for this contract to be a steal for the Devils. Also worth mentioning, Hughes is WAY better defensively than it gets talked about. The hype that Suzuki was getting as a 2 way forward before is the kind of hype Hughes deserves honestly.


I both like and HATE this contract Hughes hasn't done jackshit in the NHL yet, similar to Wander Franco who signed a 12 year deal after 70 career baseball games, but the talent is so obviously there the Devil's don't want to risk the thought of losing him, but this still is a huge risk for the Devil's, which is why I hate it


Also Subban's 9 mil contract comes off the books btw. I tried playing around with cap friendly and even with a couple of overpayments (nothing too drastic) they should still have around 15 mil to work around with.


Makes me feel better about Tkachuk's deal..


If you opened your calculator to check what $64,000,000 divided by 8 was You can be my equally dumbass friend


He’s lucky he isn’t in Toronto with that contract. Around those parts people think Mitch Marner is overpaid and he made his money after a 94 point season.


For as much shit as he gets Marner has at least lived up to his contract by constantly scoring at a 90+ point pace


What a great deal he could score in the double digits someday


This thread is going to be hilarious to look back on in a few years. I think this is a drastic overpayment personally but meh we’ll see. That Hischier contract still isn’t out of the woods in terms of being an albatross either at this point in time.


Cheaper than Brady, fuck my ass.


This is gonna be the Draisaitl contract all over again(though I'd be shocked if Hughes turns out to be a top 5 player in hockey) . Overpayment on day 1, but a really good deal by the start of year 3.


Drai wasn't really an overpayment in the same way. He put up the points to back it up, just hadn't done two seasons of it. Hughes hasn't done anything remotely close to Drai thus so far.


Draisaitl had put up seasons of 51 and 77 points in his age 19 and age 20 seasons, and it's not like he was a passenger on his line or anything. People just massively overreacted to that deal when at worst, it was going to be an overpayment of like $2m. In this case, Hughes was on a 45 point pace last year and has played 2 games this year. He very well could have a Draisaitl-esque breakout year, but I feel like signing this deal before that happens is risky.


Plus a playoff run with 16 points in 13 games! The Draisaitl contract is THE ideal scenario that doesn't happen too often, we'll see if Hughes will get there. I'm high on him, but he hasn't proven anything at this point.


Draisaitl and MacKinnon are the most popular “comparables” in this post. So yeah the career 0.46 point per game guy only needs to firmly be in the conversation for the greatest player in the world in a couple years, easy peasy as I understand it from reading this thread.


Draisaitl produced basically the same in his sophomore season alone as Hughes has in his entire career which is more than double the games, and that was the Draisaitl who wasn’t even good enough yet to be considered grossly overpaid on an $8.5Mx8. I don’t really get this comparison at all.


Yeah the timing of this is weird, and the Draisaitl comparable only works in the terms of the contract itself, but I’m not super worried about this from the Devils perspective. If he can be ~p/g point Center for the Devils then I think this is fine.


Comparing Hughes to Drai is a top kek move


I honestly think he makes it look like a bargain by the end of this season - as in he has a breakout that makes him an $8m player. I love this move for NJ, unfortunately. Although I do want us to both be good again so we get some playoff series...rivalry has become too casual


I fucking hate you guys, but I kinda miss both of us being good at the same time. Playoff series between us are always incredible.


Yeah exactly, its not as much fun when both teams are bad. And we haven't overlapped since the playoff format changed


Massive over pay, that’s more millions than points he’s scored in his career. This will be a funny thread to look back on in a few years


His underlying numbers have been fantastic and I agree he'll explode soon, but $64 million dollar contract for a forward with 55 career points, I'm not sure I've seen that one before lol


Massive overpayment




Great deal. Happy for NJ and their fans. Glad to see it signed so early too.


Not a bad day for jack, back in the lineup and a pay day.


Jack Huge contract.


Hughes made a deal with devil…s. 8 years under the thumb of adam fox. Think the team got a steal. Only risk is injury concern which is cap deductible. Kinda. Hearing the MLB numbers getting tossed around, nhlpa compensation is borderline criminal.


The Devils are taking in a bit of risk that he'll reach his potential to lock him up long term at a good price and Hughes is limiting his potential future earnings for lifetime security. I'm sure both sides are happy.


This seems like a lot for him


Did he proved that he is worth that much ? Sure he is still young, so there is a room to grow, but i feel like he is getting paid for the fact that he was drafted first and is kinda popular (that also should worth something regardless, but is that enough?)


I guess Quinn can sign a 2 year deal at the end of his current deal to join his bro in NJ


I love it.


Seth Jones signs a large contract that his underlying metrics show he doesn't deserve. This sub: lol trash Chicago Hughes signs a large contract that his underlying metrics and actual production don't deserve This sub: Man what a steal, New Jersey did great It's interesting


This subreddit has a lot of bozos (I'm on your side btw).


All of his underlying metrics are positive and showing that he's ready to break out. He had 3pts in 4 periods before being injured and was clearly the best player on the ice (for both teams.) Sure, this deal could blow up. Or we could have given him a bridge and then had to pay heavy when he turns into the ppg player that every analyst projects him to be.


Kid is made out of glass, this contract is going to age like milk


That's insane he's done nothing. Have fun with that one New Jersey. He's one hit away from being fully broken.