Paparazzi harassing Kayne outside his house at 4am

Paparazzi harassing Kayne outside his house at 4am

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If I were rich and famous, I'd hire paparazzi to paparazzi the paparazzi so they can see how it feels.


Lol this might be the way, see how they like a photographer on their front lawn at 4 am, at the very least it would cause some hilarious confusion Edit: lmfao ok so apparently it wouldn’t matter because they would all be outside Kanye’s house at 4 am, as said by numerous people in the comments


That's actually against the law. Going after celebrities seems to be fine, if I understood that right, because they are a person of the public. But going after someone who isn't as well known might cause legal issues. I don't know why this dumb thing exists but apparently it does.


Shouldn't everyone be protected, specially famous people because they're more likely to be a target?


Listen man I don't make the laws so I don't know why it is like this but as far as I know that's the case


No. You explain to us all, in your own words, why it is like this. It's worth 60% of your final grade.


Yeah for real. You better not flunk this class again or you're off the team... and this is your senior year, you wont get another chance at this. So get to explaining.


Im unironically triggered


You get those dreams too?


Yes and it's weird cause I spent college drunk, high and *not* going to classes lmaooo.


Do you need a written essay in MLA or APA?


Just use the reddit formatting guide for gods sake


It’s this way due to journalism, and to be frank, it’s fair. If you have someone powerful and/or with expansive resources you wouldn’t want them having PI’s and other people harass a “regular” person. But once you become a public figure (politician, celebrity, well-known business person or advocate) then it is okay to investigate the person. Because as a public figure you have **sway and reach**. Don’t believe me, see all this stupid anti-vaccine stuff going on with Nicki M. That being said, I’m pretty sure *everyone* hates paparazzi because they weaponized it and harass those they are “investigating”, but that fault would probably go to Capitalism.


That makes a lot of sense. There really should be some way for the laws to differentiate between real journalism and just bothering celebrities for tabloid photographs of embarrassing private moments, though.


that sounds suspiciously like equal rights, careful


I remember a stand up comedian doing a bit about this where he said if you were up a tree trying to take pictures of a topless lady in her back garden you're committing a crime but it's fine if they're a celebrity lol


Ok. The. I’d hire someone to beat the ever loving hell out of them and break their cameras. Rich people can break the law all the time.


It doesn't matter. Thats exactly what these people crave. "BRITTANY SPEARS ON METH AGAIN?!" "BRCGUY HIRES HIT-MEN TO ASSAULT JOURNALISTS!?" "I ATE LUNCH WITH BIGFOOT, HE HAD A SALAD?!" You have to remember anything you do as a celebrity is just another shitty, overly exaggerated, garbage headline. Actually doing something just makes it worse and gives them what they want. Like this video. This is the reaction they crave. The further Kanye goes, the better the footage.


You could just make someone famous if you were Kanye. Pretend you support their harassment of you, oh hey man what’s your name let’s work together you can get some inside scoops, post on Instagram hey this is Kyle my buddy!!!


But if you had paparazzi following them, wouldn’t that act by itself make them ‘celebrities’?


I'd argue that any paparazzi with their name on a photo that's published makes them a public figure. I don't know if it means it'd work, but I'd say it.


I’d just hire some big fat hairy dude in a slingshot bikini and cat ears to stand next to me at all times to ruin any shot they might take.




So everybody just follow me


We need a little controversy


Cause it feels so empty without me




Nah nah nah nah nah…..


Mom’s spaghetti!


Daniel Radcliffe had a smart paparazzi defense at the end of the Harry Potter series. He wore the exact same outfit every single day. That way there was no way to tell when pictures were taken, and having old pictures, or every picture you take looking identical isnt going to sell. Where your big fat hairy bikini clad cat "girl" would be a sensational story of your secret life of debauchery. But I would be curious to hear some stories of paparazzi in very loose stand your ground and castle doctrine laws on the books.


didn't Marilyn Manson use to just write FUCK on his face so paparazzi can't publish any pics


Yep, not sure about the earlier years when one of his eyebrows was doted lines and the other was just the word “fuck”(Think that was more for shock/to piss off parents) but then he wrote “fuck you” in huge letters on his face a few years back when he was at an airport or something so they couldn’t print any of the photos


That would only make for a better shot lol


I read that Daniel Radcliffe wore the same outfit for a year so the pictures all looked too similar to sell lmao


I'm a big fat hairy dude. You know anyone hiring?


Where do I apply?


That's a really clever idea, i don't think there's any law that can go against it


Bob Dylan for a little while used to either walk around taking photos of the paparazzi, or just had his own personal film crew recording him all the time. Probably feels a little less invasive if you actually intend to make movies/documentaries with the footage and photos


I would hire Paparazzi to stalk judges/lawmakers/politicians. They would soon change the law.


Nah. Ruin the one thing that they come for. The pictures. Paint your house and cars in highly reflective paint. Like the sort they put on road signs. Just have strobe lights that go off when they detect movement. Wear clothes that are highly reflective. Make your own home the absolute worst place to ever take a picture. Do that, and they’ll leave you alone. They’d also hate you for it, too.


I always thought it’s be a good business to make like a flash-wall stick that comes with a giant battery backpack that just flashes bright strobes at paparazzi ruining their shots


I’ve always thought of just lasers. Nothing high powered. Just simple pointers. Have a system that pinpoints lenses, and blinds them. The cameras aren’t damaged, but the sensors would be constantly overwhelmed, preventing anything even remotely resembling a shot. It would all just be giant, colored orbs.


>The cameras aren’t damaged, but the sensors would be constantly overwhelmed You hit a digital camera's sensor with a laser it is toast and the sensor is the heart of the camera. So essentially destroying the camera.


Ah, well then, maybe something else. Tightly focused strobe lights might achieve the same effect. Someone might complain of epileptics, but I suspect paparazzi and epilepsy might be two mutually exclusive lifestyles.


How about very powerful IR LEDs? Like the ones around IP Camera lenses. Just more and more powerful, line them up like a floodlight. If I was him, I'd go to a University with specializes in technical and create a contest among students; the best idea wich causes all the pictures to be worthless gets a reward.


Would it really be illegal though if there cameras break from the lasers. It’s not illegal to have motion activated lasers in your driveway right.


Fuck their camera. Don't bring your camera to my property with my dj laser light show.


There is a yacht that has this system installed. It is a thing that exists.


Didnt Daniel Radcliff (spelling?) Wear the same outfit for a week or so just to fuck with paparazzi?


I would just make myself high accessible to the point that my pictures were be worth nothing. Just sit outside all day. Make sure everyone got all the pictures they needed. Every single day until getting a picture with me was seen as no value.


yesssir, also wear nice clothes and pose for the pictures, then take similar pics of yourself and post them to social media, it will look like they didnt take the photos themselves lol


I think it was Daniel Radcliffe who dressed in the same/identical clothes everyday such that the photos weren't worth much.


I’m just going to stay a poor nobody. Thought about becoming rich and famous but the paparazzi makes it not worth it imo


Daniel Ratcliff always wore the same outfit in public because any pictures taken would look old. There's also some stealth accessories that are highly reflective on film but you can't tell until you look at the photo. But realistically people shouldn't have to go out of their ways to just go down to the store.


This seems so friggin obvious as a way to stop this shit. I’ve been saying it since the Toby maguire thing happened.


What happened to Toby?


Pizza time?


Or just hire the paps that followed Princess Di that night. That should eliminate a few


I think those ones only work for the queen.


I think vice did a video where they started taking pictures of a random paparazzo. It’s a great video. Highly recommend




"What I do to you?" I dunno maybe the fact that you're standing outside someone's house at 4 am taking pictures.


This should be illegal. And that Flash, that annoying flash.


That shit hurt my eyes and I'm watching it on my phone. Best believe I'd be hiring some unruly types to act like they don't know me while they're whopping ass at the bottom of my drive way.


I'm fairly sure the flash *and* the loitering outside someone's house at 4am is illegal in most places, for various reasons.. or at the very least frowned upon enough that any responding officers with half a brain would "make it illegal" if you get me. If I phoned the police where I live, assuming they'd actually respond (ha), I feel they would absolutely tell these boys to get to fuck.


You're right. If you or I stood outside someone's house at 4 am taking telephoto images with a flash on, the cops would make us leave. You and I dont have a board of lawyers on retainer ready to sit in court for us to argue the nuances of privacy law and what is, and is not, trespassing... etc. Etc.


Could the flashing not count as a private nuisance? I imagine it would in the UK but not so sure about US, or its states, laws


all of this could be a public nuisance. cops can arrest them for anything if they wanted to.


if i recall correctly 'public personalities' can be paparazzied in the US


> can be ~~paparazzied~~ harassed in the US Not exaggerating and yet it it sounds a bit more fucked up now, doesn't it.


who buys those photos though? He wasnt doin anythin lol


If they piss the celebrity off and catch photos of them freaking out, that is good money. Or if they catch the celebrity looking all tired and disheveled, tabloids love to squawk about how terrible someone looks in sweatpants.


lol dumb. Could he turn on the sprinklers and be okay? or sued for damages also? ;(


Yeah I have always wondered this. Like could you go out with a hose and spray everyone who is trespassing on your property? and their expensive (probably not waterproof) cameras? I fully believe you should be allowed to.


If they're trespassing on his property, this would be a totally different thing. Put up one sign against trespassing, moment they violate, they're dealing with criminal charges. Unfortunately, from my understanding of it, they're on the sidewalk out front of his house, and therefore not directly trespassing. ...that said, automated sprinklers that *happen* to go off aren't off the table.


Honestly if I was Kanye famous I'd live in a place so big you'd need a car to get from the gate to the house. Fuck this shit.


Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with no trespassing signs. In several states, the signs don’t mean squat.


Can one automate a pressure washer? asking for a friend...


I've had the unfortunate experience of watching TMZ and that "!" channel TV once, it's trash as fuck and anything goes there. Infact this incident, will be there but with a different narrative.


In Britain it constitutes either “criminal harassment” Or “breach of the peace” iirc.


Breach of the peace is the common one that our local junkies get done for when they pass out in the closies at 4am, so don't see why a bunch of dicks actively waiting outside someone's house can't get the same treatment.


In the article 12 of the Universal declaration of human rights, each person has a right to lead a calm and peaceful private life. It's a fundamental thing. It's illegal to disturb someone at 4am like this.


Maybe I'm just cynical but I've never had a particularly strong or loose connection in my head between the media and basic human rights. The problem when it comes to things like that is money and power > everything you have to say.


That's a "spray". If you hit the depth of field button while you have a flash equipped, it will blast a bunch of flashes like a strobe. Then they snap a shot. And then he rapid fires a few more. It's how paparazzi get that shot where their subject is recoiling from the camera and grimacing. No one looks good doing that.


Fun fact: some cameras, like Nikon cameras, call this a "modelling flash." The main purpose (for normal photographers) is to preview the lighting conditions when the lens is stopped down. But since flashes aren't constant lights, that's why they're *flashes,* the camera has to do a bunch of smaller discharges instead of firing the entire thing. This is also why, if you've ever done this, your flash suddenly transforms into a swarm of angry wasps for a few seconds. Not to be confused with preflashing, which is the reason why professional cameras seem to emit a flash that is made of like 3 or 4 short bursts that nearly look like a single firing, this is because for the first few the camera is sampling the light level, so it knows the correct flash power for the actual shot, in the split second after you press the shutter button.


I wonder if any paparazzi target has thought to carry an optical trigger and have a slave flash pointed at their lens. Might wash out every picture.


Assuming it's the right brand and on the right channel that might work. Though an easier option is just to wear some of that retro reflective silver tape stuff you see on hi-viz. Either you get some massive highlights, or the camera compensates with those preflashes and you get an underexposed to hell shot


I can tell you 100% that "Relax" and "Calm Down" do not work, it does seem to trigger always though.


Dude take a chill pill


"Like bro just meditate"


That's the point. They want him to blow up.


It's what they want so it may be calculated.


Their just gaslighting scumbags, they know what they are doing is wrong. If they did this to any regular person they would beat the shit out of them.


Has anyone ever attempted to muscle the paparazzi? Like if I had Kanye money and they wouldn’t leave me alone maybe I’d use some of that money to hire a couple of goons to…I dunno…


Well since paparazzi are entertainment journalist-stalkers I would say thay this would most likely make you a target for "hot topics". You will just increase the paparazzi that are willing to risk harm for a headline (and a probable career boost)


Then it’s war.


Cowabunga it is then.


Cowabunga indeed.


This man woke up and choose violence


Means more goons to hire


Stimulate the economy


Interestingly, the paparazzi and tabloid industry have guidelines about what celeb sells and when. Celebs that are very positive at the moment (think when Jlaw won the oscar and was THE leading lady for a minute) are generally immune from bad press. Tabloids know coming out against the darling is bad for business But celebs like Kanye or anyone going through any personal shit are way more profitable as the public is likely way more interested in their drama. So depending on your current public image, beating on a paparazzo is pretty much allowed. The scumbags consider it a badge of honor to be roughed up and arent likely to press charges anyway What I dont get is why he just doesn't mace them. Thatd be a hell of a disincentive


What the fuck is this world


Or have someone wait for them to leave and then the next time they try to leave their own house some random goon is there and hits them with bear spray and drives off. They can’t connect it to any particular celebrity and all they know is that they got bear maced every time they tried to leave their house for a week 😂


Just pay a couple of thugs to hang around your neighborhood They see people with expensive cameras flash bombing your place, shame if those get mugged off them and sold off


Every interaction they get is content for them to sell. This little righteous diatribe by Kanye? He was absolutely correct, but his hot take made them some dough. And these are the moments they're looking for.


Send them Russia I fuck them forever


Yes, Sean Penn infamously did in the ‘80s when photographers were harassing Madonna, his girlfriend at the time. And then had a few more incidents through the years.


TBF he was also beating the shit out of Madonna at the time. Basically he was just whoopin everyone within arms length for a good portion of the 80s and 90s. Less so now, Alec Baldwin has really stepped up his punching game.


cocaine is a helluva drug


Kanye himself once knocked one on his ass. I remember he was wearing the all blue Air Max from the USA pack.


Everyone chipped in to pay Sean Penn


Frank Sinatra! For sure but times were different.


At 4 am I don't blame him


At any time I dont blame him. Paparazzi who follow and stalk celebrities are scum, regardless of the time of day.


I mean, if anyone they should blame, it's those stupid celeb magazines, like people magazine. The job sucks and no one likes you, but you make good money for a photo, and the people who pay them are the real scum. You are looking at the grunt workers of the whole operation.


I mean, if anyone they should blame, it’s those stupid people who buy celeb magazines, like people magazine. They make good money of a photo which people pay for because they’re apparently worth a lot. Can’t phantom why people would buy them these shitty mags.


How about I blame all of them?


It's like the least interesting magazine out there. You are right its the people who buy the magazine giving them money which cause them to gather as much photos from paparazzis to keep printing this garbage. Those useless people are the real scum. They cause this niche market to exist.


I mean, if anyone should blame, it's evolution. Evolution made monkeys into humans that made celeb magazines, like people magazine, and it made humans who buy them.


Human traffic also makes good money but for some reason you just don’t do that.


He should wear that reflective jacket.


Any time to have that sort of flashing in front of your eyes and not be paid for it? Fuuuuuck out of hereeeee!! These paparazzi fucks aught to be sued for eye damage flashing that type of light in to a persons eye fuckin BAWLS!


I’d be pissed.


I wouldn’t blame him for not checking his rear mirror before backing out fast.


Who wants pictures of Kanye west getting out of his house at 4am? Like what makes that a good picture. I'm sure they were looking to get some scandalous photo, or just have him looking sloppy so the world can shit on him.


They want him to pop off and cause a scene. Nothing better than an unhinged celebrity for the paparazzi. All it takes is Kayne to throw a punch in anger and camera guy is living the high-life on a lawsuit. Its a win-win.


Yep. That's why they keep taking pictures and talking to him after he said to stop. They know it winds him up, so they keep doing it. It's bullying turned into a profession.


Classic Westboro Baptist move


People are still talking about the Tobey Maguire moment with the blocked road


Maybe I don't know better but would it be that easy to win a lawsuit against Kanye? I mean he is rich af, I dunno.


Maybe he looks kinda bad at 4am (like most of us would) and they could sell to some shit rag about how he’s gained weight or depressed or some shit. It’s awful but people buy that stuff.


You're watching the video aren't you?


If you're trying to say, "the video did it's job", because I'm watching it now, I mean I guess, but only in the context of this subreddit, the people posted outside his house trying to talk to him like it's okay what they're doing, they are POS, so it fits.


If they're on their own property don't they have rights? I know you can't just shoot people like you can in Michigan and Texas, But there isn't anything these celebs can do? Have them arrested for tresspassing and harrassment.


It looks like they are photographing from the public sidewalk, so no to trespassing. I'm not sure where this is, but under California law, merely taking photos is not harassment without a threat of imminent harm.


Alright 2 questions then, not necessarily for you, just in general. 1. Why does Kanye live somewhere where his car can be accessed from a public sidewalk? 2. If it's a gated community, how did these fuckers get in?


Many gated communities are actually pretty easy to get into. The one my brother is at lets me look up his name and lets me in after I put his full name in


Or the old trick used by pizza drivers around the world, wait for someone to enter or leave and move while the gate's still up. So I guess better question is why isn't Kanye in a gated community with 24 hour guard at the gate? More secure ones in houston have all visitors tell guard who they're there for then guard called them personally to verify before opening up the gate.


Maybe he wants a modicum of normality? I know it sounds ridiculous for someone like Kanye.


A guarded neighborhood isn't that abnormal. There's about 3 within 10 minutes of my neighborhood, and those are like 500k houses. I imagine the houses in Kanye's neighborhood are easily worth triple that. Besides, it's more abnormal to have people taking pictures of you every waking moment.


If you're taking photos of me at 4 AM, *I'm* the threat and immenient harm


Thats what they would love to happen. Pay day!


Couldn't Kanye just buy a giant ass property including the entire street down in each direction, so they can't just camp on tge sidewalk and he has his peace in the center of the property?


You can’t just shoot somebody on your property in Michigan either. Michigan is not a stand your ground state, we do have a version of the Castle doctrine however so if somebody breaks into your home you are allowed to respond with appropriate or equal force. You can’t always shoot somebody in Michigan even when they are in your own home but most the time you would be safe doing so.


With their entire careers built around this they know how to avoid any legal trouble, standing on public streets of the sidewalk etc.


You can’t just shoot people for this in Texas, either.


Paparazzi should be illegal.


Seems like trespassing and stalking to me. This is already illegal. I’d definitely call the cops in this situation.


Its not trespassing, in order for someone to be considered trespassing they'd have to cross a locked fence or a fence with a sign saying it's trespassing. Stalking is a lot more complicated. For it to be criminal there would have to be some indicator that the person doing the stalking is intending to do them harm.


If he told them to leave his property and they didn’t then it is trespassing. I’m kind of surprised that Kanye lives in a place that paparazzi would have access to be this close to his actual house/garage. I would have assumed he had a big gate and long driveway.


>I’m kind of surprised that Kanye lives in a place that paparazzi would have access to be this close to his actual house/garage. Yea I am equally surprised tbh. It's not like anyone could really judge him for gating in the front of his property.


That's why he lives in North Dakota nowadays.(and in stadiums)


I mean, he’s also a bit crazy. Nobody sane lives in North Dakota


This is quite an old video, doubt he lives there anymore. Also isn't the Thirty Mile Zone in LA the reason why paparazzi stuff like this is legal compared to everywhere else? They're on the pavement so they aren't trespassing, and with the TMZ they're allowed to photograph and shit? Or am I completely wrong


We should make a petition from this, I would definitely sign it


and it will definitely work! like all those other petitions did


With the power of Reddit *nothing is impossible*


Bro at 4am all bets are off. Imagine coming home to your wife saying someone outside was watching her with a camera.




"Your honor. I was in fear for my life. I believed he had a gun and meant to do me harm"


That’d be a legal shoot too. Someone outside your house at 4am holding a black object in their hands can be reasonably interpreted as a home intruder looking to harm you.


Not sure how legal it would be, but it sure would send a clesr message to the paparazzi about lurking around houses at 4AM.


If any black dude could get away with it, it’d be Kanye. Saying that as a huge Kanye fan, btw.


I don't have a single friend who buys magazines like "people" regularly or god forbid, their annual subscription. Who buys it...? I always wonder. Do they make money off places like hair salons, barbers etc?


I would imagine that the general demographics of Reddit and people who buy tabloids do not have a tremendous amount of overlap.


here in sweden all the waiting rooms at anything health related is filled to the brim with tabloids and magazine about the royal family. Also upper middle-aged women.


The paparazzi are leeches. Celebrities surrender a lot of privacy in order to get the fame and stardom. But there's a thin line between doing your job and stalking.


it'd be nice if paps had to be licensed after going through some sort of schooling. we need some sort of guidelines.


It’s unfortunate because him reacting like this, even when Kanye is in the right, will only perpetuate the problem. Paparazzis want to get the pictures and videos of celebs flipping out and losing it. I’m not a fan of Kanye, but he doesn’t deserve this. Leave the man alone and get off his property. I don’t know how it’s legal for them to be on his driveway in the first place. He should borrow Kim’s met gala outfit and wear that when he goes out and not speak at all, then all the pics and videos won’t show his face and won’t be very usable or worth money.


I actively *cannot stand* kanye, like he just flat out pisses me off. However, every single time i see this video, my heart just really goes out for him, it’s so sad he has zero right to privacy or any recourse to stop this harassment. This shit needs to be made illegal. If one specific person is the clear subject of your photo, you should be legally required to gain their consent to take the photo, let alone sell it for personal monetary gain. *ESPECIALLY* on their own property. What a joke. Poor guy.


I actually think the paparazzi contributed to his move to Wyoming in 2018. I wonder how many of them still try to show up to his ranch when he's present there though and what measure they'll try to go to get a picture of him there.


Paparazzi are scum and unnecessary. They literally don't do anything that is worth doing.


Man it's hard to come to terms with Kanye West being a victim but fuck these Paparazzi these mf'rs need laws and boundaries


Kanye is a very complex person. Lots of bad lots of good. I’m a huge fan of his music but don’t agree with everything he does as a human. That being said, this is just one video of paparazzi harassing Kanye. He’s an easy target because of his mental illness and he married into the most famous celebrity family in the world. Paparazzi are constantly treating the man like shit. It only fuels the flame of his mental illness


I really like this comment. It’s easy to dehumanise celebs and judge them for what we see in tabloids. Kanye has always demonstrated ego which has sometimes made him look clownish but we need to remember that everyone suffers and feels pain…. Any one of us walking out our house in the early hours getting blasted by cameras and talked at when unwelcome would illicit a response … let alone someone who admittedly suffers from mental health issues


Untreated bipolar disorder explains a lot.


Mate I.dont even like.him but I would of helped him smash their.cameras but myself if I seen this. Horrible this! Poor guy


dude.are you.speaking that o.ne language that Teddy.Roosevelt spo.ke in Night.at the Muse.um


I have no idea what that means. But I'm going to answer with. Nah just got fat thums


Dang, hopefully someone gets what im talking about


I just don't understand the constant need to know what the people who act in the movies I watch and make the music I listen to are doing at all times and/or if they do something that most of us do daily. Even in terms of "rich", a lot of these celebrities don't even come close to some of the truly wealthy out there (Kanye-Kardashians aside). I feel like I'm forced to sound like some edgelord, aloof and not caring. But, seriously, who cares that much? Tabloid magazine type stuff needs to go die quietly in a dark corner.


some of my plaques still say kayne


I hate Kanye but the paparazzi are disgusting.


Not a Kanye guy. I think he has some serious mental health issues. He’s not hurting anyone. Meanwhile the Paparazzi are just low level shit stains. Edit:: just leave him alone and let him live his life.


I kind of love Kanye bc im also bipolar and he does a lot of little stuff that I also do.. like in this video when he’s like hysterically repeating that it’s 4am that’s what I do when I get all agitated and ik how hard it is to control it so I can sympathize a lot more.


Also a bipolar person that looks up to Kanye, if not for any other reason than that he is upfront about his mental illness. He's not single handedly removing the stigma or anything, and in fact he may be adding to it due to his unmedicated status. But he's talking about it, and getting others to talk about it. That takes courage no matter who you are.


Yes!!!!! I always tell people I don’t agree with some of the things he says but I think it’s brave of him to speak out


Absolutely. He's nothing if not the most authentic version of himself. Is that version sane and mentally healthy? It doesn't appear so. Does that version deserve some compassion and empathy as a human being who's trying to navigate life just like the rest of us? Definitely.


> I think he has some serious mental health issues. Definitely, and those paparazzi are simply making them worse.


Pretty much came to say the same thing


Convinced that paparazzi are the scum of humanity


This video is like 15 years old. Very old video


8 years actually. Regardless of how old the video is, it's still very much a problem that continues to occur.


There’s states where he can shoot these ppl lol


There is no state where it is legal to kill someone taking a picture while standing on public property.