Girl bullies and hits a guy. When he fights back in self-defense, JV football benchwarmers come to wh*te knight and stroke their egos. The double standard against men in action.

Girl bullies and hits a guy. When he fights back in self-defense, JV football benchwarmers come to wh*te knight and stroke their egos. The double standard against men in action.

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Was that hit sound edited? Because GOD DAMN


that sounded like a sonic boom


That slap sounded like a gunshot.


not only was it hard af, it also instantly dyed the girl's hair back to brunette


"He punched the highlights out of her hair!"


"What? I'm not afraid to hit a girl. I'm a rockstar."


That’s it!!! You cocky cock!


Knifes was really hot with the Ramona Flowers inspired hair.


That was satisfying watching her step back a surprise for a few seconds


It sounded so good I had to put on a pair of headphones to enjoy the music how the artist intended to.


Yeah, good thing girl was a brute. You can tell by her chunky arms.


The guy went easy on her the first hit. Once when boys hits puberty, no matter how small they seem, their muscle density is much more than women. He could have knocked both of those girls out if he wanted to but showed restraint because of the setting.


It also helped that he doesn't seem to be trained at all.


That's a shame. No lessons learned today.


Obviously added in post, though.


A1 connection there bud👌


She'll end up with an abusive man... Karma, kar ma!


Girl hits the boy: *nothing* *Boy hits the girl* Everyone: woah, we do not do that here.


“DOnT yOu pUt yOuR hAnDs oN a gIrL”


I was at the beach one day and this guy and his girlfriend were arguing. The girl kept trying to hit the guy and he kept trying to walk away and kept telling her to stop. This went on for like 10 minutes and was only like 50 feet away from the lifeguard tower. Eventually he just had it and pushed her to the ground. People rushed over to stop him and then the lifeguards finally called the police and the guy was arrested and literally carried away by the police. All I could think was they should have arrested them both. And they were there with three very young kids.


That's when you tell the police she was the aggressor and you (hopefully) have video


Lol. The police don't give a shit.


It's literally their job to investigate this. They have no reason to ignore exculpatory evidence. Some jurisdictions require an arrest with a domestic, and they don't care if they lodge the male or female.


The thing is, if they've already detained a suspect and then they have to arrest somebody else, it might look like they were wrong about something, or have some otherwise slightly negative effect on their image to the people in the immediate vicinity. They need to make sure their fragile ego remains untarnished, so chances are they're not changing their stance on things. I just saw a video yesterday where a guy is getting arrested, a bystander is telling the police that he wasn't the instigator, it was another guy and she has video. The police just told the woman to stay back, never took her statement or video. It's more work for them and it makes them look bad when they admit they're wrong, so they don't care.


Oh muffin. Sweet innocent muffin. What do you think the football players in the video grew up to do for a living?


So? Most police officers don't give a shit whether they're doing the job well.


Good thing they arent judges then.


I can see this conversation isn't going to be productive so take care 😊


Sigma move: don't waste your precious time on idiots


You should have talked to the police...


I feel sorry for the kids. They must be traumatized


Violence is asexual


The girls should be expelled.


Those guys that run in to save the "damsel" in distress have sleeves rolled up like they should be on Grease Edit: my first 1000 likes! Thanks team


"Whoa whoa whoa whoa, what the hell do you think your doing hitting a lady huh?" Immediate response thinking they're gunna get some.




I was actually just thinking of putting that, that they will actually get some and not probably she is trashy the vid says it all.


one of them is future washed up football star, father after prom to that lil brute of a harlot


No they don’t, that’s literally a football jersey with elastic sleeves


They’ll be first out with the vodka at the party to get the girls drunk and ……


I'll never understand why people are so quick to want expulsion from school. Yeah the girls in this were way out of line, but expelling someone from school is a quick way to cement that life style forever. Hormonal people get into stupid fights, it happens and no one was seriously hurt here, use it as a teaching moment and if that fails, then escalate. Of course this all comes from zero knowledge of these people or their back story, so it's possible expulsion is the only thing left.


Cuz people are convinced that there’s always a bad guy in need of punishing. No matter if it’s a net good or not.


No. No one should be expelled for being in a fight.


Depends on the circumstances of the fight. Something like this, expulsion is way excessive. But if, say, the fight escalated and weapons were brought out, expulsion and transfer to a juvenile correction program seems warranted... As long as it's not one of those programs that treats kids as hopeless cases and criminals with intention to isolate them from society rather than reform them. 'Cause those exist as well, unfortunately...


If someone’s bringing legit weapons I’d say that’s more than your standard high school fight. In that case I’d agree.


Humans really are the dumbest creatures on this planet


Honestly. The way she was bowed up to him, slow walking with her chest out is so god damned ape like and primitive, it's mind boggling. I can't even understand how airplanes are flying and computers are whirring away when I see that literal caveman, animal-like behavior is still hard engraved into us. Think about it. Chickens do what she was doing. *Chickens*.


Yeah she was super confident strutting forward arms swinging by her sides, im disappointed by the lack of clucking though.


I don't think she'll be doing it again for a bit


She’ll be a nightmare adult as well.


Children - teenagers in this case. Maybe it's because reddit has a lot of teenagers, or maybe I've grown too old - but I just see this as a whole lotta immaturity (passive and active from every one of these kids) and failure on the administration to intervene and de-escalate faster. I don't know man, I don't think the answer is "equal rights, equal fights" - a lotta stuff went wrong in this incident and these kids life's to get to this point of boiling over. Maybe there's... a better way forward?




He means (I think) that fighting isn't what equality is about and instead something along the lines of unity.


Solve the problem before it arises - focus on the catalyst ye know? Exactly right. Lack of unity, immaturity, lack of proper guidance and mentorship, possibility of neglect at home, bad habits, or cycles of abuse and punishment. It could be a lot of these things, it could be nothing of these things. I think it's definitely easier just to say "equal rights, equal fights" - but what if we didn't just do the easy thing? Sure nothing can't change the world from this internet post, but all of us are conduits for change, in our own little bubble of influence.


probably we need a society where you also step in if you see a man being hassled.


in the uk the notion of the football team walking round the school wearing their jerseys is actually hilarious


That is so fucked up, I hope the dude is ok and doesn’t get in trouble. Those 2 girls need to be expelled and he should press charges on them for assault and battery. Fuck those that were watching this person being abused and assaulted, And how dare they get pissed and shame him because he had enough and defended himself.


It’s grade school, the boy will get suspended or expelled while the girls get a slap on the wrist


You’re absolutely right. And I’d bet all my worldly possessions that the girls started crying and playing victim immediately after this


I hope you're wrong, because I totally want your milk crate, bent Pokemon card, air mattress, and 4 year old cracked cell phone.


Sadly it’s a card that can be and is pulled often and that’s cause it works. On one side “you’re not punishing the guy that hit a girl” and on the other “you should be punishing the girl cause the guy was just defending himself” if you don’t punish the guy then shits gonna go down and if you don’t punish the girl shits also gonna go down. Sad thing is either way that guy will go down as the dude that hit the girl in school. Systems fucked


Those crocodile tears work everytime, unfortunately.


I thought with zero tolerance they would both get suspended from the second the girl swung at him. I have no faith in the administrators being able to read the situation and see who’s at fault.


Yea I had a shitty time throughout elementary/jr high. Literally got body slammed onto the concrete because I laughed at a kid and I had to get staples in my head. Nothing happened to him… I got endless stories (from multiple schools) of getting picked on and being ignored by the administration. So I just hate the schooling system as a whole now honestly


I was bullied every day for a year and a half of school, and until i tried to kill myself, nothing was done about it.. I was coming home with black eyes, bruised ribs, ripped uniform, broken glasses, in one case a broken tooth.. my school books were torn, bag pissed on, they pinned me down once and wrote in perm marker on my forehead, and shaved my eyebrows off with a straight razor, cutting the brow.. My mother was besides herself trying to get me help, the police wouldnt do anything because the guilty party were the "jocks" of the school, so had others say i was intentionally jumping off stairs and hurting myself for attention.. when the final straw happened and i was maybe 5 secs from death.. they "took it serious". They hauled us all in front of the school board, i had to explain with black and red welts around my neck where i used a belt and gravity, to the administrators what had gone on for 19m at that point, where they'd constantly bully me because on day one of school i was lost and accidentally bumped one of the kids and he dropped his can of coke.. they had the gall in front of my parents and a primary care official to try and pin the blame on me, using my suicide attempt as if it was a stunt.. lying in from of people that i would routinely try and jump off the school roof, i was just trying to kill myself all the time because i was broken inside.. This was the first time i saw my dad close to killing someone.. he was so angry he was legit red as a beetroot and had to leave to cool off.. he told me after that if he was alone, that kid wouldnt have walked out of the room alive.. So the long and short of it all.. the last 6m of Year 8 (so i was 12 going on 13, and they were 16/17) i was escorted everywhere by a teacher, forced to eat lunch in the staff room and basically treated like a pariah.. and the 4 bullies? well they were looking to get A*'s, they got off with a warning and told to settle the difference outside of school if anything happened. So ye.. getting bullied every day from 2000-2002 (yep im old), all because i knocked a can of coke from a boys hand as i was rushing lost on the first day of school. My faith in counsellors, higher authorities and the police are shot thanks to it.. i mean if they do nothing when someone is nearly beaten to death, and is driving to suicide.. what are they gonna do when someone else is bullied?


in this case, a slap to the jaw.. but yes.. he is looking at 2weeks off minimum, maybe even worse if this has happened before (they always punish the person that was bullied, it seems) and they will get a lunch detention at most, and been told what he did was monstrous.. they can also lie and say something like "he tried to grope me, and thats why i did what i did", and then that kids life is over. He is now known as a sex pest in high school, and if he isnt expelled, his life is basically over. Yet Americans never see the signs of a school shooter in the making when they punish the loners and outcasts and not the people using daddies money and mommies throat to get out of trouble.


oh i would give the girls a slap on the wrist with a sledgehammer for sure.


Not with this video


In my school that boy would have been expelled and the girls would have gotten in school suspension and probably a decent amount of detention. If people fussed enough about it they may have reversed it but that is only like a 1 in 4 or so chance.


Who are we kidding? He will be expelled, the girls parents will cause an uproar and the administration will be scared of the fallout and give the girls ‘a warning’, maybe the pink hoodie girl will get a light suspension. There is no black and white when a video like this goes viral, it comes back down to the bottom line and that means men hitting women no matter is wrong. Even if the woman hit him first. As men, we have been living in a patriarchal society but we need to adapt as well as the world is changing. That means, you never hit a woman even if your ass is getting beat because that means you will become socially outcasted. What hurts me is that these exact situations are what breeds women-hating men who will do MUCH worse when they grow older and into private households.


>That means, you never hit a woman even if your ass is getting beat Wrong. I worked as a bouncer for years. Any fights I ended up in were usually with women. One woman tried to rip my throat out with her teeth. She got knocked the fuck out. It was on CCTV, it was black and white. She was arrested. I was not. This mentality of "men can't fight back" is so damaging that it need to been thrown to curb. It breeds entitled, violent women. Do not ever think you can't defend yourself because of your assailants gender. That shit might get you killed.


Honestly thank you, it gives hope to read that


The only reason you didn't get arrested is because you were literally doing your job.


The reason I didn't get arrested is she tried to kill me and I defended myself. Edit: I'd just like to add that I've also known bouncers that have went over the top and gotten themselves arrested and sacked. Reasonable and justified use of force does not just apply to bouncers and police. It applies to self defence cases in general. That's what you need to be thinking about in these situations, not the gender of your attacker.


Sorry man, gotta agree with the one above. You were bouncing, doing your job, likely hundreds of witnesses around and security cameras everywhere. There would have been no way in hell that situation could have come against you in that context. I'm not saying that her trying to kill you didn't have anything to do with it though. Now suppose you're inside your house and the exact same thing happens with a gf or whatever. You'd have to prove she was trying to kill you, and marks on your body don't mean shit if nobody saw it happening, 99% you would be arrested. What happens after that is debatable, but I have seen hundreds of situations like this turn against the guy who defended himself and in some cases where the guy did absolutely nothing at all.


That's when it comes down to justified and reasonable force. The chunk missing from my chest and the teeth marks on my throat, compared to the one defensive, instinctive snap blow to put her down tells the story. Also the manner in which you liaise with police can make all the difference. I'm not saying these situations haven't turned on an innocent man before. Of course they have. My whole point is if someone is trying to harm you, you have the right to defend yourself. Its not a gendered issue. And so many men don't because of the fear of what might happen legally. Which is utter bullshit when you physical well-being is threatened. The whole mentality need to be thrown out. Gender should mean nothing in this situation.


I definitely agree with you there. But as the world regularly proves, just because we want something to happen bad enough doesn't mean it will. This mentality won't be thrown out for the foreseeable and maybe distant future because of the people who perpetuate this behavior. Then those things are the cause of retaliation and concepts like "equal rights equal fights" (which I don't agree with by the way, I agree to defend only). Then that side acts like a catalyst to the mentality, perpetuating circle.


You are 100 percent correct. The whole thing just gets me riled up. I have only ever raised my hands in defence and even then only a couple of times when it got bad and there was no talking the person down, but due to the nature of my work at the time I had to deal with this a lot. Many many entitled women who think it's ok to put hands on me because "you're a man and can't do shit back" even though obviously legally I could. That inevitably starts more trouble. But yeah, you're right. Its a vicious cycle of shitty behaviour.


Yep. In middle school growing up, there was this girl that would give guys shit, name calling, pulling guys hair (you know... Joking around stuff). Well eventually some guy gave her shit back and was calling names. She punched him in the face. He never hit back. He was suspended almost expelled and had a black eye. She was in class the next day.


Whats even worse is.. we're seeing this video circulate. Even if it went around the entire school, people are \*still\* gonna look down on that guy for hitting her, despite her taking swings first while being given multiple chances to back off. I have no idea what even happened before to get her to be so hostile either.


yeah, it's an issue that we never got to see what leads to these situations.






Glad he landed that amazing shot, LOL. And I hope someone showed this video to the admins and that she got her ass royally handed to her. 🤣


Nah my bet is the person filming was with the girls would have conveniently not had video until after punishments were handed out


The realization you are likely right just made me a bit more depressed :/


Most schools in America are 0 tolerance when it comes to fights and everyone gets in trouble. Victim or perpetrator.


Which is so stupid


I once got in trouble as a kid for pinching another kid to get him to stop strangling me. It's a lit easier to just punish everyone involved than go through the complicated process of checking witnesses, examining evidence, determining blame, and punishing only those at fault.


And that is exactly what she wanted. She should be expelled. She is a POS.


I didn't think she expected to be shotgunned in the jaw tbh.




Those guys going to defend her are equally as crappy as her. What a bunch of bozos


Honestly this pissed me. What the fuck is a guy even supposed to do in this situation? Take punches and get endlessly ridiculed for getting beaten up by a girl? Defend himself and risk getting jumped by white knights trying to feel tough by "standing up for women"? He clearly wasn't scared of his bully; he was scared of what would happen to him if he stood up for himself. And I hate to judge people off appearances... but judging off appearances and what little context the video has, he's probably not the most popular kid in school and likely has to deal with scumbags higher up the totem pole trying to pick on him on a semi-regular basis. Fuck high schoolers.


Yeah. This isn’t so much a double standard as it’s a trap that aims to create one. The way out, like it or not, is to keep just absorbing her pointless swinging and wailing and kite her towards an authority figure.


Haha straight mmo strategy. Kite the boss to local townsfolk to help attack.


Honestly, this strategy works. If you’re outnumbered in a bar fight or such too it can save your ass if you can get the bouncers attention by any means necessary. (Unless you pissed off the bouncers in which case goodnight and good luck)


you are assuming they care, as you can see in this video no matter how they treated him or how many times she hit him there was no reaction from anybody. The second he fights back theres a teacher there to grab him, thats what they count on knowing that even if they are stopped they are told "leave him alone" and sent on their way


Seriously, what the fuck was that? All of a sudden a teacher appeared as soon as he defended himself. FUCK. THAT. SHIT.


Bullying is never fair. You always get the ass card no matter what you do.


Then when kids like him bring a gun to school and start blasting everybody they act like they have no idea why.


Do you know what happened afterwards to the boy and girls?


Realistically? Face the other way and start walking. If you're being pummeled by hits to the point of injury, tackle her to the ground and restrain her. The goal is not to look like the aggressor to avoid being jumped by the football team. Ideally? If crowd response (and school/legal ramifications) were non-existant, smack her twice as hard as you would a guy. The reason is simple: A guy throwing a punch fully expects to receive one back. A girl throwing a punch only does so because she knows a man wouldn't dare hit a woman. So, just to teach the bitch not to hide behind the fact that men spare women violence on account of their weaker physique **to commit said violence with impunity**, smack her twice as hard.


Videos like this piss me off. People only see the last part of the fight, the part where a guy finally defends himself after getting hit multiple times, and then people decide to step in and condemn him. No one ever does anything when a woman attacks a man. I remember seeing a social experiment done in a park where a man and a woman played both the role of the abuser and the victim. Everybody stopped the dude when he was aggressive. But like two people stopped the girl from hitting the guy. And some of the reasons people stated for not interfering was along the lines of “well he probably did something to make her mad”. Absolutely fucking bonkers how this kind of double standard exists.


This is the scariest thing about being in a relationship with an abusive female. Chances are you call the cops they're gonna arrest you anyway.


this is what bullying is though. send the person who is the least intimidating in to insult someones pride and then when the person reacts everyone is 'justified' in reacting in kind to the person they perceive as the bully.






She had it coming ngl


Yes. I wonder what happened right before the video starts though, because the girls seem angry and there's a bag on the floor.


Man or woman, you act big and like you want a fight, don’t be all surprise pikachu when you get smacked lol


Why is the word white sensored in the title lmao


TLDR: society is fucked. My dad is married but separated and his bitch wife was an alcoholic (apparently it means you bruise easily) and she used to throw things at him and hit him. Now my dad is not a violent man he might shout and scream and become well scary but he’s never laid a hand on my mother. But every time my dad tried to defend himself or just stop her hitting him it would involve coming into contact with her (ie to hold her arms away from him) now ofcourse this would bruise or mark (this was pre 2000s I think pretty sure it was after he went to the gulf tho (first one that is)) but what would people believe? That she hit him and hurt him? Or he smashed up the house himself and then bruised her like some piece of shit wifebeater. In conclusion: women can be just as much pieces of shit as men so stop defending abusers regardless of race religion gender etc.


look at aaaaaall these bystanders


2 girls 1 man and a squad of betas


>this post has been removed by moderators Fuck u guys


As far as I am concerned if you hit someone whether you'd be male or female you should be prepared to get hit back


I'm glad there was an administrator right there, that kids shit could a gotten rocked by those big guys.


When I was in junior high, by pure coincidence while my friends and I were cursing each other across the hall, three girls who were a grade above me crossed paths and thought I was cursing them out, I was pointing fingers so it was understandable. They just straight walked up to me and began bullying the living shit out of me. What did I do? I straight up began tearing up out of frustration to not hit back when they began beating me and threaten me with their "boyfriends" and older brothers to beat me up. Shit, the whole school just watched for 15 minutes until the vice principal came to dissolve the situation. People began to call me a wuss for crying. That kind of situation is frustrating man. The school did nothing afterwards. No punishments, except to call my family to take me home early. My community was fairly small so everyone knew the story by the next day. Luckily for me, my brother was a senior in high school at the time, and the girls' "boyfriends and brothers" were all my brother's underclassmen. Few days later the girls came to apologize to me, but the damage was done. Never ever going to forget that moment of frustration to hold myself back and I don't even know if I regret not fighting back, but it is something that randomly comes to my mind once in a while.


School shooter being born


Look at those simps lmao


A bunch of pins in skin tight jeans and rolled up extra small jerseys haha


Red girl runs in, grabs his actual eyeballs and then says "get the fuck away from me" while still holding on to him. Yikes, like living in a different reality.


If a girl hits you, you should be able to hit back. End of story.


Oh boy I sure hope the comments are going to be civil


Wait wait wait. High school football players actually wear they’re disgusting BO smelling jerseys around school? I thought that was just a movie and tv show thing


Depends on the high school. Some high schools have their players wear their jerseys on GameDay, some (like mine) had us wear shirt/tie/dress slacks.


Seriously, if you're this type of dude what the fuck is wrong with you? Edit: talking about white knights


I'm talking about the white knights


You had me going there before the edit


Huh? Equal rights, equal fights. Guy selfdefended himself, did nothing wrong.




ngl the human community is embarrassing


If you're a woman and think it's okay to hit a man and they ain't gunna hit you back, youre straight up the abuser, when it come to defending one's self I believe it's 50/50 you wanna punch a dude in the head you better expect one back


What's the problem here? She asked him to do it, and he entertained a Lady's wish. Why would they attack such an esteemed gentleman?


Daaaammmmnnn. He knocked her lights out.


Man everyone here is talking about the situation at hand, but me I'm just like "damn thise football players are small af. I think he could take them too"


She's a complete bit*h the way she's hitting him and taunting him, but she took that punch better than deyonte wilder


As a woman, i say he should have put her on her arse. Doesn't matter whether someone is male or female, if they lay hands on you first, lay them out. Self-defence at the end of the day.


wtf is this title


I mean, before calling the football kids simps and dumping on the dudes that showed up, I think there’s a good chance that they weren’t 100% aware of what was going on. The “lead up” with her pursuing him was much quieter, but the full on slap and brawl was louder. In a crowded area with a lot of kids at school, it’s very easy to miss something like her following and lunging at him, but its easy to notice the brawl. Maybe the guys intervening afterwards were distracted/far enough that they didn’t hear anything until the fist fighting started, and all they saw was a dude going ham on some girls with no context.


Nah, way too rational


I hope that the guys didn't see what the girl did at first and when shown the video realised what happened. Because damn dude was backing up so far he clearly didn't want to do that. Also damn that was a hard ass punch lmao so deserved and satisfying.


From the words she is using sounds as if something happened before this.


Males don't let women abuse you like this. He warned her and asked her to stop. She demanded that he hit her and emasculated him because he knew what the fallout would be from the double standards. She deserved that. Hopefully she will think again about putting herself and her victims in this situation again.


but..but..How can she slap?


All equal rights right? Fight like a man means being hit like a man.


What’s with the “wh*te”? Seriously, am I missing something?


Has nothing to do with race, it’s about the stereotype where a knight in white shining armor comes in to save a Princess, except in modern terms, it’s a man who defends women even if they’re in the wrong


That part I get. But why the asterisk in “wh*te”? Not the first time I’ve seen this, so I was wondering…


Them b***hes think they’re untouchable and then act surprised when they realize they’re not.


Damn, obviously the girls are the total pieces of shit in this one but still... a lotta casual misogyny in the chat today


Pity he didn’t connect better with both of them.


I'll admit, I'm usually skeptical or critical if these kinds of videos. I know this will get me a lot if hate, but too often in these kinds of post the guy is twice or three times the girls size, uses way disproportionate response, or context is missing (not that violence is ever justified, women hitting/abusing men, even physically stronger men, is still wrong). It's not easy or fair, but the only purpose to fighting is to end the fight as soon as possible: either get away or remove the danger to yourself as safely with as little force as possible. This kid accomplished that. Here? I kinda agree with the guy. He was of similar stature and thus in real risk of harm, tried to remove himself a de-escalate, and only fought back to the degree necessary to stop the attacker. The point I'm trying to make is it's really easy to lose your cool when someone is coming at you, and even if it feels justified, start fighting to hurt or punish the other person and not just defend yourself, especially if you are physically stronger. This guy kept his cool, handled a shitty situation super maturely, and did things the right way instead of the easy way. That's really hard when you feel threatened. Good on him, I hope he isn't unfairly punished and the bully is.


Whelp, you wanna hit someone, be ready for what comes back. You don’t know what people are capable of, especially when it comes it to women wanting to square up to men as if men are supposed to hold back. Women/girls who do this shit are traaaash.


Is this the patriarchy I hear so much about?




Or yknow, just cuz girls happen to be the piece of shit in this case you actually do *not* need to make a misogynistic point about this


am i the only one that feels like this video is missing context? maybe he did nothing, but i doubt she got mad out of nowhere...?


The video starts with her going after him like she's tired of his shit. I want to know what led her to this moment of fuck around and find out.


Yes, probably the only one. But it takes a brave person to see a person hitting someone and say that there must be some hidden context so that they deserve it, so for that I commend you.


What did the jocks think they were going to get by being simps?


Equal rights equal fights


Quick, upvote before the mods wake up!


Bitches got stuck


That first smack sounded great.


I feel so bad for him. Why am i even watching this


"He punched the highlights out of her hair!"


the woman was probably in shock after that punch.dw the pain will creep up to her later.


this is the textbook definition of simping


People who manipulate/ gaslight like her should be burned alive or flayed alive


That girl totally deserved to get hit back. Plus equal rights right?


Hope her nose is broken




no they didnt, they were there to jump him. Only reason they didnt was because the teacher was there and stopped them, funny how he only showed up once he defended himself as well though


We watcch the same video? They came running and screaming at him and 2 tried to square off. The teacher got in between.


I wonder if what has happened since then. With the guy is he still in school or expelled.


Did she really just tell him to hit her and then acted all surprised when he actually did? Like what the heck did you expect?!


Bully brats get the smack back.


thank god this guy filmed it


That football team looks like all of them have lil sticks as arms


Why did it take so damn long for even the teachers to get involved?


The girl in full red is future karen in the making.


This is why I would run away if anyone tried to fight me.


You can tell they wear their jerseys to school the day before or day of their game and love to tell everyone how they are a football player even though their on 2nd team d. It basically means if someone good is gone they fill in the rest of the time they just sit on their ass.


I don’t miss being in middle school lol


I remember this one time in school, a girl fell down her chair and students from the NEXT classroom came to check on her but when a guy fell down his chair, even the student sitting next to him didn't bother to offer any help.