Best piss lawyer in Illinois?

Best piss lawyer in Illinois?


Looking at homie's profile, he probably pissed on the floor in a Chipotle and not outside in a bush.


And if they got a ticket for public indecency\exposure doesn't that usually qualify for being added on the sex offender list? (If found guilty) Even if just charged still have to pay expungement fees and file for removal from record even if not found guilty is the result?


Ask r kelly


I don't think his lawyers are gonna get him out of this one.


Lawyers kept him out of jail and the spotlight for a very long time.. Married a 14yr old 'legally'(?) Long before the pee tapes were made public? So R. Kelly literally pissed away enough money onto the legal system to keep it in the closet.


I find it odd you don't know how to spell the name of the town you live in.


I didn’t even make it past the misspelling. I think a public urination ticket is getting off easy if that’s how you spell Champaign.


I am Jack's utter lack of surprise. The post talks about how unfair it is that the law is being enforced against them (while tacitly admitting that they did indeed break the law). They just basically want a free pass from the rules that the rest of is live by. It screams immaturity. I loved my time living in Chambana but I remember far too many run ins with these type of people.


I am diabetic and when I have to piss I have to piss right now. It goes from not having to go at to I'm about to puss myself. I didn't get a chance to read this as it was removed but was he homeless? Being able to use a public restroom was hard enough precovid 19 but since then innercity gas stations as well as restaurants and other types of facilities have used it as an excuse go close their restrooms.which is mostly a way to get rid of homeless people. You can try to deny or defend it but when you get out of more highly homeless population areas the restrooms all magically seem to be open. What is a homeless person supposed to do. Having to go outside is bar enough as the humiliation is damaging to one's self worth and self esteem, but it's also criminal. Being homeless is not a crime but the way certain laws are enforcement make it impossible to just exist without facing possible jail sentences. Does this make sense? Is it moral? What would have Lewis and Clark done? I mean George Washington himself ( yes i know he was a slave owner, kindly fuck off with putting today's sensibilities on a complete different world please and thank you.) It is impossible to lead a life line early settlers or native Americans did. It may not be your cup of tea but our system of unchecked capitalism is rigged and broken and the ones that can't or simply see it for the bullshit it is don't want to Play it, and there should be other options without risking ones liberty.


It’s a misdemeanor and a 500 dollar fine max. Unless you have a prior for the same or a sex offender status they won’t charge indecent exposure which can get dicey. Save your money a lawyer will cost, pay the fine and look for a bigger dumpster next time.


You want a lawyer that specializes in piss?


I think I like made it very clear I want a lawyer who know how to represent unlawful arrest of people who were pissing…


How exactly was your arrest unlawful? You admitted to pissing in public *On a side note to everyone that comes across this post, please don’t look at OP’s profile. Holy fuck it’s terrifying that edgy little fucks like you are even allowed on the internet, let alone wandering the streets. I hope they throw you in piss jail


Well we know why he wants the attorney (or she I suppose). Maybe they already have a conviction for sex crimes…


Based on this persons post history the real crime was giving them the ability to interact with other people. Either they are a troll or they have some serious mental issues




Could be both. Truly peculiar post history.


If they aren’t trolling they legit sound like an incel and I would be scared to be alone with them…and I’m a dude


You know as soon as you say HI, they be rambling on and on about them Females. The awkward silence that follows is haunting.


I think most criminal defense attorneys specialise in general stupidity. Any of them will be fine.


Call the Hammer. Glenn Lerner will only get you a check...


I think piss law may be the proper terminology.


Mmm, filibuster.


you are an embarrassment to our state.


How is that possible in Illinois?


Right, in a state that both Jeanne Ives and Darren Bailey call home, this guy doesn't rate


Don't forget Mary Miller and Kelly Loefler


Even Arthur Jones did nazi that coming.