"The Greater/Grand Republic of Turkey" - (Lore In Comments)

"The Greater/Grand Republic of Turkey" - (Lore In Comments)


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Lore: The year is late 1916. Lawrence of Arabia is hit by sharpnal from an artillery piece exploding in his proximity. And dies of his wounds shortly after. After this, Hussein Ibn Ali becomes increasingly paranoid, and mostly stays around his bodyguards, appearing less frequently in public spaces. This, combined with the presence of the military leader, and moralizing figure "Lawrence of Arabia" the rebellion soon becomes disloyal to their leader, and the same bodyguards that Hussein Ibn Ali was relying on due to his paranoia. Help overthrow him in a coup. However, the new rebellious council is disorganized and weak, with no clear leader. And the rebellion soon surrenders to the ottomans, however, rebellious motives don't disappear as a whole, as the ottomans are too busy with military matters to properly suppress them. After Germany agreed to an armistice on December 12th, around a month later than our timeline due to limited amounts of ottoman forces being sent to the European frontline. However, these troops were poorly motivated and had essentially no knowledge of the western European terrain. Making them ineffective. The Ottomans decide to make the most favorable peace they could with the british. Who are now scared of another failed landing, and thus accept. The Ottoman "Empire" is now a constitutional monarchy, where the king has a large amount of power over the parliament, however, the parliament wields a moderate amount of power too. This costs at the cost of overall stability, with the greeks and arab rebels plotting against them. In august 1920, greek forces stage a border incident in the hills of north-central Thrace, and then promptly declare war. Britain stays silent, fearing to anger the families of the Gallipoli-Campaigns dead by intervening on the ottomans side. Meanwhile, arab revolts spring in the Mecca region, leading to a hasty encroachment on both the southern and the western flank of the empire. With istanbul being encircled on the 15th of september, and taken on the 27th. Hope seems lost for both the ottoman government, and the Turkish people. The Sultan now gave power to the one general that he trusted. Kemal Ataturk, which quickly began to spread the ideals of nationalism in the hearts of Young turks. Urging them to fight for something greater than just an empire. Leading to guerilla missions behind enemy lines near istanbul, slowing the greek advance severely, and lowering their morale and organization moderately. Whilst ataturk wins a major victory in the town of "Getsen" attempting to liberate istanbul from its southern flank. Whilst now fanatically nationalistic turkish rebels throw out the tired greek garrison. Leading to a peaceful liberation of the city by both turkish military forces, and rebels. These great, although temporary victories ensure the encirclement of greek forces in a moderately sized pocket south-east of istanbul, but also the restoration of turkish morale. Ataturk then signs peace with the arabs, allowing them to sieze much of modern day palestine/isreal, syria, and iraq, however, despite somewhat lowering turkish production. This ceding only expands its stability, and the sense of nationalism within the hearts of turks. A naval clash south of constantinople ends in a small greek victory, allowing the withdrawal of the remaining roughly 20.000 troops present there. However, these troops are shellshocked, and thus demoralized. With a good 55.000 of their comrades being killed, or captured. Despite moderate naval superiority at this point. The greeks realise turkish production capacity will overcome theirs, and soon allow the turkish to assault tessaloniki, or maybe even athens. However, the greeks hopes are yet no lost, as they start an offensive to secure the bosperous once again, hoping to weaken turkish trade, and thus the ecomony. However, by sending small amounts of veteran troops to the hills in northern thrace. The Turkish manage to consistently deny the greeks advance without the risk of encirclement. Simultaniously inflicting a large amount of casualties. Forcing the greeks to signing an unfavorable peace treaty, weakening their grip over the eagan sea by taking large amounts of islands. Whilst not completely destroying the greek economy. Leading to the proclamation of the grand republic of turkey.




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