[FRESH ALBUM] Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

[FRESH ALBUM] Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition)


Best record of last year


COVID put me in a dark place and I was listening to primarily metal last year. And while most of my favorite albums were metal albums, this one was on top. It completely blew me away when I heard it. I couldn't put it down. I sort of grew up on disco and while I enjoy nu-disco most of it doesn't scratch the nostalgia itch. This album could have been transported from the mid-'70s.


And she still managed to improve excellence.


This is the way.


Step inside …. No wait, wrong album


I just listened to it complete with all 19 tracks and I can confirm that yes this is the album of the century, entering the high pantheon of dance-pop albums with 15+ tracks that are all great (alongside Emotion and Body Talk)


wow. yes


Hoping Jessie and this album get all the love this album deserved in the Summer of 2020 by all the gays and all the rest of the world. Lucky enough to have friends with a yard so our intimate small Covid safe pool gatherings were able to enjoy it. Always talked about what would have happened if the masses had heard it at their local drinking establishments and normal parties. Sigh.


"By all the gays" Do we really have to go assigning sexuality based off music preferences like this? It's gets tiring as a straight male who likes music like this & PC Music. And I'm sure it's equally tiring for homosexual metal or hip hop heads.


>It's gets tiring as a straight male who likes music like this & PC Music I hope this doesn't come off as rude, but it's not really about you. This music gets (playfully) associated with "the gays" not because anybody thinks only gay people listen to it or every gay person likes it, but because pop/dance music like this is in many ways represents a space for queer audiences and reflects a history of similarly queer and queer-friendly music, artists and sounds, which is really significant to many of us. The colloquialism of something being "for the gays" isn't really about stereotyping, or "assigning sexuality", it's just a way for the queer people who identify with it to connect and feel a sense of community around music. At the end of the day nobody is actually calling you gay for liking this music, at least not here. If other people are calling you gay for it, or the gay association makes you self-conscious, there are obviously bigger issues at play that go beyond this one silly phrase.


As another straight male who likes music like this & PC music, this is the right message.


amen 👏🏼




I don't think that's the right way to look at it. It's stereotyping and it's wrong and harmful to all parties involved. Ga(y)tekeeping.


Nah it’s cool we all had a board meeting about it for Pride month and are on the same page. For real though - I don’t know anyone gay or straight who doesn’t like this album, soooo… maybe just relax


I'm tired of having to clarify my sexuality for listening to certain artists. We shouldn't stereotype people like this, regardless of their sexuality.


No one was asking you to clarify your sexuality. Sounds like you need to stop worrying about whether or not people think you’re not straight.


No, what I'm worried about is a harmful stereotyping of people into musical groups based off sexuality. Saying "the gays" (as if all homosexual people like the same things and are one collective unit, which is total bullshit they are individuals with unique interests). It also boxes non-gay people out of being able to like certain artists without falling into these same stereotypes. Stereotyping is wrong and I call it out when I see it.


have you ever been to a Jessie Ware or Robyn show? even they know their audience.


let’s gooo finally


Pale Blue Light got me like 😭


i'm listening to the bonus tracks right now and am baffled how great these are. they are on par with the album in terms of songwriting and production, especially please. it must have been hard for jessie to leave these on the cutting room floor.


The album itself is great. None of these new tracks do it for me.


I want her to hurt me


close. your. eyes.


Yeah I can't reeealy get into this. I've popped it on a few times (since fantano gave it his AOTY), but I just feel like it's lacking something, and that I could get more from this style of music by listening to Róisín Murphy. I would like to like it though! I could definitely maybe use another angle, or point of context, to see if I'm missing anything.


Personally, while I enjoyed this album a lot, and I’m so happy to see Jessie get her breakthrough, her first album is still my favorite work of hers, and I think her second and third albums showcase more of her ability and personality than Pleasure? does. I love her discography back to back, so if you appreciated this album at all, I really recommend you give Devotion a listen and go from there. Or even just start with these few tracks: Running, Sweet Talk, 110%