Mom didnt want me to get the covid vaccine because of facebook conspiracies. She genuinely thought it would kill me. I got it the day after i turned 18 and didnt tell her. She kept sending me videos from facebook and the last one was a natural medicine chiropractor talking about it.

Mom didnt want me to get the covid vaccine because of facebook conspiracies. She genuinely thought it would kill me. I got it the day after i turned 18 and didnt tell her. She kept sending me videos from facebook and the last one was a natural medicine chiropractor talking about it.


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lol the “oh well”


This was my favorite part of the whole thing lol


Just make sure to get the Pfizer one, so I can sue them when you die (which I believe you will)!


"Welp, guess you die, i tried" What mom reacts like that????????


This is exactly the reason covid and covid vaccine looks like childish spite to me. They dont really believe that hard in the conspiracies, they just want to be contrarian.


That's exactly it, that's why they rush to get medical treatment when they have COVID despite saying doctors are all liars in a giant conspiracy


My parents are convinced that my brother and I will both be dead, just like every other vaxxed person, some time before the end of the year. They're apparently already making travel plans for after the sudden mass death of over 40% of the world population. So, either they legitimately believe that 2/3 of their children will die in the next months and they're excited about it, or they just want to feel smug about not believing in vaccines. When my brother asked them who will inherit his stuff, they just laughed.


So they're planning to travel, rather than worrying about the fact that the majority of the world's doctors, scientific community, Healthcare workers, governments, etc have all dropped dead? How they gonna go on vaycay when the pilots and air staff that are mandatory vaxxed are dead? They really don't think this stuff through 😂 the Frontline workers, Healthcare, travel/borders, US Federal government, most world governments are already vaccinated. If they all die, no one will be traveling. It will be lord of the flies. I can only hope that if that happens, I can watch the carnage from the afterlife. Can you imagine all the anti vaxxers trying to rebuild the world?? Terrifying thought.


They honestly aren't thinking things through even half as much as you did lol, they believe things on a surface level based on the Facebook memes they've recently seen. They believe that world leaders will be held accountable for promoting the "covid hoax" and all measures that were implemented at the "2nd Nuremberg trials", because things like mask mandates are a human rights violation. World leaders will be jailed and the surviving people will get reparations, which will be their travel money.


That... is a stretch 😂 makes sense though, the general consensus in my local anti Vax community is our government (new Zealand) all had saline rather than the actual vaccine and just did it for the photo op. It would be quite humorous to look back on in 10 years, if the virus itself wasn't quite so deadly. I really hope your parents are around for you to be able to say "I told you so" in a decade. ❤ it's hard when the ones you love are the ones that are under the Q bullshit illusion.


>I really hope your parents are around for you to be able to say "I told you so" in a decade. Thanks, I really hope so. Their beliefs would be much funnier if it wasn't for the fact that they don't believe in the virus at all and take 0 precautions despite the fact that they're definitely in the at risk demographic. My mother wears a thin scarf everywhere instead of a mask and dad won't wear anything over his mouth at all, because it's tyranny, even though he runs his own business where he sees customers on a daily basis...


Exactly. 40% global deaths within a year would be catastrophic. Economies would collapse. Even the Black Death didn’t hit those numbers in that timeframe. People who choose to believe these things are either willfully deluding themselves for the sake of their egos or they just do not know how the world works at all. These people are the reason why COVID is now unconquerable and will become seasonal.


Nah dude, they think that all those people just got saline injections and no real vaccine


How are they gonna travel fucking anywhere when a good portion of the world population is dead lol?


I don't think they realize how many people are actually vaccinated because they're so used to their antivax bubble.


It’s scared, insecure people trying to soothe their frightened egos. They need to still feel in control. They cannot control an unseen virus but they can control use of tangible things like a mask or a vaccine, so that’s what they focus on. The bonus is that they get to feel like they’re smarter than everyone else. When you two don’t die, it will be something else. Like, they’ll say it will make you both infertile and gleefully plan their twilight years since they won’t be grandparents, something like that. Just moving the goalposts to maintain the chosen worldview that supports their ego. I’m sorry. I don’t know how that must feel, having to hear one’s parents excitedly talk about what they’ll do once one is dead. I don’t know how anyone could claim to care about family when they cling to that narrative for the sake of their own insecurities.


Make a bet with them. A monetary bet large enough to really sting when they lose, and with a very specific set of conditions that can't be denied. Print it out and have them sign it. "We have both agreed to put $2k of our own money into escrow. If I am still alive on January 1st, 2022, I get your $2k. If I am dead, you get my $2k. No ands, ifs, or buts." Make them put their money where their mouth is.


My boyfriend’s mom.


"Some people who wear seatbelts still die in car crashes, so you shouldn't wear a seatbelt." How are people this dumb...


It’s all gotta be black and white when something doesn’t conform to your worldview. Either the vaccine works or it doesn’t. Either masks work or they don’t. Either COVID is terrible and killing people or it’s just the flu. They claim people ‘flip-flop’ on stuff when really they just refuse to understand nuance. At some level they’re protecting themselves against the mental harm of if something they believed is wrong, but like man. Of course some people with vaccines get sick and die, but it’s far fewer than people who *aren’t* vaccinated! Vaccines don’t prevent every case, but they prevent more than if you’re unvaccinated, and they prevent most people dying, so it’s a win for me. Same with masks—just because it’s not amazing at preventing spread (compared to a vaccine haha) doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Just because it’s not 100% doesn’t mean it’s 0% and we shouldn’t even try. You can’t throw your hands up in the air as soon as things get more complicated than one variable. Nothing in life is certain except death, but I’m sure as hell not going to go out of my way to die a preventable death to COVID. Edit: word


>”You can’t throw your hands up in the air as soon as things get more complicated than one variable.” But, that, right there— that’s their excuse to avoid any and all personal accountability. It’s the same degenerate mentality that plagues any arrogant, egotistical yet emotionally insecure group of people. An example or two of this: It’s like finding out a close dude friend is a habitual dick-pic sender, and you tell them, “bro, that’s not cool. It’s sick and twisted, inexcusable, incredibly unwarranted, and completely deplorable behavior. Stop doing that to women. It. Is. Wrong.” And their only response is an unearned, ridiculously defensive and pathetic excuse/“resolve” of, “WELP I GUESS I JUST WONT TALK TO WOMEN THEN. THANKS FOR RUINING MY DATING LIFE.” It’s the same as when abusive parents refuse to listen to their kids explanations of why their kids don’t want them around (that missing missing reasons theory/study I keep seeing around). No matter how much time you spend, how much care you broadcast to these people, they will never see the error in their behavior, or thinking, or perception, because it would shatter the only, pathetic, reality they can cling to in their echo-chamber. They will never change. They will always be blind to their horrible actions because the only way they can deal with the fact that they’re a shitty, selfish, arrogant, and worthless example of a person is by constantly “justifying” their entire way of life as being someone *else’s* fault. It’s not *their* fault, it’s [insert hated group-flavor here]. It’s *always* them stupid [insert hated group-flavor here]. They’ll never see the error of their ways, because they don’t *see* them as *their* ways. Fuck man, I’m so mentality exhausted from constant exposure to all this. Might need to unsub from r/HermanCainAward because as much as I secretly, pervertedly, and dementedly have an unhealthy love for people getting their karma it really hurts the empath in me. I thought I had something really insightful, or relevant, or meaningful— or even philosophical— to say about this, but I ran out of emotional ~~capacity~~ bandwidth trying to type out a handful of paragraphs about this. I’m tired. Try to stay safe out there, y’all.


It’s crippling people as well. And is going to give some medical workers PTSD for the rest of their lives. It’s going to financially ruin families and bring the all the baggage that goes along with broken families and loss. And it was largely preventable at this point.


Pretty much everyone in the hospital at this point doesn’t have to be there. Pretty much everyone right now dying horrible deaths of COVID or getting long term injury (I know a few with long lasting side effects myself; pre-vaccine) chose to be there in a twisted way. Before the vaccine I could kinda see the wishy washy ‘well we couldn’t have prevented it’ (side note: we could’ve prevented a lot more than we did, so saying ‘we couldn’t prevent it’ is often kinda another way to say that because you can’t prevent all of it *you may as well not have prevented it at all*) side of things. Not all COVID deaths were preventable, although many were. But now? We have a vaccine available, and it has been for months. I have genuine sympathy for those who it’s hard to take the time off of work for, and kids, and those who actually can’t have it. Life is complicated and it’s hard. Which makes it all the more important for the rest of us to get our shots. We lost our shot at beating it entirely, it’s very likely gonna be endemic now. Which absolutely sucks because it just causes more trouble for frontline workers who have already borne the brunt of it for the worst pay.


This. My aunt has a very distinct set of allergies that she can’t even risk taking the vaccine that she so badly wants to because of the higher chances it can cause a severe anaphylaxis reaction and she can die without enough time to get help despite the 15 minute wait. As for myself, I was born with Sickle Cell Anemia which already made my immune system weak but at 5 years old, I had to have my spleen, appendix and gall bladder removed so without a spleen, my immune system is even more compromised. I’m still waiting to hear if I’m eligible to get the 3rd dose because of my severe compromised immune system. And these folks in the hospitals now taking up vital room for people who need it because this was preventable, no excuse at this point but it’s “my rights” this and that, what about my right to be able to go to the ICU should I have a severe enough bout of pneumonia or acute chest syndrome for a fighting chance to live through that shit for the umpteenth time in my 34 years of life? Bitch I’d like to see a lot more years. Or if my body decides to have another stroke and brain bleed like last year at the height of it all? And not just me, but so many others who rely on hospital space for our pre-existing/pre-Covid conditions. The staunch selfishness is what I’ll never be able to wrap my head around.


Very good point. I believe it’s all in service of frightened, insecure egos facing an unseen, intangible virus. But you’re right. Black and white thinking is a defense mechanism. People more inclined to engage in that defense mechanism are probably more susceptible to self-indoctrination of these conspiracies, when seeking out confirmation bias.


The breakthrough severe cases are almost always people with cormorbidities. It drives me absolutely bonkers, the lengths to which these people stretch logic. Like an Agent in the fucking Matrix.


When they came out with the vaccine they said something along the lines of ~<4% chance of developing severe illness. THERE IS STILL ROOM TO GET SEVERELY ILL. it’s just wayyyyyy reduced. People are fucking thick.


>People are fucking thick. Amen


I also “like” how they never gave a shit about people with comorbidities getting COVID until now, if we got COVID we were all just “acceptable casualties” in the fight for fReEdOm until we fit their narrative and now suddenly “LOOK AT THESE PEOPLE STILL GETTING SICK THERES NO REASON FOR THIS VACCINE BAD” I do my best every day to not think about just slugging people like this, but alas the thoughts creep in nonetheless


They still don’t give a shit about it, they just want to throw their tantrums


Unfortunately I’m all too aware :/ they don’t care for anything but their feelings and use whatever’s around to “prove” their “points”


Yeah, this is such a damning indictment of millions of people. Offering digital hugs, if you’d like.




I've had hear this argument with an ex who used this to justify not wearing a seatbelt. Fine. Die. Whatever.


Here's the effed up part of that analogy. If y'all get into a car accident, and he's not wearing a seatbelt, he's going to take you out because he now becomes a high velocity projectile. You don't care about your life, go swallow a bottle of pills. You're not taking anyone (let alone me) with you as collateral damage because of your selfishness and short-sightedness.


I asked my antivax dad if he still wants to have a seatbelt in his car since many people still die in car crashes wearing seatbelts. He realized what I'm trying to point out and said "no that's different, seatbelts don't go in the body, it must be something that must be inserted in the body to be comparable".


Thank you for getting vaccinated as soon as your circumstances allowed.


"Never been anti vax until covid" describes at least half of America. So disappointing. Wait until they bring back all kinds of diseases. We already saw a measles comeback not too long ago :( these people are so freakin selfish


I swear its not even about the vaccines or mask anymore. People just don't like being told what to do


I think you’re completely right. Anecdotally, my kids used to go to a hyper-conservative charter school. At the start of the school year, there was an inevitable Facebook group fight over car line etiquette. One parent would request that parents who showed up a FULL HOUR before school let out not keep their cars running since car line ran along the playground, and kids were literally being gassed by exhaust. Next thing you know, there’s a gaggle of fucking Karens and Darrens shaking their virtual fists about “no one’s ever gonna tell me what to do”. Every. Year. These are the same parents who are now freaking out about lock downs and masks and vaccine mandates because, again, ain’t no one gonna tell them what to do. The county department of public health just released the names of schools they are suing for violating county and district mask mandates, and, shocker, the good ol’ charter is front and center. I’ve got popcorn at the ready for the upcoming meltdowns.


That sounds very entertaining.


Question: Why is it that your kids "used to" go to that charter school?Did you simply get fed up with their "hyper-conservative" stance?


There were a lot of reasons. The curriculum was more than solid, but the culture of the school was so toxic and bled regularly into how they presented the curriculum (e.g., for a unit on the 14th Amendment, the teacher had one of my kids read an article from a known hate group regarding “anchor babies” and other perjoratives; not as a lesson in bias or critical thinking, but as factual truth). Primarily, though, my abusive ex decreed they go the school despite how much it harmed them emotionally because he didn’t care about that. As soon as I got sole custody with complete decision-making power, I enrolled them in good neighborhood public schools, and they’re thriving academically, emotionally, and socially.


Glad to hear you got you kids out of that bigot factory! Your ex probably pitched a hissy, but who cares? The judge took decision-making power out of his hands for a reason.


Solid parenting that.


Which is why I tell everyone I meet _not_ to get vaccinated. Big brain.


Did you see the Breitbart article that was basically like “The libs know we don’t want to do what they tell us so they’re telling us to get the vaccine so that we don’t and then Covid kills us?!”


Yeah I did lol. It is unbelievable, probably the best thing I've read all year. It reads like satire (I know it's not).


Can you link that?




My brain just imploded on itself reading that.


I just want to go back to the bearenstein bears reality.


That’s where all this went wrong. I just want to go back to my childhood and watch Shazaam again.


Same bro. These Stain bears are wildin'


I thought that was photoshopped?


I wish. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2021/09/10/nolte-howard-stern-proves-democrats-want-unvaccinated-trump-voters-dead/


…i wish for the sweet embrace of death


Thats…all it was ever about. They get off on being contrarian Anti whatever was always the excuse for just being fucking toddlers about everything


No, they're just particular about who they're being told what to do by.


Don't smash your face into the windshield. HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO OR DON'T DO?!


I feel like they would have listened if trump had told them what to do.


Recently Trump told them to get vaccinated and they booed him. The monster has gotten more powerful than the master at this point.


They probably figured it wasn't really Trump, just one of his CGI imposters. The real Trump is too busy still secretly running America from his hidden base.


By invalidating all of his own executive orders.. wait


People probably thought he was just paid to say that. Stupid people believe stupid things


Is there video of this?


[Here you go.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0Z4J9nY0v4)




Not to mention that because of climate change we're about to see a big jump in diseases. Within the last 10 or so years the ice has melted so much that we've reached the permafrost and elk and other critters than have been dead and frozen for ages are now resurfacing and thawing to release all of their bacteria


And at least 80% of Romania since the procent of people that got the vaccines is only at 20%. At least you guys got split in half, but in my country I'm part of a minority! *cries and laughs in pro-vaccine*


“So if something goes wrong we can sue Pfizer” 🤣


Yeah it goes from “don’t get it” to “if you do get it get the one we can sue to profit off it when my Facebook theories come true”


The kicker is that she thinks she would have any part of a trial (lol) or be on the receiving end of damages for a vaccine that another adult got


I know right lmao. Like why would it be her that can get the money if it was her child who may get the damage lol. (Not that I think she will cause I pretty much trust the vaccines)


Pfizer has already had to pay the biggest lawsuit in history. Thats not the crazy part that's fair. The other ones you sign waivers


I live in the Midwest, smack-dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. People here LIKE to suffer needlessly. They will work themselves to the bone at low-paying, dead-end jobs just for the bitching rights. And then get in pointless Facebook arguments defending the rights of the billionaires to never have to pay their fair share of taxes or a living wage, as though SOMEDAY, they too will be among the ranks of Jeff Bezos just if they WORK HARD ENOUGH (and these morons are in their 40’s). It’s infuriating.


They’re all future millionaires experiencing temporary setbacks. 😀


Midwesterner here too, and same. It's almost like a delusion they need to hold onto, if they keep crapping on people and repeating that ridiculous mantra, "If you work hard enough and pull yourself up by the boot straps, you can be rich too!" as a form of disassociating and ignoring the reality of the world. That that isn't sustainable, that it's part of the dang problem. They want to cling to the "everyone can be millionaires" and "billionaires worked hard for their money and deserve it more than anyone else" because the actuality is just too... much for them.


I hate what these folks have done to natural remedies. The root of modern medicine lies in remedies that originated from nature. Take for example Metformin used in diabetes, it was originally developed from natural compounds found in the plant Galega officinalis also known as French Lilac. It was used a long time ago to treat people who were suffering from what we now call diabetes mellitus. Ironically in the 1920s a synthetic version was developed in Germany.. Not used much due to side effects. Does this mean I am going to turn down doctors? Hell no the medicines today are based and improved on the natural remedies from the past. Doctors are humans and as such there will be bad ones and good ones. If a doctor gives you a advice that you are not sure about then by all means get another doctor to give you a second opinion. With vaccines however.. We have several million opinions and you should just take the damn shot.


There’s a really good tumblr post that’s been going around for quite a while about this, it’s along the lines of “why not both” because you can take ginger for a stomach ache but also need a doctor for the flu shot. Natural remedies are absolutely part of science *if* they’re used accurately and responsibly, and it kills me what these idiots have done to it.


Yeah exactly my wife suffers from IBS and the docs are not sure how to help her. She takes some peppermint oil which helps steady it! But yeah she would rather we had a way to fix it with medicine but alas nothing yet!


100%. I have sensory issues and hate the numbing stuff pharmacies sell for my frequent canker sores, but lysine clears them up much quicker. I get severe constipation from my antidepressants and migraine preventative prescriptions, and I can’t take the constipation meds, but daily magnesium tablets solved the problem without issue. I also still take the prescriptions because medical science is important too! It’s quite frustrating that they’ve been pitted against each other.


Hey, if you get a lot of canker sores, you might want to look into switching your toothpaste. Some of the foaming agents can cause/exacerbate them. Look for an SLS-free paste.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll definitely check mine since I’ve been using it for like a decade now, I’d love to not have so many


I really hope they don’t sue phizer, they make my pain killers lol


They could try lol, but I am sure they will be well covered. I got a leaflet with all the side effects, before the jab


The natural remedy crowd has always been anti evidence anti science loonies, notwithstanding that SOME natural remedies are effective


Umm, happy birthday?! Welcome to 18?!!


Insane. This is all so sad.


My mil is super anti-vax and she genuinely believe anyone who has even a single shot of the vaccine will die. My husband finally told her that we are vaccinated and that our infant son had his baby vaccines and she lost it. He says she literally looked like she was having a heart attack when he told her.


I mean she’s right to think that everyone who takes the vaccine will die. We will all die after all. But she may just die sooner without being vaccinated.


people tend to forget alot of the old ways progressed into what we have now. suppose she hasnt found out about alchemy yet?


For the next 6 months, every week, you should give her a report on your health. Just so she knows how it hasn't fucked with you. I constantly ask my Trump loving coworkers if we are in socialism yet. It pisses them off every time. (They swore to me that Biden was going to usher in socialism into America within the first 6 months). They also claimed that Biden would "die" of covid, and Harris would become president and be an even more like Hitler, than Hitler was. This I don't press too much because every time I see him, he looks like he aged 5 years.


Facebook is poison. Straight up mind trash. I have a friend that went down the Facebook rabbit holes stupidity and I'm very sorry that it had to happen to your mom but it's definitely happening there is a very big shortage of people that are smart enough to realize that they're not as smart as doctors, scientists, and virologists.


This. The biggest wisdom is realizing you aren't the wisest.


uhhh.... I'm pagan as fuck, I mean walking outside with woad on my titties, dancing naked around a fire every solstice, revering nature and stuff... and you better believe my fat ass was one of the first people in line to get the vaccine once it was approved for my demographic. no offense, she sounds freaking manipulative trying to use your religion against you, in order to make you pander to -HER- beliefs. as there is no one-size-fits-all book for pagans/wiccans, there is absolutely nothing in nature that says "please continue being a bubonic plague rat". good on you for vaccine!


If you don't mind me asking, what kind of festivities do you normally plan for the upcoming Autumn Equinox? As a Unitarian Universalist, I've recently began exploring pagan faiths. Mostly the druidic side of things, but I like to branch out and learn what I can.


Should mention to her that 99% of the hospitalization are unvaccinated...


Most of those hospitalized are children who cant even get the vaccine yet 😐


You have it backwards, almost all COVID hospitalizations are adults.


Most people in the hospital with covid are unvaccinated adults. There are some kids in the hospital, but not many, comparatively.


Just the weekend before last a couple in Maine died, one on Friday and the other on Sunday because a "natural medicine" chiropractor convinced them not to get vaccinated telling them that it had a microchip and other BS. It was truly tragic.


GeT tHe FdA oNe It's the same vaccine😂🙄 I'm all for natural remedies for minor things but I wouldn't trust it for something serious like covid.


Not taking a side here, but genuine question. Is she anti vax across the board, or is it just the COVID Vax?


Just covid. Bringing up all the conspiracies about fertility and neurological damage.


Hi there my wiccan sibling!


" if you get a vaccine make sure it FDA approved so i can be financially compensated when you inevitably die "


As a Wiccan of 25 years with an in depth level of knowledge, there is nothing wrong with taking a vaccine. I could see some arguments against blood transfusions or organ donations based on certain perspectives, but those are generally about whether someone who has gone thru a magical initiation should avoid giving those things as opposed to receiving them. But receiving a vaccine shot falls under every aspect of wiccan thought and practice that I'm aware of as fine.


I believe that the Goddess wants us to use our damn heads and do what we can to protect ourselves and those around us. Yeah, I've done rituals and spells and saged and used crystals, but I got the vaccine as soon as I could and mask up and avoid people who don't wear masks. I've washed my hands and used hand sanitizer until my skin cracked. I haven't been to a bead or gem show for two years now. Pagan does NOT mean anti-science, people!


gene manipulation to create vaccines is pretty magical


I just saw [a Tumblr post](https://bogleech.tumblr.com/post/660718932690403328/how-the-fuck-can-there-be-anti-vaccine-witches/amp) the other day about this exact topic.


“Your just a Karen who buys rocks” lol that’s so beautiful


I love it!


Damn. I got a new piercing at 18, because at least my parents and I are in agreement that vaccines are pretty great for living so they consented to that lol. Good luck, and I’m proud of you for doing the right thing.


Wackest part is i had a sceptum piercing and tattoo long before i turned 18 (she signed off on the tattoo before i even turned 16)... And all vaccines are fine except for this one


I'm a witch, not Wiccan, but still a witch, and wouldn't touch naturopathy with a 10ft broom. Like... no. Modern medicine all the way. Bah, the attempts to use your beliefs against you and to tell you what your beliefs should mean, instead of actually listening to you. Yick. I'm proud of you for doing what you feel is good for you and the wider community.


I'm wiccan and a mother. I trust doctors not Facebook trends and random chiropractors. Congrats on doing whats right for you.


She doesn't seem that bad honestly. Instead of fighting with you she accepted it and just said Oh Well which I respect.


Im definately glad for that. Its something weve been arguing about for months and now that im 18 she knows she really cant stop me so... despite us not agreeing on a single thing i do still love her


I find it funny how she seems to think that even with you vaccinated that if something goes wrong with you because of the vaccine that she gets anything from the hypothetical lawsuit.


I think the idea of generally distrusting modern medicine is pretty insane anyway :)


Its not necessarily insane a lot of gullible people can be convinced. Being stupid doesn't make you insane.


I mean indoctrination into this as a cult (because yes its a cult movement) is pretty insane.


I agree it's cult like, once again being in a cult doesn't mean your insane. A lot of completely normal people who just didn't have the knowledge were lured on by the real insane people. I don't know if you follow the subreddit r/hermancainaward but people there illustrate the insane anti vaxxers however there are many stories of people who just got lied too and trusted friends/family and got punished for it. The fact this mother didn't have a fight over it and just accepted it makes me think she's not one of the insane anti vaxxers just someone who was lied too. Edit: A word I wanted to add on as well would be scared. People like this are generally scared and other people will speak the message for a sense of closure.


Nono i entirely get that i have a decent amount of friends and family who are also indoctrinated but personally i view them as insane when it comes to that subject because it separates them from that mess so i can still view them as a person without letting that part impact my view of them


I guess you just have a different definition of insane. I use it literally, like if I called someone insane I would be implying they are full crazy. I have a few family members like that as well but I don't think them as insane just because of it or even that they are insane on the subject they are just simply lacking knowledge and maybe a bit dumb.


Im calling the behaviour insane as a means to separate it from the person.


Ah so you aren't saying the person as a whole is insane but how they are acting is insane. I can see how that makes sense thanks for explaining your point of view. :)


That is what i said in my prior comment but I understand if you were confused.


For sure. I know of a handful of families that have straight up been divided and don't talk anymore over the vaccine. Seems like a stupid hill to literally die on but .... "oh well".


Did she have a more dramatic reaction later?


Nope. Nearly didnt want to go home after this because i was afraid of what she would say but she never brought it up again.


Maybe the fact that you didn't instantly die broke some of her cognitive dissonance up


Exact same situation with my mom right now. I got it but can’t tell her that. And I’m 31F! She sends me fake Facebook conspiracy all the time and it’s exhausting trying to explain to her why it’s not real but I’ve just given up and grey rock her about it


I can't imagine what it's like being a young adult where you have to hide your vaccine records like they are illegal drugs or something. Good on you for getting vaccinated.


I truly wonder why they believe a leftist government wants to kill all of the more compliant or left oriented people. A "tyrannical" government doesn't kill the people who voted for them and they certainly don't kill who listen to the government.


My grandmother honestly believes people will die in 2 or 3 years from it, me included. I was actually almost hurt about the fact that my impending death was treated so nonchalantly .


The "oh well" at the end had me rolling


I love the low blow, "But you're wiccan, I think wiccan is dumb, so you should believe other dumb things of my choosing." Thanks Mom. Not condescending at all.


My mum's a spiritualist/medium/wicca, she originally fell victim for a lot of the conspiracies but I spoke to her, showed her how to spot BS and if she was confused about whether something was true or not, she would send me the source. Anyway, my entire family got the vaccine months ago, still alive, not magnetic etc...


As if a lawsuit against Pfizer would go anywhere


Remember the yaz lawsuit? Anyone who got the generic version was SOL ( I know, my wife was one of them). Everyone else who got the name brand version and filed suit got a settlement from the Bayer. IIRC, it averaged like 200k /person


Pagan here, I dabble in Wicca and other magicks Get the vaccine, I have both shots Honey being used as an antibacterial is fine, good for sore throats or aloe Vera straight from the plant for sun burn.... Tylenol for headaches, vaccines for big diseases, wear a mask, don’t be retarded


Honey is still occasionally used in official practice as well since it kills bacteria in a mechanical way instead of chemical. It physically sucks the water out of any bacteria it contacts. This means that it can't really adapt to combat it like they can with other medications.


I never knew why it was an antibacterial, that’s radical


not her trying to appeal to you by being fucking manipulative and bringing up WICCA like miss girl. no


Even worse is her making up ASSUMPTIONS about my beliefs... like. what


as if she knew???? LOOOOL like i would love to hear where she got that from as well


Funny thing is, even though I'm not a Wiccan, your Rede is "An it harm none do what ye Will" and not getting vaccinated will HARM PEOPLE- your mother got that SO wrong lol. Vaccines literally are encouraged with every Wiccan I've ever met. Relying on "herd immunity" or whatever bullshit will ***kill people***. I'm severely immunocompromised and I'm fully vaccinated and I'm FINE. The *stupidity* is unnerving. It's like so many people lost their smarts because we are having a pandemic. The Influenza outbreak in the early 1900s happened and society managed to rebuild. (I only bring this up because back then people were freaking out too). My god. The stupidity.


I always love when people are like "Don't get the vaccine! It'll kill you in (insert arbitrary made up timeframe)!" Followed by the person saying they got it long before that. They never know what to say.


I’m so glad you can make these decisions for yourself. I’m also so glad you were vaccinated!


Is this from several weeks back? I ask bc Pfizer vaccine is FDA approved.


Pfizer changed the name of the vaccine to Comirnaty after it was FDA approved and there is this weird conspiracy theory going around that they changed the formula and Comirnaty is different from the original Pfizer vaccine and that only Comirnaty is FDA approved but the original formula is not. It's all a bunch of hogwash obviously but I've seen a lot people who believe it all over Twitter.


It was this past wednesday. The wording is confusing, i dont even know


Alright. I am sorry about this w your mom though.


I'm in this exact same position with my sister. I feel you


sometimes i have understanding for parents like this, who aren't necessarily bad people, but are just horribly misinformed. she's worried about her child dying, but she hasn't bothered to do real research to find out the risks or benefits


My dad still conveniently forgets that I got the vaccine 4 months ago and still pretends like he’s worried that I might have some health complications very soon. These people are completely lost sheep.


Even if something were to go wrong you cant sue Pfizer, the government gave them protection from any liability.


Yeah, it isn't covered by the normal vaccine injury fund, but there is a different fund, and liability protections were given to both Pfizer and people administering the vaccine, so there isn't anyone to sue - just a place to file a claim [https://www.hrsa.gov/cicp](https://www.hrsa.gov/cicp) Of course, I doubt the parent knew about the vaccine injury fund in the first place and saw COVID vaccines weren't on it.


The idea that you can get Comirnaty or a vaccine made by Pfizer is hilarious to me. That's like saying I can get an ibuprofen made by Pfizer, or I can take an Advil.


Yay for wiccans who also believe in science!!! ❤️


Ridiculous. Glad you got the jab


you should join the sub on QAnon casualties


The mic drop. Damn. Love it.


Send this to your Mum: [Penn & Teller on vaccines](https://youtu.be/RfdZTZQvuCo)


This isn't insane at all. She just said, "oh well." She's misinformed and worried about your general well being, but not insane whatsoever.


No, she said oh well because she cant control what i do now that im legally an adult. She still genuinely believes all of this and wont listen to me when i try and explain the actual facts. She refuses to let me use the CDC as a source because she thinks the government is lying to everyone.


I have an aunt that is the same way. It’s important to realize that you have it a lot better than others. She didn’t berate you or call you names or freak out. A simple “oh well” is not that bad imo.


Theres always someone who has it worse. That doesn't negate the fact that OPs mom is antivax and believes the government is out killing and sterilizing people. Antivaxers arent just misinformed, they're willfully ignorant and trying to convince your kid to endanger themselves by not vaccinating is inherently insane for that reason. There are too many legit resources, that are readily available and free, for us to keep making excuses for these people.


the government literally has a history of killing & sterilizing people so it's not really insane to believe they'd do it more


She does have a valid point, though - the vaccine is still not at all approved in the same way as earlier vaccines so the gamble is real. That's also why my mom who isn't anti vax is anti covid vaccine - it's still in the experimental phase. I would hate to lose a child to a medicinal project that i couldn't even sue anyone for so i bet i would at least mention the pros and cons. I mainly took thw vaccine to spite my mom even though, surprise surprise, the vaccine is said not to even work for more than half a year. It's still liberating to at least be able to take the choice for ourselves though


It has been approved, though. The same way earlier vaccines were approved.


“You might die, but at least we’d be able to sue Pfizer!” The fuck kinda logic is this?


Not insane for the pure reason her final response was oh well


“I see you’re just gonna do what you want anyway, I guess.” 😂 and after all she tried to do to convince you? 😉


We definitely believe in medicine, we just can't prescribe it. Sadly it's always the largest Turds that float to the top.


a chiropractor. tf?


Somewhere tonight, the person responsible for Pfizer’s legal affairs is sleeping well, not giving a shit about this person.


Even the witches get the vax mom


I mean, compared to some of these, that “Oh well” was pretty much best case scenario, right?


My mum is exactly the same, it's ruining our relationship. Thank God my dad has booked my first Pfizer shot for me


that was a calm reponse, to calm... you better keep an eye open OP, she may be up to somthing


Just out of interest, what are the main beliefs of wicca?


I’m not saying there aren’t quacks in every field, but chiropractors are doctors and the ones who aren’t crazy are amazing


What do you mean you believe in wicca?


"Naturopath is what wiccans would want". Bitch doesn't know many wiccans. They all got vaccinated!