S&W 44 Magnum effect

S&W 44 Magnum effect


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The only gun I own that I don't enjoy shooting is my S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum. It hurts.... a lot. It's seriously a hand cannon.




My .44 has wooden grips and the recoil hurts. I have shot my buddy's .44 with soft rubber grips like in the video and it wasn't that bad, but I wanted the Dirty Harry gun. Model 29 with 6.5" barrel, wooden grips. In the movies, Dirty Harry even states that he shoots .44 special because it's more manageable.


Or, grab a .357 lever gun and use the same round. .357 gets a lot hotter with a longer barrel and no cylinder gap. Also lever guns are fun.


I would really recommend a 7.5 inch ruger super Redhawk. They are tanks, but I have one that is ported and it's a sweet shooter. Now, the special Redhawks only loads that approach 454 cassul territory are not fun, but they are sweet shooters with houge grips.


I have a 7.5 inch ruger Blackhawk 357 magnum. This is my absolute favorite fire arm. Accurate, heavy enough to have controllable recoil, will stop most anything. Pleasant to shoot


I just don't see the point of something like that over doing a Form 1 and building a SBR with say a 10" barrel in something like .300 Blackout.


I think you pointed out exactly why you would not want to do that. Making an sbr is not something that just any civilian wants to get involved with. Also, even though a super Redhawks is a big revolver, it is only 53 ounces. Even a 10 inch ar is at least 5 pounds. Also, the point is mostly handgun hunting if I'm being quite honest. That and for fun. I have not personally used mine for deer or anything, but there would be no problem at all. I do like to challenge myself with it out to 200 yards though. That is good fun. Okay, one more. Perfect pairs. 44mag revolver with a 44 mag lever gun. Same ammo but you get about 250 fps more from the long gun. It is a great long term hunting combo if ranges within 150 yards are your domain. But honestly, just leave the barrel at 16 inches or get a pinned barrel with integrated muzzle device. 6 inches of the barrel does not suddenly make an ar concealable. Just handier in a vehicle or dense urban environment.


I have the same gun and the same opinion lol


I have an all new respect for this ammo ever since we took my friend's cheap (and manuf recalled iirc) S&W 40 gun to the range. It was by far the loudest thing there. My god the sound And someone had a drum shotgun there too. That was a lot of smoke and flash too but this hand canon was louder I can't imagine what punch a 44 packs


As a non-gun person, does it matter if you wanted to incapacitate someone you choose this gun or something much smaller and less powerful? I’d figure if I wanted to protect myself I would get something that is much easier to use.


This gun is serious overkill for self-defense. 44 Magnum is more appropriate for big game hunting, up to elk and buffalo. Modern 9mm handguns are fantastic for self-defense, they're very effective and fairly light recoil. The Sig P365, for instance, is one of the most highly recommended handguns for something you'd carry everyday.


Isn't wall penetration and issue with the big calibers, as well? I'd hate to take out something/someone unintended .


I always thought it has less to do with bullet size and more with shape/and powder charge. Like a FMJ 30-06 is going through your wall, and through the next 5 houses on your street, but your .45 isn't.


LOL I'm clearly no expert, you may be right. But, it's Reddit, someone is going to come along an show us we're both wrong.


Yep, you're correct. A larger bullet will need more powder to get going (thus the .45 is slower than the nearly identically-sized .44 Magnum since the .44 has a LOT more powder behind it) but a larger diameter bullet will slow down more quickly as well. A small diameter round with a larger mass and high velocity will be very hard to stop.


F = MA … relatively speaking pistols have less force overall than rifles or shotguns would. Hence less penetration. Larger calibers may initially have higher penetration but as they pass through things they distribute more Force than smaller ones… they will lose velocity and drop off. Pistols usually have a shorter drop off than rifle calibers. You also have to remember that most pistol calibers are made to tumble on first impact… meaning significant drop off after first impact and pass through.


P320 rocks


It's hard to go wrong with a Sig to be fair.


It's a trade-off. Smaller bullets have less recoil and you can carry more ammo, but have less stopping power. If someone's hopped up on adrenaline/alcoohol/drugs, they may not know you even shot them at first, so you have to cause enough damage that they physically can no longer do you harm. 44 is probably way overkill tho unless your trying to protect yourself from bears or something.


I have the same gun you see in this video (technically the Mountain Gun version with tapered barrel, but otherwise all the same). Its purpose was for defense against brown bears.


First, you should never fire a gun at a person to immobilize them, if you are at the point where you need to fire a gun at a person, you should only shoot to kill. It is nearly impossible to 1. unholster/produce your weapon 2. switch off the safety 3. aim at a moving target @7 -10 yards away, and 4. shoot them in their arms of legs(to incapacitate). Odds are that less than 1/100 trained police officers could make that shot with enough consistency for it to be used in the field. That is why they are trained to aim for center mass and to shoot until the threat is 100% neutralized. Second, yes, this gun is prob. overkill for most people(purposeful pun). but for self defense, you want to use the highest caliber round you can control(i.e. a 2-3" grouping of 3+ consecutive shots at 7-10m) For some strong people, this gun wouldn't be to difficult to use effectively.


The Model 69 is even worse. It’s a little 5 shot that’s essentially an upsized .357. Weighs about as much as a 1911 and packs a helluva wallup. My spouse is into large bore revolvers, and I handload our own ammunition. I *HATE* that thing. Full sized Super Redhawk in .44? No problem. But that Model 69? Load development took a while just because I had to keep taking breaks. And I’m not even ashamed. It’s too much bullet for too little pistol. Fucked Up part is you lose a ton of velocity in that 4.2” barrel, enough that I have to wonder if it’s even worth it. Actually for perspective. Wife also has a 500 Magnum, one of the 7.5” performance center ones. The recoil from the Model 69 is roughly in the same ballpark, and maybe a little worse just because the grips on the 500 have a bit more cushioning. Granted, the 500 weighs almost 5 pounds with a red dot on it and has a giant muzzle break, but still…. One I’ve been morbidly curious to pickup is the Model 329. Scandium frame and stupid light. Might be one of the few firearms that’s worse to shoot than it is to be shot with -_-


You never argue with your wife, do you. I wouldn't.


I take some comfort in knowing there is absolutely no way the neighbors wouldn’t hear the gun shot In all seriousness though we both shoot a ton, she’s just more into collecting a certain theme. Personally I think she gets a ton of pleasure from showboating (really shuts up loudmouth dudes at the range when they try to mansplain to her how to shoot….), but I can’t exactly fault it. Something is really fun about ringing steel plates at 50-100 yards with a handgun lol


That has to be hilarious to watch her just drop jaws at the range!


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"Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a . 44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you've gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?


My favourite line from the dirty Harry movies was from magnum force I think. "Hey punk, you forgot your fortune cookie... it says you're shit outta luck"


Somewhat overlooked, but still somewhat iconic, "Your mouthwash ain't makin' it." And of course, "I gots to know," in response to the previously mentioned "Well, do ya, punk?" Albert Popwell, excellent actor.


I loved Magnum Force, even more than the original Dirty Harry.


"A good man always knows his limitations... "


"Well, we're not just gonna let you walk out of here." Crook: Who's we, sucker? "Smith and Wesson... and me."


I immediately read this in Ryan Stiles's Carol Channing voice


“Who the hell are you?”


I too have seen Who's Line.


Reading this I had to go watch that clip again 😂




>Fun fact: >the N-frame Model 29 Smith & Wesson was what Inspector #2211 carried, albeit loaded with light .44 Special cartridges. Funner fact. The reference to "light 44 specials" was in the sequel Magnum Force. It was only during a police competition early in the film, so Harry could dig out the bullets to match ballistics. While on duty, Harry carried magnum loads.


Way back in the days of answering machine messages, I made this one: "I know what you're thinking: did he take 6 messages or only 5...Being that this is a Panasonic 44 answering machine, the most powerful answering machine in the world and would blow your handset clean off, you've gotta ask your self one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?"


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Damn. I feel like the initial impact is damaging enough, but that small explosion inside the gel after the slug leaves is just....brutal. Imagine the hole left behind.


Secondary flash you see is called sonoluminescence


It's annoying that so many sources online and on TV refer to any light or explosion caused by a collapsing bubble (cavitation) as sonoluminescence, so you're not wrong. But actual sonoluminescence is caused by colliding sound waves created by the cavitation. The light created is a very specific set of wavelengths and is both very short and dim, and would not be visible in daylight at this distance. The explosion in the video is from flammable gasses being compression ignited by the cavitation (similar to how diesel engines work). The gases come from either traces of unburnt gunpowder exhaust trailing behind the bullet or ballistics gel material that has been vaporized from friction, or a mix of both. Edit: Thank you for all of the responses. I don't respond that often on reddit myself, so I'm glad this was helpful.


that was very informative! happy cake day!


So it was sonoboominescence instead?


Maybe not the explanation we deserved, but it's the explanation we needed.


Thank you for the science and happy cake day.


Learned a new word today. Thank you!


Me too. And what a great word. Only two letters but I'm already finding ways to use it. It *is* going to be very useful to me.




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Can you explain what is happening exactly? Are there residual gunpowder burning? There's a clear burn mark in that area of the cavity too. Crazy stuff..


Sonoluminescence can occur when a sound wave of sufficient intensity induces a gaseous cavity within a liquid to collapse quickly - Wikipedia So it’s a sound wave so intense that when it collapses upon itself, it fucking explodes. Found this as well “are surprisingly high energy, meaning the collapsing bubbles may be up to 10 times hotter than the surface of the sun”


I remember a long time ago watching a video about mantis shrimp being able to make a shockwave with their claws. Is this effect what is happening by chance?


Exactly. They hit so hard it displaces the water around it and when it comes crashing together it basically explodes. It’s gnarly.


Wikipedia says yes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonoluminescence


You're right in describing Sonoluminescence, but the above video is compression ignition of flammable gases, see my response above.


No flammable gasses. This is actually caused by the cavitation bubble. Mantis shrimp can do this under water.


no, the oxygen is combusting from the heat and pressure. There is flammable gases or else we couldn't get the light from the combustion. 100% pure nitrogen environment would compress and heat up but not flash.


Pretty sure it's an implosion caused by the air in the cavity created by the bullet being rapidly compressed.


> sonoluminescence Not sure that this is sonoluminescence. Fairly sure this is because the gel evaporates a bit, and the projectile leaves some gunpowder in the cavity, and then when the gel snaps back into a normal shape it compresses the entire bubble down which then explodes.


Me, a dumbass: ooooo, bullet makes ice squidgy


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Join the club, I was watching and wondering why the ice wasn't breaking. Took forever to realize it was ballistic gel.


So, at first I thought it was a block of ice, but now I’m confused. What was shot?


Ballistic gel.


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I feel the need to see them use just enough jelly so that the round just falls straight down when it exits. Just plops out.


Would the collapse, explosion, and gas plume happen if a human was shot? Asking for a friend...


If you’re made out of ballistic gel, sure, why not.


Probably not. Humans aren’t nearly as thick as that length of ballistic gel, nor are they as uniformly dense. It’s a decent representation of the wound channel though.


It’s exactly what happens, called cavitation!


It’s exactly what happens, called cavitation!


>It’s exactly what happens, called cavitation! It’s exactly what happens, called cavitation!


Yes, add in some shattered bone while you're at it.


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That wound channel!!! Wow. Did you see the combustion in the block after the bullet left? That was dope.


I remember my first wound channel…




"I know what you're thinking. Did he fire six shots or only five? Well to tell the truth, I've kinda lost track myself in all this excitement. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and it can blow your head clean off. You gotta ask yourself one question, 'Do I feel lucky?' Well do you, punk?"


Dayum! So if this hit a bad guy in the chest, there would be smoke coming out of the front of his chest after the bullet exited thru his back?


Did that jelly just shit itself


And that is how diesel engines work


Proper American home defense. Dont know a single better deterrent


Smith and Wesson: the original "point-and-click" interface.


That would blow a man's head clean off!


It would pop like a watermellon


~ Det Harry Callahan


How fast would that bullet be going before and after hitting the gel block?


Around 1300 feet per second on impact, not sure on exit.


Thank you


In comparison, the speed of sound is 1125 ft/sec.


I’ve got a 44 Derringer. I shot a magnum out of it……………once


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So like, what's happening here? Why was there a little explosion inside the ballistic gel?


Dieseling. The pressure of the gel snapping back compresses the air to the point it combusts. Same principle that drives a diesel engine.


Hey Alexa; remind me never to get shot by a S&W 44 Magnum


Live footage of tacobell flying threw my system


\*jiggles and farts uncontrollably* Same, ballistic gel. Same.


So that's what a bullet would look like going through my spare tire. Got it.




The 500 is one of the only guns I held and didn’t necessarily know if I wanted to shoot lmao




Never know when you might get ambushed by a bear or mountain lion. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Everyone is gushing over the 44 and all i can think about is how much more evil my friends 500 magnum is. I love shooting that thing one handed. The pain makes it super fun. Its one of the only guns i have shot that has so much kick the grip scratches my hand. I know someone whose grandpa broke his wrist shooting one.




Mmmmmmmm classic 629 with the firing pin on the hammer and the lockwork that hadn’t been “lawyer-proofed” yet. Pure sexy.




It makes me happy that my revolver has an internal hammer. When I was looking at revolvers, I was concerned about the external hammer snagging on something, and I didn’t even think about what would happen if I dropped it.


It’d take a helluva drop at just the right angle to make an old 629 go off, or any S&W really. Leave the engineering to the engineers, not the lawyers.




God, that's terrible. May he rest in peace, and the witnesses find peace too. That's just terrible.


Smith & Wesson?


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It will literally rip a whole through you so violently that the hole explodes.


Yes, stopping power. It will stop someone from harming you. ....forever.


How is there what appears to be a mini-explosion happening inside the gel after the bullet has left?


Internal explosions and gasses spraying out? I guess Taco Bell and .44 magnums have the same effect on the human body.


The effect of that gel block is what my body’s reaction is like after Taco Bell.


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the ice farted?!


Great, now do a ballistic pedophile test


+5 Fire Damage Knockback Staggers Target Penetrating Blow


What a great display of "self-defense"


That’s not what this was meant to be a display of but ok.


I mean, that rapist isn't gonna do any raping tonight that's for sure.


What's the angle with this comment if you don't mind me asking


Gun porn is weird.


A ballistics demonstration is..gun porn? Glad to know I’m not the only one who gets off on this




I fired a magnum 4.0 at a range in Estonia, only one round and only 70% grain, (apparently you couldn't fire 100% grain without a licence) I can honestly say it's was one of the most ridiculously powerful things I've ever experienced, absolutely fucking terrifying but undeniably awesome. I was with my dad and when he fired it a bit of metal flew out of the chamber and hit his lip and cut it. Makes you realise those movies where they're firing them one handed are a bit far fetched too lol


I can hear the farting sound in my mind.


Fuck that’s interesting


Do a hollow point!


Looked like one to me, judging by the shape of the projectile, coming out the other side. Isn't that the trademark flower petal shape of a hollow point round ? Not an expert by any means tho.


It’s called a wound channel.