Website or downloadable file that shows asset allocation across multiple accounts?

Website or downloadable file that shows asset allocation across multiple accounts?


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Personal capital


cool ill check it out...hopefully, isn't too pricey.


It’s free , just have to link your accounts


And if you don’t want to link you can manually update, too! Pretty useful tool.


This is not true, unless something has changed. When I tried using it a while back it forced you to link accounts as the onboarding process and you couldn't skip it. I had to contact support to get them to delete my account.


Same here. I couldn't find a way to enter accounts manually and have no interest in sharing all of my passwords with them


You’re not sharing with them, you’re sharing with PLAID or a similar middle data provider.


“They don’t sell your data! Somebody else sells your data!” Especially for a free service, you are the product.


Hmm. Maybe I’m grandfathered in?


They also advertise a free financial advisor if your assets total more than $100k, but I've never talked to mine so I have no idea if they're any good.


Isn't it a free initial 60 minute consult? That's what it used to be, they try to get you to sign up for their paid services back when I took the free consult they offered.


I never got that far, so you're probably right


It’s free, have used it for over a decade, I open it up literally every day, and have >15 accounts on it.


Excel. :-)


The hard part with Excel is the live updating.


True. I go back in there once a month and update my amounts and it automatically does the math on the allocation. But you’re right there’s some manual work on the front end. But I’m cheap 😊


Vanguard can do this if you have an account with them, no download necessary, just add your other accounts and go to Portfolio Watch


Not sure if this is entirely what you're asking, but you can check out Mint by intuit? They have a mobile app and a website where you can pretty much add all of your accounts with any sort of value to follow how you're doing networth wise.


It's great but as far as I know doesn't display investment breakdowns across platforms by asset type - just what they are and the value of them.


Second this. I really like mint.


You might be able to do this without giving out any info to an app. If your library has online access to Morningstar, you can use their Xray tool. You just have to enter your holdings into the tool. Save the analysis it provides. It won't save any of your data, you never logged in to any account.


i personally use SoFi for my bank and they allow you to link accounts (using Plaid integration) and use their SoFi Relay product to see your total investment profile, highly recommend. before i was a SoFi customer i would use Mint to accomplish this.


Morningstar, industry standard.


This would be an extremely simple excel spreadsheet. You'd just have to look at your accounts (which you'd do anyways to rebalance) and put in the numbers


I use Sharesight.


With Chase, I can link all of my external accounts to see everything on my homepage. I have money invested with fidelity and TIAA and they show up when I log into chase the same way as my regular chase accounts, and they’re factored into the cumulative summaries.




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Sofi Relay


I use charles schwab. Do you guys think personal capital is better?


Lol, needless to say, the trend of decentralization of all industries is now in full swing. WorkQuest.co is one of the pioneers of decentralization in the job search! Check out their website!


[Portfolio Visualizer](https://www.portfoliovisualizer.com/) might have a tool that does what you want


If you are based in the US, check out PortfolioAnalyst by IBKR. They struggle integrating non-US accounts though