I upgraded from the iPhone XS to a 13 Pro and I didn't expect to hate the flat edge this much.

I upgraded from the iPhone XS to a 13 Pro and I didn't expect to hate the flat edge this much.


I found that while the rounded edges were more comfortable to hold, the flat edges provide a better grip. My girlfriend appears to feel the same way. If you couple your iPhone with a nice soft case, it might help smooth things out.


I completely agree. Much better grip with flat edges


the grip problem is a non issue for me when using it with a case


Isn't everything a non issue if you're willing to use a case, at which point you could pick whatever finish material and whatever edge profile you want?


Not really because the flat edges still make the phone feel thicker or wider.


Not for me because flat edges will be flat whether it has a case or not. The debate is grip vs ergonomics so I’m making a point that grip can be improved but flat edges will always be less comfortable to hold for me than a curved one


agree, i felt the same as OP and it’s a lot better with the silicon case on


That’s exactly how I feel! I rather have a better grip than a more comfortable but slippery hold!


first time in my life i bought the silicon case and liked it was for the 13 pro. it makes the squared edges just feel so good!


Huuuuge fan! Silicone case on my 12 pro adds an extra level of grip!


If it were aluminum I might agree but with the stainless steel sides it still feels like a very expensive bar of soap.


Since I essentially always buy cases that are thick as the camera bump to rest on the table flat, I’m gonna be in for a rude awakening in terms of thickness


+1 for flat edge, I hope they never go back to rounded edge.


Honestly I hated the rounded edges because it was super slippery. Why don’t you try a pop socket or something? I doubt that Apple will be going back to its curved edges for another two or three years.


Then you lose wireless charging. :(


Pop socket makes MagSafe ones now


I got one and it’s awesome. Snaps on and off easily.


do you just carry it loose in your pocket when it’s not on the phone?


I’ve been leaving it on 99% of the time so far. The only reason I can see removing it is for wireless charging and then I’d probably just set it on my nightstand or in my car cup holder. But I’ve only been using it 2-3 days


Popsocket sells a wireless charger that fits their popsocket in the middle. Belkins wireless charger also works and charged my x.


I think wireless charging was pretty much useless… it doesn’t charge fast, and even with MagSafe it’s topped off at 12W it’s pretty slow. Might as well take advantage of that USB C to lightning cord. But obviously this is all just my opinion I respect everyone else’s on what they prefer. :)


It’s only topped off at 12W on the mini models. It goes up to 15 on the others.


I use a wireless charger but I solely charge at night. Doesn’t matter how long it takes it’s gonna be full when I wake up plus it’s very convenient to just place it down on the bedside table


Yeah plugging in a cord is so much work


It’s really not about it being more or less work. For me it’s a minor thing or at night when I’m half asleep on my phone in bed I can just kind of hover it over my night stand until I feel the magnet attach to my phone.


I’m looking forward to the wireless charger due to the fact my asshole cat hides under the bed and attacks my hand when I reach for the charger. Not a big deal at all but anything to thwart the Bastard


Lol I still charge at 5 watts. Never experienced faster charging lmao


I remember upgrading to an iPad 12W charger and I thought that was super fast. Then I found an Anker USB C 18W charger on clearance and thought it was stupid fast. Finally found another Anker USB C 30W charger on sale on Amazon and never went back I love fast charging.


I do same. Hot apple never kills this. I charge one night and 5-6 hours of charge would be enough to charge any battery.


Same. Only fast charged the Xs and never bothered after getting the 12Pro Max which consistently have over 25% on a heavy use day.


My least favourite thing they ever did was switch from the beautiful 4/5 design to the rounded-edged 6 and onwards, I almost hated it (also the back of the iPhone 6 was so bad looking), so glad the flat edges are back and hope they stay for as long as possible, though I understand why people disagree, mainly for comfortability. Can’t wait to upgrade this XS Max to a 13 Pro.


For me squared edges were great up to a certain size (around the regular 6 and 7) and the rounded edges were just kinder to my relatively small hands on larger models (the Max's). I find that if the phone can fit snug in my hand for one handed use, squared edges are by far the best. But once a devices becomes two hands necessary rounded edges really helped offset the size and weight against my hands. I love the iPhone 12/13 and 12/13 Pro with the flat sides, but can't imagine using the Maxes for long periods because of them.


Yeah, the 6/6S/7 felt so ugly and a downgrade in terms of design coming from a 5S. I’m so glad they went back to a good looking design with the 12.


I was a big fan of the flat edges on the original SE. Between then and now I also had an iPhone 8, so getting the 12 mini felt a bit like 'coming home.'


We’ll honestly round edges are more comfortable to hold. However the the slippery part is debatable on which model you have. It’s slippery especially on the aluminum style frames like the 6,8,11 but on the x, xs and pro models the stainless steel frames has much more grip.


What? Stainless steel is way more slippery than aluminum.


To me stainless steel grips like the glass black iPhones where as the aluminum feels like the matte glass back on the pros which I find more slippery.


Yeah I just disagree. The rounded edges feel very secure in my hand. I've never dropped my phone from my hand. It's always dropping off my nightstand or something stupid. I hate cases, though.


Have you ever looked at getting a Rhinoshield bumper case? They’re really nice! Super grippy to hold, minimal, and gives you good protection! I love the iPhones beauty, honestly I think it’s the best looking phone in the market and doesn’t deserve a case but these things scratch up real quick and fingerprints would drive my OCD wild. At the end though I am just trying to provide suggestions, I really hope you stick with the phone though I feel like there’s just so much more pros than cons.


No, I’ve said over and over again I don’t use cases.


Invest the money in a new battery then


This is what I’m going to do. New battery, new case, lasts another two years.


I upgraded from the xs max and i hated the round edges. Im so happy to be back on flat edges.


Man, I had the XS Max and as I always do when I’m preparing to upgrade I started using it without a case in the days leading up to its retirement. It was so nice to hold. But I was so excited for the “square”/flat design to come back because aesthetically I do think it looks better, and the 5S (specifically the space grey 5S) was my favourite iPhone design. But after having the 12 Pro Max for nearly 10 months now, I really do kinda miss the XS Max design. Especially when it comes to not using a case. The shiny glass back felt so nice compared to the matte glass imo. Edit: I also can’t find a damn case I like the for the 12 Pro Max.


I also had a XS Max and upgraded to the 12 Pro Max. I was intrigued enough and the squared edge and larger screen sounded appealing. My biggest regret was trading in the XS Max the same day I got the new iPhone. I really think if I had taken both phones home and gave myself a few days to try the 12 Pro Max I may have returned it. Never warmed up to it over the past year the way I did with the XS Max.


I like how flat edges look, but i don't like it in use. I think the 11 pro was one of the most premium feeling phones to hold. love the size and the shape. also i always use my phones majority caseless and never find them to be slippery. i do like my iphone 13 and i'm stoked we finally got a pink colour, but i prefer a smoother profile.


Completely agree. Flat sides look better but way less comfy especially when the phones are getting thicker and heavier.


I like the look of the flat edges but the rounded edges are WAY more ergonomic and make the older phones feel so much smaller than the 12/13. That being said I couldn’t go back due to the storage and camera limitations.


After you drop it for 45th time and didn’t break the screen you will appreciate it more. Been rocking the 12 naked since launch and have dropped it more times than I can count , no broken glass yet.


I want to believe, and would rather rock a phone naked, but I just can’t trust it no matter.


I’ve never owned a case for my XS. I honestly don’t understand how people do it. The phone is already thick enough, even a “thin” case makes it way too big for me. In my experience, cases also make it way too annoying to get in and out of a pocket.


I want to see how fucked the sides of your phone looked.. I just love looking at beaten phones that aren’t broken yet lol


45th time? man I haven't dropped my phone since 2017


I seriously wonder how/why people throw around their phones so much. Dropped my 12 Pro once while taking it out the case. Don’t think I ever dropped my 11 Pro. And never broke a screen on any iPhone I’ve owned either.


Absolutely agreed, I have no idea how people can be so clumsy, I absolutely never drop my phone, I’ve only broken an iPod and that was 8 years ago and I was making a dumb joke, I didn’t even drop it.


Lucky the back glass hasn’t broken as that’s more likely to crack compared to the Ceramic Shield screen .


Using 12 or 12 pro? I love the light weight feel of the 12 regular and the aluminum sides. I just got the 13 pro and am thinking about going back to the 12 regular just because of that.


100% agree. I’m coming from an iPhone X. Really missing the curved edges and lightness This phone is freakin heavy and it’s not even a Max


Yeah I upgraded from an X as well and considered getting a pro max. Thank god I chose the Pro. I don’t think my hands would be able to handle the extra weight and size. At least the pro is about the same screen size but dam this thing weighs a ton and it’s all in the camera area too.


I upgraded from an X as well and was really worried about weight, but I've surprisingly hardly noticed it


I went from 11 pro to 13 pro. The 11Pro always slid out of my hands, just like my X did, but the 13Pro is great and it doesn’t slide out of my hands like the 11 did.


Exactly. I started with the 4. Loved it, the 4S, and the 5. When they rounded shit off starting with the 6, I hated it. Dropped my naked phone too many times. Never dropped my naked 4 or 5 due to the square edges. Glad they’re bringing it back. Currently have an 11 and it’s the best phone I’ve ever had.


The frequent double and triple spaces in your comment rub me the wrong way.




I agree. I hate how the flat edge chassis feels in hand. While the design is arguably better *looking* (this is subjective of course), ergonomically it’s terrible compared to the previous iPhones that had the rounded chassis. This is the first time I’ve ever used a case on an iPhone, and it’s because having a silicone case on it feels better in my hand than using the phone case less.


I dislike the flat edge too. I like to pinky-shelf my phones and the flat edge makes that really uncomfortable. I looked for cases that round out the edge but didn't really find much. The only one that looked promising was super bulky (iFace brand - edit: clarifying this is for the 12 mini; not sure if they have cases for the 13 series yet). On the other hand, I do appreciate that the screen is flat instead of 2.5D. Makes it much easier to fit a tempered glass protector.


Idk how to hold it without pinky shelfing lol


Fellow pinky shelf-er.


Builds pinky strength, for sure! 😂


I love the looks of the flat edge but both the 12 and 13 make my pinky go to sleep. I never had that problem with the rounded phones.


Totally agree and never really understood the hate for rounded edges. Much prefer them. I don’t hate the flat edges on the 13 they’re fine but for sure prefer the rounded edges.


Another unpopular opinion: iPhones are way too heavy and are uncomfortable to use one handed. I always put a case on my phone so having the premium stainless steel and glass back is completely useless. inb4 the “go to the gym it isn’t that heavy” etc comments I'm not really sure how I can train my pinky.


I lay in bed and use my phone in the morning. On several occasions, my 11 pro max has slipped and hit me in the face. That shit hurts, yo.


The iPhone 8 Plus felt like a brick. I like the regular 11 form factor much more.


The 12 and 13 Pro Max are literal bricks. I bought a 12 Pro Max last year and returned it same day because it was so uncomfortable to hold. Have a regular 12 Pro now, still heavy, really wanting rounded edges again.


I held a 13 Pro Max a couple of days ago. I didn't really pay attention to the weight though as I mainly wanted to see if I could use it one-handed. I couldn't. Lol.


I daily an 8+ still and while I agree that its pretty heavy I also really like the weight and since I have a rubber case the extra weight doesn't hurt how easy I find it is to hold


Honestly, the heaviness of the 13 pro is making me wanna get the 13 mini... I'm having such a tough time debating because my eyes like the screen of the pro, and there are much less compromises on the pro's camera, BUT the mini just feels so good to hold 😫


I just traded in my 12 pro for a 13 mini. Much nicer to use one handed.


I feel the same way after trying it out at the store. My Oneplus 7 Pro weighs the same as the 13P, although the iPhones weight distribution feels better since it's smaller. 200g is still too goddamn heavy.


Oh god please don’t complain about weight or we’ll be having smaller batteries again next year.


I love the added heft in the new mini. It’s not much. But noticeable


Eh it’s not impossible. The Galaxy S21+ has the same size screen, is lighter, and has a bigger battery.


but they use aluminum instead of stainless steel


Have the side bands being steel really benefited anyone? It’s a selling point for the premium device, at the cost of added weight.


Hypothetically, the steel bands aid the durability since they won’t deform as easily as aluminum when dropped. But I’d love to have an aluminum and not glass backed iPhone Pro. I want pro features in a light weight body, but that ain’t happening….


It would very likely deform less, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence (or claim from Apple) that it protects the overall device better. It does look and feel lovely, but I don’t think it’s worth the trade-off. Aluminium back/lighter devices would be nice, but you’d lose wireless charging.


The weakest point of glass is on the edges so if the metal deforms it risks cracking the screen. Having a tougher metal surrounding prevents cracks believe it or not.


> Having a tougher metal surrounding prevents cracks believe it or not. There’s been no evidence nor claims of that from Apple. If that were true you’d think they’d use it as a selling point.


I like my phone staying in my hand when it’s windy. Which it is often where I live. And wind + dry skin = your phone could easily get blown out your hand as dry skin doesn’t have much grip on a matte surface.


It does have a bigger battery; but also has worse battery life. Android phones need the bigger battery to account for the terrible battery life.


Not really the point. Apple could make it lighter, other manufacturers have managed that.


No worries here my guy… apple doesn’t listen to their customers anyway.


The gym comments are ridiculous. Obviously, everybody *can* carry the weight. But lower weight is much more comfortable, and it’s kind of strange to me that weight isn’t seen as more important, given these devices are either in our hands or in our pockets pretty much all day, all year around.


Coming from a X which is permanently in a battery case my 13 Pro Max is going to be a weight improvements from what I'm used to...


If I were you, I’d get an 11 Pro (used) and replace the battery. Just did it to mine and it feels brand new I also prefer the rounded edges. Flat looks cooler but I pinky shelf my phone and it was too uncomfortable for me




i have an apple silicone case and it still feels really boxy. if anything, i find the case makes the phone bigger and harder to hold and manoeuvre with the flat sides.


You are aware that you can replace the battery on your XS right ? No need to “upgrade” to something you don’t like. Just return the phone if you still have your XS and replace it’s battery :)


Save a bunch of money at the same time!


You’ll get used to it. I have an XS and my gf upgraded from a X to 12 pro last year. Imo the new design is much better, but then my favourite iPhone was the 5s.


I agree. Flat edge looks cool but these latest generation of phones are fundamentally not as nice to hold


Hard disagree


That’s your right 😊


You will see a rounded phone return in about 4 years. It's the typical cycle for Apple. They started with rounded edges, then went flat, then went rounded, and now flat again.


I currently have a 12 Pro. I just got an 11 as a work phone. I went caseless for a week with it. The curved edges on the 11 are much easier to handle.


Round edge will feel better, it’s ergonomics. I would change your iPhone xs battery and keep using it.


You and me both. I went from the x>11 pro>12 pro>13 pro and I have to say 11 pro provided the best grip for me.


Dont grip it, i hold my 12 pro max so that my little finger is like a support and the phone just lays on my hand. I do have large hands so i can use it one handedly without a problem.


on the same boat here, XS and no cases for three years, and just moved to a 13 Pro. the flat edges look nice and all but it doesn’t have the same ergonomics. Also, the screen just a tad smaller on the XS makes the swiping back gesture a breeze. And the weight, damn, it does make a difference when holding and carrying it on my pocket. I’ll probably return the pro and go for a 13 mini. I think that size and weight really makes sense for a smartphone!


agree, went from X to 13 mini and although i liked the rounded edges of the X, the mini feels really good, like a proper upgrade to 5 or 5s


I actually don’t like the frosted back either! It feels very slippery. I have an 11 pro but have used 12’s and I do think the grip is better with the flat edges, but it did hurt my pinky. But I think I would tolerate it for the better grip. But I imagine it’s more uncomfortable for the bigger phones!


I had iPhone 11 Pro with the frosted back and it was way too slippery. So this time I got iPhone 13 regular. 13 Pro’s matte/frosted glass back was slippery just like 11 Pro.


Yeah it makes me wanna go to the regular 13 models but the pros have alot more features!


I like how easy the shiny glass is to grip on my 8+ but god damn is that thing a dust/grease/fingerprint magnet


I upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro from the 11 Pro and I found the flat edge to be far harder to hold the larger device. The sharpness digs into the finger I use to steady/hold the device along the bottom. It means I have less surface area on my finger being in direct contact with the device, so it requires more effort to hold, such that my hands need to 'squeeze' around the phone in order to achieve a grip on a sharp, flat surface. This could be why many users report that the flat edges are easier to hold; they intrinsically require more force between the hand and the phone to achieve grip, so you get a natural "people hold onto their phones tighter so they don't fly out of their hands" bonus for free. It still irritates me. I was hoping they would fix this with the 13, but they didn't. The Apple cases have the same design limitation as they inherit the sharp edges. The iPhone 4-5 generation didn't have so much of an issue as the devices were considerably smaller. The iPhone 12 and 13 being larger unnecessarily from their previous generations didn't help the situation, either. The human hand is not designed to hold things with straight edges; fingers and hands wrap around round corners a lot more easily than square. The frosted back is also a recipe for disaster. If only there was an iPhone 13 Pro Mini...


I hate how my beard/scruff hairs will get caught in the rounded edges and to me the rounded edges look cheap or plasticy. I much prefer the flat edges.


My first smartphone was the iPhone 4S and ever since then I’ve loves flat edges. Going from iPhone 8 to 13 Pro and I hope Apple never goes back


I just initiated a return for my 13 Pro and ordered a 13 mini. I went from a XS to my current 12 mini, and the only gripe was battery life. Everything else was perfect FOR me. Now the 13 Pro is amazing, the screen is awesome but over the past couple of days I can’t get over how uncomfortable it is to use. Especially with one hand. I don’t know how my housemates, all with smaller hands, manage their 12 Pro. If you spend time scrolling through socials and watching tik toks or making them, then go the 13 Pro or even Max. But everyone’s different and I never thought I’d be a fan of the minis until I tried the 13 Pro.


No way, the flat edges are so much better


I had an 11 pro max. I have the regular 12 and the 13 pro max now. I feel the 12 and 13 series made the heavier phones more “holdable” with the flat edges and wider bodies.


Went from 8plus to 13 Max and the it’s feels way more like an object to hold in my hand, less flimsy IMO and I prefer that. Also the aluminum edges scratch, dent, and also the paint will kinda scrape off. And I don’t mind the weight!


The Xs is still a wonderful phone. I changed it’s battery a few months ago and it feels like new. Definitely holds up for one day, sometimes even for one and a half


Dont worry they ll bring round edges back eventually. Snip snap snip snap


You are not alone, I was in the same camp with the 12 after I went to it from Xs. A case honestly helped me adopt, but I still miss rounded edges on the Xs.


I'm also coming from XS and prefer the rounded edges over the squared edges. As a pinky-shelfer it is particularly noticeable combined with the increased weight but only really bothers me when I'm resting the full weight of the phone directly on my pinky (usually only when I'm lying in bed). Definitely gets uncomfortable for my pinky after a while for sure, but not so bad that I would go back to the XS. I like all the upgrades too much.


Why don’t you get a case for it?


get a case it helps


Honestly, a good compromise is to get yourself an 11 Pro. Way better cameras, and battery life is pretty stellar, yet you still get the same bulbous form factor of the XS. If you want to amp up the battery, I suggest opting for the 11 Pro Max. The battery on it was so amazing that it even outlasted the 12 Pro Max's battery.


Its the weight. iPhone 4 has the same edgy box design but ppl loved it


You talk about the 13 pro being slightly less thick than your XS and complain about how it feels too big in your hand. You forget that the 13 pro is 26 grams heavier 0,6 mm wider 3.1 mm taller Than you XS Go in a tech store and try the 13 mini on your hand, you’ll see how much better it is to hold


Flat edges are supreme in every way


You’re wild. Flat is easier in my hands than curved. It was one of the most alluring parts of the new model to me. We all have our preferences I suppose.


Add a leather case. Makes it very nice :)


If you do decide to return the 13 Pro consider either getting the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, which have rounded edges, or getting a battery replacement performed on the XS. Or consider using a case to see if it helps with the feel.


You can just buy a new battery for about 60 bucks rather than upgrading to an entirely new phone for a grand.


Try it for 13 days and return it needed?


I personally find it comfier to hold, especially in the silicone case. Although this gen I couldn’t care less what it looks like, the 13 pro max has ticked everything I’ve wanted in an iPhone. 120hz screen, macro camera, and the best battery life. I’ll take it!


My phone is only exposed for like 2 minutes before it goes into a case so Its just a rectangle to me. I took out my iphone pro max 11 from my battle worn looking case lifeproof case and was amazed at the pristine new state of the phone. I forgot how nice iphones look naked. So kind of irrelevant for me when they change the design language. I think flat edge is a stop gap design because of larger batteries and camera. Rounded will make a come back in 2022


Get a 13 mini be a lot easier to hold and no frosted glass


Comfortable grip vs better grip. That’s the trade off you are experiencing. New designs are less comfortable but better overall grip. Though honestly with all the glass , and how much these phones cost now, it is always better to put a case on them.


Get a case.


I absolutely hate the flat edges. My first iPhone was the XR and it was perfect size and shape for me. Then the 11 pro max, it was bigger but still manageable because of the rounded sides. When I got the 12 pro max it sucked big time because of the flat sides. I thought maybe it bothered me because it was too big, so I got the 13 pro this time around… nope still hate the feel of the flat sides.


Don't lie, you just wanted the newer phone. If you really loved your previous phone but "battery life was starting to wane", you could have just replaced the battery for less than a tenth of the price of a new phone. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


A new XS battery will never get the same juice as it did on its original iOS version. Plus, it could never aspire to beat a 12 or 13 with those insane processors and larger batteries.


The flat edge is awesome. Before my 12 PM, I had an iPhone X with an Otterbox case. It fit the curve of the phone, which meant it was rounded. Very hard to pick up from a table a lot of the time and I ended up dropping it. Granted, the drop was in inches but still. It’s easier to grab the sides of the 12 PM and pick it up, even though it’s a pretty hefty device compared to the X. I’ve got the 13 PM coming Tuesday and I’ve got a leather case for it and I think that’ll be even better to grab than the current clear MagSafe case I’m using for my 12 PM. But it all comes down to preference. I did love the look of my iPhone X, it was silver.


I love it. Get mad


Idk why they havent made an iphone again with the same size as the xs , I honestly want to upgrade but the newer releases were either too big or too small for my hands lol


Put a case


Never. I hate cases.


Personally, I like the round and the flat designs both. They each have their own things I like about them both aesthetically and to hold. However, I hate the matte back finish as it’s annoyingly slick. I have used cases the past couple years to overcome that, but much prefer to go caseless. This year I’m trying a Peel case, they’re supposed to be really thin. Don’t have mine yet and haven’t ever used one before, so idk how much I’ll like it. But I’ll happily update when I get it and have used it for a bit.


I went with the mini this time around so the edges arent a issue. Its nice being about to use a phone one handed again.


Honestly just put a thin case on it that accents rounded edges and you’ll love it. I too don’t care for the sharp edges but in the Apple branded leather case it’s literally perfect.


The rounded edges were not that great for me. My phone always flew out of my hands because of it. If I didn't have a THICCC case on it, it would've been destroyed the second I opened the box when I first got it. (When I first got my iPhone X, it literally dropped onto the floor, luckily it was carpet it landed on and not my hard wood flooring) The sharp edge, strangely enough I have no problems with it being uncomfortable. In fact it's even more comfortable than the rounded edges of past iPhones. I prefer the hard edges all the way. Sad to see not everyone likes it. Perhaps a good case can remedy that?


Agree with you. Loved the 3GS, hated the feel of the phone 4 in my hand. I have 11 pro max. Going to get a new battery from apple in a few months.


Return it for an 11 pro. Save hundreds. Stonks


“It feels huge in my hand” That’s what she said.


I just upgraded to a 13 pro from an X and don’t mind it at all. Once you pop a case on they feel the same. The only difference I’ve really noticed is the weight of the 13 pro. This dam camera alone weighs as much as my old X. It’s so top heavy. Im still getting use to that but otherwise I love it so far.


The 13 is trash. They’ll just let you return it for a full refund?


How is it trash?


Flat edges are way better for those of us using screen protectors, lint and dust would always get into the sides and eventually I’d have to put on a new one within 6 months.


I was a naked phone guy til I got the XS and always liked the flat edge style of the 4 and 5. When I went from the XS to 12 Pro I tried going case free again but never really liked it. The weight made the sharp edges uncomfortable. I ended up settling on a Bare case which I feel is the best of both worlds. Takes the edge off - literally - and adds a good amount of grip without much heft.


I also upgraded from the XS max to 13 pro max but i upgraded because my xs screen broke. I could have definitely held on it for another year. I dont exactly hate the edged but the round edges are better but I plan on getting the case to avoid the flat edges anyway. However, the upgrade for me from the xs max to the 13 pro max has been pretty huge. The battery being the biggest one because I only charged my phone once within the 2 days of decent usage. I do miss the 3D touch though a lot when i want to move the cursor. Great phone overall.


I have the apple leather case on my pro and i think it’s fine, when I get my dbrand grip case that’s when I’ll be loving this phone


Made the same switch, but finding the flat edge is more comfortable to hold. The rounded edge has some pressure hotspots for me, but as you said different strokes. There are some cases and bumpers with slightly rounded edges, maybe see if there are any that suit your taste? Also planning to replace the battery on the XS, should breathe some new life into it.


Yes, I feel the same way! I knew I couldn’t be the only one that didn’t like the flat edges. Sure it looks good but it’s just so uncomfortable to hold especially since the phones are much bigger and heavier than ever. I wish they kept the 11 Pro design and just added 120hz to it.


i upgraded from 11 pro to 13 pro. the 11 pro without a case is literally so paper thin. i could barely hang onto it without a case in my hand. for me i think the 13 pro fits my hand so well. it no longer feels too thin and my hand cramped trying to keep hold of it. i use a case but this is just my opinion of the the phones naked


Just use it for a while. I’ve always put cases on my phones but the 12 and 13 have been begging me to go caseless. It’s a weird adjustment but eventually you learn to hold the flat edges better. It’s hard to explain.


You must of not had a iPhone 4


Haha I did, I had a 4S. That was so much smaller. I also switched to Android with a OnePlus after that phone. That original OnePlus was the best feeling phone ever. It had a textured back that felt sort of like rough sandpaper. Impossible to drop. I wish companies still made phones like that!


I’ve currently got a 13 Pro Max on order. Upgrading from my XS Max. I’m with you on the square edges. But I never cared for the glass on the back. I’ve had iPhones since my 3GS, and the back of the XS Max is the first time I’ve ever broken an iPhone. And I broke it trying to peel a stick on pop socket off of the case while the phone was still in it. 😕


Better looking, better grip, less comfort on the palm


The iPhone 5/5s is my favorite phone ever. I’ve had my 8+ for so long and I can’t wait to go back to the flat edges.


I got used to the 12 Pro hard edges. Just a sign of the apple times. I agree the prior design was best to hold.


They’re back to the iphone 4 design! Lol.


I love the flat edges but my suggestion to you is return the 13 and get the battery replaced for your XS by Apple. It costs $69 (nice). Go with what you love!


I can grip the squared edge much easier myself.


I personally love the flat edges but my recommendation is return the 13 and just get the battery replaced in your XS, it's only $69 (nice). Go with what you love


Different strokes is right because I personally love the flat sides and love how the phone feels without a case (12 Pro Max though). Ironically, the iPhone XS is also one of my favorite iPhones aesthetically speaking ... go figure.


I came from the 11 Pro Max to the 13 Pro Max, and it does have better grip for me on the flat edges. If you like the rounded edges, u can consider getting the i11 instead since its the last gen to have that.


Just get a battery replacement for your xs


Get the 11pro


It does make the phone look bigger. You’re absolutely right. Because the edges are rounded it looks like the 12 and 13 series have more width to them.


I agree with you. Holding the XS is 10x better than my 12 pro. Ugh.


How do the people here survive with naked phones? One drop and your phone is broken. Mine has a case 24/7 and a glass screen protector


apple care. i've cracked the back of a phone once, and it was in a case that one time lol. normally i'm totally caseless + no screen protector and have never broken a phone, even if i've dropped it. if i'm spending $1500-$1900 on a phone i want to enjoy the design and feel. $8-$12 a month on apple care (depending on the tier) isn't too much for peace of mind when spending that sort of money imo.


Honestly it’s one of those form over function situations. Technically the width of the 12 pro is just about the same as the car, but that’s over a wider surface due to the flat edge. The xs was definitely much more comfortable because of the curve to the edge, but the flip side is that curve makes the phone look more bulbous than the flat edge which makes it look like they shaved as much possible from the front profile, but hid it in the side profile. It’s an aesthetic thing. I loved the feel of the older curved phones but honestly I love the looks of the flat edges way more. That being said my favorite looking phones were the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia Lumia Icon, so I’m all for more square but curved back panel that gives a flush camera module haha


Get a slim rounded edge case. I have the dbrand grip case on my iPhone 12 and it feels just like my iPhone X. If you don't like the grippy feeling then get a smooth case.


I liked flat edges in the iPhone 4/5 days because the camera was flat and it was easy to go naked. These days you basically have to use a case and it just feels like a lot.


Absolutely love how the flat edges look, but the curved edges are for sure more comfortable to hold.


Can’t wait to upgrade from my iPhone XS to a iPhone 13 Pro Max, hopefully the change isn’t like that for me.


I'm also not a fan. I liked the rounded edges on my XS also. I have a Spigen Mag Armor case for my 12 Pro, and it rounds out the sides slightly. You may like it.


Try a bumper case.