This was made unironically

This was made unironically


I like the fact he censored "rapist" like it's some kinda slur or something.


Not afraid to spew out controversial opinions,yet he still censors the word "rapist". Curious.


Literally treated it like a slur against him lol


You'd think that the "incels" who create and share shit like this would wear being called a "rapist" like a badge of honor.


Incels wouldn't like to be called rapists though, they'd rape someone and then try to make the victim feel bad for them afterwords so they pretend that it isn't rape.


Yeah, they'd insist that "society made them do it" by "not giving them the secks their high IQ deserbs".


You see I’m right because I’ve depicted myself as the “chad Wojak”, while the people I do not like are depicted in an unfavorable manner.


I'm a strawman and I'm gay and I shit and piss and cum in my pants all the time


I'm cocaine




I’m stuff


Sono roba


People don't like to date assholes. These people can't help but play the victim.


i thought this was a pun and i stayed for like a minute trying to figure it out before realising it wasn’t


Imbecel: "B-but, I deserve muh 10/10 asian 13 year old loli virgin with colossal badonkers, and no real hobbies other than making me food, giving mind-blowing sex, and showering me with praise, despite the fact that I am a *massive* tool! 'Tis most unust! My massive, pulsating IQ cannot comprehend!"


These people have such a skewed view of relationships and women in general that it's just staggering. They'll be some colossal 360lbs neckbeard wearing a stained, ripped naruto shirt and smelling exactly like you'd expect, then get mad when the petite girl with a jogging hobby turns them down like ***fucking of course she would***. These types will hit on, lets say, 8-10 girls, all miles out of their league, and when they're summarily rejected it morphs into this misogynistic venom that all women are bad. But the sad thing is? There's people who would date this neckbeard. I know. I've met them. But the neckbeard doesn't even see that they exist in the first place because they're not 10/10. Because media told them for years that they're entitled to a hot partner by virtue of being a guy. The trope is super common, but it's helped create this skewed version of society where they're entitled to a hot partner and they're being denied their entitlement. It's one thing to have standards, its entirely another to only accept 8/10 minimum when you're a 2/10 yourself. The entire neckbeard situation would dissolve if these people would look in a mirror and bat in their own league.


Plenty of assholes have success dating, you just can’t be socially awkward *and* an asshole.


I want to argue with that, but I can't




As are 70% of American men, genius. Also this is not relevant at all?


He's the guy in the meme lol




men also like to have a neck beard and look like big ed. oh wait, is that you?


Found another one in the wild!


Maybe they should lose some weight then. 70% of men are obese or overweight


[This man disagrees with your assertion](https://youtu.be/X53ZSxkQ3Ho)


shallow and narrow minded fuck right here.


I guess cartoon women can't hurt you? What happens if she starts dating a cartoon Chad though?


That's what I'm always wondering too. What if their waifu canonically dies or gets married or something? That entire aspect of... Existence makes no sense to me


First, I have no idea why they are attracted to anime women other than the fact that aren't able to hurt them, like I said. Second, what is their protocol if their waifu dies or gets married like you mentioned?


The only waifus I've ever had were actual women that I would jokingly call "my waifu", so I'm just as stumped as you are on that one


At least yours are actual, tangible people.


They wallow in delusion that a character from a ~~hentai flick~~ *documentary of culture* is indeed attracted to overweight, greasy, creepy, middle-aged man (the so-called 'ugly bastard hentai' trope), so for the feeblecels, it ***must*** be true.


It is legend.


That’s the thing though, even the waifu used in this meme is into a chad in her series and definitely who is probably nothing like the person who made this meme lol


Hey man Bell ain’t no hot shit entirely either lol


He is certified Chad, any person willing to put in great efforts to better themselves is a Chad. ~~Also the huge harem of women following him helps~~




Most of the lesbians I know are fucking cool as hell. I know a grand total of *one* "man-hating lesbian".


Yeah, same and the only “man-hating lesbian” I ever met was generally an insufferable asshole who hated everyone and her miserableness had no connection to her gender or sexuality.


Those people are “lesbians” but also are into men, and don’t like women


Uh... no? I've known some of them for more than twenty years. They are into women, and like women sexually and only like men platonically. Not everyone is a college co-ed stereotype.


I go with she someone who believe that all guy should be prince charming and is venting because she can't get what she wants.


Maybe she only dates bi dudes


Since when does this quote describe lesbians?




Nah I dont think that I can loose the fat shit I took on the toilet even if you said you cant stand homosexual men, because then I'll just tell you sit homosexual man.


😡😡😡y gorls don’t like me??😱 I took a shower yesterday!😎🥳🙏


This format needs to be dragged through the streets, beaten and then killed.


Cool argument, bro, but I depicted you as a brainlet Wojak. I win, bye-bye.


Okay but......no one wakes up and sets out to call someone a rapist on purpose. So for someone to say that to you, it seems like you quite possibly are behaving creepy.


You seem to have never been on twitter


He looks like a chad though


Poor dude only found traumatized girls.


Poor dude seems to be far more traumatized than any of the girls :|


What do you mean?


He must have dealt with some awful women or had really bad experiences with girls to think that the only women out there must fall into one of those four categories of mentality.




If all you're gonna do is chase after girls who are not attracted to you...


>girls who are not attracted to you... Implying there's a girl out there who would actually be attracted to me.


Come on don’t downvote this guy, feels like kicking him while he’s down.


Atm i don't have downvotes for this but knowing redditors are like rabbid hyenas, it's only a matter of time until they pull a wholesome keanu chungus 100 moment


I know they're creepy but what'd hyenas ever do to you? To be compared to redditors... Almost feel bad for the hell spawn.


Ok, not hyenas. How about Gollums? At plural.


Everyone is someone else's weird fetish.


Just put some humor on that bone.


Cartoon pussy is the only pussy that neckbeards can get.


For some definition of "get".


This is offensive to some people. The image in the OP was definitely made by a very shallow person but not everyone who falls for fictional girls is like that.


I'm not sure if falling for a fictional character is very healthy. I get really liking a character but being in love with someone who does not exist and who is incapable of reciprocating that love (assuming they would do so if they were real) can't be good for you


I really don’t care if that’s offensive to people who “fall for” fictional girls. They literally do not exist.


The wife should have been a MLP plushy.


With a [hole in the back](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/316/806/bea.jpg)


And an easy to clean insert.


When you can’t get a girl bc you’re ugly inside and out but it’s too painful to admit so you play into identity politics and pretend that you’re the victim.


No-one has ever called me a rapist for just glancing at them. He must be either extremely unattractive or he was cat calling her or being a perv in some other way


i mean, if you have a neck beard and look like big ed’s child you can basically be seen as a rapist


>extremely unattractive I don’t understand, could you explain? So if I’m ugly as fuck and I look at a woman, she’s justified in calling me a rapist?


The thing is they don't shower or shave and have horrible fashion sense. Hygiene plays a great role in attractiveness


Okay...but how is that relevant? I’m talking about rape, and calling people rapists because of unattractiveness?


I agree attractivenes has nothing to do with a person being a rapist or not. However, it's normal that we perceive unattractive people as creepy much more often, even when doing things we would consider romantic or just normal when done by an attractive person. I know it's not how it should be but that's how it is


This guy really doesn't see the world outside of twitter if those are the only girls he sees


Step 1: lower your standards If your 300 pounds don’t expect over a 3 to date you


Anyone who uses the Nordic gamer meme as a self insert smells like dried semen and cat piss irl.


I fucking hate this stupid ass artstyle


You meet 4 people who are like that and don't even give it another try?


Lmao this is equivalent to people saying they can't be racist because they're black bruh


Damn dude you should try bumble


Hestia? What a fucking normie


Just wait until his waifu canonically dies or gets a lover


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He needs more beard on his neck.


> When are you going to get married and give me a grandchild? You got grandchildren money?!


Chad wojak = my opinion is the correct opinion and yours is doo doo


“This is my wife -because she can’t resist- what?”


Hestia is bestia


I'm happily married and I'm entirely average looking... it's amazing how far good personal hygiene and actual human respect (as opposed to cringy "nice guy" type behavior) can get you. A lot of guys like to cry foul for being forever single when they smell like unwashed ass from not washing their ass, can't dress themselves (no, that trench coat doesn't look good with the "Sarcasm is my First Language" shirt and the Rick & Morty pajama pants), call every girl they like "mlady", text with those insufferable stutters ("D-do y-you, y'know... l-l-like... katanas?") and have no idea how to have a two-sided conversation. Seriously though, I can't overstate how important good personal hygiene is. Wash your ass. It stinks.


*Meets four women who are assholes* Guess I’ll settle for a cartoon


Ngl, this made me chuckle a bit. There definitely are some pretty worthless women out there today if you're trying to date. But you know what, there are plenty of really good women too. And if woman is all about snarfing cock and how much you have in the bank, then fuck it, move on. There's no need to lament about how women are this and that and how you can't get laid. Just, y'know, work on yourself, and the rest will fall into place.


It's the moustache


Doubt he looks as good as he portrayed himself. And not to say ugly people don't get laid. Am ugly have gf.


This guy has been trying to hook up with twitter users, not average women. That was his big mistake.


Well you got to pick and choose what you want vs what you get. For me I get a lot of single moms and older women and I give them a chance. Maybe they just suck at writing.


This is based meme , i love anime girls too


You're on the wrong sub, buddy. This place is for mocking neckbeards like you.


Liking anime girls doesnt make you a neckbeard but it is a part of being a neckbeard, thats like saying because i like femboys that im a neckbeard


I am not neckbeard , i can make fun of myself too


So the blonde girl wants a gay man? How is this supposed to work lmao


Any girl that has "daddy" on her shirt, she is _absolutely_ only in for money.


I’m a woman and my friends call me daddy sometimes What do you think that says about me, o wise one