Concessionaire for Kansas City International Airport New Terminal recommended to City Council

Concessionaire for Kansas City International Airport New Terminal recommended to City Council


When Sprint Center first opened there was a QuikTrip inside. It didn't work out long-term. But, that seems like something that would work great in a terminal with all-day crowds.


Having moved out west, I would love to see a QuikTrip right when I land at MCI.


Here’s a direct link to see the potential vendors and associates renderings https://www.buildkci.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/9.16.21_KCI-VANTAGE-City-Council-Presentation.pdf


Loving the local options!


I’m most excited for the neighborhood concepts honestly looks like one of the best thought out plans I’ve ever seen for an airport


Easily. Most airports are just full of Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds. KC really put a lot of hometown pride in this and it will show. I love the little replica of city market lol. Maybe we can get jazz performers at the 18th and Vine section too.


Big focus on local businesses (though I wonder how boulevard feels about being passed over for Stockyard being the brewer mentioned...). I like the fact that they're not trying to ask for public money, when, you know, public money is helping to build the whole terminal to begin with. If MCI can manage to get a stronger position as a local hub for any airline, the local flavor will be good for branding the city (so long as these places dont butcher the foods or drinks they're supposed to represent). If not, well, at least the local brands will be a familiar friendly face for the Kansas Citians leaving and returning


To be fair... Boulevard isn't exactly a local business anymore. Stockard is.


Stockyards Brewing has some good brews, and a lot of people don't know about them because they're down in the West Bottoms. Hopefully, this gives them some great exposure.


Agreed. Several solid ones. Their Mexican beer is the one that I'm the most familiar with. They've been pretty aggressive about getting their beers canned and out on shelves (perhaps partially because they're so far out), so this move by them makes sense.


> they’re so far out It’s the west bottoms, not Eudora.


Clarification: 'culturally far out'. They're not located where people live and create foot traffic, unlike the other brewery clusters in NKC, Crossroads, Northern Southwest Boulevard, or the Brookside/Waldo area (There's a couple breweries there, but not sure if it can be considered as much of a brewery cluster as others). Taking myself as an example, it's about equidistant for me to walk to Stockyard and Boulevard, but there's a heck of a lot more for me and my friends on the way to and around Boulevard. It becomes a conscious choice for most people to go to Stockyard if they have no reason to be in the area, rather than just a casual visit to the neighborhood bar/brewery. I'm sure they still get people, but enough fewer people that the investment in focusing on canning and distribution carries a higher ROI, relative to investing in the taproom or bar sales.


Expand on public money building the airport. As much as I don't want to relive this from a few years ago I'm sure Blvd will be well represented in the bars


Shit’s fucking dope. I’m excited.


I can already imagine a pizza and beer at Martin City before my flights!


Best thing they can do is ban price gouging on the captive customers


15% over street price. This was covered


When a business is stuck with high rent and limited hours/customers, then they have to charge more.


That totally explains the stale $20 sandwichs at the kiosks currently at the airport. Totally just what they're forced to charge and not just exploitation


A lot of those sandwiches are sold at kiosks owned by one big company that controls pricing regardless of which airport you're at - HMSHost.


Hopefully with more options for travelers, that'll be less of an issue. I frequently eat at other airports (just had breakfast at the Orlando airport yesterday) and the quality is fine. Yeah it was expensive, but the food and service was good. Currently, I never eat at KCI. I'll only buy coffee or water or like a bag chips. Because I'm with you: the food at the kiosks, which is largely our only option, looks blah.