Fishing is one of the hobbies that success is not dictated by the money you put in. I know numerous guys that have 60-70 grand in a boat and fish 10-15 times a year. While I have maybe 500 in my kayak and go 2-3 time a week. All about perspective.


I'd wager more fish have been caught on $20 Wal-Mart specials than anything else. Pricier gear will last longer and feel better/smoother but it's not necessary to catch fish.


My first pole was an 40 dollar ugly stick and a 40 dollar penn spinning reel


Nice fish. And I have found this sub very supportive of those with basic rigs. Don't remember seeing anyone "slammed" at all, quite the opposite.


The one that really got on my nerves the other day was when someone posted their new kayak and asked about what sort of upgrades they could do. Someone replied that the best upgrade would be to get a new boat. It would suck to be that guy who was so proud of their new kayak and then got told that they should have bought something better.


This is super rare, don’t take that to be the norm, and I personally will call it out if I see it. The only thing I suggest against is inflatables, unless the person has a need for it, not just cost.


Haha that was me and my first time posting on here 😂 . Tho it doesn't bother me at all just some people aren't happy in there life's and think because the have a "better kayak" it somehow make them fell better. Im glad I didn't get a more pricey kayak where I go the kayaks gets beat up. Im have just as much fun on the water as anyone else.


As someone who started out with a cheap used kayak as my first... It's not terrible advice. It's just one person who made that comment, and it was downvoted. You people are just trying to stir up shit and rally together to fight some non-existant oppressor on /r/kayakfishing.


Haha im not trying to do anything lol. I'm just telling you my experience with this group lol. Like iv said before I don't care what that person said lol it's not even a big deal.


I haven't tried them yet but Alpacka rafts seem like a really cool concept for backcountry use, hike-in and float-out fishing or hunting trips, stuff like that. Not a low cost inflatable, a quality raft for that specific purpose.


It’s not tolerated for long, that’s for sure


Sometimes that could be the best advice. Dont throw money into something cheap unless it's something you can move to a better platform like a fish finder.


Honestly, it was solid advice. For the money he will spend on upgrades, he could have afforded a slightly better boat that had those upgrades as standard features! I fished off of a cheap Pelican yak for many years. My ass remained wet the entire time from a deck level seat instead of raised. My poor ankles got rubbed to shit from molded plastic foot rests. And I spent over $100 adding things like paddle holders, anchor trolleys, gear tracks etc. all of those things could have been avoided by spending $200 more for an Ascend or similar... So while it’s not cool to shit on someone’s excitement, it doesn’t mean the dude doesn’t have a point!


Buy a cheap boat, and put a good seat in it. Then spend your savings on tackle.


Every hobby subreddit gets that way eventually, until everyone has the same exact equipment. Bikes, computers, cameras, soldering irons, home theater, and kayaks apparently




Put the old kayak, inside the new kayak!


Don’t be a Dick.


Well I posted something the other day and someone said get a better kayak lol so it does happen


I seen that post. A yak is a yak, if it gets you on the water, and doesn’t sink, it’s a good boat! Everyone starts somewhere, why tell someone to get a better kayak after they already have one in their possession, could be a gift or bought second hand, if someone asks advice picking out a kayak, maybe give them the opinion of a “good boat”


I know for me price was the most important, then features, etc. I had a budget and I stuck to it. There's plenty of newer, fancier yaks for around the price I paid a few years ago, but I'm not about to drop that kind of money again. Yaks are great because they are considerably cheaper to operate per year than a boat while having the flexibility of one. I've had to replace a couple of pieces on my yak, but nothing that I needed tools for really. If I see someone in a very inexpensive kayak, the most I'd advise them is just comfort, since the cheaper the kayak the cheaper the seat. A buddy of mine would fish the whole day on his cheap one that had a molded seat, he just had needed a foam pad to sit on and he was fine. Caught more fish than I did, that bastard.


That was one asshole.


Lol I think that was me with my $100 kayak


Doesn’t matter the yak! Anyone rippin on another kayaker for their yak is a loser in my book. Nice fish!


I’m slapping bass in my Lifetime Tamarack. I paddled a 11.6 mile River on Friday. Fishing is still fishing.


I learned a long time ago....screw what other people think. As long as you are happy, thats what matters. Keep on enjoying!


If it floats it fishes! I've got my pelican mustang and lifetime sport fisher.


My brother-in-law just took one of my Mustangs out with a 45lb dog. The dog jumped out like a goof but it was stable until that point. ;)


Pssssh. My $500 kayak was one of the largest single purchases I'd made in my early 20s. I mean, i paid more in rent every month but $500 was a huge chunk of change to spend on myself for a hobby! If anyone ever talks shit on your boat, ask them when they're buying you one! Never? Exactly, so get bent 🤷‍♂️


It is a known fact that fishing ability is directly proportional to kayak cost.


I wish I could up vote this more than once. I've seen guys in some really inexpensive kayaks catching circles around me.


He said directly proportional, not inversely proportional. And probably was being sarcastic.


I've learned the error of my ways. If I want to catch better fish, I'm going to have to start saving for a better kayak.


Nah. Just have to spend more time on the water preferably with an experienced friend But feel free to start saving for a better kayak. Saving is always good.


If anyone wants to shame me for my cheap kayak buy me a 2000 dollar one then. Then you won’t have to shame me. I catch the same fish on my cheap one as your expensive one


Is this one of those "lets underdog for karma"-reddit-things? Because I haven't seen anyone shamed for their kayak.


[Here’s one of my old post](https://www.reddit.com/r/Kayaking/comments/m32wj6/my_vibe_is_on_its_way/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) talking about my Vibe being on its way. Toward the bottom you can see some unfriendly comments. I’ve also gotten some hate in comments section of other people’s post about my Vibe. For me though, it’s always been contained to r/kayaking. I haven’t experienced that here. One post I made over there with my kayak had to be completely deleted because of downvotes and negative comments while the same photo and post here was upvoted. Thankfully, it’s not always like this and the community it’s generally supportive. Sometimes though, people get weird.




Lol, you found one downvoted comment and decided that people are being shamed?


Whatever. I guess you can get bullied for posting almost anything. I'm sorry. You got me.


So, are you stuck in this victim role, or what? You talk shit about a good community to promote your post. Expect push-back. It's not hard.


What is wrong with you, dude? I didn't talk bad about anyone. In fact, no one said anything negative about any of my posts. However, I noticed some other people getting comments about their cheap kayaks. I thought it would be good to make a post showing how you can catch nice fish out of any kayak. Apparently, it really struck a nerve with them people. Both positively and negatively. Also, no need to start cursing.


Hey Mikey, from your previous posts you seem like a good guy. Your pictures are fun. Let's just leave it here. I paddle the worst kayak of them all and I have found this community inclusive despite that. I just don't share your point of view, I guess. Anyway, whatever, you know? Tight lines, man.


Thanks, man. Appreciate your kind words.


fuck these guys lol. who hired them to be the karma police anyway? nice post and nice fish. tight lines 🤙


Anyone trying to shame anyone about a budget kayak is trying to waste your time while they waste there’s. Tight lines.


A lot of people on the Internet suck. Nothing wrong with a cheap rig, enjoy yourself!!


Now I’d like to see some really cheap kayaks catching fish! How LOW can you go??


How cheap is really cheap? I catch fish out of my <$200 Sun Dolphin Explorer(?). It's a sit-in and definitely not built for fishing, but the fish don't care. I'm not taking a $1000 boat out to bounce and drag along logs and rocks. It's also super easy to load and carry solo which is really nice with all the steep banks around.


I just learned my kayak is cheap :(


For future help, buy used/demo boats from real dealers. I got a Jackson Kilroy for $900 and a Jackson cruise 10 that was outfitted to hell and back for $500. The Kilroy was a demo and looked brand new, the cruise was a trade in that someone had installed every modification known to man on but looked like it'd been used once.


When we bought boats I bought what I could afford, and wound up buying one more expensive boat for my daughter cause that’s all they had. We’ve had a blast with them, and it’s a fun activity that I don’t have to keep pouring more money into for us to enjoy it


Except you didn't buy a cheap kayak. You bought the best bang for the buck kayak on the market.


I think I agree. I just consider it "cheap" because the "good" ones pretty much start near a grand right now.


Ya, and your kayak is pretty sweet I think. I wish that one like that was available for the $ when I got my first one a long time ago!


If it floats safely it doesn't matter what you paid. And I'll bet there's plenty of guys in cheap kayaks with $20 rod/reel combos outfishing $2500 paddle driver kayak owners.


You can be sure of that.


Can’t say I’ve seen a single person shamed for their kayak choice in this sub or in r/kayaking… ever.


I haven’t seen it in this sub(doesn’t mean it didn’t happen), but I have seen it a lot in r/kayaking. It’s even happened to me there.


I have an Old Town Topwater PDL and I still take my Tamarack out alot. Sometimes low maintenence is better.


With a 275 lb capacity, the Tamarack angler 100 (assuming that’s the tamarack you’re referring to) simply isn’t an option for some folks. If you want to keep it around 75% max, that’s a working capacity of 206 lbs. It’s a bit like saying “go get that 40% off for an off the rack slim fit suit” when there’s no way I’m fitting into it the way I’d like, it’s not the materials I like, or the quality, so the fact that it’s more affordable is irrelevant. And let’s face it, if we’re competing for “just get it done for cheap” we’d be bank fishing with a stick, a piece of mono, a cork for a bobber, a hook, and some worms.


I have a BKC kayak and the same life vest as you do. I’ve seen several reviews ragging on BKC but I catch fish in it just the same and have a blast in it.


I haven’t seen folks get shamed for cheaper kayaks. What kind of complete prick do you have to be to give someone a hard time about their personal budget?


Those pictures will the smallies and catfish on the kish? Me and a buddy have seen you at Olsen and pierce a few times this year


Yeah, man. Plus, almost all of them came on a ned rig. I've gotten five catfish now while fishing for smallies. One was a monster and broke my line, but I saw it clearly. The catfish in Kish are really hungry. Make sure to say hello next time you see me. Also, if you don't already know about it, check out r/KishwaukeeRiver. I'm trying to get a Reddit resource going where we can share info about the Kish.


Here's a sneak peek of /r/KishwaukeeRiver using the [top posts](https://np.reddit.com/r/KishwaukeeRiver/top/?sort=top&t=all) of all time! \#1: [Bald Eagle on the Kish from Sunday!](https://v.redd.it/qgpq6tthov571) | [3 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/KishwaukeeRiver/comments/o25nks/bald_eagle_on_the_kish_from_sunday/) \#2: [Espensheid to Kishwaukee River Forest Preserve leisure float](https://np.reddit.com/r/KishwaukeeRiver/comments/o2qiuh/espensheid_to_kishwaukee_river_forest_preserve/) \#3: [Pictures of the launch at Distillery Road](https://np.reddit.com/gallery/o45p70) | [0 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/KishwaukeeRiver/comments/o45p70/pictures_of_the_launch_at_distillery_road/) ---- ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot, ^^beep ^^boop ^^| ^^Downvote ^^to ^^remove ^^| [^^Contact ^^me](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=sneakpeekbot) ^^| [^^Info](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/) ^^| [^^Opt-out](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/comments/joo7mb/blacklist_viii/)


People judge anyway, so fuck it, do what makes you happy. The only time I'm concerned is when someone uses a pool toy inflatables to fish out of. Not very safe in my opinion.


People always get sh&t on for having less expensive stuff. How many expensive boats do you see out there not being used, rotting away. How many people with $200-$400 rod and reel combos getting skunked. I use a yum dinger because they cost half of what Yamamoto senko cost. There are obvious advantages to a $3,000 kayak over a $1,200 one. But that boat won’t catch a fish by itself. The gun won’t hit the target without the hand holding it. The tool will not fix the air conditioner without the brain to troubleshoot. What I’m getting at is YOU are more valuable than your things. YOU catch the fish, float the rapid, make the decisions. That fancy boat won’t help where I come from. It’s nice to have things, but it’s also good to have the ability to adapt and work around problems. I just want people to remember fancy stuff doesn’t get the work done, the brain ands hands operating it is what gets the work done. Great pics, by the way- have fun and be safe out there!


Same I got a Hoodoo tempest 120 and love it. Iv had a couple issue but customer service was great and sent me replacement parts. Iv caught more fish this year than I have the last 10 years.


My 400$ pelican crushes it. I waited for it to go on sale. I broke the stadium seat, thankfully they make their products so you can repair. A friend of mine dropped 1500$ on an old town and cant even load and unload it without help. If youre catching fish it doesnt matter what people have to say. The only opinion that matters is your ass and how it feels after a good long day of fishing. Nice catches!


That's a good point that I hadn't thought of. My Tamarack Pro is about 55lbs and I struggle just a bit to get it on top of my car. Most of the "good" fishing kayaks are 70lbs plus. That would be horrible for me.


There will always be haters no matter what. I have been kayak fishing for almost 15 years and have had some shitty boats. I have a middle of the road kayak now that is nicely outfitted for just about any adventure. To be honest, I catch more attitiude about having a nice boat than I ever did about my cheap ones.


For centuries people fished from dugout canoes and kayaks they made themselves, out of what was available at the time. They used spears, nets, hand lines and trot lines to keep villages and families fed quite successfully. Those same fishermen would absolutely shit their pants of they saw what gear we have available to us these days, and that we complain about any of it. Best advice I can offer as a guy who's been doing it a while, and who has been in everything from 8' sun dolphins to 12' hobies...... get the boat you like and fish. I'd at least suggest a sit on top with a raised seat to start with, because those are gonna be the first things you want when you finally do get to try a SOT with a good seat. If you like it ins, or sit ons with the deck height seats, rock on with it, just recognize the limitations. Other than that...... just get out there and fish. It's not about what you're sitting on/in anyhow.


People ate me alive over my pelican.


The best kayak is the one that gets you on the water!


Honestly fuck those people. Fishing is fishing even it isn’t in a purpose built kayak - beach, rocky shore, fly fishing, deep sea…who cares as long as you’re having fun and catching. Keep hitting it, fish on!


Got the lifetime Tioga angler 100 and love it.


I just took my new Tioga on its maiden voyage Friday. Loved it.


Who cares what brand it is...if you're having fun it's worth it! Love my little 10ft sundolphin, can always upgrade if needed too.


It looks like you and I have the same boat. It’s been nothing but awesome.


Yep just reading the comments here and yes people are dick heads that think A) we only post for upvotes (karma)... Don't understand how that is a meaningful currency in your life? Most people here couldn't give less about it. B) some people only use the glories world wide web the bitch about shit instead of enjoying reaching across the globe to other people and their life's. Love your yak OP and fantastic to get out on the water in any form, I am living in Sweden and bought a new one for 800-1000 dollar and that is about the cheapest you can get a kayak with decent chair (bad back) and I got sooooo much shit from people saying I could have gotten one used for 50 bucks 🤣 People are asshole online because they would never dare in real life because they would get their shit pushed in Happy fishing and welcome to the yak life 👍🏻


Anything that gets you on the water is worth it!


Gets you on the fish. Thats a great PFD by the way.


Nothing wrong with a cheap kayak as long as the person enjoys what they get out of it. I was on the fence with the lifetime and the outlaw 11.5 at one point. I ended up going with the outlaw because it better suited me and my preference more than the lifetime did.


I have the teton 11.6 and love it , keep on fishing, we'd be out today but a tropical storm just came through


I bought mine at SAMs for $300.00. Just started updating to my needs / added wheels, cup holder / fishing pole holder. It floats and I enjoy.


Is that a min pin?


No. Rat terrier. That's Bella. She's the best.


I have a min pin just like her. Her name is Stella.


Only thing that matters is it floats and gets you to fish that you couldn't get from shore!


If it floats it fishes. Everything else is a matter of convenience. Don't give your money to slave drivers though, support good working conditions and good companies.


Yea I haven't seen anyone throw shade on some one for there rig, but if they do there a fucking poser. There are indigenous people all over the world who do just fine and probably catch way more fish than these people. Shit, I bought a yak with a big ass crack in the bottom for $200, fixed it up and if she floats she boats idgaf. Shit the fish don't care about their $3000 water rolls Royce either. Some people just want to make it a competition I guess, but they just asshats


My kayak was 179 on clearance and I am positive not one person on this site has caught more fish than me. It would be virtually impossible. It ain't the shoes, it ain't the clubs, and it ain't the kayak.


>I am positive not one person on this site has caught more fish than me I don't know, man... ;)


I fish 350 days a year. Early early.


User name checks out. ;)


I haven't seen that, there's people that own really high end yaks on here but I haven't seen them being disrespectful to anyone who buys lower tier stuff. Im on my boat more but I really like how a kayak can go through weeds and shallow rivers.


Looks like a decent enough rig. You’re sitting up at a reasonable height. If it’s not limiting your fishing it’s perfect. There is no reason to upgrade unless you want a specific feature that you don’t have and can’t add on.


The kayak you are happy with is a good kayak!


Feild and stream 12.5 was a great intro


I love bending branches paddles. Good quality and a decent price point.


I got the same Yak, just different color, doesn’t stop me from have a great time!


Nice catch !


My son and I fish blue water in Pelican kayaks. Have pulled in some massive fish sometimes in 5-6 foot waves. I am always impressed with some of the amazing rigs I see on this sub. People put so much effort into building them. However, I personally have as much fun on my cheep plastic kayak as I have in our very expense flybridge


I have a tamarack pro in white, best kayak for the money


First, we have the same vest. I love mine, you? Second, as someone with a hobie, but also had a “cheap” yak, who cares what the brand or expense? As long as you’re getting out there and fishing, you belong as much as anyone else here. There isn’t (or shouldn’t) be an income threshold to participate in kayak fishing. It’s all about getting out there and having fun.


Yes, I love my vest. I will about that I haven't filed the pockets with various items but I love the comfortableness of it. And I'm definitely getting out there and having fun. Right now, actually, I might have to get it a little under control. I just started back in April or so and I go out whenever the weather permits. My wife goes occasionally but she doesn't like to fish, so I usually just paddle with her. It seems that every moment I'm not on the water, I'm thinking about the next time I'll be on the water though. Maybe I'm a bit obsessed.


Generally, the more pricey the boat, the faster it is. A guy who owns a Hobie with foot pedals told me he can get up to 8MPH, which means he can cover more ground and potentially catch more fish. So I won't knock the "upgrade your boat" suggestion.


Spent 300 on mine a few years ago and has provided me the opportunity to catch hundreds of fish I never could have from the shore. People that shame others on their rigs need to find a new sub


I use a $300 ascend d10 kayak for everything. Fishing? Yep. Rapids? Yep. Casual kayaking? Yep. I have just as much fun, if not more in my cheap kayak. I don't have to worry about scratching it, or anything. I can litterally throw it in the bed of my truck and not care


My old cheap Ascend helped ME catch plenty of fish. My new Predator 13 just helps ME catch them more comfortably


Got it. Makes sense.


Side note, what kind of yak is that?


It's a Lifetime Tamarack Pro. They used to be $350 before the pandemic. Now, it's hard to find them under $500. Stupid supply and demand...


Damn, even for that price seems like it has plenty of bells and whistles that the pricey high end yaks have


I'm on year 5 of my $350 Costco Pelican. Couple 20$ scotty mounts and I'm still loving it. Of course, when, where, how and how often you fish is most Important to what you run. Everyone's usage is unique. That said, my best friend fishes with me, same amount of time, same water. His boat is a beast to load and unload. Looks great at the dock when gearing up. Onlookers are always "what is that", "what did it cost", " man that is sweeeet" etc. I toss mine around like a toy and love it.




I'm not sure, but I think it's a regular muskie. But, yep, that's basically a beetle spin. I put a three inch twister tail on it. I had been catching crappie in that spot the week before with the same beetle spin. I came back the next week and the crappie were gone. Maybe because this guy was stalking the place.


The price of the kayak doesn’t determine how many fish you will catch. Good shit man!


I have a low end kayak from Dick’s sporting goods. I have made a number of DIY improvements I have seen on YouTube. It works great, and have a ton of fun. Fish don’t seem to care, why should I.


I'm just getting into kayaking and bought a Pelican Catch 130. Probably considered "cheap" by many standards when compared to other pedal kayaks, it was still 2000$ for me. One of the cheapest pedal kayaks I could find, but unfortunately my arthritic shoulders dictated I should have the option of pedalling.


My wife has the same Kayak in green, while mine was a little more pricey. Mine has a watertight storage space and 2 holes in the back for poles and was about 150$ more. Hers floats a little higher, moves more smoothly, and is bigger. I really like the pole holders but at the end of the day a kayak is a kayak. If youre catching fish and happy, you’re doing it right. If you want an entirely different experience get a boat.


I'm addmitingly an elitist with certain things....but even i have the self awareness to know there is nothing worse than an elitist trying to yuck someone else's yum. Great fish btw. Keep enjoying the yak fishing life!


I don't really see that on here outside of the some random jerks but there aren't too many. It's much more rife on certain Facebook groups with 'hurr durr buy a Hobie'


You don't need a fancy kayak to catch fish, while I have a Jackson Liska now, my first fishing kayak was a 500$ one from Costco and it has seen some big fish. I even caught my PB Walleye, a 32 incher, in that bad boy and I have yet to beat that fish in my new kayak or my boat! Keep on doing you. The haters are just jealous that you catch bigger fish than them!


I got a sit in Pelican 10ft on sale at Academy for around $200 in the off season a couple years back. Added some track mounts, side handles, and built an anchor trolley. Take her out almost every day and have loved every second! Would and upgrade be nice? Of course. But it’s not entirely practical. Use what you got and have a great time, the fish don’t give a shit how much your kayak costs. One small tip, though - wash and wax it after use. The wax protects from UV damage and keeps it looking spiffy. Fish on, friends!


The right tool for the job I say. Looks like you're doing fine. I started out on my friends Sundolphin Boss 12, and would "walk away" from his Native Titan 10.5. I fish mostly on the California Delta, and with tidal swings and wind, I couldn't hang out anymore on a paddle only, and needed a pedal drive.


Can you stand up and cast in yours?


I’m really anxious that I’m gonna be kayaking minding my business and these paddler jockeys are gonna come up to me and be like PFFF LOOK AT THIS ROOKIE WITH HIS PLASTIC PIECE OF SHIT then I’m gonna laugh and then go home and cry :(


Don't cry. Just catch a monster bass right in front of them.


Do you brother!