Pretty sure my LGS knew I wasn’t taking a pic of this in solidarity with them as I stood at the counter for 10 minutes being ignored. Guess I hurt their little snowflake feelers.

Pretty sure my LGS knew I wasn’t taking a pic of this in solidarity with them as I stood at the counter for 10 minutes being ignored. Guess I hurt their little snowflake feelers.


Wait till they hear about Trump’s EPA


wE NeEd SoMeOnE tO rUn ThIs CoUnTrY lIkE a BuSiNeSs


Ah, yes, we were missing some heavy handed authoritarianism and to prioritize profit for wealthy people above our own health and well being in our country. He was true to that at least.


lol I love that people actually think this is a good idea. It’s worked so well for the public school system and American healthcare


Yah and it’s terrifying how people just accept it too. Edit:spelling


That’s just peak Capitalist mindset. They think it can apply to everyone and everything and e perfect. The problem is, it has its flaws, like every other system. Working in a hospital, I see how people are treated as, “customers” only they’re not. They’re patients. It’s the same reason we’re allowed to be mistreated, the, “customer” is always right. Hey at least my CEO is rich as fuck. I can’t afford to move out of my mom’s house lmfao


>That’s just peak Capitalist mindset. They think it can apply to everyone and everything and e perfect. The problem is, it has its flaws, like every other system. Huge, systemic, fundamental flaws. ​ Look, I'm not saying that any other economic philosophy is perfect either, but decades of the communist boogeyman have given us a country where most of the people over 50 have a subconscious mental filter that goes "anything capitalist is the opposite of communist, and anything communist is EVIL...therefore everything capitalist is the opposite of that...ergo, everything capitalist is GOOD". ​ The wealthy elite in this country have done a bang up job convincing everyone that they're the good guys.


Well, maybe if you quit being a lazy snowflake anti-gun liberal millennial and quit eating avocado toast and drinking iced coffee then you could. Something something trade job best job something something lazy kids. /s


I was about to downvote you then I saw the /s. I was like… wtF IS WRONG WITH Avocado toast?!? ….. I FUCKING LOVE AVOCADO TOAST!! Lol Have my up vote haha.


Saw a fixer upper in Santa Ana for 750k hadn't been sold since '72. 2500% increase in price. Guess how much wages have changed since 1972? Median household income in 1972 was was about $11,116 according to the department of commerce. Median family income in the US in 2021 is $79,900. I promise you that house will sell over asking. If we both had the ability to put 100% of our house hold income down buddy in '72 could have bought that house in a year with change left over. It would take guy in 2021 10 full years and he would need to reno the shit out of it. Shits crazy. Wrong sub I know. This has been my whiskey infused talk about how dumb shit is.


LOL perfect. I know, the right loves idolizing first responders, until it comes down to paying us a livable wage


Well, you shouldn't be doing that job for *money* you should be doing it out of the goodness of your heart, obviously Such a selfish liberal obviously


I actually laughed when a patient asked if we were volunteers, which I feel bad about, but no fucking way I’d deal with any of the bullshit we’ve seen or done for free…though if you saw my paychecks you might think I did lol


I'm a medic in Canada. I have no idea how you guys get shafted so badly out there. I hope shit gets better, fast.


Fun Fact: privatization of government institutions was one of Nazi Germany's biggest social initiatives, even going so far as to privatize their welfare system (which proceeded to shrink access to welfare as only "undesirables" would need welfare). Privatized institutions were also given preferential treatment if they supported the military industrial complex that was being rebuilt in the interwar period. Luckily that doesn't sound like any line of thinking I've heard in the US in the time I've been alive though! :)


However eye rolling I find the idea personally, I could at least understand the theory if they actually picked someone whose business record wasn't running every business of his into the ground. I mean, how do you bankrupt a casino, for god's sake?


My dad said this a lot but then didn't ever have a reply when I showed him deficit data under Trump and Obama. The closest he ever got to a reply was that the democrats blocked all reductions of spending or that the numbers I used were fake.


Specifically an expert in bankruptcy!


It was always that comment that got me in arguments with the idiots at work too. NO FUNDAMENTAL UNDERSTANDING. Every convo is an Explain Like I'm 5 (and then still argue)


You mean every republicans EpA?


*Richard Nixon has entered the chat*


Nixon started the EPA. Just sayin




Essentially, but this one was corrupt to a whole new level


The Environmental Prostitution Agency?


You mean literally *everything* about 45's administration?


Or maybe Ivanka's Chinese trademarks? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/28/business/ivanka-trump-china-trademarks.html


Wait till they hear about Trump's everything.




I've never been to an LGS without waiting at least 10 minutes to be acknowledged tbh


Being a middle aged bald white male with a beard who wears khakis and polos for work they are usually all over me when I walk in but not today my friend, not today


As someone who looks the literal opposite of this, I’m normally ignored until I’m one of the last ones in there. Welcome to the club my friend.


Oh, there was a black couple wandering around that was getting most of the staff’s attention, not in the can we help you in any way kind of way but more in the everybody who works here is going to keep their physical distance while doing nothing else but watching their every move way. Cause did you really go to a gun store if you didn’t see some racial profiling and lock her up stickers?


I love my local shop. Zero political bullshit anywhere in the shop at all. Reasonably knowledgeable staff. They love doing transfers. They actually enforce the mask mandates. Just nothing to complain about. It reminds me of how the shops around here used to be before Obama broke all the republican brains.


God that sounds nice


Be grateful. > before Obama broke all the republican brains. There was a 16 month drought of ammo here after he was elected. I don’t know what they thought he was going to do.


NRA ramping up FUD about the government coming to take your guns every time there's a Democrat president.


Yep. It’s effective isn’t it?


Shops around me actually closed because they literally ran out of guns to sell.


Yep. Supply wasn’t bad here a year ago, if overpriced. Ammo was nonexistent, and $1.50 a round online. It’s better now. .38’s are .35-.40 a round now.


Obama was going to take their guns, just like Biden is about to do. It happens every time a Dem is in the White House. Clinton took our guns, as did Carter, Kennedy, and every Democrat since 1776.


Same here.


Same here. Even the country guys that are there to buy guns just shoot the shit with me and I am


I'm a little too clean cut to be mistaken for a CHUD, but if I dressed in my redneck get up I'm sure I'd be the LGS' top priority.


Camo is their pheromone


Ahaha… you know last time I went, one dude did acknowledge me but assumed I didn’t need help so he walked by. Two steps away and I said I was here to pick up a gun. Seemed a little annoyed to help me. Weirdest thing is we’re both POC so we initially had a positive head nod lol. I never judge people at work though, who knows what they were up to before I waltz in.


The irony is in trumps White House, everything actually was for sale.


And all you had to have was a Russian peepee tape


As dumb as it is, it made me chuckle. That's kinda clever.


Oh, it most definitely got a chuckle out of me. Got to give it to them on that one, I mean still full of hypocrisy and stupidity as always but I’ll give them a nod when they deserve one.


I kinda like it, tbh


Same here lol




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Trouble in Terrorist Town did it first smh


They should know all about that, from when Trump wanted to sell public lands and park space to private entities.


Well that doesn’t count, for reasons and other stuff


This is the few instances where I'll support a chain over a local store. The 2 chain gun stores in my area have 0 political stuff and just want to sell guns. I went into a lgs wearing a mask and was immediately berated for wearing it. Just turned around and walked out.


Definitely have become more of an Academy fan as of late


Where everything is for sale!? Their precious Trump was literally doing ads from the oval office for Goya. It's astonishing they don't literally choke on their hypocrisy.


HA! With ALL the other shit he did I actually forgot about him being the Goya spokesmodel


Me too. Too bad, really. Their refried beans are actually good.


Aren’t they


I'm getting sick of aLl the gUnS gIvEn to taLib by Biden shit. They were given to ANA (aka not "ours" during 3 different administrations and somehow it's Biden's fault?)


I would have checked the tag to see where it was made. If from outsourced manufacturing, I'm the kind of person that would deride the shop owner about their hypocrisy.


I googled tultex shirts it seems they are made in US and A https://tultex.com/faqs


Tultex makes the blank shirts, but it looks like the design is printed by [The Box Tees.](https://theboxtees.com/) Which is interesting, because while they do have this design, they're not your typical right wing apparel shop. They [also](https://theboxtees.com/i-support-trans?s=hanes-5250&c=Black&p=FRONT) [sell](https://theboxtees.com/nazi-lives-dont-matter?s=hanes-5250&c=Black&p=FRONT) [these.](https://theboxtees.com/losers-in-1865-losers-in-1945-losers-in-2020-shirt?s=hanes-5250&c=Black&p=FRONT)


Believe it or not....companies can be apolitical and use both sides to make money. It's great because while the two parties people bicker at each other they sit back and collect the checks laughing at how ignorant both parties are.


This is the system working at designed. Companies laughing all the way to the bank while we worry about as D vs R.


I fully realize that. Especially when you look at huge transnationals. They donate to campaigns on both sides of the political aisle. They don't actually care who is in power from an ideological perspective. They just want to make sure the elected officials know that it was big donor money that is keeping them in their seat. That's one of the blatantly corrupt things about Citizens United. The argument was that corporations need to be able to give money because for them donating money is a form of political speech. But if they're giving money to opposing sides simultaneously then they're not actually expressing a political opinion, they're just trying to buy favor with whoever wins.


The political opinion being expressed is “We are more important than they are.”


There is one Party in America and it's the Party of the rich. The R-D shit is a distraction to turn the plebes against each other; at least it has been since the collapse of the New Deal Left in the late 60s.


[Relevant IASIP](https://c.tenor.com/bk8QMH02QOcAAAAC/im-playing-both-sides-both-sides.gif)




Damn, should have done that




Hilarious! Dumb? Yes.






LGS? Liberal gun store??? Not at all familar


Local Gun Store.


Oohhh... thanks. Yeah my LGS is anything but liberal. I too wait awhile. Can they smell my liberalism I wonder


They have that predator vision with a liberal filter, can’t hide what’s on your insides


I say fuck em if they can't deal. At least you didn't give up and leave. That would have given them a story about how you left in a huff cuz you couldn't deal blah blah blah. Right wingers are just getting exhausting to me to be honest. It's tough being in a right of center world with guns. It's very isolating as I can't talk to my liberal friends about my hobby, and right wingers just think that all liberals are morons and can't deal with you being in 'their world.' Not to mention T-shirts like this, the media being negative on Dems and trying to get GOP'ers back in office so they'll have a more captive audience, and more, is just making me down.


I can relate all too well


$25 for a 1 side 1 color print cheapo t-shirt. What a goober factory.


My gun store literally will kick people out if they think they're liberal or voted for Biden.


And yet we’re the snowflakes who can’t handle the truth.


There's a reason why I order my stuff offline and they just get the transfer fee even if they have the same thing I'm wanting.


Good point


Same. I’m picky about who I’m even willing to pay just for the FFL transfer.


I’d drive across the state to not have to trade with them. But I’m lucky to have at least 10 gun shops within a reasonable drive from home. The shops with reasonable, attentive salespeople get my business. The shops with salespeople who only want to talk to their buddies or coworkers are crossed off my list. Best dealer I’ve found is a small-time, low-overhead, one-man operation who mostly does transfers and special orders. The big dealers might get volume discounts but I don’t see them passing that savings to the customer.


The only LGS left in my town had an owner that organized a literal armed posse over some Facebook rumor BS about a BLM bus. That debacle ended in a family put in a very dangerous situation surrounded by armed idiots, and significant damage done to National forest land as they felled trees to block the travel of "the BLM bus" aka a family of four on vacation. Never stepped foot in that dangerous idiots store again, they are now closed. Leaves me Wal-Mart and Coastal Hardware for ammo and new firearms. I go to the town over if I need a transfer.


Dude, that is fucking insane. Like literally insane, lol. What the fuck is wrong with these people?


The same thing wrong with every Dump loving boomer on Facebook, just these ones used to own a gun store. Should have heard them when I went in there a week after the bumpstock ban. They "never sold that trash", I disagreed with that statement as I nearly bought one there a month prior, and they literally replied "fake news." I cannot believe the mental gymnastics these zealots will go through because their golden calf said so.


My Walmart never brought back ammo... Surprising in rural WV.


CaNceL CuLTuRe


I know this is shitty but you have to look at it from their perspective. Joe literally wants to take away their livelihood. Of you look at Joe's gun control website he has up during his campaign, he wanted to ban "assault weapons", ban online sale of ammo, ban online sale of guns, ban the online sale of gun parts, ban magazines over 10 rounds, etc. If I was a business owner and I sold boats, boat parts, and fixed boats for a living, I might not want to patronize people that voted for a candidate that wants to outlaw my livelihood. It also doesn't help that Biden is currently trying to erode our First, second, and forth amendment rights.


Don't get me wrong I understand their reasoning, I just think it's petty for anyone to deny service based on political affiliation. Especially if their goal is to honor the second amendment that everyone has the right to be armed, but that honor is reserved for people who suit the owners political viewpoints. That's gatekeeping if I've ever seen it. Not to mention as a gun shop owner they have a platform to help more people understand firearm rights, which in turn could radically change how future democratic candidates pander to their bases.


At least they admit he won the election?


Baby steps


Lol that's pretty funny


Just ask them to explain it, play dumb…”I don’t get it, why does it say everything for sale?” Pretty sure you won’t get a coherent answer


I’m sure not


I don't really agree with it, but a good pun is a good pun. I'll allow it.




Wait til they hear about what happened there on 01-06-2021


You mean all the patriotism that most definitely wasn’t a treasonous coup attempt?


Hold still a sec while I slap those blinders from your face…


Assault!! I need an adult!!


I wouldn’t ask the Republican Party for one…. They seem to be out. I would say ‘fresh out’ but McCain been dead a while.




I mean this respectfully for Adam. RINO. Great RINO. The best. Everyone will say he was the best. But yeah. Good dude. Too good to be an actual Republican




Yeah, I saw the word "Traitor" and immediately assumed it was referring to the insurrection. If only they could see the irony, we could all have a big laugh together.


Irony might as well be advanced calculus to most conservatives.


Well, there was the one insurrectionist who posted on social media that he had just stormed the White House.


How can they possibly believe this guy is a traitor but trump is not? Jesus age fuck they are dense.


Like christmas fruitcake


I mean, at least they are beginning to acknowledge the fact that he legitimately won the election? 🤷🏽‍♂️


Now that is a good way of looking at it


Why is everyone commenting on Trump? This shirt doesn’t say a single thing about Trump. Can’t anybody see the forrest for the trees and dislike BOTH of them? This is the same exact ignorance I’d hear when pointing out Trumps downfalls. “Well, whatabout Hillary!” “Whatabout Biden!” Biden drone bombs innocents, infringes 2A, extends the war on drugs and sold us universal healthcare but delivered a mandate to pay private insurance corporations. He is not a liberal by ANY stretch of the imagination. To watch a liberal sub clamor over this tyrant really has me second guessing the true ideals you stand by. The cognitive dissonance is staggering.


It's a gun subreddit for self-described liberals. I'm not sure what you were expecting outside of the occasional leftist chiming in.


It took me way too long to realize this has no connection beyond the pun to Trader Joe's the store lol. I was like "wait, wtf did Trader Joe's do against the right wingers?"


I was honestly excited for a second because I thought we were finally getting a friggin Trader Joe’s


When I lived in central CA I worked retail and for quite some time was a front end supervisor. Worked the CS desk pretty often, and one of my regulars was some regional level executive for Trader Joe's. We had them all around but not in my 100k+ population city, so I asked her if we were ever going to get one that wasn't about an hour away. Her response was "The demographics here don't support our models for opening a new store." So I asked her, "Too many conservatives huh?", To which she responded while nodding, "The demographics are wrong." It made me sad, but I don't live in a conservative hell hole anymore that had the added detriment of Cali gun laws.


Well I live in one of the two liberal areas of a very conservative state so I’m still holding out hope


Ouch, the disappointment is palpable.


They would no longer be my LGS


Unfortunately while there are other stores around they are the only range anywhere close by


That’s a tough one. Any BLM land around? Price is right and I can usually find a spot with trash from other shooters that I pickup to have net positive impact even though I’m leaving lead in a hillside.


There used to be a couple of spots but they got shut down. I’m sure there are a couple more but I’ll be damned if I know where they are


If he's bought off, just give him more money to change his mind. Oh that's right, the NRA is bankrupt.




they prob just have shit customer service


That is also true


You should've told them you were interested in buying a bump stock.




I wouldn't be able to hold my mouth shut. I would say, "I thought the Traitors were the ones at the capital building January 6th?"


Like a true Irish Brewer would


Remember when Trump had people walking out of the White House with busts and paintings and shit?


Should’ve walked out not given them your money


I did not buy anything


Trump's Treason if far worse. Hunter Biden below average salary if of more note to the than Moscow Mitch's wives 1.5 billion pandemic payout.


Every accusation is a confession


Well they aren't wrong though. Just their reasons for believing that aren't real.


And they're projecting over the last administration that was blatantly more corrupt.


I mean he did kinda sell out. Where's bernie when you need him


I cant be the only one whose first thought was r/7daystodie right?


At least they're acknowledging the Biden presidency.


Genuinely curious of the definition of "traitor" floating around in the designer's head.


I like this, its punny. Total bullshit though.


The projection is strong. Also the Whitehouse is not black, it’s white. Go figure.


Why a business would be openly political is beyond me. (Regardless of who they support.) An owner of a gunshop/range that I knew was a Trump Supporter, but he knew better than to have stupid shit like that.




Talking from a pure 2a standpoint, biden still scares me more.In four years trump banned bump stocks and had one stupid quote (and let's be real, trump was constantly saying stupid shit he never intended to back up). Biden tried to push chipman and has an entire policy page dedicated to crazy 2a infringements. His "all you need is a shotgun and fire two blasts" quote is funny as hell though. Imo the only reason Biden hasn't been as bad is because he is trying to save political capitol. He has over three years left. Plenty of time. No, trump is not the gun rights god many make him out to be but if I literally only cared about gun rights and nothing else, he is far and away a better bet then Biden. I just didn't vote for trump because I care policies outside of guns


Shit like this is why I don’t support LGSs in my area. I just fucking buy most shit at Sportmans. Order online, pick up in store a week or two later.


How come none of these dudes screeched like banshees when trump's red flag laws were in the news but they troll and harass families of mass shooting victims saying their dead family is a false flag?


If they actually knew anything about politics, they’d understand Joe Biden is a moderate leaning right lmao.


Just another reason these right wing smooth brains are awful, they've ruined hilarious absurdity for the rest of us. Now we can't laugh at this stuff like we want to because we are emboldening seditious traitors who want to destroy our democracy and replace it with some kind of authoritarian theocracy.


all of our gun shops in the south are full of this right wing bullshit, also full of fudds and other people who have no fucking clue what they are doing


All too aware, I live in Arkansas


aye arkansas gang


He IS a traitor to the left-wing though...


For real lol


Yeah. It’s Joe that’s willing to sell anything… 😂


It’s the sweet all natural hypocrisy that makes it so amazing


I mean... They're not wrong. They're just stupid to think that only one of the major parties engages in that BS




Its pretty funny tbh


Despite my sentiments towards conservatives, that shirt is funny asl 😂


You sure showed them.


You showed them!