Modern problems require modern solutions.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

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I really hope the camera and AI registers the correct text :)




Especially for Slavic languages ( č,š, ô etc )


Jardo nestěžuj si.




Můžeme bejt rádi že to přečte á.


Asi tak, čo už s tým no.






Apple is hot garbage


There’s languages other than English?


Never heard of them, probably some big corporate scheme.




Slavic Siri has not arrived


Works great for german.


German is just angry English, though.


German actually sounds beautiful if you have the right ear lol


Yes but most people have a left ear too.


Ohhh you smart ass lol. That was a good one though


Not Van Gogh though, so I guess he loved German.


Evander Holyfield loves German too, courtesy of Mike Tyson


This is what I needed. Gave me a good belly laugh.


You can say that about anything though


Hear me out though, its actually true for German. I think there's a mental block on the language and culture because of Nazi regime lol. Have you listened to Nena or xavier? Their voices are angelic i tell you


I think it goes beyond a mental block to an almost total lack of exposure to spoken German that isn't (whether in documentaries or movies) *literal* angry Nazis. If you ask somebody in the US what German sounds like there's a solid chance that's all their brain has for examples of it. Dark on Netflix being really good with the original audio + subtitles is fighting the good fight in that regard.


I watch German movies in the original language, its a beautiful and expressive language. You can be angry and speak in a passive voice in English, WIERD!


I’ve taken four years of German between high school and college and my mom’s parents were German so they spoke German around me regularly, even if I didn’t understand all of it, so I guess I never really got the ‘German = angry’ effect. I mean, any language will sound angry if you speak it harshly enough.


I've been trying to watch that, but the back and forth through time is giving me a headache.


>mental Block because of Nazis >Suggests listening to Nena or Xavier Naidoo I see what you did there


Man I've lived in a German-speaking country for years and I still find German to be ugly.


Oh, I know. I spent seven years learning it! It's more than German tourists are often the loudest people around so it tends to sound quite angry.


I'm from the states, been learning for 3 years, and I love it. Yeah I can see tourists now reading from a translation book tearing the phonics apart lol.


*Reich ear


Op wont even review it later. Its just a security blanket to justify procrastination and laziness. It like the people who take pictures of the notes on the white board they are never going to review it.


Thanks for the memories


Bingpot. That's how our brains learn. By writing stuff down and re-reading it.


That's a Bingpot! That's how you say it right? That's a Bingpot?


Tbh I graduated by just writing down and not reading it ever again. It's really the writing that matters. And it keeps you focused on the class


Me too! In my major there was too much to study while working a full time job. I never could get around to it all. Some of my electives I just let completely fall. Social Psychology I think was one of my worst academic performances of my entire student life


I genuinely never read my notes. Just made sure to understand what I was writing as I was writing it.


Once I came to that realization, I began just *imagining* writing the words. Just picturing each letter, each word, in as much detail as I could, without actually writing anything down. And it worked just as well for me as taking real notes … until a cute girl in one of my classes asked if she could borrow my notes, and I blew any chance I had with her by pompously explaining my system of imaginary note-taking.


Gosh damn the memories are all flooding back


We just say Bingpot.


Pretty sad you were downvoted saying that


I feel personally attacked




Why you call me out like this


Good point!


This functionality is built into iPhones now. It works very well, as you'd expect from an iPhone camera and processor in 2021.


Google lens has had this for years. It's funny how Apple copies technology and everybody's surprised like it's new. I can search items and tell you what the item is, it can copy text and translate live on your phone


The iOS version is a bit different in that it’s more deeply integrated. You don’t need to open a special app, you can select text in images on Camera, Photos, Safari, iMessage, and practically any app that uses the same components as the stock apps. As another comment noted, it’s also all done on-device, which means it works entirely offline and isn’t sending stuff to some random server.


Samsung s20 Note here. Works today offline also.


Which google also bought from another company. https://www.cnet.com/tech/services-and-software/google-buys-word-lens-maker-to-boost-translate/


This whole google first, no apple first thing is ridiculous.


It’s obviously Microsoft first.


Except the success rate of Lens vs Apple’s new text selection is a big gap. Google shows up early, Apple gets it right. That’s how it’s always been. (Except for Apple Maps. That was a failure of the fucking century, that one.)


I honestly don’t thing Apple realized how much of an undertaking a proper maps app would be. Google has a 20 year head start on them in that regard.




In my zenfone 5 I have it as another "camera mode" I can even pin it instead of the pro mode but I don't need it so often


I'm not sure what you mean by success rate. I constantly use it in my pharmacy job on medication information sheets that are tiny print or in other languages.


I still prefer Google over using Safari to be honest.


lol was?


Good thing I use pen and paper, then. If you can read my chicken scratchings you're welcome to my notes.


Now I want to try if it will work on your hand writing or not, can you post a pic so that nerds like me can try that??


Just for you, I tried it for fun. *"Brendan"* (not my name) came out as *"EEDA"* lol.




𝓘𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓮𝓭, 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓲𝓼 𝓯𝓾𝓷


End to end encryption. 🐓


Method works. Not even me can read my own handwriting sometimes.


Sometimes **I** can't read my chicken scratch.


Good thing I almost never look back at my notes. When I do, the issue is more What the heck did I mean by “unicorn sandwiches” in regards to project management?


Maybe you were hungry


Maybe so lol.


Plenty of research has shown that it's the act of writing the notes that helps the most. The process of consolidation required to write effective notes aids memory retention and retrieval far more than simply reading notes does. This is also the reason written notes are superior to typed notes. The level of consolidation needed to write efficient notes is much greater than with typed notes: typing allows you to copy too much information verbatim, which makes writing require less thought.


Thank you. Note taking is how you retain information, this person is going to have some type in a document and will be completely unable to recall it at all.


Completely unable is a stretch, as I do think even studying prewritten notes is still effective. Probably the same efficacy as reading a textbook, which is obviously pretty useful.


Can confirm, i spent all of college writing notes I'd never look at again


This is why I have fallen in love with my apple pencil. I hate apple. Hate the company, hate the culture, hate the users. But I broke down last month and bought the iPad and pencil for school so I could take notes and do schoolwork on the same machine. It was cheaper than equivalent Microsoft products. Noteability has changed the way I take notes and my grades have benefitted from that. I can color code, copy/paste, embed, and record all while note taking and the writing action is so smooth it feels like my fountain pen. It has made note-taking more engaging and helps me to organize my thoughts in a more efficient and productive way. I just wish I could have the same effect from a product line with more open architecture.


If anyone wants an alternative viewpoint on this, I bought an iPad Air and an Apple Pencil and I really don't like taking notes with it. I also have a Surface and Surface Pen. If I want to take notes electronically, I prefer doing so on my Surface I still prefer handwritten notes on paper, however. There's something about taking notes electronically that misses the mark


If I might ask, since I have no physical experience with the surface's stylus, what is it that you prefer over the Apple pencil? I'd love to know your take so when I do make an upgrade I can possibly drop Apple and move to a more versatile OS.


I think a large part of my dislike of the Apple Pencil is the stylus tip. I just find the tactile sensation of moving it across the glass screen really unsatisfying for some reason. The Surface Pen doesn't have the same problem; it feels a little closer to writing on paper I had looked into buying a matte screen protector for my iPad Air but it seemed like using one came with too many downsides. The idea was that using one would add more friction and make it feel more like you're writing on a sheet of paper. That added friction causes the pencil tip to become filed down over time, so you end up having to order replacements. The matte screen protector also takes away from the premium quality of the iPad's screen in my opinion Honestly the only thing I like about taking notes electronically is being able to quickly undo/redo, copy/paste and move things around, which obviously can't be done on paper. There's something about writing on paper that you just don't get when taking electronic notes, however. I don't think I will ever fully transfer to taking notes electronically all the time. I literally just bought a notebook yesterday so I could take notes for Physics. I immediately felt like I was understanding the material better after taking handwritten notes If I had to describe why I don't like taking electronic notes in one sentence, it'd be that I feel that writing on paper commits what I write down to my memory, while writing on a device feels like I'm committing what I write down to the *device's* memory


Surface is full fledged windows 10. A tablet you can easily carry around, write on, touch screen etc. Run virtually any software on it, Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, headset, etc. Take it home and plug in Thunderbolt dock for full desktop with extra screens. Not sure how any system could possibly by better for education, besides price. It's a true "do everything perfectly" device. Edit: also, Microsoft OneNote was amazing.


Best of both worlds. It's a shame the price point is cost prohibitive for most people. I know there are some eReaders that you can write on but they lack colour and aren't significantly cheaper.


I got an older iPad Pro for $200 before corona and bought an Apple Pencil too. It's within reach for most people if you're willing to go a generation or two back.


I upgraded and sold my 2nd gen pro with the pencil to someone for $200, it’s what the trade in was worth and that way I knew someone would get good use of it.


Wish I had my Z Fold 3 in college, I wouldn't even need to bring a backpack anywhere!


I literally used to learn material when doing homework by simply typing it down on a laptop from a book in a more concise manner (for me). In the end I would just delete the file, because I would never read it again anyway. The process of writing stuff down helped me a ton.


Well, now I get why I felt I had to write my notes to "study" a week or a few days before a test! My go-to strategy was to takes notes, from the book or lecture or whatever, then when I was going to have a test, i went back through and took notes from my notes (like a condensing of info, I guess). I really only did notes twice per section, and it was enough to help me pass my test with great scores. Ymmv but this is definitely something that helped me!


This is what my mom did when she went back to school and became a law clerk. She made the dean's list every semester. That's a great strategy - glad it worked for you!


Totally. I’d write out flash cards when studying, then I could also do a quick review right before the test.


I never knew this for sure, but it makes sense for me. I used pen and paper all through college and rarely had problems remembering things for exams. Barely even have to reread my notes. But on the few occasions I tried typing notes (mostly because I saw everyone else doing it) I felt so lost and couldn’t remember anything.


We had a teacher that would trick students into taking notes. You were allowed to put any information you could fit on an index card and use it for the tests. The trick is pretty obvious, your going to research the material and put information down on the cards reinforcing the information making the cards less needed.


My Biochem class let us do this. A single cue-card with as much info as you could cram. I wrote a cue card so packed with info you'd need a magnifying glass to see everything. In the end I left it at home, and instead I brought a cue card with an acronym to help me remember the primary amino acids, and a big happy face.


Same! I managed to fit all of intro to calculus on a single card.


Oh nice, link some of that research you've read, that would be cool


Sure! First of all, there's a great paper by Anca Petrescu if you can get your hands on it. It was published in eLearning & Software for Education and discusses the current research in a more casual way, and specifically looks at how the application of this research should be handled in the classroom. It's a good read, and your local university probably has it on hand. It's called "Typing or Writing? A Dilemma of the Digital Era". I would direct you to a 2009 study by Timothy Smoker, Carrie Murphey, and Alison Rockwell called "Comparing Memory for Handwriting versus Typing". It finds evidence that recall and recognition are improved when words are written down compared to when they are typed. They suggest this may be the result of handwriting requiring more complex movements than typing. An interesting proposition. There is another paper by Hirohito Shibata and Kengo Omura called "Reconsideration of the effects of Handwriting: comparing cognitive load of handwriting and typing". This is an intriguing paper when compared to the previous one because they conclude that typing actually provides a higher cognitive load than writing does, even for people who are skilled at high speed touch typing. They find that the increased cognitive load interferes with memorization more than handwriting. For another compelling piece of work to this end, I'd steer you to a Spanish study by Dr. Estíbaliz Aragón-Mendizábal, et al., titled "A Comparative Study of Handwriting and Computer Typing in Note-taking by University Students". They found that typing allowed for greater velocity when taking notes, but that handwriting enhanced student's grades in memory tasks. Whats interesting about this study is that they quantified the ability of note takers to record information. They unsurprisingly found that typing allowed students to type more consecutive letters and sentences than those who had handwritten. Of course, the number of I correctly transcribed words (typos) was higher in the typing group, the rate at which these occured was not significantly different from handwritten notes. This is kinda a neat observation: it means we make a similar number of typos while handwriting as we do when typing. Despite all this, handwritten note-takers still performed better on free recall tasks. Typing did have an advantage over handwriting in this study, though. In a word recognition test, note takers who had typed their notes scored better than note takers who had written their notes. For a paper that argues the opposite case - that typing may be better than writing, there is a paper written in 2012 by Ian Schoen as a senior thesis. It's titled "Effects of Method and Context of Note-taking on Memory: Handwriting versus Typing in Lecture and Textbook-Reading Contexts". I'm not terribly familiar with this paper, as I just found it now when I tried to look for conflicting information. They find that typing notes produces higher retention, but that this effect is context dependant. They make an interesting point that we may see different results moving forward as typing becomes a more developed skill in younger generations. To this I would personally argue that any such result would need to be tempered by the possibility that handwriting is less developed as a result and may be more cognitively demanding. It's an interesting scientific work, either way. This is some of the available research. There's plenty more papers cited within each of those that should send you down a nice rabbit hole.


I was told this information by a professor who didn’t like computers. They told me I’d get better grades if I took hand written notes. At that time I had a GPA of 4.0. What’s best is what works best for you.


You can certainly get a 4.0 GPA by taking notes on a computer. Doesn't mean that it's more efficient than pen and paper.


I was told this information by a multitude of papers, textbooks, and professors of psychology and neuroscience, most of whom had at least one PhD, several of whom had multiple. I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm just saying that the current body of research suggests the opposite is true *on average*. It's a statistic, remember. It may not apply to you specifically.


You would think that someone with a GPA of 4.0 would be able to tell the difference between their anecdotal evidence and conclusions stemming from proper research.


It's an easy trap to fall into, so I can't be too hard on someone for it, but it is certainly a shame to see.


My teacher in high school taught us this. She let us write answers on an index card. Said whatever we get on it can be used on the test. No one really used the index card for the test.


No what’s most important is being actively focused on the subject and writing zero notes. This is why professors that provide a print out of the notes ahead of time so you can listen and study later are the true OG’s But it takes an absolutely hardcore dedicated professor for that.


I mean, you should be doing both. Notes should be short and concise for this reason.


Without fail if I take notes I do poorly with retaining the information and perform bad on tests. Doing both is not possible. Unless it’s a video and I can pause.


You'd be the minority in that case. There have been multitudes of papers that have shown that taking high-quality written notes is superior to just listening with regards to long-term information retention and retrieval. Short term retention may be different though.


That must be idea scenarios. In ever course I’ve taken where the subject was complex enough to need notes, taking those notes in that short amount of time was impossible. The professor spoke too fast. So you’re concentration on just recording information. Not absorbing it.


You need to learn either how to write faster, how to take more concise notes, or both. I'm not being snarky. These are skills that need to be practiced. It's not "impossible," but it can be difficult if you were never properly taught.


I don’t think you understand. I don’t need to do anything. I already perform better than almost anyone on tests. Assume for a second that I already write clearly and concisely and quickly. First of all- in any system, blaming the user means you’re a bad designer. If the class is too content dense for somebody with a college level education and experience writing to keep up with the notes and stay actively engaged, then the class is designed poorly for learning. The notes should be handed to the students ahead of time. Then the student is actively engaged in the discussion of the subject and can interrogate the subject mentally and form questions and clarifications. Anyone writing will be less engaged. Then you can add additional, personalized notes on the provided general notes if you wish. This is the best way. I know this because I’ve always been a top-scorer on tests. I’ve always been able to perform better than all classmates. Even at a college level. I retain knowledge by active interrogation of the subject matter. I take zero notes. On the days I do take notes, I perform average. This is proof to me that my system is better. It may not be good enough proof to convince you, and that’s fine. But it’s never let me down.


It’s totally anecdotal of course, but I’ve very much felt the same way as you, and always been an excellent/above average test taker. Active listening, participating, and making connections while the professor was talking was ALWAYS better for my retention that trying to mix writing notes in as well. I feel like you’re giving up being as active listener or participant as you could be to write notes. And it’s not a “poor note taking” thing or whatever, either. Any of us can only multi-task so well.


Almost like different people learn differently, huh?


isn’t there a different sub for this like r/unethicallifehacks


Unethical life pro tips


It's all socks


Just wrap a sock over your laptop screen so that when someone tries to copy your answers all they get is a sock.


Darn it


This must be a pretty tight knit community.


You old sew-and-sew


This was a good thread of puns.


Is that a question or a statement?


A question?


Yes it is a statement obviously?


I think it equates to, "Is there not another sub for this", which would make it a question without a question mark, which I think is called an "indirect question" in grammar? Or maybe there should have been a question mark all along. Hard to say


what is unethical about this? If copying notes is unethical then boy am I a sinner


lmao, notes are a copy of your teachers notes.


improvise. adapt. overcome.


I mean.. you could just ask if they'd share their notes? Seems easier. I always shared mine with the disclaimer that I only wrote what was important to me. Worked fine. No extra effort needed, especially since I'm gonna do it anyways.


Yeah. Also having the notes isn’t what’s important but taking them. Because that’s the encoding that helps brain remember. App is cool though


not an app I think. Android OS can do that built in for awhile now and I think the iOS update has that now as well.


Yeah, me and some buddies who had all the same classes just shared our oneNote (well equivalent at that time) so we'd get 4-6 copies of notes for each class. It was super helpful. If you missed something you didn't have to worry about it just leave a gap and keep going and then check the other notebooks and fill in the gap. It's helpful to see what others thought would be helpful too. In the classes that required more drawing than just typing we'd meet up for study sessions and help each other fill in blanks.


That would require speaking to someone. Pass


Hooow! I have an iphone but have no clue how to do this


I found that by accident, you literally take a normal photo and then tap and hold on the text, highlight, copy etc


And for android, use Google lens




Hm? I'm sorry what




Dude that's so legit I'm trying this out later, thanks


It's awesome. My grandma will post a picture on Facebook asking what some kind of flower she's looking at. I'll use Google lense and answer. She probably thinks I'm some kind of super genius


I am sure she always thought that...


For some of us, Google Lens is known as the app where you take a picture of something and then Google identifies what it is based on the image alone and nothing else. So this user case is new to us.


What iPhone do you have? It only works on iPhone Xs and up. And on iOS 15 ofc.




Then it should work, are you updated to iOS 15?


I have the 11 as well and doesn’t seem to work either


Yeah still doesn’t work however


Works on my samsung too.


I'll never understand these tips related to taking shortcuts in your education. Seems like you're just shortchanging yourself


What app is the person using? All the other OCR apps i have used have different interface than this.


It’s the standard camera app on iPhone running iOS15


You can get Google photos and do the same if you’re on droid


This is some next level high tech laziness


I used to just do speech to text while i was in class. Best investment ever lol


Can someone tell me what’s happening please. I don’t get it…:-(


iOS is able to find text in photos now which you can highlight and copy. This user took a photo of someone else's notes then copy and pasted them into his own notes.


Quality. Thanks bro haha


I’m getting so old now that I need new tech explained to me like a child. FML


iOS 15 lets you copy text from pictures. Same thing google lens does.


Ahhhhh. No way! That’s crazy. Thanks man


Since when can you select text from an image? And since when can you select diagonally?


Hey what app do you use to transcribe from picture?


It comes with the new IOS15 update. It’s a built in feature on the normal camera. Just downloaded it now, really useful :)


You can do that on Android too with Google Lens or on a Samsung phone just open the photo, tap up-right corner (an eye symbol-Bixby Vision) then just select "Text". This feature released on Android 3 years ago. iOS still coming very late but marketing it first. Lol


You can also listen to the teacher


The novel thing is it happens on-device with Apple. No need to creepily share your pictures with a massive corporation to get text recognized.


Apple does it with the default camera app, and without having to take a picture. It can also recognize text after the fact without having to use a separate app. Talk about how Android did it first all you want, but iOS absolutely does it better.


I can do all that on my Pixel as well? Default camera app, press and hold on text, Google Lens is integrated and pops up and reads the text. Or if you've already taken a photo, press the integrated Lens button and it reads the text. There is a standalone lens app, but it's also integrated right into the Camera app.


On iOS this feature also exists in Safari, iMessage, and even third-party apps that make use of standard components (e.g. third party browsers using webviews should also get the feature for “free”). It’s a true OS-level feature rather than being specific to a launcher or particular company’s spin on the OS.


Oh my god stop with this childish phone war shit. You’re fighting to elect the the best billion dollar company, get a grip.


They're not fighting, just telling people that this feature exists because a lot of people might not realize it. Get a grip.


That was the first paragraph. There’s a second part to the comment.


> iOS still coming very late but **marketing it first**. \[citation needed]


Yeah fuck Apple. *Now down vote me to oblivion*


Oh yeah, real hot take there.


Why? It's a very popular thing to hate apple.


Hating Apple is literally the most popular thing ever posted on Reddit.


More than hating "The Big Bang Theory"?


People are disagreeing with you and making it out to be a petty thing between phones. But the reality is you are correct. Just couple of days ago my wife showed me "this same cool feature" her iphone can do. I told her that android had it for years. The perception with iPhones and their popularity is that if they have it on their phones is that they came up with it first and it's way better than anything android has. Even though they are years behind in releasing the feature.


If you’ve ever wondered the meaning behind the “if a tree falls in the woods…” parable, this is it right here.




Sigma grindset moment


Not really a life hack. They could've just, you know, written their own notes, instead of waiting 10 minutes for the exact right moment to take a picture of someone else's notes and hoping the picture is readable.


Wait a minute, iPhones can do this now?!!!!!


I've never used this but I can guarantee that in Portuguese it doesn't work....


OMG this is genius! Absolutely amazing I never thought of this! Someone give this person an award. This is the best way The absolute undeniably best way to get yourself suspended


I'm not even talking about the plagiarism - the real issue here is the EXTREME violation of privacy.


Holy fuck, is it really that hard to put in your own fucking effort and not be a cheating/plagiarizing bitch. Here's a life hack for you: use your own two fucking hands, listen to what the professor is saying, and write your own fucking notes.


I mean it’s just notes, no?


Thank you, iOS


Why isn’t this in, “R/creepy as fuck, invasion of privacy” ?!?!?


If you ever copy my notes joke's on you, because you aren't going to understand a single thing lol My adhd brain doesn't work in a linear and normal way, you'll just sit there and try to figure out tf I tried to write down in the first place. Hell, even I forget sometimes what a note of mine is now exactly reffering to lmao


Creepy af


Do you people not know about document collaboration? You can have everyone in the class or just a group, add notes to a Google Docs and no one misses anything. Everyone can edit at the same time too. Works with Microsoft Office too.


This is why the new generations are getting dumber and dumber. Writing down information by hand is one of the best ways to memorize it. Now they just take a picture of it and forget about it, considering the job done. SMH


That just sounds like plagiarism with extra steps


Not if they cite their source